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U.S. Military MAY be exploring or be in contact with a MASSIVE Dyson Sphere!

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:12 PM
The text below is something that was gathered from a CraigsList forum
posted I think somewhere around 2010, 2011 or 2012 (not totally sure!)
which illustrates a project to explore or contact a Dyson Sphere.

See wiki link for more info on Dyson Spheres:

This text I personally believe to at the very least,
a programme that was designed to FIND evidence
of "alien societies" that would live in an enclosed
structure the size of an entire solar system with
perhaps many TRILLIONS of residents.

The reason I am bringing this particular text up
because it's style and strident nature is very similar
to documents I had highlighted earlier on ATS
regarding EBE-RT (extraterrestrial bioliogical entity recovery teams)

See ATS link:

which at at the time (2009) I believed was quite plausible in terms
of details regarding EBE and "Alien Technology" recovery programs
thought to be in existence in the past and today within the USA.

The text below indicates to me a similarity in writing and composition
that leads me to believe it is related to my earlier documents.

I had copied this text from a craigslist forum but I can't remember
if it was from a U.S. or Canadian (where i live) CraigsList city-specific
forum but since I was doing some hard drive cleanup and saw this text
I saved, I thought it important enough to share it with the rest of ATS.
I knew I copied it for a reason but now I'm guessing I copied it
because it was eerily similar in style to my earlier EBE-RT posts.

There is a pre-amble by it's author and a description of videos
watched and and text read by that author.

The pre-amble is written by a computer security expert
who is trying to crack data found on a given (purchased or stolen?)
flash card who seems to be able to guess the key.
The content was then posted to Craigslist
and nothing has ever came out of it from
what I've been able to search on the Web.

I'm not saying this is real, I am just saying
that someone wants something known
and I suspect that parts of the text
to me "feel real enough" to share
with ATS.

I have had to re-format it slightly to fit ATS post line length limits
and other formatting issues. The text itself is left as is with it's
original punctuation and uppercase screaming headlines.
The excessive "-" characters are in the original text
and are not my fixings.

See post below for text:

IMPORTANT: Using Content From Other Websites on ATS
MOD NOTE: Posting work written by others

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:14 PM
IMPORTANT: Using Content From Other Websites on ATS
MOD NOTE: Posting work written by others
ORIGINAL TEXT IS BELOW (with minor spelling fixes):



I'm an encryption expert and while I do understand the head honchos
in Langley, VA'n'Ft Meade, MD can easily get the source IP address
of this email ID from CL-i'm still gonna go ahead with the description
of what I found.


I got a recent anonymously sourced, extrememly large encrypted
text file of hex numbers on a series of large flash memory cards
-also AES encrypted-which contains a message hinting at a possible
key combination-Because the message indicated the file was a
bit-by-bit copy of a FAT32 hard disk image of a specific brand
and type of hard disk, I immediately knew of the content's
plaintext and the position of certain pieces of that plaintext
content-Statistical analysis supposedly says that Advanced
Encryption Standard has a uniform randomization of
plaintext-however that isn't quite true because of
shiftbox blocking length which allows me to find and
narrow down my search for specific plaintext within
the length of the shiftbox-so bingo-five weeks later
i've got a true decrypt key of a FAT32 drive image
which I mounted as a virtual drive!



It's not the only video but it IS one of the most important ones
because it shows how long "The Truth" really has been known
by some governments and personnel.

It is telecine transfer of 22mm film-NO-NOT 16mm film but
22mm instead-which is an obscure film type not often used
except for technical documentation
purposes in the 40's and 50's.

The start of the video contained a hand written piece
of paper used as a block lettered slate using a possibly
chalk or carbon blacktype stick which was used to
write exactly the text like this:

18 November 1947
R H Hillenkoetter
D S Fahrney

The opening shot is of a recognizable President Harry S. Truman
wearing an old-style business suit standing with some men in a
group who are obviously high-level military uniformed personnel
in full sharp view looking at some forms lying on what seems to
be planks of wood on a concrete floor in a warehouse or
hangar like structure.

The camera is handheld at this point and pans from the
group of men to the bodies on the floor which seem naked
with no obvious clothing.



