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I have a serious question about Aliens.

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posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 06:56 PM

bodies don't work in space, we learned that the hard way

They do if you the ship you're has artificial Gravity

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 07:13 PM
I think an alien civilization even a thousand years more advanced than we are currently would be little more than bits of conscious energy in some sort of expanding cloud network verses some clunky big ufo driving around planets..just my understanding of our personal technological pathway...and I tend to think we are being slow and dense in our technological progression.
a civilization millions of years more advanced than us? would be like a amoeba trying to understand modern man.

I can only hope for a couple things
1) reincarnation
2) at least some time between giant fantastic battlestar type spaceships before we go fully digital and have no need for such steampunk machines outside of maybe relics and fun (like a tricked out 67 chevy)

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 07:15 PM
Okay a few points, please bare with me as sometimes I tend to write before my brain has time to filter out all the odd bits.

1 - I have and always will believe that there are aliens out there in the universe. Whether they are billions of light years away or just a few planets. I cannot see that a universe as large as ours, (I use large in place of HOLY HELL I DONT KNOW HOW BIG IT IS) we would be the only intelligent life that populates (Also if there is a god or a creator then he/she wouldn't waste that much real estate on one single race).

2 - We often say that if Aliens landed why not on the white house lawn, why always some HICK (not my words) in the middle of nowhere. When faced with this argument I always ask the person asking me that question, that when we take an animal from the wild do we go to meet their leaders? when we mess with an ant hill, do we go to the queen ant and ask for permission? No. So why would beings who apparently have the intelligence to either travel across the stars or through time, dimension, whatever would they go and ask beings that they might just think of being simple hairless apes.

3 - I strongly believe that we have been visited. For people who claim there is no evidence, just look around your history books, look at all the things written in caves, the pictures in pyramids. the likelihood that human beings separated by oceans would come to the same conclusion presenting the same ideas of beings from (the stars or above) is very very remote.

4 - and Finally, my own personal belief is that it doesn't matter. Human beings are very VERY unlikely to leave the planet we barely (though i dont believe this) reached the moon and back, we keep hearing about manned missions to Mars and returning to the moon yet we always seem to send robots. I think that we aren't alone in the universe and that Aliens or Space Brothers, whatever you wanna call them either dont really know that we're here or dont wanna know.

I will leave asking a question and please answer if you can without snarky remarks that seem to have become a mainstay on ATS, If you were from another planet where more than likely war is non existent and disease is all gone would you come to a planet that is constantly at war with itself and face a possible threat from beings that seem to be bred for war?

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 08:35 PM
OP, do you actually have a serious question about aliens, or are you here just to argue your point of view? If the former, then you might consider listening to the answers rather than arguing with everyone who provides one. If the latter, then why frame your point of view as a question? Just write your essay informing us how smart you are, then we can tell you how naïve you are and how it's all been done before.

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 08:44 PM
I lol'd when I read Project Camelot...They're OUT there, for sure.

They have all sorts of people saying all sorts of things in their videos, plus that really cool tiger intro with the weird music.

I cannot get past the intro to actually watch the stuff they put out!

But, I believe there are all sorts of civilizations out there, and a few that are probably visiting here, too.
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posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 09:07 PM
We could only guess how much sentient life is out there, let alone the fact that if they ever manage to survive their own technological, and even social upbringings.
A galaxy is huge, and unfathomable, let alone the universe. You could look at Drakes Equations,vbut it heavily depends on the math, and the figures you put in.

The pleaidian, reptilian, and grey theories seem more on the side of New Age Internet Doom porn. You could type up those three, and you will see many sites have that crap.

Sure, an alien species could last around 250 millions years, even with technology. However, I doubt most civilizations last more then 5000 yrs tops, without having some cracks in their social foundations, as well as natural disasters. They'd have so much history, that they probably wouldn't remember which planet their from.

I recall watching a few of Project camelot videos in my earlier digging for the truth days, and I liked it. Never really bothered to absorb them though.

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by DeadSeraph

This Book may help you understand...where some of them are, where they come long they been here and why they are here. Its free by searching online for in PDF. I did and got it that way. I have another naming races...but Ill have to find it.

