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Young Buck - illuminati

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posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 12:42 AM
rappers, rockers , any famous person who has limelight can put forward ideas and educate on stuff, i think though that because so much of the NWO is now available online for anyone to read, its the perfect thing to include in the music to create something extra around it for publicity.

like in the other post, heavy metal has always focused on satanism etc and hip hop on political and social commentary, and now with 911/Iraqi/Bush theres alot of mistrust in the world, alot of fuel for the conspiracy theories and a great way to sell records if you tap into that. 99% of young people today dont trust most governments and where the world is going, HOWEVER that said ALL young people have always been and are continually searching for the truth, and trying to avoid the lies, its young people who buy or download most of the music, they are the target audience. One question to ask is will it make a difference??? More people get educated on the NWO etc but it depends on how far you go with the whole idea, the end of the road of the conspiracy if you reject God is that its a reptile Alien thing, if you believe in God then you would view the NWO as a satanic conspiracy. But again what difference does it really make? Aside from your own salvation and getting your own azz out of the fire you shouldnt really be that concerned about things way over your head and out of your hands.

All we do is go around in circles chasing whispers, the lies are so deep they are almost like a bottom less pit. When did the NWO really start anyway??
NWO or no NWO, when can anyone trust ANY man or woman who has too much power?? Sh*t go back to Pharoah, to Casear its the same thing different century. Interestingly enough politics is power, power corrupts, even the hip hop artists have gained power through the knowledge they have and more power from spreading it, but what difference will they make other than getting rich off of shadow stories.

Hip hop and rap is a great medium, and always has been a great medium on plain social commentary just like rock music has been in the past (good example is John Lennon who went seriously political after leaving the beatles, was focused on a new direction in his life , and got blown away in New York at the same time every agency in America were trying to deport him)

No offence to all the people out there who want to "get it on" and fight the new world order but you cant fight evil with more evil, its like alot of the rappers are delusional with their pride anyway, they put it across that they are mean ppl strong enough to defeat the NWO, when most likely its a NWO record company writing their checks, and allowing them on MTV. If you believe in the NWO and the corporate side of it then its pretty obvious no music artist gets anywhere in the industry without a massive ammount of money behind them to publicise their work. The same rappers who sing about the NWO also sing about violence, drugs and murder so who are they to judge? Im not defending the NWO at all but its the way you go about fighting it.......... i believe one of the most profound things i ever heard in a rap song was "your either part of the problem or part of the solution" you CANt be both.

"JFK blown away, what else do i have to say" We Didnt Start The Fire.

posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 12:53 AM
I love that song... 'We didn't start the fire..'

but your wrong about the whole timing thing with conspiracy in videos, there was the same thing in Tupacs videos and those were before 1997 (most of them)...and once again with 'We didn't start the fire' They're obviously trying to tell us something...

posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 02:37 AM
Who remembers that Pac was assassinated? I wouldn't put murder since the case started collecting dusts since day one, especially for a killing in the middle of a busy intersection. Pac was pushing the limits in his songs, and he probably has known more then any of us here. The number 7 lost its meaning to mean when he hadn't returned after 7 years, maybe 7 albums perhaps later (number 6 in a week). Anyways, his death is a mystery especially after he'd jus finish Makaveli, The Don Killuminati. Pop, he's gone. Maybe he did escape, knew what was coming and knew he had to get away. Or maybe "they" finally decided enough was enough and ended it. Still, even some of his new songs give a message of a evil spewed corrupt government that shadows our eyes. If anything, Pac was actually on our side unlike most of the other preachers out there. He's slipped it in here and there that he was a tool, he knew that, he was going to make the best of it and do what he can do. He knew he could lose it all:

even now I get discouraged//
wonder if they take it all back//
can i still keep the courage//

He's also hinted about mind control as one of the many things he slips into his songs, actually it's kinda scary since it relates to his death:

cuz anyday they'll push the button//
and all come in, like malcolm x, if i be hunted and die for nothin//

Just note that in the entertainment industry, anyone that seems to have an opposing view of the elite usually end up having rough careers, although some have made way through but are looked down upon by society. Usually those though that are on their side usually end up with a dream ride with little problems in the way. That's why most end up just going that route. Now adays, it's completely difficult to find anyone that can compare to him or even more, one that is close to not being a gov. guinea pig. Jadakiss is close but iffy because his song might be what they want us to hear, so that we still feel that there are people up there that care. Eminem was completely a product at the begining, but recently seems troubled, and has been spewling hate messages towards washington and in turn, he's nowhere close to what he was a few years ago. The trend is common for all, goes to prove how far freedom of speech can go. What's the point of the right if noone will hear you. And it works.

posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 02:49 AM
yeah they are trying to tell us something, and they profit massively in telling the tale, other than that they dont really do anything else! (but make cool music of course!)

what difference has it really made? today you dont even need to listen to a musician telling you about conspiracies, the internet is full of all the information you would ever need. but again what difference does it really make?

im not saying that the NWO cant be fought , but if you study the NWO you cant miss the corrolation it has to the Bible and future events foretold in that book, very simply its good versus evil, for a while evil seems to win but good always triumphs.

its also in a way supply and demand. before the net there were people who believed in the coming NWO and many conspiracies around Illuminati and Masonry etc, but now its full blown...anyone can find out about it online, plus the fact that the world went from relative peace to near WWIII in less than 4 yrs, the entire WTC 911 event that may have been staged, conspiracies are gaining more ground.

the illuminati goes back to the 1800's (the strongest actual historical record of the society -- look up illumaniti in your dictionary its there), masonry goes back much further so neither is a new thing, Tupac's music was a commentary of his own personal experiences as living as a black man in America , public enemy number one. its sad the way he died, whether it was a conspiracy i dunno, he was a pretty hard gangster wasnt he?

posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 06:06 AM
with all the talk about the anti christ involved with this who nwo takeover, and a new religion that I've heard a few times, if its supposed to be some anti religion type thing, it's already started. I mentions artists as prechers because look at what they have been singing about. A lot different now then it was many years ago. Also, while rap has existed for a while, it didn't get huge until the mid to late 80s. That's when corporate america decided to juice a new market. Also, a lot of what they try to glamorize and successfully do it is the pursuit of sex, money, and drugs. No matter how it's put, that's basically what every song has been about and the ones that get big in rap usually have videos showcasing many high priced cars, usually a flash of money here and there, gotta have women trying to get you a rise, and rap about how ya went from rags to riches or how your going to punk out someone lower then you. A lot of female songs as well are spreading the message to ditch you man and get your freak on. Hell, even the celebs themselves are being glamorized for being sluts, cough, Paris Hilton. Everything that is slowly being allowed in media and being showcased is making it seem like it's ok to seem like that, even if it hurts others. Don't care is the motto. Usually when artists begin to focus their music on their beliefs, they are limited and whenever an artists does get his way, the album usually flops and their careers decline unless they switch back to "their" track.

Oh, and as much as Pac being a gangster, i'm not to sure about before he became big (some say he wasn't a banger, others do) but I know that during his career, he'd stayed off the streets and wasn't really that big of a banger, more of a gimmick now (although he was still hardcore, but who gangbangs when they make easy millions). When he was killed, he had a fued with rival artist Notorious B.I.G. and Bad Boy Records, but it was ruled out early on that they had no involvement. Oh, he was killed in Las Vegas, so without a doubt, if anyone big wanted him dead, he was an easy target. I don't think neither Suge Knight or any other musician, producer, or anyone in the music biz because to keep it silent for this long, without no leads since it happened, it would cost more then any entertainer can afford, especially someone as big as pac.

Pac also started inciting the whole F' the Police thing. NWA did this back in the day, but later on broke up. One died from a drug overdose, dre went commercial and then turned producer and the same with Ice Cube. You'll never hear them say what they used to before, turning against the government and such. It was a good run back then, but it had to end because too many had that mentallity to oppose authority which is why it dimmed down and turned to focus on non-violience. They did what they had to do, get people to listen, then switch it, and once in a while, there will be a song opposing authority, but it wouldn't be a top hit for long, if even.

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posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 06:25 AM
this is interesting
if these g unit guys can continue what pac started it would be excellent as none of the people int he industry have taken the baton that pac left us

eminem highlights this sh*t too with his mosh video

very encouraging

posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 07:04 AM
most of the entertainment business is controlled by those who want a NWO.

