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Henry Kissinger to Release 20th Book "World Order"

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posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 07:56 PM
    September 9th, 2014, the former Secretary of State will be releasing his twentieth book titled World Order. Eerily close to the thirteenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, this book release will explore how to build a shared international order in a world full of divergent perspectives, violent conflict, proliferating technology, and ideological extremism.

    For those who are unfamiliar, the New World Order is a term that was publicly introduced back in the days of Woodrow Wilson, and popularized by George H.W. Bush during a joint meeting with Congress about the Persian Gulf War on September 11, 1990. Proponents describe the NWO as the solution to all of the planet's major problems. Opponents to the concept describe it as an authoritarian global government that will wield total control over the entire population and resources of the planet.

    While everyone should decide on their own what goals the NWO has, if you've been paying attention thus far, it's fruits have shown to be rotten and festering. Henry Alfred Kissinger has been at the tip of the NWO spear since he has entered the political realm, and has groomed many politicians and world leaders to help further the progress of the NWO's objectives. Two of whom he groomed for office are Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Kissinger also has been a policy pusher and right hand man of the Rockefeller family, namely Nelson Rockefeller.
    He has been involved in many many reckless, dishonorable and discreditable actions. In the interest of time, I will only present a short laundry list of his war crimes, crimes against humanity, as well as conspiracy to commit murder, kidnap, and torture.


   On December, 2 1998 the New York Times reported that the U.S. Will RRelease Fileson Crimes Under Pinochet, which refers to the coup d'etat that took place in Chile on September 11, 1973. The military junta replaced a mainly conservative Congress and socialist President Salvador Allende with it's army's chief Augusto Pinochet. Through economic warfare ordered under President Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the military coup was a success and the United States promptly recognized the junta government and supported it with seizing power. Prior to the take-over, Chile had been recognized as a shining jewel of political stability and democracy. After Pinoche took power, their military was allowed and encouraged to seize control of political power, all political parties were outlawed, and all political activity was declared in recess. Prior to the military action, the CIA paid right-wing opposition groups 6.8-8 million US Dollars to create pressures, exploit weaknesses, magnify obstacles, and hasten Allede's ouster

   Torture and murder was rampant within the first three years and thousands went missing or were found dead in only the first few months of the military government. 130,000 were arrested in the three year period, roughly 28,000 were imprisoned and tortured. The US government, with Henry Kissinger as the Secretary of State, were partly responsible for inducing, protecting, and funding the atrocities that took place between 1973-1977.


    In 1968, France was beginning to introduce peace talks that would halt bombings in Vietnam. Secretary Kissinger learned of this before it was publicly announced and advised Nixon to stay away from any new policies were introduced thereafter. This intervention protracted the war once again, rebooting the bombing campaign for Four More Years, killing hundreds of thousands more and destroying countless villages and communities throughout Vietnam. He was prompted with the idea of stopping the bombings again in 1970, but the Secretary decided that it would be a bad idea due to the detriments it would cause the next political campaign in America.

   When French General de Gaulle demanded to know by what right the Nixon Administration had to bomb Indochina, he simply replied a sudden withdrawl might give us a credibility problem. Does this sound familiar? That's because the same man most likely advised our government elected servants on the exit from Iraq during Bush's famous Operation Enduring Freedom. From the time that Nixon and Kissinger were sworn into office to the day that troops were withdrawn, 20,763 Americans, 109,230 South Vietnamese, and 496,260 North Vietnamese servicemen lost their lives. Surely those responsible for keeping the war going should be held responsible for what happened, right?

Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia

    In 1968, after Kissinger knew that the war had technically been settled politically and diplomatically, he continued the argument to keep our troops fighting; extending the devastation into two neutral countries, violating international law Death is our business, and business is good"; the slogan for Operation Speedy Express explained. During the month long operation in March of 1969, over 3,000 enemies were killed. Once bombing campaigns were approved and intensified, it has been estimated that as many as 350,000 civilians in Laos and 600,000 in Cambodia lost their lives. All actions approved by Dr. Henry Kissinger, who was more worried about political appearance than hundreds of thousands of lives. Between March 1968 - February 1972 total casualties on all sides of the Indonesian war reached almost 600,000.

Continued In Next Post...

