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My name is Michael Aquino, and I think it's kind of fun to do the impossible; Ask Me Anything.

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 04:20 PM

Greetings from Scotland. Your premise of MW is fascinating and I am enjoying this thread immensely. My question to you is: does MW not assume a US-centric bias? That is to say, the norms and values of other cultures may not be to aspire to non-violent resolution. And so what then?

MW is designed to be initially implemented by the U.S. just because we've got these three Special Operations branches which can be adapted to it with a little tinkering ... though Special Forces probably won't go from Rambo to Mary Poppins without being, you know, dragged kicking and screaming.

Scotland would be a great test area, since historically it's been such a mild country. Note that throughout the entire Roman Empire, and the Romans were pretty tough cookies themselves, Scotland was the only thing they felt they had to wall off. [The last time I visited Hadrian's Wall, a Scot friend of mine commented, "It was a good idea, but it still didn't keep the English out."]

And the Scots carry grudges. I'm a Campbell, and I know better than to blunder into MacDonald territory wearing the Campbell tartan.

I also don't stop to admire Toyotas parked by Loch Ness ...

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 04:25 PM

What are your opinions on animal sacrifice? I still don't understand the purpose -- the animal is killed to appease a spirit I think, or to cleanse out bad spirits -- but how? How does the sacrifice of an animal appease a spirit?

You may want to look over the Book of Leviticus (it's the third book of the Old Testament) to see how an animal was sized-up for sacrifice in a very popular religion. That big Temple in Jerusalem was all about animal sacrifice but I don't believe that is still an active part of their current practice. Reading about how the animal was prepared for sacrifice I would guess they had a very meat-heavy diet.

One might suggest a dinner prayer is the ritual part of a daily sacrifice, though for vegans that would merely be a plant sacrifice. Partaking of the Christian Sacrament might be viewed as ritual cannibalism and ritual vampirism, which are a couple factors that kept the Romans luke-warm about the whole christianity thing back then.

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 04:28 PM

There was once an article of yours called "Project Stargate: 20 Million up in Smoke (and Mirrors)". The article appears to have been removed. Have you had it removed? Have you changed your views on the subject? If it hasnt been removed, could you kindly direct me to that article of yours? And if it has been removed, could you share your take or opinion of Ingo Swann?

That was a critique of the SRI Project Stargate, the "remote viewing" caper, that I wrote for the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO) some years ago. Published in the AFIO Intelligencer[/i] to the indignation of SRI, sorry about that kiddos. I later incorporated the guts of it into the MindWar book.

I haven't paid any particular attention to Ingo Swann, so don't have an opinion on him.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by maquino

A quick straight-up question for you.

(Pardon my butchering the words.. I dont use your symbol set)

If a xeper ba initiate of Ra were to meet a xeper ba initiate of set in this particular world, would they hug laugh kill each other or all of the above?

By the way thanks Michael I've learned something from you. A month ago I would have found that disturbing. Maybe I'm growing up a little.


posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 04:40 PM
You look vaguely familiar. Were you around Bragg in the 80-82 timeframe?

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by Bybyots

Interesting and a whole lot of years back I was very loosely involved with the OTO. Mr LaVey was full of his own self-importance and his only 'gift' was indeed the art form of sensationalism and deception. His writing was testimony to a deluded and unoriginal mind. LaVey wanted to be the X Factor of the dark arts and for a time sailed atop the satanic wave but in the end rightly drowned in his own delusion.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thank you unity

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by maquino

Awesome reply!
Thank you Sir

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 04:54 PM

Could you please describe the distinction between Lucifer and Satan?

Satan was the original "prosecuting attorney" of the Judaic Old Testament, who got up- or downgraded, as the case may be, to the Bad Guy of the Christian New Testament.

Lucifer was the Roman name for the Morning Star, aka the planet Venus, and gradually got confused with Satan. By the time you get to John Milton's Paradise Lost, "Lucifer" was Satan's pre-Fall name.