thats why its always the same stuff over and over like the last post said, its drugs, money, power, fame, sex, violence its the same message...alot of the songs are so supericial and totally pointless, sure its nice to party to good music but the same messages are sent out all the time. Im trying not to judge muscians and film makers/ actors / people in entertainment -- alot of it is just that..entertainment -- but very rarely is it ever uplifting or faith affirming, there is never a strong message of salvation(unless you listen to certain christian music -- alot of misdirected hate now even in "christian" music)

there are two ways to perceive it..either its a NWO/Mason/Satan evil plan to destroy us...continually saturating us with sin


each of us has sin in us and all the entertainment people are doing is just profiting from the weakness in all of us (ie the world is evil and fallen , satan is the god of this world, the entertainment industry just reflects whats going on back at us -- as in social commentary)

either way its the same story..satan trying to kill all of us via one or many means using sin as the weapon. thats why Jesus doesnt get ANY real respect on this earth (especially in hollywood / entertainment) satan is still the god of this earth, his still around fighting god and trying to kill us all. (by the way to all those who believe that satan is ok and not evil ..all the pagans or whatever..please research your hebrew for the meaning of the word satan.......ill save you the time satan = "MANS ADVERSORY, THE ENEMY OF MAN/WOMEN/MANKIND")

maybe thats why the bible is so graphic about when Jesus returns...all the "rich men of the earth" are screaming , crying, hiding in rocks and caves...because the Lambs wrath has come..and who can hide from God?? What can you exactly say to the Lord when he comes and says "I died for you" and you not only reject him but have been working to enthrone his arch enemy? Its like 2 enemies who hate each other, one of them dies for the other -- or saves the others life..but then the enemy who was forgiven still hates him and tries to kill all his friends and loved ones. the bible has some pretty heavy stuff in it around the messiah Jesus Christ, 40% of it is him hanging on a cross to save mankind, the rest of it is him pretty much wiping out his enemies (please note this is JESUS CHRIS doing this NOT CHRISTIANS) killing every one of them who oppose him..."washing his feet in the blood of his enemies" thats straight out of the bible...thats ALOT of blood.

so the point of the above ramble is that NWO or no NWO, the devil (the word devil means "slanderer") or satan (our enemy) is the driving force behind alot of the entertainment industry, thats my humble opinon anyway.

posted on Dec, 11 2004 @ 03:05 PM
We'll all see soon enough, and no Pac wasn't a banger, he was a supporter, he was doing things for the kids, (trick daddy carried that on).... seriously though, the reason is because thats what the record execs are asking for, if you don't come to them with something that's going to brainwash children its not worth their time, so they're forced to make records like that, things were different back in the day, ... Tupac's videos I remember always had neat little things all throughout the video, hidden 7's, hidden messages.... Now you're all right, its taken the turn to smuttism.. lol
I've only ever heard one person coin the term 'killuminati' publically.. now he's dead, I know who did it.. it's not hard to realize.. He tells you in all of his songs.. (all of them, not just one) he told everyone, 'never just take one thing from my life and say thats me' he said 'Put everything together, and thats me' .... He was a very intelligent person, he thought from the age of 17 that he could change the world. Even if he's dead we should all be thinking about that for a second, seriously, no matter what a persons nature is, to want to help all of man-kind and to actually move upon that desire takes a lot of effort.

Oh yes, Jesus used to kill people, when he was a child especially because anything he would say as a boy would come to pass immediately, I relate that topic to my belief, You Can't Reason with a NAZI/KKK/Illuminati.... but hey .. My theories are soooo oldschool..

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posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 11:37 AM

Originally posted by dnero6911
weird points of view... but theres lots of evidence to support that those people are actually against the illuminati... consider the associations/relations, everyone remember killuminati?

Killuminati.... there is an explaination for this, none based of facts, but all hear say.

Tupac was never a really religious person, until one of his close friends started talking about Christianity and Jesus. Pac was intruigued by all of the talk his friend was saying. Then his friend mentioned a man named William Branham, do a search on him and you will understand who this man was. For a breif explaination, Branham was a false prophet who said he was the final prophet and he was an instrument. Now there are pictures of Branham with the pillar of fire above his head and other signs that say he was indeed a tool of God, but that all could be illusion by the devil. Anyway, Branham made a chart called "The 7 Church Ages" and in each age there was a prophet for each age ( )

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 08:38 PM
truth your right part of it is for money. as you need money to fight wars.
this is what i meant when i was talking about all those rap lyrics long ago especially how it connects in EM song square dance (square as in?), the reference to Bayreuth germany (not beruit iraq) and the yo ho hello there (yo ho pirate?)

its true that it might be hard to verify, but then again these guys could have just as easily rapped the party line and made money the same way everyone else does.

posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 08:39 PM
hey that link doesnt work. are u sure thats the right url?

posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 10:28 PM
2pac was possibly the greatest rapper alive as in all around person. He would also be the last as no record label would ever make the same mistake twice. That's why record deals started to spill out millions like nothing, so that they take full control over their contractees. What started to get big and now is basically 90% of rap? Bling Bling, dubs, videos with more strippers then a playboy mansion new years party, and a huge push for sex into the mainstream. Back in the 80s, it was if ya kissed on your first date, but after the rush of the 90s, it's now for many whether to out right do it on the first night or nothing at all. If anything, they did a great job brainwashing a lot of people into eating every word as if it was caviar. The whole blantent goal was to create the unfulfilling desire for more, which is why money is one of the most, if not the most disputed thing in our courts today. Money is God, In God We Trust, eh? No? Guess what ya need in order to live a full and free life, and guess what you need more in order to live a better life. This was all planned for a very long time and now, how many people can truely live their lives without the dollar.