The Extraterrestrial Vision
Who Is Here and Why and Their Impact on
Our World
Gina Lake
Copyright ©1993 Gina Lake

PART I: Who Is Here and Why
1. Where You Came From and Where You Are Going 5
2. The Pleiadians 31
3. The Sirians 39
4. The Orions 46
5. The Zeta Reticuli 49
6. The Greys 56
PART II: Preparing for Contact
7. Servers and Self-servers in the World Today 67
8. The First Contact 75
9. Appearances and Other Differences 82
10. Living in an Integrated World 90
11. The Future

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 02:02 AM
reply to post by Danny85

I will answer yours first as you asked a nice polite question.
First I am not being snarky to anyone.
I am just asking a question.

Would I if I was an Alien from an advanced culture come to a backward planet to do research and possibly stop the inhabitants of said planet from killing themselves..?

Yes I would... because if my technology was greater which of course it would be.... I would not be afraid of savage indigenous peoples...

I am not saying give savage indigenous people advanced techs.... that would be wrong and unjustifiable...

You wouldnt try to explain to a remote South American tribe the workings of a Nuclear reactor there would be no point.

You would give medical help though..

And at least tell the indigenous people you are there and they are 'not alone'.

I seriously believe Aliens must be visiting the Earth for reasons I detail above and that governments are with-holding that information cos our governments want to hang onto power like a bunch of self-serving p*icks.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by schuyler

Yes I have a serious question about Aliens...

No I am not trying to prove my intelligence or lack thereof...

My question is for reasons detailed above that there should be Aliens presently visiting us.

The mainstream view is that there aren't.

The non-mainstream view is that there are but the testomonies seem conflicting and absurd.

Something like Project Camelot would be a good idea if it wasn't as one reply put it filled with charlatans.

My question is 'Where are the Aliens ?'
given that for reasons detailed above they should by now be visiting and monitoring us.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by snoopy11

the problem with one specie of aliens being here on earth or even more of a problem....many species of aliens being that finding earth would be like finding a specific grain of sand at the bottom of the ocean.....and if there are many species here.....they all found the same grain of sand.

If you were told that one grain of sand at the bottom of the ocean was worth $100 billion and we gave you $100k per year and all the supplies you needed to go find long would it take you? Oh....and no one knows what the grain of sand looks like or why it has this value or if it even looks different than the rest.

Traveling long distances is a problem, bending space to jump those distances is a huge problem, trying to find a planet that has life.....well......grain of sand.

So....are aliens likely? Yes
Are aliens likely here? No

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 02:13 AM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

I have read a lot of books on the subject, watched a ton of videos, and read a lot of interviews. I've been interested in the topic since I was a child, and have probably spent the better part of 25 years researching the issue be it through leisure or serious study. NOTHING I have encountered in all of that time has convinced me conclusively that we are being visited by space aliens. At one point I leaned the other way, and much like many members here, I was convinced that there must be visitors from other star systems. That changed once I read enough to form a complete picture of the situation and not one painted solely by UFO enthusiasts.

People are definitely seeing things they can't explain. Of that, I have no doubt. I believe there are credible eyewitness accounts of a completely bizarre nature that relate to "UFO's". However, I do not feel that these experiences are best explained by extraterrestrial visitors from other star systems or galaxies. I have changed my mind on that subject, and yet another book is unlikely to sway me back the other way at this point.
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posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 02:15 AM
reply to post by Specimen

Its a nice reply but...

I dont agree that a social technological species couldn't last more than 5000 years.

After all we have been building cities for at least 10,000 years...

I am sure after you reach a certain plateau things get easier and less socially intense that is a species eventually gets comfortable with itself.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by UxoriousMagnus

You say that Aliens are not likely to be here,

But as I say then they should have by now sent a message, which if you believe the Scientists and I do...

they say they haven't recieved one....

So I say Aliens likely to be here.... yes.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by snoopy11

Having just come across Project Camelot,

Camelots a scam, in the same league as Bashar, a fusion of new age and ufology, they have no evidence just crazy people they like to interview

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 02:48 AM

reply to post by snoopy11

Having just come across Project Camelot,

Camelots a scam, in the same league as Bashar, a fusion of new age and ufology, they have no evidence just crazy people they like to interview

Yes in principle I would agree with you.

Although the Gary McKinnon interview did seem very sincere.

But dont we need something like Project Camelot....??
Well a sincere reputable version of it..??

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 09:56 AM

Having just come across Project Camelot,

Are there really 30 plus alien races visiting the earth and walking among us..?

This does seem really unlikely....

However the mainstream scientific view is that there is no evidence of Alien life anywhere in the Galaxy.

This does seem really unlikely too...

