UFO Video Near Seatac (Seattle)

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posted on Mar, 12 2014 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by ATSZOMBIE

Ok I've done some additional edits with better video codecs, and it shows the circular spinning pattern of the sunset object, known to some as "The Bird", more clearly. I'm also providing the original video to Eleven to run through his software. Please check out this edit:


I've certainly never seen those black triangles flying out NW from Seatac, but that's crazy if they are launching from there. Soon to post isolated updated version of "The Chinese Lantern" as well for y'alls review.

posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 05:59 PM
Hello ATS!

Firstly, I would like to thanks Pylgrym for providing me the two original (huge!) videos.

With my partners, we are actually working on the development of two new units for the analysis software that are:
- The first part of an authentication tool that is able to provide a quick assessment about the validity of the metadata associated with any JPEG file, either in a single or batch process. The second part will be the continuation of the constitution of a camera/camcorder database with lots of possible technical characteristics for a given camera (resolution, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and so on...) plus the JPEG compression signature. The finality of it would be to compare all these characteristics of a given photo to this database.

- The second unit could be a very useful tool as, nowadays, we are flooded with lots of reports that appear to be afterwards, just Chinese (or "Thai") lanterns. This is still a work in progress, but a preliminary presentation will be available on our main page before the end of March.

Anyway, and to be short, this tool/algorithm is based on "chromaticity", based on hundreds of original "real" chinese lanterns photos, with calculated average chromaticity, minus the dark background noise and the saturated pixels. The same chromaticity database is constituted as well for any kind of light source upon a black background sky (airplanes/helicopters, RC models, stars/planets etc...).

So I'll try this new tool on the first video, as the classic orange hue leads some members here to think that it could possibly be just one of these damn chinese lanterns.

Before showing you the results, please keep in mind that this is not in any case a definite answer as to what it could be. This should be considered just as an helpful tool for any analysis/investigator.

I've extracted three jpeg frames in hi-resolution of the video, where the light can clearly be seen, then run the soft

Frame A:

Frame B:

Frame C:

The little black circle materialize the chromaticity value of the object in the Maxwell's triangle, with the red polygon being the actual possible values for the lanterns.

You'll notice that, in all the three examples above, the assessment is "likely" but, sometimes, the value falls in two or three polygons, thus the "possibly" assessment. If it's outside all the possible polygons, then the assessment will be "unlikely".

Unfortunately, there's not enough visible reference points in the video to try to calculate size/distance or speed of the object, so I guess that the final conclusion will be (for me, as a photo analyst) "likely a chinese lantern".

I'll come back in this thread in few days to comment the other video as well.

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posted on Mar, 17 2014 @ 12:07 AM
While I of course disagree with the conclusion of the software, this is great analysis and a well designed approach! Thank you for the results.

I agree there is unfortunately no frame of reference in this video because the surroundings are so dark - except, what about the plane that followed in the video? It was a very dark night with no stars, this makes it harder to analyze.

I think the most interesting two things in this video are the intense colors of the object, and the motion pattern. Your software has determined that the light from the images is similar to chinese lanterns - Ok! I will have to accept that as true, the lights must look similar. However the motion shows a spinning object, which can't be reflected in the JPEG still images used. I think this is half the significance, which I will be able to show better in a 12% speed video I've been editing.

One key point is the speed of the object, which is probably hard to tell from the video. I'll bet the initial image is slightly larger than the end image 9 seconds later, indicating its speed as it flew away, to some degree. However I know it was the same speed as 2 commercial airlines, which I Wikipedia is between 400-700 MPH, so a lantern couldn't handle those speeds and spin fast. Thank you again for your detailed analysis, and I look forwards to the next one during daylight which will be easier to analyze.

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