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My name is Michael Aquino, and I think it's kind of fun to do the impossible; Ask Me Anything.

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 02:19 PM

My question is if you have any information as to why they were at this location at my house during this month and year, and what do you think/know the purpose was that they were there? What were they doing? ( I can provide coordinates to the EXACT location privately if needed)

You mentioned that UFOs are sightings of Black Program aircraft and deception operations (triangulated image projections, soundcasts, etc.

Well, when the guys at Groom sent up stuff, they didn't always tell us at SPACECOM, and then there'd be a [PC-updated] Asian-American fire drill while generals made pissed-off phone calls to figure out WTF was going on. So if there happened to be a BP aircraft buzzing you, I wouldn't know about it or even where to look for it. It's not like the Blue Angels, you know.

Deception operations on the regular battlefield have been going on for millennia, of course. What's new and fun now is that we have all these cool new tech toys to create stuff literally out of thin air [in thin air]. For instance, check this out [once you get past the annoying pop-up].

We're also getting around to finally making the Philadelphia Experiment work without scrambling or frying the molecules of people and things in the vicinity. Is this Disneyland or what?

Do you know of any ways, involving the use of satanic rituals or methods (please be as specific and elaborate as you have time for) at which you can communicate/contact with interdimensional entities or energies? (( is there any doubt in your mind certain cases of UFOs can be interdimensional or spiritual rather than military-based?)) This question is not only in regards to UFOs, but also spirits and/or demonic entities.

For a start, forget talk about "dimensions" [or entities therein] beyond the regular 4 of the Objective Universe. 'Taint none other. Yes, I know there are quantum geeks who would go to the mat on this, but that's just math games. These guys only touch down now and then to telephone their cats in German.

So yes, in the Temple of Set we divide magic into two general types: Lesser Black Magic (LBM) and Greater Black Magic (GBM). LBM is when you mess with the Objective Universe (OU). GBM takes you into you, and others' Subjective Universes (SU), and that's really what you're asking about here. Check out the GBM chapter in Black Magic for a basic primer. And remember: You can't grok GBM by reading about it; you have to get down dirty and do it. First time you do it correctly and it works, it will probably scare the hell out of you. After that it starts getting fun.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 02:19 PM
So according to your stargate dialogue one of the members of Jefferson Airplane (Paul Kantner) had knowledge of Stargate? Am I reading that right? And how the hell did they know so much about it or were they just an enthusiast?

I apologize if I totally missed the mark on this. By the way you are interesting as hell....glad you stopped by ATS and hope you stick around.
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And on page 127 of the Black Magic book you talk about people projecting images into other peoples SU's...isnt that somewhat similar to remote viewing to some your earlier post you mentioned the impossibility of remote what is the difference?
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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 02:41 PM
I would also like to ask about sleep paralysis.
The first time this happened to me I was absolutely terrified. There was a sense it came from an evil place(hell or the devil). It was so compelling to me that this was the devil that it actually strengthened my faith in God, because I thought " wow there really is a devil, if so, there really must be a God, and this devil dude has plans to annihilate the whole universe in an instant. I felt supreme evil. Never slept good since. He appeared as a light, not a creature with horns etc.

However I was able to finally stop this once I stopped fearing.
I had read you can make it stop by mentioning Jesus Christ. I tried that and it worked. Others claim this works as well. Very strange.

No idea how I had these thoughts by the way.
I came up with the devil succeeds if only he is able to steal souls over to his side. A majority of votes so to speak. I mean, one would not have to worship the devil or even believe. Just lose your faith in God. I don't think a comet or nukes will destroy earth, but it will be wiped out in an instant once the devil succeeds. Not just earth but our entire universe in which God currently rules.
There is no escape from this. We just have to keep our faith and be strong. Not allow ourselves to be swayed.

In any case the incident was very strange, it involved floating or levitating. There was a twist at the end where my husband was shown to me as being the actual devil! He was laughing at me like gotcha! It could have been a dream I suppose.