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 08:02 PM

    During the Ford presidency in 1974, Dr. Kissinger turned his sights to North East Africa in Cyprus. Showing interest in the crucial triangle of Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus, he advised the National Security Council on where to focus international efforts. Now posted as the effective National Security Adviser, Kissinger reviewed every important intelligence operation, including those involved with the cypriot conflict. At the time when CIA staff was known to be working in Afhens, Kissinger was head of the 40 Committee, supervising American covert operations and cooperating privately with an Athens regime that had old-ties with the CIA.

    On July 1, 1974 three senior Greek foreign ministry officials presented their resignations along with Cypriot President Makarios reporting publicly that the cadres of the military regime of Greece support and direct the activities of the EOKA-B terrorist organization… I have more that once so far felt, and some cases I have almost touched, a hand invisibly extending from Athens and seeking to liquidate my human existence. Following the new junta government in Cyprus, Kissinger allowed Turkey to invade and commandeer over 60% of Cypriot land and vehemently protected them from any congressional reprisal. American interests were funding and arming the junta government by proxy, committing international war crimes and illegal misuse of American weaponry.

    Dr. Henry Alfred Kissinger received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 with Le Duc Tho, who declined to accept. As with our current president, war criminals are repeatedly awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize for imposing war on human existence. Dr. Kissinger's new book will bring his globally unified agenda to the next level.
   World Order, described as A deep meditation on the roots of international harmony and global disorder, with an analysis of the twenty first century's ultimate challenge: how to build a shared international order in a world of divergent historic perspectives, violent conflict, proliferating technology, and ideological extremism is the next chapter in the accumulative efforts to subjugate nations and to balkanize regions for internationally consolidated power. This man is a monster who has shaped the global playing field in the interests of the globalists. Let us all bring truth to the table that this book is released upon. He has been working on building a New World Order for his entire adult life. He has verbally called for a New World Order on multiple occasions and said that he thinks President Obama may be able to be the one to do it.

We wouldn't have Jeffery Daumer advising the FBI on child kidnappings.

We wouldn't want to have drug dealers running the DEA.

We wouldn't want kleptomaniacs running Wall Street.

We don't want psychopathic social engineers advising foreign policy and instigating war.

It's time to make his 20th book tour one that he remembers. Let's each one of us tell him what we think of his New World Order.

Find the closest location that Kissinger will be doing book signings, go there with a friend and a camera, and friendly ask him pertinent questions about things that he has done or said. He has been working on building a New World Order for his entire adult life. He has verbally called for a New World Order on multiple occasions and said that he thinks President Obama may be able to be the one to do it...

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 08:07 PM
a reply to: peacenotgreed

Kissinger is a War criminal! PERIOD!

Total scumbag that should be in a prison cell!

Keep in mind this quote that came out of his mouth!

The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.” (from March 10, 1975 Meeting With Turkish Foreign Minister Melih Esenbel in Ankara, Turkey)

posted on Aug, 21 2014 @ 10:54 PM
a reply to: peacenotgreed

if I wanted to know what is Satan up to

all I need to do is read books by Kissinger, this guy is one man I am 100% sure is going to hell one day

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 04:38 AM
How old this bloke?
I am 61 years old and I can remember his name being mentioned since in the 19070s when I was a teenager/young adult. I have read he was a solider in the Yom kipper war and I vaguely remember seeing him on TV saying he was a fighter in the original war to take the land that is now isreal from the Palestinians.

So just how old is he that he can still write a book, he must be 120 years old !!!!!.

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 04:46 AM
a reply to: learnatic
He was not a soldier in the Yom Kippur war.
He was a diplomat in the Yom Kippur war. Working for Nixon. People coined the phrase "shuttle diplomacy" to describe the way he went back and forth between the two sides in order to negotiate a cease-fire.

P.S. He was born in 1923.

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posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 08:19 AM
Kissinger is 91 years old. I hear that drinking blood can be revitalizing
to help one retain the vigor of youth. Writing a book and touring at
91 years old? Kinda makes a person go "hmmm".

posted on Aug, 22 2014 @ 10:39 AM
Well they say if you want to hide something, hide it in a book. Kissinger was bringing heroin back from the Nam on his plane for Lucas, as well as turning a blind eye for all the drugs being brought back in the caskets of the dead. I have fam that was in the Nam, that can tell some stories about the amount of drugs they were sacrificed for.

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