The camera goes to a tripod steady shot and has obvious prime-lens
based-no zoomable lens-closeups, medium shots and wide angle views.
It is obvious the lens is being changed often and goes from
handheld to tripod.

A wider shot of the bodies shows them to seem human-like but
there are definitely differences physically and they are quite a
bit smaller-i'd say around 4 foot 6 inches tall-or 137 cm for you
Euros-with large muscular thighs for their size and larger but
still round caucasoid looking eyes!

A new shot with the Camera was placed to a full view of
the arms that were longer than humans proportionally
and with normal if thin digits and an odd shaped
opposable thumb-sort of like an orangutang's.

The next shot detailed a semi-closeup of a normally
proportioned neck attached to a muscular looking
shoulder with a largish elongated bald upper head
but normally proportioned chin and mouth.
Eyes were large but still Caucasoid round.
Did not see eyelashes or eyebrows with
smallish and dainty looking nose without
the usual bottom of nose flareouts.

Another shot showed a well formed torso with
no obvious bony portrusions, smooth and fit looking
no belly button obvious. Next shot was of a wider
view shot of a whole humanoid form that looked
muscular in build and not obese.

It looked flexible as the knee, ankle and elbow
joints looked smooth with no large bony portrusions.
Small but powerful looking being.

A semi-closeup of the mouth was taken which was semi-closed
in an O-shape and saw no obvious teeth within the hole
due to camera angle and distance from subject.

A closeup of rubber-like plasticky skin-not clothing-
of a fully naked person was hand-held panned down the
entire length of the body. I noticed in the pubic area
what I call minor genitalia that seems human-looking
but definitely smaller.

The camera was panned to a steady and tight prime lens
shot of a smoothish testicular sack-not wrinkled like human
man-that looked more like large bumps rather than the usual
hanging sack. Penile appendage looked more like a smooth
thin stick very like a dog's penis but without the hair.

Another semi-closup shot of the Feet looked small
but normally proportioned with tiny dainty toes
and no obvious big toe like a human would have.
The other toes were similar in size.
Nearly flatfooted with only a small arch.
Could not see the back of the body.

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:15 PM
a reply to: StargateSG7

Next shot was of a metallic-like debris placed beside the bodies
on display on a small old-fashioned breakfast table with metal legs.
A man in a service uniform grabbed a tinfoil-like piece and
began crushing the metal like it was paper into a ball and
I saw it spring back to it's original shape without damage!
-that's called a shape memory metal aka Nitinol.

The camera was panned-on a tripod obviously-to another
breakfast table where I saw a helmet-headband similar to
a modern VR helmet display or fighter jet pilot-type face
shield-sun visor-a long thin cable came out of the visor
and went to a wiring type harness similar to what I see
in the back of car stereos-I recognize the multiple strands
based upon a closeup that obviously used a near-field
focus prime-lens to film an array of connectors used
for and then strands of what looks like shards of
unshielded fibre optic cables broken off from
that connector array.

Another camera pan showcased an assembly of plastic-like
larger intact casings that had arrays of fibre-optic cables
coming out of them. One of the long strands was intact
and consisted of a thin shielded cable plugged into a
plastic-looking strip that had attached to it, a large
cracked-shattered piece of very thin bendable plastic
film which to me looked like a flexible LCD screen.

The camera was pan & tilted to other objects on the
breakfast table, showing another larger plastic casing
quite a bit larger than a man's clenched fist with what
I counted were more than 10 fibre optic cables coming
out of it and this casing was cracked in half with a very
light, airy looking gel-like substance jiggling around in it.
-possible hydrophobic silicon or carbon aerogel?- Here,
the prime lens was changed and camera moved in
for a closer look.

