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posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 09:56 AM
I watched this video i thought it was very interesting i am not going to say i believe nor disbelive but i feel everyone should watch it as it is a very interesting video .
Sorry for the lack luster thread but im on phone. Thanks

Candida Video

Candida is the scientific name for yeast. It is a fungus that lives almost everywhere, including in your body. Usually, your immune system keeps yeast under control. If you are sick or taking antibiotics, it can multiply and cause an infection.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:00 AM
We all are infected with bacteria, if you don't have it in your intestine you cannot digest correctly.

Pandas need a special bacteria to digest bamboo, they don't have it from birth so the pups eat their mother feces to get it, its the way nature works, symbiosis in a way.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:13 AM
Believe it! We also have critters living in our eyes, sweat glands, skin, etc.
Now HERE is a real man with a yeast infection.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:20 AM
From the bottom of the link, the BBB recently downgraded the rating from A to A-. Something to consider, though I don't think this would count to discredit the information outright.

BBB Rating

I studied the candida crisis years ago. It seems this is related to the vast increase in sugar consumption over the years, combined with the high processing of foods.

We all have a little candida in us, and infected people have it growing out of control. I think this causes various systems in the individual, depending on their genetic susceptibilities.

The best I can recommend for people is to first cut out sugary drinks, and processed foods. After you stop directly feeding the problem, focus on building back the body and restoring the natural balance.

Probiotics can be tricky. We each have a different slew of bacteria which is best for our system. Trying to figure out which strain is best needed for your system takes a lot of trail and error. You can very well get sick in the process, but remain vigilant, and switch them around.

I had issues, and still have flareups, which may not be 100% related to candida... in fact I think it's was a general poor nutrition, bad health thing that is mostly gone. The remaining thing is some type of fungus that is in my hair, eyebrows, and forehead. I have to bomb it with t-gel periodically. Again, seems to be genetic susceptibility interacting with environmental triggers.

I would be weary on taking in any one source, or product as a cure all. Probiotics may help, but cultured foods are even better! You won't get far if you don't make a lifestyle change of quitting the junk foods, and sugary drinks. Eat well to be well, fellow atsers.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:21 AM
a reply to: Indigent

The candida is the bad bacteria in your stomach. Normally it should be a balance of good to bad bacteria and its thrown out of whack. What's causing this is sugar is feeding the bad stuff. This in turn throws the immune system off.

I've started wondering if this is the cause of autism and ADHD. When the mother has a bad digestive tract this could be causing this before and during birth.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:32 AM
Thanks op S&F . I am going out today and getting on this program ...thank you very much . a reply to: misse2miss

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:37 AM
a reply to: misse2miss

I would take it one step further in talking about sugar as well. Also isn't certain alcoholic beverages also a contributor to this?

Could it be an illness not just related to sugar per se but "High Fructose Corn Syrup"? You know, the stuff made out of GMO corn?

Too many things don't add up to the "unhealthiness" of Americans. We take the most prescription medications in the world. Yet we are considered one of the most unhealthy bunch in the world.

We didn't have all these illnesses we have today BEFORE the Corporations and Big Pharm hooked us on their products!

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:39 AM
a reply to: IncognitoGhostman

Candida is a fungus not a bacteria.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:42 AM
Yeah, this information is true. We naturally have small amounts of candida living regulated in our bodies but most of our diets make it possible for these microbes to become overpopulated. Lactobacilli are not the proper cure either. We need some of the ones that we have killed with the western diet. Moderation and diversity and avoidance of over-consumption of the processed foods helps. Even with that though, most people long ago still died even though they ate well. They were just stronger and less susceptible to diseases.

Some of the different microbes help process food for us, if we don't have them then we can't get certain chemistry out of some foods. We need to either be able to support the microbia or be able to create enzymes. We can also cook food in special ways, called recipes, to release these nutrients. There is much more to food than just vitamins and minerals. There are hormones, enzymes, and all sort of things, both known of and not yet discovered in foods.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 10:43 AM
Candida is not a bacteria it is a fungus, also it's not parasitic it's symbiotic. If you think you have a Candida overgrowth there's a simple way to fix it stop eating carbohydrates sugar especially. There's also a supplement you can get from whole foods or some other store that sells supplements called oil of Oregano which contains Carvical which is a natural anti fungal. But the real problem is the consumption of massive amounts of sucrose.
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posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 11:00 AM
I have personal experience from Candida overgrowth and was very close to suicide because of it, if it wasn't for a water fast that I did I may never have known what was causing my panic & anxiety attacks.

For the last 10 years I had slowly descended from an outgoing confident guy to someone who could barely leave the house, I had a great career prior to this and pretty much that had gone down the toilet by the end, so much so that I had barely enough money to survive and that was one of the reasons I ended up doing the water fast. I didn't have enough money for food.

I used to get yeast infections at the sides of my mouth, I would get yeast infections on my legs but the doctors I went to didn't see the whole picture and just continued to prescribe for the issue rather than look for the cause. I couldn't believe that all my symptoms were caused by a systemic yeast/fungal infection.

What happens with candida is that it turns from it's yeast form which is pretty harmless and we need some of it in our guts to the fungal form which latches onto your stomach and causes what's known as leaky gut syndrome, this allows toxins to pass from your gut into the blood stream.
When it's in the fungal form it actually makes you crave sugar which in turn allows it to multiply, once there is too much in your gut it starts to go everywhere and that's when the depression, anxiety, panic attacks & agoraphobia occurs.