The fellow who holds the world's record for names and aliases is of course J.R.R. Tolkien, who was a philologist so it figures. When I wrote the Morlindalë (which has caused much more fury in Tolkien circles than anything I've written elsewhere on anything), I had to plow through more Elvish, Orkish, and etc. names and punctuations than I care to remember!

What is your view about the Free Will?

You've got it, but usually you don't bother to use it. Most people drift through the day like bumper-cars at a funhouse, in what Plato called the Eikasia level of consciousness, which basically means allowing your subconcious pattern-thinking [discussed in MindWar] to carry you along. You use some elementary FW at the next level up, Pistis, but it isn't until you hit the third level, Dianoia that you really get it in gear.

Peter Ouspensky, G.I. Gurdjieff's articulate disciple, was a bear on this. Contended that people normally wander through life asleep, and need to wake up. Here's a great read to help wake yourself up; I think you also might be able to find it online as a freebie. We often recommend it to new Setians whom we see yawning, as it were.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:00 PM
Hello Mr.Aquino i saw on a earlier post and your answer to a question about earliest man do you agree with Mr Lloyd Pyes assumptions on Every Thing You Know is Wrong theories and that somehow early man was genetically alter.Also what is your theory on the star child skull

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by maquino

There's so many names or phrases associated with satan.
Devil, beast, seroent, Snake. Lucifer, fallen angel, angel of light, the light bearer, morning star, Venus, Magog, etc.

Which one do you use?

What is the significance of 666?
Enquiring minds want to know..,,

Back to the mind war;
Would a chip need to be implanted in the target to transmit the frequency waves?
Am I correct in thinking it uses the subconscious state that operates on the same wavelength as this artificial intrusion?

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:15 PM
anything to say on the us goverments soldiers they left in vietnam and the bill dumas video missing presumed dead .
and admiral moorer statment on 60 minutes about vx gas being sprayed on p.o.w's thanks geo

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:15 PM

Douglas Deitrich's accounts are corroborated by official records.

Great, ask him to post scanned photocopies on his website. Let's start with some easy ones he's claimed:

(1) USMC enlistment papers and discharge certificate if discharge claimed. If no discharge claimed, orders to unit of present assignment.

(2) Orders awarding the Southwest Asia Service Medal (SASM).

(3) Orders of assignment as either a military or a civilian member of the Department of Defense 1982-1990.

(4) Orders of assignment to a specific headquarters or unit at the Presidio of San Francisco which he claim to have had a “classified library”.

(5) Orders verifying his security clearance during this same period, which would have been necessary for any custody of classified material. [Orders establishing someone’s security clearance are not themselves classified.]

(6) Orders assigning him in any capacity to the Western Defense Command at the Presidio in the 1980s. [These should be particularly interesting since the WDC was a World War II command that was permanently deactivated in 1946.]

Let me know when he has all these uploaded, so I can go take a look. And you might remind him to refresh himself on U.S. Code Chapter 47 concerning the felony of forgery of official government documents.

Jimmy Savile was a paedophile and procurer of children for the upper echelons of society. He was a military asset and had close ties to the duke of edinbrough and prince Charles. He was a child rapist and likely murderer who was allowed access to thousands of children over the course of decades via his 'jim'll fix it' make a child's wishes come true BBC programme.

News to me; I haven't heard the name before.

Do you care to have a go at the first few questions I asked you regarding 9/11 faked video and victims, and media fakery in general?

I've already commented on 9/11 here, and don't see any point in adding to it.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:20 PM
Good evening Mr Maquino,

May I ask if you are a humanist? Do you agree with them?

Thank you.


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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:33 PM
Please give us a few examples of things that you hope to accomplish when you practice Black Magic, whether they be named or unnamed rituals. Do you use the rituals to help you find lost objects or predict the future, or are these ceremonies part of a type of secret society that you cannot discuss?

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 05:41 PM

A recruiter told me depression is not a problem and most people who suffer from it develop it in service but, having it doesn't disqualify a person from service as long as they are in part of a treatment program.

Can't help you here; it's a medical judgment call.

Also, what views does the government have on soldiers who study the arcane, para psychological, metaphysical, and occult?