Next shot was an extreme closeup of the interior of the
casing, where under the jiggling gel, there were many
organic looking very thin fibrous strands running from
the fibre optic strand connectors which punched
through the casing via small sealed rubber gasket-like
openings. Those interior organic fibrous strands ran
from and were attached to what looked like four
small clear plastic-like pillows of a leaking greyish
goo.-possibly an organic, gel-pack-based
computer CPU-aka a Synthetic Brain?-

In the next shot a wide view was taken where the
camera was panned to another breakfast table
and showcased a man in a military service uniform
who picked up a fibreglas-like hull structure shard
that was very smashed and damaged looking.
A prime lens closeup showed the internal sheets
of hexagonal metallic gridding sandwiched between
multiple layers of a fibrous cloth-like material-carbon
fibre cloth?-. Within the hexagonal gridding was
evidence of a carbon aerogel-like jello embedded
into each hexagonal cell.

One extreme macro-lens closeup of the hull shard
detailed the outer coating of a hull structure that
had multiple very thin aluminum foil-like metallic
layers that looked like they were glued together
with each layer separated by a thin sheet of a
black rubberish looking plastic sheet layering
for a total thickness of about a quarter-inch thick.

This outer multi-layer sheeting seemed to be glued
to a hex grid sandwiched between two sheets of
fibreglas-like material. I'd say based upon the human
thumb that was held in the frame, that the outer
metallic hull layer seemed to be about a quarter-inch
thick and the hex grid being about half an inch thick
and the top'n'bottom layers of fibreglas sheeting was
each about an one-eigth inch thick of fibreglas-like
coating. The whole shard of hull seemed to be
a little over an inch thick.

The film real then stops with the same white slate
with the handwritten block-lettered description of
the date and those persons' names as described above.

There's a lot more files on this FAT32 hard disk image
and I've made more than a few copies which I have now
already sent to various news, scientific and enthusiast
agencies'n'groups. I've browsed through ALL the files
and each still photo image, digitized film clip transfer
and digitized photo of a text document is pretty clear
on the names, people, places and things involved.

Some of the people are recognizable politicians
and military officers. Technical personnel with
readable names on their uniforms are also visible
in the photos and telecined films'n'digitized videos.

The text documents have clear instructions and
security classification stamps and detail places,
people and descriptions. They are unredacted
with all information in its original form
with no blacked out text.

The films have some obvious displays of technologies
that even now have no precedent in known human
history. Some movies contain digitized footage that
is of a known vintage and time period such as the
obvious VHS footage from early 1980's, or the obvious
three quarter inch video plumbicon tube artifacts,
or Betacam SP time code burns of those distinct
era videos.

The film-originated material and Betacam SP material
is the best quality and yes there are films and video
of craft that float'n'fly in mid-air without means of
visible support or propulsion. There are also videos
of men-with sound!-on an airfield, nearby a forest,
staring dumbfounded and not talking to a semi-wild
gesturing "something alien" standing nearby a landed
craft.-That one is obviously 1980's VHS quality taken
at night.

There is 120 gigabytes of image, text and video data
on this drive image and I'm releasing it all!!!!!!!

Some of it is absolutely wild and having browsed through
all the text documents, I have especially read deeply
those that have a philisophical bent that describe
multiple species of entities visiting and living on earth
that each have their own origin and purpose. Some of
those documents indicate that a small few familia of
aliens come from huge distances across the universe
using technologies that to even some of the other
aliens is incomprehensible.

There is also hard concrete proof and undeniable
that Dyson Spheres of huge size and massive populations
are present in this universe-a few of them are relatively
closeby in the great voids just outside of this local galaxy
cluster. For those of you who don't know what a Dyson
Sphere is, it is a fully enclosing globular shell that surrounds
an entire sun in a solar system where the inner surface can
provide gargantuan amounts of surface living space enough
to support many trillions of life forms.

Five of the digitized videos are from obviously ultra high
quality source material showcasing more than ten hours
of multi-scened and properly edited'n'English language
narrated video footage with location sound of environments
utterly alien and of immense size and scope. I understand
based upon the narration and documentation that they
are of footage taken inside of a nearby Dyson Sphere.
There are title slates prefacing groups of scenes
describing the date, time, location and textual
description of what was filmed.

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:16 PM
a reply to: StargateSG7

To tell more about some earlier text, one of the videos
indicates how many, many quadrillions of micromachines
took carbon-infused gasses from many local gas giants
to create Carbon-60-Buckyballs-nanotube-based hexagonal
structures equivalent in size to hundreds of square miles
that were initially free-floating and orbiting around a
central star similar to our own Type-G sun but much younger.