Is anyone else coming to the conclusion there is something wrong with the picture..

The Universe should have at least a slight curvature but everywhere we look its flat...

Scientists often like to say that if there were Aliens visiting the earth that the scientific community would know about it...

This is such obvious b*lls*it that it beggars belief that its repeated so often...

Yeah if a technological race that was 250 million years in advance of our technology was visiting Earth we would know about it that we could percievably detect such technology is absurd nonsense, yet its the mainstream view.

We are at present on the cusp of discovering cloaking devices ourselves but we have not a clue how to travel to the stars.

So you would think a race of ET's or former Indigenous species of Earth who are 250 million years in advance of us would have discovered visible light invisibility a very long time ago and dare say have even better cloaks than the ones we are trying to develop.

But on the other hand if you believe the Project Camelot people, we have the Annnunaki, The Greys and the Raptors and 30 other species of Aliens who if you beleive the Project Camelot people are all d*cks.

Take Marduk Head of the Annunaki came to Earth played God.... what a f*cker... seriously..

The Raptors sometimes like to eat Humans... this is as repulsive as finding a human who likes to eat Dolphins or Great Apes or dogs for that matter I mean sweet jesus... why....

There is something terribly wrong with what we are being told by mainstream science and mainstream conspiracy theorists...

How much bull do we need to swallow.. ?
It just does not add up....
Life on Earth formed almost after it had cooled... but it should by all reason not developed for at least 2 billion years after the earth cooled...
It just does not add up....
The universe has the same temperature across all regions of space but since light has a speed limit this should not be the case.
It just does not add up....
Aliens live among us in disguise..
It just does not add up...
Greys abduct humans for experimentation
It just does not add up..

In terms of Aliens anyone with half a brain must realise there must be Aliens in the galaxy.... logic dictates this....
Unless you believe that God made us as a one off, one time deal and the rest of the Creation is window dressing.

So where the f*ck are all the Aliens.....?

It just does not add up...
Come out Aliens .... why the f*ck are you hiding ?...... cos they must be....

You Tube; "The Story of Walt Willis" also dying testimony of a CIA Officer may be of help.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by DeadSeraph

I agree they haven't visited...because you don't VISIT somewhere you've always been. After my 45 years of study, and reading up on and watching since a teenager ( a bit before Von Daniken hit the stores and the topic exploded.) that gives my interest and study of this topic and all available all the videos and movies included...45 (FORTY FIVE) years of investment.

So based on that in conjunction with and constant reflection on all available info, documentation, literature, studies, film and discussion...I think given all that info, that any reasonable person would be foolish to ignore all of it.

Of course they haven't visited. Because they have always been here. Don't keep watching the skies. They aren't coming from there. They are coming from right here...

So as you and your 25 years, my minimum of study from 1969 as a teen until now and all available evidence, scientific and historical, they aren't visiting...that's obvious. Because they are already here...and have been. Im also equally as positive...once in awhile some DO visit their friends TOURISTS.

Thanks for the reply

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by snoopy11

Exo-Vaticana by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam . . . lays things out as well as I know.


Guy Malone and his panel of top flight scholars has the critters pretty well described and their MO . . . operating strategies, methods, motives pretty well described:


One of his websites:

imho, It is part of the long predicted GREAT DECEPTION of our era.

posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by snoopy11

Yea, but none of those civilization are around, are they.
Sure, you could meet their descendants, but their culture just end up being fossilized in stone, or rice paper. The idea of a spear hasn`t changed at all, but their aren`t anymore spear throwers. Just like how those building are still standing, but they are empty, and are historical land marks now.

When I meant social, I meant cultural differences. Earth has at least 200 different cultures, and some still have problems with each other, while others are extinct. Not Barney and friends.

When I meant technological, I mean't not blowing themselves up due to war, or technological disasters. Which is a social activity since it requires whole nations, tribes, or just large groups of people.

Also, one thing I learned about people, is that they are incredibly hard to please. Even if we did manage to get to the plateau of border line heaven, I could still see us even screwing that up. Let alone, if we ever encountered a hostile alien force, and live to tell the tale.
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posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 12:08 PM
reply to post by snoopy11

So this all starts with Fermi's Paradox. Fermi's Paradox says any intelligent species with the capability of nuclear-powered spaceships and reproducing machines could colonize the galaxy in a time span of 50 to 100 million years. According to Fermi's Paradox, there's no hard barrier preventing us from traveling to other stars since even nuclear-powered spaceships traveling at a fraction of the speed of light are sufficient to allow us to colonize the galaxy.