Only the few can while the rest have been civilized and won't even know how to live without the Jewel Oscos and Walgreens. We also can't survive without Medical treatment at times and what do we answer to for that and we rely on many public services as well as sources for supplies. The only way one can actually live free from the dollar is by being like an Indian and learning to hunt and make tools and such. But you can't do it here, because most land is private and it'll cost to live anywhere so your stuck somewhere else. Then how long can one last untill their malnuturished since their bodies have been recieving a healthy and abundant diet for most of their lives.

If anything, Desire is the antichrist as it brings pain when you neglect it and passion when you feed it. Our society has pushed for the wide acceptance of old sinful ways such as stealing, lying, adultery, and so and so. Now, many are slipping into these ways and accepting it as if it were never wrong in the eyes of God. They just feel that either God no longer exists or that they're rights can justify wrongs.

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posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 11:38 PM
BONE THUGS N HARMONY rap groups also talks about the illuminati, check quotes from this song's lyrics "Can't Give It Up":

[Layzie Bone]
Hell naw I'll be thugged out ni***, turned out ni***
Runnin wit ni***z thats killas;
the realest that be shermed out ni***
Spittin my prophecy ain't no stoppin me
I'm comin through with the motherf***in shotty
I really don't wanna hurt nobody; just kill off Illuminati
F**k the D-E-A and the F-B-I
I-R-S can kiss my a**, U-C-P-D, F-C-C
Y'all better quit too 'fore a ni*** come blast you
Blast you - "Hit 'Em Up" like 'Pac did
Take 'em hostage, terrorize and torture
Your ghetto resource'll be pay back, pay back
Little Lay dat, young ni*** with scrilla
and bi*** I thought you knew
You got a beam on me? I got a beam on you
You f**k wit me? I'ma f**k wit you
Beeitch! Like it always be
Y'all bi***es gon' have to kill me, feel me!
You gon' have to pop me, to even try to stop me from grindin
I'm leavin you blinded by the size of Mo Thugs 'til you find us
All the ni*** know what the hood like
In the streets gotta get that good life
Sellin that yea up under the street light
It's the hood life, don't fight
A ni*** want out but just can't get out;
so I guess I gots to face it
All them dreams of havin big thangs, I'm still gon' chase it

End Quote

I meant No offense with this lyric... but just wanted to show this one. If one hear the song, it's almost impossible to hear him saying it...he rap so fast!

just forgot to put this link page, where the song's lyric is.

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posted on Jan, 3 2005 @ 01:31 AM
Bone Thugs and Harmony was one of the greatest groups in history, untill Pac died and Rap shifted to what it is today. BTNH broke up, but when they came back, the only way they could was by having a little mainstream but they never got huge again and never had any support from the record companies anymore. They didn't want to change and that's why their gone (from mainstream). Goes to show whos the real artists, the record companies deciding what goes and what stays. I'm going to say this knowing this could be flamed, but Eminem is perhaps another that could be on our side. Untill recent, he spreaded a very foul message, but this message was basically what he was saying, what most of the mainstream crowd was thinking, and it worked. When he ran out of fuel because what's the point of b'tching when there's nothing wrong, he didn't have much to stray to. And instead of going mainstream like everyone else does (that is to rap about money, cars, and b'tches like Rosenberg says), he choose to stay his path. He tried mainstream with the Eminem show, but the reason its called that was because he was pretty much forced to do that one because of the status he'd gained. He let it slip and finally, he got to do an album (encore) which he feels will be the last because he said what he finally wanted to say and he's done. He's fed up with the BS and the song Toy Soldiers explains that Eminem was forced into this fued and the same with everyone else because it got people rich. He, like Jay-Z, and DMX are sick of being a tool and would rather continue what their doing out of the public light, but that can never happen. Early retirement has become more common in hip hop now adays and the only ones staying are the ones that obviously write for money and say whatever they are told to.

posted on Jan, 18 2005 @ 02:19 PM
Could 'Shyne Po' has been set up because of his opposite views of the elite...?

He may be (would have been) Tupac's successor!

posted on Oct, 27 2008 @ 02:10 PM

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