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Ferguson - What You Won't See In The News

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posted on Aug, 18 2014 @ 08:58 PM

originally posted by: VforVendettea
a reply to: WCmutant

Let me look for the dates of the zoot suit riots. One of them lasted ten days but so far I haven't pinned it down

I'll post as soon as I find it.

Looks like there were a few I missed but the LAPD history of abuse goes back for more than a century.

V... I found a link with actual dates for the Zoot Suit riots. The main starting point was given as June 3, 1943 with several military personnel reports of being attacked/robbed by the zoot suits. The next evening, June 4th two hundred military personnel went to East LA hunting the zoot suits.

Needless to say, looking at the aspects over those few days Mars (in Aries) is involved again - but there are other aspects. June 3rd - Moon square Neptune - causes one to perceive themselves as a victim. (Just like the military guys claiming they were attacked/robbed.) Also Mars opposite Neptune - causes insecurity unless supported. (The local police did support the military guys and punished the Mexican zoot suits over the military.)

By the evening of June 4th, the night the 200 military guys went after zoot suits in East LA, Mars was square the Moon. This causes extreme issues with temper and anger, over emotional reacting, and blind rage (acting without thinking). Mars was also trine Pluto - providing focus and obsession for the hunt (witch hunt if you will).

At any rate, Mars was at home in fiery Aries. But the aspects (and there were others) definitely added fuel to the Zoot Suit riot fire. There are several aspects I haven't touched, but June 1943 there were many planets close together (stellium) moving in/around Cancer and Leo that were also aspecting Mars in Aries.

Again, we have a 5-6 year window to get through starting about now. This next year of Jupiter in Leo will be the first test, not just for America.

posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 02:13 AM
Wrong thread/
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posted on Aug, 19 2014 @ 02:44 AM

originally posted by: beansidhe
a reply to: Kangaruex4Ewe

That's an interesting point. I was talking to a colleague, an ex-police sergeant who had worked in North Glasgow for 20 years, during the English riots last year. I was saying why did he think it wasn't happening up here despite some people trying to co-ordinate a movement in parts of Scotland? He answered immediately "We wouldn't allow it. We'd put a stop to that before it *%@~# started!" (in a Glasgow accent).

That was his view too, that the community was being given enough rope metaphorically, that public sympathy would side with the establishment and everyone would forget the real cause of the riots. I thought he had a point at the time, and it stuck with me.

I think that police sergeant is living in la la land. We Scots will rise up quick enough if and when the occasion demands it. Unfortunately it seems that old school cops like him think they are untouchable. A Glasgow accent won't cut him any slack here in Glasgow.

The riots in England were precisely that...any co-ordinated movement may not have been so popular for various reasons.

If we Scots gain independence I look forward to seeing how they are going to handle the public's reaction to really unpopular government policies.

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