I never told him this, but about 10 years later he started talking about aliens, saying my experiences were aliens. I said oh no, this was demons. He would not drop trying to convince me it was aliens, even threatening me if I spoke about this, that aliens would kill me or make me very sick. He was playing mind games.

Well I am now not physically well, so what do I have to fear?

I should mention he was friends with Rosicrucians at the time. He was saying stuff like I'm an animal, we love to feed on you negative humans, it gives us energy, blah blah. Or he would switch it up and claim to be Jesus. He said he was taught ( by Rosicrucians) how to use negative energy and turn it into positive energy for himself. His friend a Rosicrucian master was also attempting to convince me aliens were attacking me

I have been left convinced there are no aliens, it's demons doing this. I've finally been able to stop the silly notion he is the devil.

Any thoughts on this?

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by maquino

My Question

What was going on there? Why were you trying to take over the O.T.O.?

Very well Michael,

I will take your silence to mean that you were working at the time.

So was I.

Have a better day.

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by Erongaricuaro

MA explained how the brain can't do it...............


posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 02:52 PM
Mr Michael Aquino,

have you heard or aware of the MK Ultra branches Studying, Possible gifted Children in the physical and psychological realm Testing their limits in Northern New York (Boarder of Canada) in the Early late 70s early 80s and bringing these Children to places near university's ? if you Did Hello!! I'm one of them ( 4G )

If you want to know more Message Me ... Test me ... ask me anything

little class it was Im the one in the Center The Blonde ( 1981 )

more then Half the Class are from Celtic & Native American Origin or the Mixture of the Two

to add from various ages ... from One County ... and Bused from 3 towns away ..

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 02:53 PM

What are your opinions on animal sacrifice? I still don't understand the purpose -- the animal is killed to appease a spirit I think, or to cleanse out bad spirits -- but how? How does the sacrifice of an animal appease a spirit?

Let's start with Temple of Set policy:

Black Magic, The Crystal Tablet of Set
Under no circumstances is any life-form ever sacrificed or injured in a Black Magical working of the Temple of Set. Violation of this rule will result in the offender’s immediate expulsion and referral to law enforcement or animal protection authorities.

The purpose of this statement is to prohibit any intentional taking or injuring of life in such a working. Obviously this applies to the bigger, more visible, more tangible, more familiar humans and animals. But just as certainly it applies to any other life-form over which you have aware, discretionary control. If you crush some captured ants, or burn a living plant, etc. in a ritual, then you are in violation of this principle.

It is the element of “aware, discretionary control” that is key here, because at issue is your respect for the phenomenon of life per se. Beyond the reach of your senses, you cannot reasonably exercise such control, and that is that. Probably every time you open and close your mouth while uttering incantations, you crush to death a great many microscopic residents of your teeth and gums. And you are certainly not expected to perform magic only in a laboratory “clean room”! Use common sense, compassion, and especial sensitivity, and you will fulfill the intent of this guideline.

The Temple of Set's investigations into the phenomena of life and consciousness eventually resulted in the creation of its Arkte Element:

The Dawn of Arkte
A New Dimension of the Gift of Set
- by Lilith Aquino V°
May 18, 2000

"The astonishing and unbelievable worship of animals by the Egyptians presents great difficulties to anyone who seeks reasons for it; the priests have a secret doctrine concerning these reasons." - Diodorus II, 86

During the Order of the Vampyre Working at the Set XIV International Conclave (Sacramento, 1993), I formally inaugurated a new Element dedicated to all the creatures with whom humanity shares this planet. As yet without a name, the Element was conceived not just to admire or appreciate or help animals, but more importantly to focus on their intelligence and dignity as sentient beings in their own right.

Until that time Setians had generally assumed that the Gift of Set could be defined as “just” the kind of high intelligence, evident through Self-awareness, unique to human beings and activated by the Initiates among them.
This new Element undertook to see whether there might be anything about our fellow animals with a similar Gift of Set “signature”. If so, then we would have discovered yet another dimension to the Gift, perhaps not so obvious to us as our own, but deserving of recognition nonetheless.

