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Scratching the Surface: Something BIG is About to Happen

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posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 10:17 AM

reply to post by Metallicus

I agree something maybe coming but I am not sure I share your same outlook

Meaning I am not sure the change will be positive

Something has been coming since 2008 and it will stay in affect until 2023. In fact, once it passes we may not be out of the woods. The next cycle brings serious changes as well.

In fact, I will create a new post to address some of the cyclical things that are happening/coming. It's too long and I don't want to derail this thread too much.
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posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 02:36 PM

Could these events be related? Do you see any other events that could support big changes coming to our planet? Do you also feel as though positive (or negative) change is coming?

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The Saiyans are coming and the Governments know that there time is nigh. *turns super saiyan and blasts off into the distance*

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by Metallicus

I don't really have a whole lot to add to the debate apart from that I too believe we could be in for something big, a kind of culmination of world events if you will, but with regards to the mention of the blood moons we're due, I came across this article earlier today that could explain their potential global significance:

"Mars, Earth, and the Sun will all align tonight, a rare 'opposition of the planets' that only happens once every 778 days.

But what makes this so remarkable is that it comes precisely a week before everyone on earth will see the first of FOUR dark red 'blood moons', an extraordinary event some Christians believe represents the End of Days and the second coming of Christ.

...And, according to NASA, a highly unusual 'Tetrad' - four successive total 'blood-red' lunar eclipses each followed by six full moons - will, indeed, start a week today and finish on September 28 next year.

The incredible alignment has only happened a handful of times in the last two thousand years but, remarkably, on each of the last three occasions it has coincided with a globally significant religious event.

Pastor and author John Hagee, from San Antonio, Texas, has written a book on the phenomenon. He believes tonight marks the dawn of a 'hugely significant event' for the world.

...The first Tetrad since the Middle Ages, in 1493, saw the expulsion of Jews by the Catholic Spanish Inquisition, which rocked western Europe.

The second coincided with the establishment of the State of Israel - after thousands of years of struggle - in 1949.

Strangely, the last one occurred in 1967 - far earlier than expected - precisely at the time of the Six-Day Arab–Israeli War."


All the best,

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by ScottProphhit

ah.. ah ha HA!

This got to be the funniest ats member i have ever read. All hail the new ats jester! HAHA

To change the world it would require means, ressources proportional to the gravity of the situation and the mess this planet is in, it is far beyond the point of non return. You could be omnipotent, you still couldnt find a "clean" solution to all these problems and the coming inevitable. Even if you were a charismatic genius destined to lead and unites the whole world, it wouldnt be possible because of the hopelessness of the situation. To underestimate a problem is a sure way to failure. But since you are a teenager you love day dreaming right? You will fall short of optimism pretty soon, i tell ya.

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posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 07:28 PM

reply to post by phantomjack

What happens on 4/14/14 in your dreams? Its not very far off.

I can't pinpoint a specific event except to say everything changes that day. It effects everyone on the planet.

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 08:59 PM

reply to post by Metallicus

I've been certain of positive change since I realised that something needs changed. It's the reason I was born. Period.

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by ScottProphhit

That's a conspiracy in the making in itself, Scottish Independence. Everyone you meet says they're going to vote yes, yet watch a No vote prevail, with nobody admitting to voting No. Just like when the Torys get in power you can never find someone who admits they voted for them ¬¬

posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 08:38 AM

I hope your assessment of all the connected "upticks" does herald something big.

Armageddon, a cleansing, economic collapse, alien invasion, second coming, solar kill shot, environmental catastrophes, yellowstone, Madrid Fault, whatever....bring it!

I'm sick and tired of all the doom porn. So glad I don't have any kids because I too feel something wicked this way comes.
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I've heard this "No Kids" argument before. We do have three boys and like to think of the more positive angle that maybe one of these boys will "save the planet". Without them, we could be doomed.

As far as the Doom and Gloom outlook, if s*&^t happens, it happens. I'm not going to live in a hole in the ground waiting for nothing to happen. Besides, were all going to die and I believe, to be reborn, so it really doesn't matter really.