It was explained that only a few hundreds of years were
needed to create enough individual segments that they
could eventually be fused together using a means of
artificial control of inertia and gravity. Radiation
pressure is initially used to prevent the Dyson Sphere
from collapsing in upon itself until large-inertial dampening-
and-artificial-gravity mechanisms were permanently installed
on the outside of the shell to allow the interior of the shell
to hold a continuous atmosphere to and gravitationally bind
inhabitants to the inner side of the Dyson Sphere's shell.

Massive artificially intelligent computing systems prevent
external objects within a local solar or galactic neighborhood
from exerting any influence upon the interior sun or
Dyson Sphere shell, thus creating a stable, non-wobbling
stationary position of the shell relative to the position of the
interior sun. As the sun gets older, larger and hotter, the
individual segments are allowed to grow apart with segment
seams being expanded and filled via massive numbers of
micromachines without causing atmosphere leaks or shell
breakage. Distortions of the interior sun's shape
and it's coronal mass ejections are artificially
controlled and mitigated by unmentioned means.

Gravity manipulation mechanisms and material composition
seem to prevent discovery based upon infra-red emissions
of gravity-based distortions of light waves.-no red-shifting
occurs!-Eventually, many Dyson Spheres are moved out of
the fringes of a galaxy into the great voids between
galactic arms and into the massive empty spaces
between individual galaxies, clusters and
super-clusters of galaxies.

In some galaxies inhabited by older species of entities,
some Dyson Spheres are on the order of billions of years old.
There are three young and local Dyson Spheres with the
void spaces in-between the Milky Way and the NGC-185 galaxy
and some extremely large, much older multiple Dyson Spheres
in-between the Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies.
Unlike what we would expect, it seems that Dyson Spheres
are born in the outer edges of a galaxy and then slowly moved
into great voids or in between-galactic arms. The type of
engineering and technical resources needed to move a
shell equivalent in diameter as the distance from the
Sun to Jupiter is stunning and unimaginable.

Within these Dyson Spheres are recognizably human lifeforms
along with a multitude of distinct alien humanoid species
genotypes present in this ultra high quality footage.

I saw documented evidence of other even more colossal
alien-engineered structures that are even beyond the
scale and size of building a solar-system sized Dyson Sphere!
Some Dyson spheres were built from scratch in the great voids
between superclusters using artificially created suns and have
sizes equivalent to and bigger than our entire solar system
out to the Oort Cloud, with enough interior surface living
space for many quadrillions of life-forms! Evidently, this
universe is teeming with intelligent, technology-using
space-faring species, much of them inhabiting giant
Dyson Spheres that are nearly undetectable which
seems to indicate why we haven't been able to
detect intelligent life in extra-solar star systems
and planets.

On a secondary note, it was explained that many
younger species that have just achieved space-faring
capabilities are simply ignored and left to their own
devices unless a specific interest or inquiry is made
into said species by inquiring alien minds. The majority
of young species tends to stumble upon lines of alien
communications networks that use quantum entanglement
principles. These networks are connected to vast reference
libraries which are usually interpreted in some meaningful
fashion by a young species who -steal-the-plans- to one of the
many means of space travel that allows for faster than light
traversal to a nearby Dyson Sphere where a full gamut of
technologies can then be accessed for accelerated
technological development at time-frames sometimes
in the range of a few decades. It is obvious in the
videos that some humans have access to not only
a local Dyson Sphere but also access to those who
have advanced technologies that allowed the
human explorers to get there.

There are also in the still image and text documents,
recognizable CAD drawings and description of plans for
spacefaring ships, personal technology devices, computing
systems and manufacturing techniques and technologies
that include large and small spacefaring vehicles, personal
flying devices that does not use propellors or jets,
robotic systems, molecular structures and techniques
for manufacturing lightweight materials in great abundance
and high quality. I saw human-oriented device plans for the
repair and manufacture of human organs and the
manufacture of synthetic-sourced ones.