It was characteristic of this “unknown” Element that I did not dictate a name for it, but rather invited all interested Setians to suggest one. I finally chose the one proposed by newly-Recognized Magister Don Webb: “Arkte”, a later Hellenistic variation of the original Hellenic arktoi, referring to the constellations of the Great and Little Bears.

The original legend concerns a nymph, Kallisto, who gave birth to a son by Zeus whom she named Arkas. Hera, as angered by Zeus’ extramarital dalliances as Freya would be by Odin’s later on, changed Kallisto into a bear while she slept. When Arkas was about to kill the bear, whom he did not recognize as his mother, Zeus seized hold of his spear to save her life. While Zeus could not undo Hera’s spell, he then changed Arkas into a little bear, whereupon he instantly knew Kallisto. In order to safeguard them both against further danger from Hera, Zeus then transformed them into constellations and gave them the night sky for their eternal playground.

According to their own legends, the Arcadians of ancient Greece claimed to be the original human beings, directly descended from Arkas. Setians know Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, additionally, as sacred to Set and Anubis in ancient Egypt. “Here there be Mysteries,” it can assuredly be said, explorable in such works as Arktos: The Polar Myth (cf. Dr. Aquino’s "Black Pyramid" in the May 1995 Scroll of Set).

I announced the then-unnamed new Element in the March XXIX issue of the Order of the Vampyre’s Nightwing: “The purpose of this Element is the defense and protection of animals, and the bringing to justice of those who harm them in any way, including for reasons of ‘research and experimentation’.” What the founding “Arkte Warriors” did not realize at the time was that the magical powers we would invoke in this cause would quickly expand the Element far beyond its original scope.

In the subsequent years the growth and work of Arkte within and beyond the Temple of Set have become legendary. Not only have Arkte Warriors directly acted to help and save animals in any number of plights and crises, we have awakened and transformed something new within our Selves, discovering a new kind of friendship, bond, empathy, and destiny which we can share with our furred, feathered, or scaled counterparts. We have learned new ways of looking at the Gift of Set, to see that it can embrace other kinds of intelligence as well as the uniquely-reflective consciousness with which we humans are familiar.

Arkte has therefore come to mean much more than just sympathy for animals. It mandates respect for them, a need to understand them on their own terms, not ours. It envisions a Setian future in which there is as much a place for them as for human Initiates, in which the great neteru such as Bast, Sekhmet, Anubis, and their fellows are restored to their full dignity.

Arkte Warriors have been among the crewmembers of Sea Shepherd's ships to interdict Japanese whale murder in the Antarctic, as well as in many similar causes and actions worldwide.

Through the Barony of Rachane, Lilith and I also support, and are personally active in many animal rescue, protection, and sanctuary activities internationally.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 02:55 PM
it is not possible to 'do' the impossible, by definition. impossible = not possible. pedantic semantics in tha house.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by maquino

As a bloodline shaman I have an enormous affection for the sacred neteru. I want to thank you for this enlightened initiative. To find such differing perspectives in the same being only goes to show us all that nobody belongs in a narrow conceptual box; and few people are actually the cardboard cutout villians people make them out to be.


posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by RoScoLaz

I was seeing if Michael wished to address the occult principle of the ring pass not.

No need to paint with a wide brush is there?



posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 03:32 PM

You created this mind war for the army?

It's ultimately intended to work for the whole world, but with initial implementation by the USA and with the Special Operations Branches of the U.S. Army [suitably revised] as the operational machinery to introduce it. After awhile it might generate an entirely new organizational structure. Or you might find that what used to be the Department of Defense turns into a Department of MW. They can keep all the rifles, tanks, and missiles around for museums and parades, of course.

Has this been used, tested on civilians?

As detailed and footnoted in MindWar, all of the 12 PSYCONs have been researched, tested, and verified in various applications. However they have never before been combined in an application such as MW proposes.