So once i started my water fast around about the 3rd day I noticed that I had white powder stuff on the corners of my mouth where I would get my weekly yeast infection, I also noticed on that same day that my urine had a whole load of this white stuff.
Well I quickly looked it up online to see if this was a normal during a fast and found lots of people explaining about candida and this is them dying off because there was no sugar being fed to them and as such they were dying off in their plentiful. I also noticed on this day that my anxiety had dropped off considerably, not completely but enough to make me investigate this candida stuff seriously, it was then that I knew what was causing my "mental" issues and carried on with the water fast and to look for solutions in the long term.
It was then that I came across the Candida Cleanse by Dr Daniels, I started her regime which involves using pure gum spirits of turpentine on sugar cubes daily, yes that's correct I started taking turps orally..sounds crazy doesn't it but I can tell you that Turpentine was a remedy for lots of things back before modern medicine and is still used in many 3rd world countries to this day & you know what within 2 weeks of this therapy I was clean of the Candida and haven't looked back since.

Here's the videos of Dr Daniels talking about how she came across this cure all turpentine protocol and also a video from a great herbalist who discusses how to make turpentine remedies and what it can be used for. I obviously do not advise anyone to do this without making sure they have the correct stuff and dosages, I can only say what worked for me after I did my own investiagtions.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 11:12 AM
If your eating lots of carbs and sugar but not eating prebiotic and probiotic foods the body will respond accordingly. Add to that mix an antibiotic to kill off everything and then only feed the 'bad' (relative term) stuff how can the body hope to have a fighting chance.

Docs have been slow to catch onto this issue. Where we see them taking notice (finally), is when they now tell us to eat yogurt or a probiotic when taking antibiotics. For some that advice is too little too late.

Candida has been linked with autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin problems, and more. They have found it clogging the liver and other vital organs upon autopsies. This is why it's been getting more attention.

Once it has gained the upper hand it can drill holes in the gut. They're microscopic but this takes it to a systematic level, where strong antifungals are needed. You will be hard pressed to find a doc to look at this as a remedy for your ailments before putting you through hell with other meds though. A naturopath or functional medical doctor will but not an allopathic doctor (unless you have an immune deficiency disorder).

By the way, diet alone can't help much once the stuff has taken over. People almost always need to take an antifungals. However there are natural antifungals like caprylic acid and wormwood that can help. While taking this stuff you also need to eat lots of prebiotic and probiotic foods to give the good guys a fighting chance. Cutting down drastically on carbs and sugars will put the bad guys into dormancy after it's killed some of them off so its my opinion that cutting them out entirely may not be a good idea, so steer clear of the starvation diets. If you cut down on foods that help them to breed (or multiply), while at the same time eating pre and probiotics, and taking stuff to kill them you can regain symbiosis. Don't eat anything processed. Don't eat sugar (look at your labels). Eat only good carbs but make those be the smallest part of the daily consumption. Digestion is a big deal so let the body heal by being ultra aware of what your giving it to work with.

If you have ongoing fatigue, headaches, digestion issues, skin problems, lots of yeast infections if a female, eyesight problems, hair loss, or a number of other ailments it can only be helpful to look at diet as the culprit.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 11:39 AM
Omg call the monistat7 police. There's a fungus among us. What happens if you don't cure a yeast infection? Do loaves of bread start coming out?

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 11:44 AM
Dr Robert Atkins whom everyone made fun of addressed the issue of Candida way back in the sixties with his diet revolution book. A low carb high protein diet will address this issue in most people. He put that out fifty years ago. It finally made its way into the general consciousness.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 01:23 PM
Candida is a symbiotic fungus.

If you have an overgrowth go on a Ketogenic diet and use a boric acid paste to bring it under control. If it is vaginal then just use boric acid suppositories and it goes away within the week. Same goes for bacterial vaginosis as well.

Very simple to get under control.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 01:29 PM
a reply to: OrphanApology

Isn't boric acid dangerous to ingest?

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 01:33 PM
a reply to: Dianec

You don't ingest it.

If you have an overgrowth on skin use a paste. Vaginal infection, use suppositories.

It's the same ingredient in contact solution.

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 02:34 PM

Candida has been linked with autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin problems, and more.

Yes its been linked but its because the immune system is not keeping it under control. i had a problem with it when i had the autoimmune disorder Sarcoidosis.

They have found it clogging the liver and other vital organs upon autopsies.

Yes because in some people thing like antibiotics and chemo cause the immune system to stop keeping Candida under control. diabetes can also cause a outbreak.

Its one of those which came first the chicken or the eggs things

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 02:44 PM
a reply to: ANNED

I never thought if it this way. But let's say you take 4 courses of antibiotics one year and eat badly. The immune system would be working hard to fend off the issues around the chronic imbalance so it seems it could compromise your immune system. It begins to see a naturally occurring thing as the enemy so it could even confuse it. It probably is a bit of both (with the chicken egg thing).

posted on Jul, 11 2014 @ 03:59 PM

originally posted by: Indigent
We all are infected with bacteria, if you don't have it in your intestine you cannot digest correctly.

Pandas need a special bacteria to digest bamboo, they don't have it from birth so the pups eat their mother feces to get it, its the way nature works, symbiosis in a way.

Termites and ruminates have the same. I always tell my kids that all living things are like a universe to the bacterial and fungal world where each individual thing is like its own galaxy.

Candida is something that exists on just about everybody--not matter where they live. Yes, Candida can cause problems in cases where the immune system isn't working right. It is known to become an opportunistic infection. However, some level of Candida is to be expected on us all.

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