I saw explanations for principles of physics at sub-atomic
and grand-universe scales that were many times unfathomable
to me. I also saw non-human-originated explanations for the
origin of this universe-the presence of multiple universes
seems to be implied throughout!-within the grand scheme
of quadrillions'n'quadrillions of past'n'present universes within
utterly vast'n'incomprehensible timescales and physical manifestations.

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:16 PM
a reply to: StargateSG7

I also saw documents that had human inquiries into
the lifestyles, arts and politics of a multitude of alien
species including many of those similar to us but also
referencing many that are utterly alien'n'incomprehensible,
even to the other aliens! Expanding upon what I saw in
specific text documents, there are explanations of
certain species of planetary inhabitants in other solar
systems within a few hundred and thousands of
light years who are at the same level as us humans
or have just begun interstellar travel. Many such
species are peaceful, a tiny few are not!
One of the Dyson Sphere videos explained
that humans are in no particular danger from
an agressive local-group species but that
there are numerous general space hazards
in our part of the galactic neighborhood
which currently limits the likelihood of our
continued survival as a technological species
if other interested species didn't interject on
our behalf. We live in a hazardous portion of space,
two-thirds of the way out on the Arm of Orion in
the path of clouds of comets, asteroids and
gamma ray bursts. No other reason was given
as to why no-one alien species is helping us
become truly space-faring on a planetary scale.

The video narration hinted at the fact that
we're out in the space boonies and that there
are many species just like us and it's up to us
to figure it all out for ourselves. We're just
inconsequential pets to most of them,
much like a hamster or caged bird.
If we live, good! If we die, so what?
seems to be the prevalent alien attitude.
Only a few seem to have a heart and want
to truly help us on our way, but only in a
manner similar to giving spare change to
a panhandler. It feeds us for a day, but
doesn't really help us in the long run.

There are now human programs that have
been confirmed which look into joining the
quantum communications-based local galactic
internet and obtaining for ourselves true
spacefaring technologies and capability
rather than hitching a ride with a neighborly
but aloof alien species, as is implied in one video.

What I saw was incredible and since the best thing
to do in order to protect myself and those I love is
to give it away, these 120 gigabytes of photos,
documents'n'videos have been copied many times
and sent far and wide-the content is so earth-shattering
in scope that Wiki Leaks is now a foregone conclusion
of ancient history.

The story is out! Now the Governments of the World
-more than a few past'n'present are indicated!-now have
to admit and display the alien truth as it really is!!!!!

And since the cat has been let out of the bag,
the aliens basically have to show themselves to
the world since there are now no more secrets
to protect!

And one a more serious note, we really, really need to
get of this planet which is smack dab in the middle of
a hazardous galactic neighborhood. We now need
full disclosure to get the ball rolling for scientists
and inquiring minds that can help us obtain our
own starships and worm hole-space jump capabilities.

Anyways, This is going to be fun time in our lives!

We have a chance because someone out there
gave us a bit of spare change, so let's not drink
that charity away.

Cut and Paste this text everywhere and contact
the websites that you like and know for more info
and demand that ALL this data be publicly released
when they receive it. I have randomly sent data
packages to many and various members of the media,
non-governmental organization groups, website
operators and the general public around the
world which originated from various locales
to prevent traceback so that NO ONE can
push this massive leak out of site and out of mind.

I am -foxi- and I know the truth!


OP: StargateSG7

I have NO VIDEOS or PHOTOS as described in the
above text. Please note that this was a long text
that was posted on a Craigslist forum years ago.
It promised photos and videos but I have seen
PEEP ANYWHERE on the internet about this
text ever so please don't ask me for something
I do not have.

The above text was broken apart to fit
ATS posting guidelines and formatting
I did not change the text other than
to fix minor spelling mistakes
and change some British spellings that
were in the original text to their equivalent
American forms for easier readability.
(i.e. Neighbour to Neighbor, Programme to Program, etc)

AGAIN! I have NO Photos or Video.
They were PROMISED in the original text,
but I have NEVER SEEN any further evidence
presented anywhere on the web that I have

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:27 PM
Any chance you could share the info with the ATS community, the images and video, etc.

Media is controlled.... period. Trusting them is like trusting an alcoholic with the keys to the liquor cabinet.

Share it with everyone, and then the truth cannot be contained, or denied.

