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Keurig’s next generation of coffee machines will have DRM lockdown

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posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 08:31 AM
Everyone is stupid.

Try getting a tea kettle $7 - $10
French press $15

boil water. add coffee . add water. press filter . enjoy.

kcups taste of instant coffee.

If you enjoy that sort of thing then just keep buying them and leave the regular coffee for us smart people.
If you want good coffee, buy some coffee beans. crush them up and do as above indicated.

don't be fooled

posted on May, 7 2015 @ 05:43 PM

Coffee company Keurig Green Mountain offered something of a mea culpa on Wednesday night, when its CEO admitted that the company had been wrong to build its second-generation coffee makers with tech that prevented users from brewing their own coffee independent of Keurig's licensing. Keurig Green Mountain stock is currently down 9 percent.


It turns out that lots of customers also found that attempt offensive and voted with their dollars. Although Keurig's total revenue was up 2 percent for the quarter, the company's sales of brewers and accessories were down 23 percent. While pod sales were up 14 percent, Keurig Chief Financial Officer Fran Rathke said that shipments of pods by volume were below the company's expectations due to a “somewhat higher than expected consumer price elasticity at retail.”

Wonder of wonders. Stock is down so the company decides they made a mistake. Money the universal motivator.

People were still buying the pods but sales of brewers dropped. Bet they thought the opposite would happen.
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posted on May, 7 2015 @ 07:03 PM
a reply to: roadgravel

Let them. I won't buy a machine like that, anyway, that brews a single cup. Sheesh, a regular machine can brew just a couple pretty fast, and the "cups" they brew are basically one good mug per two cups anyway! Besides, I can't abide by such greed. If their coffee is so good, let it sell on its own merits.

posted on May, 7 2015 @ 07:16 PM
They work good in an office environment where everyone wants their own "special" kind of coffee.

I don't see Keurig machines being big forever. I know two types of coffee drinkers:

1. As long as it's black and hot, I'm good.

2. I need to have fair trade, estate grown, organic coffee -- cold brewed please with agave sweetener and GMO-free almond milk

posted on May, 7 2015 @ 09:13 PM
a reply to: MystikMushroom

I am a one.

1. As long as it's black and hot, I'm good.

Seems like an expensive way to save a few minutes. I do understand the idea that it is fairly efficient for making various flavors, etc without a large stock pile of coffees.

It's just not my normal cup, so to speak.

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