Could it be implemented on a crowd, say those resisting the government?

Yes, you could easily turn a large, pissed-off crowd into a friendly crowd. Of course the same PSYCONs used in such a broad-brush application would also impact anyone else around. You'd also have lots of friendly, non-violent police.

Someone asked me "Why not include pheromones as a PSYCON?" It was sort of tempting. You know, spray an angry crowd with the stuff and turn it into an all-day sex orgy. "Make love, not war" and all that. But I came to the conclusion that this could easily get out of hand, and also when the effects wore off, you might have lots of people even angrier for other reasons. Too bad; it did sound like fun at first muse.

Is HAARP used?

No, MW stays away from random EMS as much as possible. This is actually a very big problem area today, as discussed in PSYCON #1. Not just talking about HAARP, but everything down to cell phone radiation. [Lilith and I have Pongs on our iPhones.]

I thought ancient Egyptians believed the afterlife was that they die and begin a new life?

It's a bit more complex than that. Most people today, if they think they have a soul at all, think they have just one. In ancient Egypt the soul was apprehended much more intricately and precisely. The Egyptian priesthoods knew that each living creature was quickened by several souls: life-emanations above and beyond the metabolic mind. All sentient beings possess the first four (khat, ren, khabit, ab). Beings endowed with the Gift of Set (awareness of isolate self-consciousness) the next two (ba, ka) as well as in those of initiatory capacity and attainment the next one (sekhem), and in unique instances there the final one (akh).50

1. Khat

The body-soul. The khat is integral with the being’s physical body, and is the original of what later, lesser cultures would represent as the energy body, body of light, etc. In current field theory it constitutes the life-field of the person, controlling and directing its material counterpart’s organization, regeneration, and span of existence. During physical life it is coextensive with its material counterpart. After material death it may remain with the corpse to serve as a medium for the other souls, or it may merely linger near its remains. Jungians perceived the khat as the “earthbound” anima, and in the oriental vision of the Golden Flower it was known as the kuei:

"Tao the undivided, Great One, gives rise to two opposite reality principles, Darkness and Light, yin and yang. These are at first thought of only as forces of nature apart from man. Later the sexual polarities, and others as well, are derived from them. From yin comes K’un, the receptive feminine principle; from yang comes Ch’ien, the creative masculine principle. From yin comes ming (life); from yang comes hsing (essence).

"Each individual contains a central monad which, at the moment of conception, splits into life and essence (ming and hsing). These two are super-individual principles and so can be related to eros and logos.

"In the personal bodily existence of the individual they are represented by two other polarities, a p’o soul (or anima) and a hun soul (or animus). All during the life of the individual these two are in conflict, each striving for mastery. At death they separate and go different ways. The anima sinks to earth as kuei, a ghost-being."

It is the khat which is drawn into or activated from within a corpse in necromantic magical workings. As the reader may surmise, the khat is also the vehicle for the zombie practices of Voodoo.

2. Ren

The name-soul. The Egyptians understood the power of names to identify, define, protect, and empower individuals - most conspicuously in the various names taken by each pharaoh. Collectively and separately each name affected the very essence of the person, and the greatest curse [as also illustrated in literature and film] was to be denied all names. Externally a name can be used to summon or compel, whether physically incarnate or not. The neteru also have the power and the discretion to give names as well as take them, and through such names to take form and voice.

3. Khabit

The shadow-soul. This is the connection of the still-incarnate khat with the life-forces of the natural neteru, enabling it to function as the organizing and controlling energy (the individual “life-field”). If the khabit is destroyed, the life-field de-energizes and the physical body expires. In Black Magic the khabit can also be sent out by its owner as an instrument of influence upon others.

After the physical body is destroyed or no longer needed, the khabit becomes an avatar of the neter Anubis, overseeing guidance of the [noninitiate] consciousness through the incoherence of the Tuat into the stabilization of Amenti. An initiated consciousness needs no such guidance.

