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The short and long of an America’s China War

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posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 01:34 AM
The Question has always been why hasn't China Attacked Taiwan and we all know the answer... Lau Guan Kim...Originally published in the China Daily asks what is holding the American's Back? He Assumes that American cannot afford a war with China...I don't think so. I think if world atmosphere was much like pre-chaos Nazi Germany then the U.S. would have no probleming kocking on the commie door. Open it and burn the house down... Do you think America could do it?

Lau Guan Kim

©2004. Updated 2004-11-25. All rights reserved.

Classic Sun Zi’s art of war is to recognise your own weakness. To know your weakness is to strengthen your strategy and not fall into reckless conflicts.

You will notice I use the term “America’s China War.” America is very much stronger than China militarily, and the likelihood she may be the first to react to China’s affront to her core values or encroachment of American national interests.

To say China is placid and pacific, and does not wish to have war with the US, is specious and disingenuous. We bear in mind China is militarily much weaker than the US. It then is prudent for China not to throw down the gauntlet over any issues, even that of Taiwan, to assert its ‘rights’ or claims.

On the other hand, China lacks the wherewithal to pick a conflict, and by extension of that logic, does not mean she is pacific.

The real test of China’s pacific inclination is when she can match the US militarily.

Some facts struck me while researching on the American Spanish War of 1898. What the US detested was a big bully Spain ruled rampant and repressively over her possessions in South America. The Monroe’s Doctrine before that war stated specifically that the US would consider any European colonisation of that part of America to be acting against the interest of the will of the subjugated people as well as against the interest of the US.

In blunt terms, the US told Europe to lay off the Americas!

There is that innate feelings among many Americans that they will fight if American core values are imperilled. There are many, and one that will prompt the Americans to support America’s China War is democracy and the imposition of a monolithic communist governance that to all intent is both anathema and repulsive to the ordinary Americans for their repressive and totalitarian nature.

That would harp back to the old Soviet Empire, but though China’s governance is relatively less repulsive, yet it is still a governance where the conscionable have to tread with caution for their own safety.

Whereas if China brings down its full quantitative strength upon Taiwan and is callous of the type of force it uses, it is likely that the Americans may perceive that as the behaviour of a bully.

And whereas if China chooses to wipe out pockets of resistance from Taiwan long since considered a democratic bastion to China, it will have struck a raw nerve of the Americans.

To many sentimental Americans, Taiwan is the gateway to democracy in China.

Let not those China bigots and ultranationalists fool and befuddle themselves that China is strong and can sally untrammelled over the wishes of the people in Taiwan. Even as what may seem to be a righteous cause of China, it being the concept that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China, yet the way Taiwan is to be reunified with the mainland is very crucial.

If we are to gauge the reaction of bystanders to China’s use of force, we need only to see the disdain and abhorrence of the China bigots and ultranationalists that hitherto bedevilled the good image of the Chinese.

And if ever Taiwan is lost to China, these China bigots and ultranationalist must share the blame.

There is not doubt the US can defeat China in a conventional and nuclear war. Fighting an adversary the size and population of China means the punch will not be velvet gloved - it has to be bare fist.

From the air, sea and space, China is no match.

The only strong asset China has is its advantage in a land war, which Douglas MacArthur in his deathbed cautioned Lyndon Johnson never to fight a land war in Asia.

On that wisdom, American military research has finely honed its aerial and naval war.

But then we are talking of the short term. The long term would be a protracted war with China that may not be politically and economically advantageous to the US. It may end up a weakened nation as in many European nations after WW2.

What is holding back the Americans?

Perhaps this war may be the precursor of WW3, and WW4 will be a war fought with sticks and stones.

The question is: Can the US afford a war with China?

For China, it would be prudent to know your own weakness.

[edit on 26-11-2004 by 00PS]

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 02:24 AM
I think you are sadly mistaken. China has many more friendships in the international world. We Chinese have another thing besides violence that I told to you in the message about the eight children murdered in the school. Relationships are a very important part of our long long culture and they are not easily cast aside. There will be no knocking on our door by the Americans. You did not answer my previous question. Are you Chinese?

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 04:05 AM
why bother in starting another China Vs. US thread
, do a search and you will allready find dozens of them.

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 04:16 AM
Yes, this has been covered many times before with the usual we have these missles and our planes are better than theirs clap trap.

A war between the US and CHina will probably never happen, not in our life time anyway.

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 05:44 AM
Hey OOPS. You sound as if you live "Some Where In China"

No seriously, the Chinese could sink USA without firing a single bullet.

Al they'd have to do is unload all those American dollars they've got and it would start a run that would crash the U.S economy.

Seems to me that China has the U.S right where they want them.

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 05:56 AM
Actually there are a couple of us some where in China...come hang out with us on our website....i don't know if i can post it here but we got a community website for our little city of 11 milion out here in about 3200 expats here so our site is growing daily...if you wanna check it out and you can say hello to SIC there too...U2U me

As for the other posters...this is not the whole China forum all over again unless you make it...Take a look at the article and my comments above it and answer the question: what's holding america back from going and taking over china...

posted on Nov, 26 2004 @ 09:21 AM

Originally posted by OOPS
answer the question: what's holding america back from going and taking over china...

What is the point in even asking that question?? It's like asking why my grandmother doesn't enter in a monster-truck competition. You could argue until you were blue in the face about whether or not she'd be able to climb up into the cab, whether or not she'd be able to hold the wheel, and whether or not she knows enough about super-elevated suspension tech. But I know what Gran would say: "Heavens to Betsy! Why the HELL would I want to enter a monster-truck competition?!?!"

The US has absolutely no reason and no need to take over China. The only possibility of USA-China military conflict under the current political climate would be if China attacked Taiwan. And even then, the issue would be defense of the island over the Taiwan Strait. It would not involve a US invasion of the Chinese mainland. And if you want to discuss the Taiwan issue, there are plenty of threads on the topic. Just do a search.

So the answer to your question is simple: Coz they don't wanna.


posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 03:40 AM

Originally posted by 00PS------He Assumes that American cannot afford a war with China...I don't think so. I think if world atmosphere was much like pre-chaos Nazi Germany then the U.S. would have no probleming kocking on the commie door. Open it and burn the house down... Do you think America could do it?

Dubya, is that you?

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