And yet Fermi's Paradox is reliant on the presence of other life elsewhere and since we know so very little about the origins of life, perhaps Fermi's Paradox is overblown. For if life is indeed rare and intelligent life rarer still then even if an intelligent species reaches our technological level, there's no guarantee they can survive to the point where they actually build the self-replicating machines and send them off on nuclear-powered spaceships to colonize the galaxy. Worse still, it could be intelligent lifeforms are not an improvement over less intelligent lifeforms. It seems implausible, but perhaps intelligence is not good for biology! And what if there's an "immune system" in the galaxy that destroys any self-replicating machines to protect the galaxy's resources???? Without it, any fledgling civilization could send out self-replicating machines and potentially consume the galaxy. This - of course - assumes some ET civilization has as its purpose to wipe out any self-replicating machines and thusly to act as a sentinel against the loss of galaxy resources. And perhaps this "immune system" doesn't require an ET civilization to express itself, maybe it's embedded somehow in the interactions between DNA and environment?

IMHO, I think life is out there and I think intelligent life is out there and I think ET's are the best explanation for all of the UFO reports going back some 70 years and possibly even the reports of angels and celestial signs in the distant past.

There's so much I could say...

I'll start by saying I did some math a while back. I'll have to be forgiven for any errors and/or badly recalled memories. As I recall, there're as many stars in the observable universe as there're grains of sand on beaches on over 26,000 Earths. There're some 200-300 sextillion stars in the observable universe. How many planets? Billions of planets in our galaxy, at least. There're billions of earth-LIKE planets, most of them bigger, orbiting red dwarfs and red giants. In total, there're probably hundreds of billions or trillions of planets in our galaxy. And, before one starts to think that's a low number, there're also rogue planets that're not anchored to stars. There're estimates anywhere between billions to quadrillions of them. So if you combine planets and rogue planets together, there will be trillions, at least. And have I not mentioned proto or dwarf-planets, like Ceres in our own solar system? And what about moons? Even in our own solar system, there're some 160+ moons counted thus far. One only has to look at Titan or Europa to see the implications. So it's plausible there're at least trillions of moons in our galaxy. So what we have here are potentially quadrillions of planets and rogue planets and dwarf planets and moons, some of which might be worthy habitat for life, in our galaxy alone.

Personally, given that it's not a certainty UFO's are actually evidence of intelligent ET's, since there's no evidence anybody can use to prove this link, I think the evidence of intelligent ET's will come in the way of SETI or something similar either discovering a signal or an artifact of an (ancient) ET civilzation. This will not only answer the question, but it'll have the paradoxical effect of silencing the UFO believers. For if SETI can answer this question and give us incontrovertible evidence of intelligent ET's then they have done something the UFO believers - in all their years - were unable to do. Furthermore, their professionalism and persistence will show them to be the better part of humanity. In this, the scientists will hopefully win (or regain in some cases) the faith of the people.

I'm not disregarding the possibility ET's themselves will confront us and talk to us. However, I tend to think if they're sufficiently advanced they'll probably keep their distance and only study us remotely. As someone else on these forums has said, when humans tag a dolphin for study, do they first seek out their leader? When someone steps on an ant hill, do they fall over in shame and look for the queen to express solemn grief? I believe if an ET civlization is sufficiently advanced, they'll mostly ignore us, except for our scientific value to them. At best, they'll erect laws protecting us and use us as we use animals to inspire themselves. Certainly, there might be some ET's who will want to seek communion with humans, but I still think the evolutionary and cultural and technological differences are too wide.

There's a chance intelligent ET's visiting Earth will not dramatically surpass us or not deviate greatly from us in their capabilities or values. Still, for them to acquire interstellar travel probably means many years of progress and change. However, perhaps they were somehow lucky and crossed interstellar space and there's not been enough time for them to evolve and "season" into their new circumstances. In this case, maybe they have more in common with us and lines of communication are more open. It's less likely they'll treat us with contempt or distrust.

Of course, it's possible we're completely alone and no life started elsewhere. I hate the idea, but it could be. It just seems stupid to me that with all these potential sites for life to evolve in our galaxy, that none of them ever got going. It seems more likely that at least there will be simpler forms of ET life to be discovered one day. It'll be disheartening to know intelligent life is so rare and isolated, but at least we'll have our questions answered if that's what we conclude.
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