4. Ab

The heart-soul. The physical locus of individual identity and consciousness, hence the bridge between the natural universe of the neteru and the non-natural, alien one of the four metaphysical souls. It is through the ab that an individual realizes and recognizes incarnate identity and uniqueness, and following destruction/expiration of one’s body it is through the ab that one can reenter the natural universe [as a “ghost”, through “possession” (more precisely merger with another, incarnate ab), or through thought-transference].

It is also in the ab that the strength and quality of one’s maat (inclination to “good” or “evil”) reposes. This is echoed in the later Indian mythologies of “karma”, and was the reason for the posthumous “weighing of the heart against a feather” in Egypt. After bodily death the maat within the ab overwhelms it completely, so that any subsequent manifestation in the natural universe is likely to be an extreme concentration of either beneficence or malevolence.

[continued next post]

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 03:34 PM
reply to post by violet

Sleep paralysis is ET related. Some don't experience it, just covers moving, being told something or asked something, and blank out, because your will gets paralyzed instead.

And its not always coming from up there, but some of it can be done here, like John Lear writes, 1 billion ETs live amongst us. Russia's Prime Minister also revealed this, though didn't give a number or percentage. And my own experiences aside, my close friend has had some interesting things relating to our area. A woman at the health food store promoted a detox to her, which she did, and then she woke up on a gurney. The people around her were women and she recognized the woman from the health food store, who extracted something from the back of her head and it hurt terribly so she cried out. Another woman said, stop it you're hurting her. Then the woman injected this into her leg.

Her head hurt for days afterwards, when she woke up. When she went by the health food store, the woman was gone, but the man there really looked at her, she knew he knew. She wanted to know, what group I thought this was. Well not benevolent. I suggested insectoid or reptilian, or something not nice, and somewhat draco like. But extractions of DNA is done, all sides I believe, for earth is a library, however these beings weren't friends.

Sleep paralysis is real, one of the tools in their arsenal. But ET is here as well. And I believe they've been bringing in some lower dimensionals and this may explain alot of the poisons, toxins, destruction of nature, poverty, pain and misery they cause nearly everyone and all of nature, to bring in the baddies.

There is alot of crapola happening right here, in our towns, and when you try to shake the tree to get answers and the real stuff its just the non disclosure that bounces back.
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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by maquino

I don't understand the concept of 'Mind Wars'. In its most simplistic seems the folks running the show are in the business of building weapons to break stuff, then charging the taxpayer to fix the aforementioned stuff again. I cannot reconcile the function of the Military Industrial Complex with non-physical warfare. Comments?

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 03:42 PM
[Souls - Part 2]

5. Ba

The core-soul. This is each sentient being’s sense of self-awareness, of unique and absolute distinction from everything else (both other sentient beings and the entire natural universe). Thus it is the manifestation, or Gift, of Set, the neter of non-nature, in each so-conscious entity. The Initiate is challenged to find, in the words of Dr. Raghavan Iyer55 ,

"... not the shadowy self or false egoity which merely reacts to external stimuli. Rather there is that Eye of Wisdom in every person which in deep sleep is fully awake and which has a translucent awareness of self-consciousness as pure, primordial light."

The ba becomes stronger through increased self-exploration and -realization: the initiatory process of Xeper. Unlike natural initiation, which draws the individual into alignment, harmony, and ultimately conscious absorption into and indistinction from one or more of the natural neteru, xeper of the ba does not dissolve the self into Set, but attains a cohesive essence of its own.

The anamnesis or “remembered knowledge” experienced by the slave boy in Plato’s Meno is perhaps more accurately described as the physical-process, stimulus/response brain reaching in to the ba for bits of its immortal, eternal wisdom. But this is akin to reaching for a coal in a hot fire. It is stressful to do, and the result can be held only for a fleeting moment without further stress. The superficial/physical “self”, which through material “hits” continuously reassures itself that it is the only self, is shaken by exposure to its falseness, its nothingness. It backs away from such “close encounters”, dismisses them as “illusions”, “fantasy”, “imagination”, etc., and hastens to rebuild its fortress of material-sensation “walls”.