Sorry but nothing is going to happen. Well, nothing that couldn't happen on any other day on the Earth (atomic war, earthquakes, meteor strike) so try to be good to each other while you're here.

posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by _damon

Bull. There is always hope and certainly this planet is far from the point of no return. Your attitude is beyond negative. It's no wonder you can't see a way out.

posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by phantomjack

The Ultimate Warrrr Yaww new something was going to happen, he was going to save us, so 'they' put him down. True story (I just made it up).

posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 02:55 PM
reply to post by tow69

Have to agree, I have a bad feeling about whats to come. I believe we are on the brink of another World war. Call me crazy but with the current economic situation not getting any better (regardless of what they say in the media). Countries with massive debt, jobs outlook bleak and a country wanting to conquer another, doesn't it sound familiar? If we remember the Great depression, the way the world got out was through...... a World war and most likely we are headed the same way currently.

Maybe I am wrong and we wake up next day holding hands and singing Kumbaya but that future looks very bleak.

Ad nos revisendos!

posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by Metallicus

There is a reasonable and unrelated explanation for each of the "signs" you posted.

1) There are many professions where suicide rates are higher, for example, dentists. People working in the financial industry are on the top of the list.

2) It isn't just congress that is retiring. Professionals from all professions are having higher retirement rates because baby-boomers are hitting the retirement age.

3) UFO sightings have increased every year since the 1940s. A big portion of this is the ever changing and improving technology. More people own telescopes than in the past, cameras and video recording equipment is cheaper and more readily available.

Doomporn fail #32196527693104

posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 05:39 PM
reply to post by Merlyn2014

Your right about that, althought We create our Own hell, not God. Somehow God could really care less, if He considered giving us the power anyways.

Since all things flow either way, you get what you get by doing what you do anyways! Sooner or later it will catch up to you. To safe guard this, God placed within a " Knowing your doing something wrong" Just to remind you!

Yet we claim God is all nice and brings flowers to every situation, how so? My God would not do the things other's named God's would do, la, la, la.

Question. Who actually really knows what Gods does?


posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by Merlyn2014


Man has crossed the line, so to speak Playing God. Fine line between the two if you ask me! Sure its nice to be able to go to the Stars, yet to distroy everything else to get there is plain stupid!

Most would Run if they Seen the Hand Of God! Or actually try to Shoot at it anyways! Man should be able to Stand Before God; if any, and Be Proud!

Now I would not worry about God coming anytime soon. I would have to say Earth Herself has some Issues with us first!


posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 10:10 AM
So many predictions and nothing ground-breaking has happened..... yet!
I am hoping for something big as our society right now is doomed.
This is heading for a big collapse, sooner or later and I would rather see it coming right now...

regarding the topic, the bankers, they know something, something we don't, 13+ suicides is a lot and I would be really reaaaally gobsmacked if this was just a coincidence.

political tensions are rising
weather is going crazy - maybe something to do with geo-engineering
unusual sightseeings have been reported
wallstreet and other SE are weird, well I didn't study finance or alike, but what is happening this year (or since October 2013) is a big mess, I thought it was heading for a crash back in winter when investors were even selling off the blue chips, yet they somehow managed to stabilise it for a while
the awareness of masses is rising
people are waking up
shootings/ cover-ups/ disasters
1984 already surpassed

I think the economy is going to crash and it's going to crash really hard.

(I'm kinda waiting for that moment when I can smile at my friends' worried faces and say "I told ya" and they would say "You were right the whole time" I'm tired of being a 'freak' and the alienation it besets.)
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posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 10:21 AM
Bring it on!!

Personally, I cannot wait until the day all cell phones and internets stop working! I will miss ATS but will enjoy the return of low anxiety family and real life community time spent.

Let's get it on!

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by phantomjack

I think every doom caller should be required to pony up with a clear date like you have done.

Ill be back on the 15th to follow up on your prediction (if the internet still exists!...moo ha hahaha).

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 10:45 AM
reply to post by Salamandy

Nuff said.

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by Salamandy

So why don't you just sign off and go spend that quality time now? Why do you need a catastrophe as a catalyst ? Go now while everything is still good and there's still ice cream and candy to eat. Enjoy the world now.

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 06:58 PM

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