No, lots of them who believe in virgin births and talking bushes on fire are enlisted.

Seriously, all religions are Constitutionally protected, and the Armed Forces really do try to respect this. Print this out and keep it with you if you need it.

Generally the only time you'd run into problems would be if something in your religion interfered with military duties. If your religion requires to you wear a beard, you'd have a bit of trouble with a gas mask, etc. The Army was cool on my conjuring up occasional demons as long as I got rid of all the sulphur smell and claw marks afterwards.

Your work with transcription of Egyptian heiroglyphics is fun to read.

It's a bitch, actually. They didn't use vowels in their writing, so everyone improvises. We don't know what their music sounded like either, so all that spooky stuff from Hollywood is just a crapshoot. But a cool crapshoot; I like Horemheb's entrance march from The Egyptian and used it as a ceremonial fanfare for the High Priest of Set. Best version is not the original soundtrack, but the Prague Orchestra's concert re-recording of the score. "On your faces! On your faces before the living god!" I sort of get off on that.

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 06:04 PM
@Philippines :

Purpose of animal sacrifice, and any other kind of sacrifice, including human, that is carried all over the place including most likely in your home town, for that is how prevalent and organized it is, and from the TOP DOWN, is basically to lay seige to IS RA EL, ie, to the awakening and progression. That is coded, Mother/Father/and the Son, ie. son of man becoming Son/Daugher of God/Divinity/Source or Higher Self if you will, but Higher Self's Higher Self eventually becomes Source.

Its even coded in the bible:

Deuteronomy 28:53-57

The sensitive woman isn't having compassion but a blue blood problem instead. Her foot is so tender it bruises when touchign the ground. Lay seige to Is Ra El by cannabilizing your own family. Keep people's consciousness dimmed down so they don't go within and start to do the work they came to do, basically. And become sovereign, free, for all their contracts and fine print are null and void and merely amount to a bully running around on the playground trying to convince his playmates, they OWE HIM, when above there are no laws, only virtues and Above notes the bullies, they don't win, though for a time they seem to.

The Dandelion song by the rolling stones, is about the same thing. Dandelions make you wise, they sing.

Sacrifice is done not to cleanse anything. For that kind of sacrifice is abstenance and overcoming the lower primitive mind and body suit.

Sacrifice is done to lower frequency and portal in the baddies, to try and dim everyone's consciousness and halt earth's and humanities evolution, and keep a karma trap going including reshaping cosmic DNA, euginics. They're really trying to downgrade the universe as well.
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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 06:08 PM

Mr Aquino, do some of your energy gathering parties involve sexual intercourse with both males and females? If so who has more energy to give a woman who belongs to the whole room or a man being taken for the first time?

You mean I've missed all these parties since 1975?! Heads are gonna roll ...

Truth is stranger than fiction, or sometimes it just catches up. Remember that fun party in Eyes Wide Shut?

A friend of mine in Germany, Baroness Estefania, thought well, why not? And started this. And if you need a good Venetian mask to get yourself into the castle of the evening [they do this at assorted chateaus throughout Europe], here you go.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 06:22 PM
reply to post by maquino

What is the agenda of this Set figure, and how can you trust him/her/it? And how do we know he/she/it has our best interests at heart?

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 06:25 PM

What is your relationship to Anton LaVey; his son has allegedly claimed that his father castrated him in Colorado. Were you present or aware of this?

Anton and I were close friends and officials of the Church of Satan 1969-75, after which we were estranged; see my The Church of Satan for details.

Anton had only one son, by his mistress Sharon "Blanche Barton" Densley, named I think "Satan Xerxes Carnacki LaVey" (!). I don't know anything about him, but I certainly don't think Anton would ever have harmed him.

There are plenty of fakes around claiming to be Anton's son, daughter, brother, you-name-it. He had two daughters, Karla and Zeena, period. Karla's living in San Francisco and has a website here. Zeena's living in Berlin with her husband Nikolas Schreck and has a website here. Very intelligent, talented, and elegant ladies, both of them. Zeena still shoots occasional rubber bands at the Temple of Set, but so what?

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