Absent Setian orientation and initiation, a ba simply continues as one’s sense of identity, thus the “essential self” around which all of the other souls coalesce and recognize themselves. Within noninitiates this results in the ba being sensed as a dreamy, meditative “state of being” which, if indulged in with persistence and intensity, leads to its overwhelming the other souls, hence “nirvana” and similar states of ba-ecstasy.

6. Ka

The transmigration-soul. The ka is the complete mirror-image of all eight natural and non-natural souls, fused into an avatar, Doppelgänger, or Horla, a completely metaphysical remanifestation of oneself which can exist and displace without limit, both within the non-natural universe generated by one’s ba and within the physical universe of the natural neteru as well.

It is the ka that, through the ab, enters the natural universe through “identity gates” such as pictures or statues of the individual, or utterance of the individual’s name(s) (the ren), as well as through conducive locales such as temples and geological & architectural anomalies.

While the ba may, particularly posthumously, lose awareness of itself through the paradoxical expansion of that consciousness into its entire perceptive field, the ka remains immortally finite, distinct, and otherness-separate. Thus in an expressive, active sense it becomes the externally-identifiable individual beyond physical death.
Nowhere is the ka better illustrated than in initiate Bram Stoker’s The Jewel of Seven Stars. Film treatments of this work, such as Hammer’s Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb and the more recent Awakening, have done it a grotesque disservice. In Stoker’s original text it is in no sense a horror story, but rather a fascinating and romantic mystery: Who was Tera of ancient Egypt, this marvelous sorceress-queen who took with her to her tomb only a ruby scarab inscribed with the constellation of the Thigh of Set (our “Great Bear”) and the hieroglyphs mer (love) and men ab (patience)? Listen to the words of the woman of our own century with whose ka Tera came gently to merge:

"I can see her in her loneliness and in the silence of her mighty pride, dreaming her own dream of things far different from those around her. Of some other land, far away under the canopy of the silent night, lit by the cool, beautiful light of the stars. A land under that Northern star, whence blew the sweet winds that cooled the feverish desert air. A land of wholesome greenery, far, far away. Where were no scheming and malignant priesthood; whose ideas were to lead to power through gloomy temples and more gloomy caverns of the dead, through an endless ritual of death! A land where love was not base, but a divine possession of the soul! Where there might be some one kindred spirit which could speak to hers through mortal lips like her own; whose being could merge with hers in a sweet communion of soul to soul, even as their breaths could mingle in the ambient air! I know the feeling, for I have shared it myself. I may speak of it now, since the blessing has come into my own life. I may speak of it since it enables me to interpret the feelings, the very longing soul, of that sweet and lovely Queen, so different from her surroundings, so high above her time! Whose nature, put into a word, could control the forces of the Under World; and the name of whose aspiration, though but graven on a star-lit jewel, could command all the powers in the Pantheon of the High Gods. And in the realisation of that dream she will surely be content to rest!"

In Love and Patience we are taught the secret of true immortality - not the repulsive reanimation of corpses (anastasis nekron) of Christianity, nor the vague confusion of reincarnationists - but the infinite radiance of one’s soul by its most magnificent expression, and with a serene transcendence of natural time.

The last two souls are unique in that they must arise from the individual, and require initiate consciousness to do so, per the formula Xepera Xeper Xeperu (“I Have Come Into Being and Created That Which Has Come Into Being.”).

7. Sekhem

The neter-soul. While the term sekhem is ordinarily translated as “power”, this is misleading, because it is power in a very rarified sense - that emanating from the neteru themselves. For this reason it is also described as “the power of the stars” through which the neteru manifest in the natural universe.57 The sekhem combines with the ab (as, in effect, a temple within one’s consciousness), to draw down the essence of one or more adored neteru to indwell therein.