If what you have written is indeed truth, and true, it is imperative to spread this info everywhere.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:28 PM
Wow,,, that was a lot to read. I hope you spread the word..but I didn't see a video you spoke of...or did I miss it? This makes me think of the Roswell scientist that just died a few days back and had the photos of little humans.....

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:31 PM
can we see some photos or videos?

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:34 PM
maybe thats why theyve been so secretive about space

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:35 PM
I remember reading about Dyson Spheres last year-really fascinating stuff. Well I guess I'll be scrounging every forum I can for more info on this. Would definitely be mind blowing to see.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:36 PM
Some one talking about a video or film is totally different than seeing it with my own eyes.

Do you have a source? With video?

I hate to be "That Guy" in this instance but must be.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:39 PM
saved to read at my preferred pace. intriguing. some visual media would help.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:39 PM
a reply to: StargateSG7

Impossible to put any stock in a description of material posted by an anonymous source on craigslist. The names given are real though.

Wikipedia Roscoe H. Hillenhoetter:

Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter (May 8, 1897 – June 18, 1982) was the third director of the post-World War II United States Central Intelligence Group (CIG), the third Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), and the first director of the Central Intelligence Agency created by the National Security Act of 1947. He served as DCI and director of the CIG and the CIA from May 1, 1947 to October 7, 1950 and after his retirement from the United States Navy was a member of the board of governors of National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) from 1957 to 1962.

Delmer S. Fahrney was a rear admiral and IIRC oversaw some early UAV and guided missile projects.

They were both members of NICAP (and officials at NICAP at that).
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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:40 PM
You found this on craigslist?


All I can find on craigslist are married guys trying to meet other married guys for sexual encounters.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:40 PM

originally posted by: TDawgRex
Some one talking about a video or film is totally different than seeing it with my own eyes.

Do you have a source? With video?

I hate to be "That Guy" in this instance but must be.

I agree, I'd like to honestly be floored for once with something totally mind-blowing.

Not saying the OP is just leading us on, but.. With all the tall tales, I'm gonna need more then just a few whispers to get this 'ol ticker pumping hard.

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:42 PM

originally posted by: Cygnis
Any chance you could share the info with the ATS community, the images and video, etc.

Media is controlled.... period. Trusting them is like trusting an alcoholic with the keys to the liquor cabinet.

Share it with everyone, and then the truth cannot be contained, or denied.

If what you have written is indeed truth, and true, it is imperative to spread this info everywhere.

PLEASE NOTE: from OP StargateSG7

I have no photos or videos, the text only PROMISED some
photos and videos but I don't have them and I have NEVER seen
anything else on this text ever again.

It was a text posted on Craigslist Rants and Raves forum
from a US or Canadian city but I cannot remember which
one it was because it was 2010, 2011 or 2012 and am not
quite sure which one!

And OTHER THAN some minor spelling mistakes in the original
text which I fixed, I have only reformatted the text to fit
the ATS postings system.

edit on 2014/11/4 by StargateSG7 because: sp

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:44 PM

originally posted by: StargateSG7

originally posted by: Cygnis
Any chance you could share the info with the ATS community, the images and video, etc.

Media is controlled.... period. Trusting them is like trusting an alcoholic with the keys to the liquor cabinet.

Share it with everyone, and then the truth cannot be contained, or denied.

If what you have written is indeed truth, and true, it is imperative to spread this info everywhere.

PLEASE NOTE: from OP StargateSG7

I have no photos or videos, the text only PROMISED some
photos and videos but I don't have them and I have NEVER seen
anything else on this text ever again.



posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:44 PM
got it, so some guy had all this, wrote it up and posted it, and you found it and relayed it, got it...still gotta wonder where all the video and pics he "sent" to ALL those people went....interesting nonetheless

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:44 PM
a reply to: StargateSG7

Every so often I find myself thinking "pics or it didn't happen". And before I plant my fist into me face I ask myself, "self? Are you being an a$$h0L3?" But with this? I smell a bestseller. My 0.02

posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 08:45 PM
People on CL are getting pretty imaginative... Was there truck stop location for a meet up by any chance?

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