Activation of the sekhem has another effect: every incidence infuses the Initiate with more of the neter invoked, to the cumulative degree that the Initiate’s personality becomes accented the neter’s: seeing as that neter sees, speaking as that neter would speak, doing as that neter would do. Hence it is the sekhem which makes possible, and ultimately consecrates priesthood of a neter in the individual so aligned. Once this transformation has taken place, it cannot be undone; at most it may be sublimated or repressed, but only at great cost to the priest’s or priestess’ very sanity.

[Continued next post]

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 03:43 PM

reply to post by Erongaricuaro

MA explained how the brain can't do it...............


Your comment left me wondering what the heck you were talking about. Having re-read my post it seems you were not referring to the comments I had addressed to our esteemed guest but to the first part of it which was a reply to an earlier poster. I am aware of some incident the goat-starers came up with. My comment was in regards to our national leadership that have seemingly bought into their "visions" and are now coming up short as those events come due or past-due.

It seems to me our leadership for the past decade or so just really has not been even trying to do things correctly, perhaps in anticipation of a climactic event. Whether they got it right or not remains to be seen, but as for myself each day I count on a tomorrow - given that I would likely not be able to forestall such an event if it were to occur. Still, I keep a few emergency rations on hand and my home has its own water storage that would provide me several months supply were the source to be curtailed. Plus I keep a few extra pesos tucked away.

There are quite likely plenty of other perhaps anticipated but yet unforeseen calamities waiting to befall us, but I'm not losing sleep over them. Dr. Aquino and myself have spoken in-person on a couple of occasions and I hold his knowledge and insights in high regard, however I suspect he is only marginally less fallible than myself. I also have loads of fun doing the impossible. Life is a joy for me, especially when it leaves me room to "tinker" with it a bit.

Thanks for your response. -Eron

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posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 03:45 PM
[Souls - Part 3]

8. Akh

The star-soul. Beyond the priesthood of the sekhem is the akh, in which the Initiate rises to the company of the neteru as one of their essence, if not of them absolutely. Such one is indistinguishable from the actual neteru except by the neteru themselves. Such a mode of existence departs completely from all concern with physical existence, manifestation, or action, and affects otherness only by the radiance of its presence. While it does not destroy any of the other souls, it permeates all of them, such that henceforth they all exist in conformity and concert with it.

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 03:49 PM
More questions for you:

You speak of black magic. Is there another side of the coin ie: White Magic? In your own opinion Michael what are the differences between the two? Supposing there is indeed two different variations of magic good/bad, what made you decide to go to the darkside?
Can you give any details as to what some of the spells you have cast dealt with and if so were they indeed successful? I am assuming that there are more deities then just Set. Are you aware of them, if so can you talk a little bit about them? Thanks again

posted on Oct, 15 2013 @ 03:58 PM

I wonder, what is your take on the chakra system or the energy body of the human being?

MindWar covers this as:


Another concept from ancient China is that of ch’i [or qi], the “life force” of each living being. It is the presence of ch’i which distinguished a living body from a dead one, and which links the physical mechanism with the metaphysical soul. Consequently the strength and concentration of the will are conveyed to the physical senses and structures through ch’i, while diminished or disrupted ch’i results in confusion and exhaustion.

Until the late 20th century, Western science tended to dismiss ch’i as a folk myth, since it supposedly could not be detected or measured in the laboratory. What has since transpired is that it was indeed there all along, and completely detectable: It is simply the body’s complete and component EMFs.

All physical energy, no matter how it is generated [or, more precisely, converted] is a function of the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). The human mental processes which command a muscular action, for instance, transmit that command by electrical impulses to that muscle, and the EMS waves or disruptions subsequently detected by the visual, auditory, and tactile receptors signal the accuracy and effectiveness of the action. Ch’i is thus a measurement of the strength and accuracy of such activity, both deliberately and in the body’s unconscious functions [as in the heartbeat, digestion, and breathing].

The smooth flow of ch’i is enhanced, reasonably enough, through proper care of the mind and body: diet, rest, breathing, exercise, and mental coherence. Conscious mental/physical conditioning exercises are known as ch’i kung [or qi gong] (= ch’i coherence”). While a systematic discipline of ch’i kung is the ideal way to maintain strong and harmonious bodily ch’i, Chinese medicine also proposed to treat specific disruptions of its circulation through the placement of special needles (acupuncture) or massage pressure (shiatsu).

Less positively, t’ai chi ch’uan martial artists defeat opponents by strikes precisely targeted to disrupt their ch’i flow and coherence. T’ai chi ch’uan, literally “supreme ultimate boxing” is better known in the contemporary West as a smooth-flowing exercise program rather than a combat technique. Indeed, because the ch’i-directed strikes of t’ai chi ch’uan practitioners could, for that very reason, be severely harmful or lethal, they are generally forbidden in martial arts sport competitions.

As discussed in Chapter #3 under “G.5. PSYCON #4: Chronobiology”, the human body and mind are strongly influenced by external natural cycles, including the geomagnetic field of the Earth. Subtle variations in this field, known as the “Schumann Resonances (SR)”, are detected by magnetically-sensitive particles (magnetite) in the pineal gland of the brain, which regulates the circadian cycle by the generation and release of Melatonin.

The SR consist of an EMS field between the Earth and the ionosphere, pulsing at between 7-10 Hz. This tends to entrain humans to alpha (8-14 Hz) BWR, especially during periods of strong, higher-range SR, associated with daylight and atmospheric lightning activity. This is obviously MW campaign-helpful. At night the ionosphere moves higher, resulting in a decrease of the SR towards its lower 7 Hz extreme. This entrains theta BWR, hence altered states of consciousness and similarly-unusual moods and behavior: not MW campaign-helpful.

Through the detection and calculation of SR, or what the Chinese termed “external ch’i”, it may be possible to predetermine circadian mental and physical states of those in MW-campaign areas.

In addition to the detection and prediction of externally-influenced ch’i, it is theoretically possible [and asserted by advanced ch’i martial artists] to first consciously regulate one’s own ch’i [e.g. through meditation reduce one’s BWR to theta] for extreme powers of concentration, then project an even lower BWR of delta (1-4 Hz) into an opponent, thus rendering him dazed or unconscious.111 The delta BWR is concentrated by the sender in his hands, then extended as an EMF into the opponent, entraining first his pineal gland, then through it his brain’s internal BWR pacemaker, the thalamus.112 Its thalamocortical neurons experience a “silent phase” every 1-25 seconds, during which time they are susceptible to such external entrainment.

This “mirror neuron” effect, in which the firing of a particular neuron in one individual’s brain triggers a similar firing in another’s, is commonly experienced by and familiar to recipients as intuition of the originator’s emotions, attitude, or intentions; when someone else picks up a knife, for instance, one senses whether this is or is not a prelude to violence with it. This normally unconscious, passive phenomenon is employed actively and deliberately by the MFB soldier to change both the perceptions and the anticipations of those on whom he is concentrating [whereupon they will look for other droids ].

Summarily the MFB soldier encountering groups or individuals in a MW campaign locale, may augment preconditioning MWB PSYCONs by calculating the influence of external natural EMF/ch’i, and by self-conditioning and then projecting a calming, positive, or if necessary gently incapacitating personal EMF.

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Do you consider yourself a narcissist? I am asking this because to join the Church of Satan back in the day would be a pretty bold thing to do, it's a very much "look at me" move. To put yourself out there so publicly as a Satanist was bound to draw a "Hell" of a lot of attention..and you surley knew this from the go get.
So my overall question you see narcassistic tendancies as being a useful trait to have? This is not a moral or ethical judgement. We are all narcissists to one extent or another, especially in the age of Facebook. Mind you I am not on Facebook.

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Whats with the kid with a hand for a head?

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