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Haunted America

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posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 10:42 AM
This is a compilation of haunted sites in each State. I picked one site for each State, trying to find ones that are still around and open to the public. I couldn't always do this, but I got several. I also added a link at the bottom of each story in case I chose one that was not in your area, this is for everyone who likes to visit creepy places this time of year, I know I do

Feel free to add more if you would like, I know it was hard to narrow down the ones in my area, I probably missed very important ones I am not aware of!



Cry Baby Bridge- Cry Baby Bridge has multiple legends as to why one can hear a baby cry when you cross it at night. Some say a bunch of kids were playing on the bridge when they knocked a boy into the creek, where he drowned. There are a few versions that a woman and her baby had a tragic accident. In some versions, she escapes and doesn’t even try to save the baby, in others, both she and the baby die. Those who follow logic claim that the sound is actually the wind blowing across the pipes that lay beneath the bridge, but that does not explain why cars have so much trouble crossing the bridge at night.

Cars will stall, lights will go haywire, and some have even reported that their cars have moved from one end of the bridge to the other without any earthly aid. Some have tried to get physical proof of the bridge’s haunting by sprinkling baby powder on a car from bumper to bumper. Wait inside the car for a few minutes, then go out and look. Some say that you will see a toddler’s hand and footprints. Another, much more satisfying twist on this (some have suggested) is to send a passenger out to sprinkle the car with baby powder. When they get out, drive away, leaving them alone in the dark to experience the bridge for themselves for a few frightening minutes. But we would never suggest such shenanigans….


Old Copper Railroad - Old Copper railroad was railroad between Cordova and Valdez, AK. It was closed and covered with dirt and used as a road for access to back areas along the Copper River. There has been sightings of gravestones along the dirt road in the woods, and on second investigation, they would not be there. There was government housing being built in Chitna in 1997-98. It was closed down for a while because the workers would hear voices and children laughing, and tools would be missing right after workers would put them down. Sometimes at night in back woods along the dirt road you can hear voices and children laughing as well.


Centennial Hall - 1020 East University Blvd.Two spirits are known to haunt this theater. One is a woman wearing a long white dress from an earlier time. The man is a more recent specter, thought to be a patron who died of a hear attack within the last 50 years. The woman has been seen frequenting the upper balcony seats in an area that was once a balcony, but is now seal off, as well as the green room. She is very protective over her space and has been known to push employees down the halls and stairs. The man seems to be the counter balance and helps anyone who has been injured by the woman.

(Little Rock)
Mount Holly Cemetary- Each October Mount Holly hosts Tales of the Crypt where Little Rock Parkview High School students present living history programs featuring some of the famous people buried there.Paranormal Activity: Reports of paranormal activity belie the peaceful setting of Mount Holly. There have reports of visitors discovering people dressed in period clothing and/or bright lights or mists in photographs they have taken. Some visitors discovering people dressed in period clothing and/or bright lights or mists in photographs they have taken. Some startled visitors claim statues have moved, mysteriously appearing on the lawns of nearby houses. The sounds of a flute echo from nowhere and trinkets appear or disappear on the graves.

(Laurel Canyon)

This entire area has been fraught with stories of hauntings and ghosts. This is a very creepy drive, especially at night, that curves and darts between the mountains.There have been numerous reports over the years regarding the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Lookout Mountain Drive. This is a canyon road that connects Hollywood to the San Fernando Valley.

According to reports, on several occasions, almost on the exact moment of midnight, people have witnessed an old carriage, pulled by white horses, that seems to dart out onto the Laurel Canyon from Lookout Mountain as though the horses are at full speed gallop. The carriage disappears into the same nothingness from whence it came. Many car accidents have been reported as a result of sightings. Although there is only a tiny indent in Lookout Mountain Drive at which to park, (that says "No Parking" so be careful) this is a must visit site. Just down the road from this intersection at 2398 Laurel Canyon is the property where Harry Houdini used to live. According to reports, Houdini once said that upon his death he would return home at midnight every Halloween to greet his fans.


The Molly Brown House- The Molly Brown house was built in the 1880's, and it is famous for one of its inhabitants in particular, Mrs Brown herself, who was present at and survived the sinking of the famous ship, the Titanic. In 1970, the house was set for demolition, but a group of citizens who formed Historic Denver inc, raised funds and saved the house. It is open today as a museum. The building is said to be haunted by Molly and her husband. Reports from employees include things such as blinds opening and closing on their own, shadowy figures and sudden cold spots, especially in Molly's bedroom.

Probably the most common report is the strong smell of cigar smoke, even though it is a non-smoking house and the smell comes from empty rooms, Molly's husband was said to be regular cigar smoker.Another apparition of the house is a woman in Victorian dress is said to often re-arrange the furniture, she has even been captured on film.


Church of Eternal Light- There is one main report of a haunting at this location, and that is the apparition of a women who can be seen wearing a dress of the early 1900's fashion, she is said to be seen walking the grounds and all areas of the church, who she is however remains unknown. There is a common tale about how someone was killed on the step's of the church by being struck by lightening, whether this is true or not is unknown as any official sources of information, such as in the form of newspaper articles cannot be found.


posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 10:43 AM

Fort Delaware was used as a Civil War prison for Confederate soldiers, and is one of the most actively haunted locations in Delaware. Situated on Pea Patch Island, the only way to get there is via ferry. It is now part of the Delaware State Park system, and there are ghost tours available through October. A female apparition was captured on camera walking through a wall in the Officer's Kitchen. It is believed it is the same woman who has been known to address people by name, angrily telling them to "get out!" TAPS researchers captured shocking activity when they filmed their Ghost Hunters Halloween Special last October. It is impossible to go and not feel as if some serious stuff happened there and maybe is about to happen. It is definitely a place worth visiting for its historical significance as well as for the potential to get the scare of a lifetime.

District of Columbia

The Octagon House- It is said that the octagon house may be the most haunted house in D.C. Apparitions and the presence of otherworldly forces have been seen and felt in many places at The Octagon, including on the spiral staircase, the second floor landing, the third floor landing, the third floor bedroom, and the garden area in the rear.

Among the eyewitnesses have been members of the public and curators and other employees hired by the museum which owns the house. Two of Colonel Tayloe's daughters are said to haunt The Octagon. The first allegedly died before the War of 1812. Colonel Tayloe and his daughter quarreled on the second floor landing over the girl's relationship with a British officer stationed in the city. When the daughter turned in anger to go down the stairs, she fell down the stairs (or over the railing; stories differ) and died. Her specter is alleged to be seen crumpled at the bottom of the steps or on the stairs near the second floor landing, and sometimes exhibits itself as the light of a candle moving up the staircase.


Myrtle Hill Cemetary- This cemetery is featured in a book called Florida's Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore. The author of the book personally investigated this cemetery and referenced other paranormal investigations that have taken place here.

The mausoleum is the focus of the investigation in this book. Supposedly the mausoleum is haunted by a girl named Stephanie who was killed in a car accident. While investigating this mausoleum, they got many EVP, some threatening and have experienced other strange phenomena. Plus they report that local police officers have experienced strange occurrences in this cemetery. We have collected most of our EVP from in and around this mausoleum. Also the old part of the cemetery is fairly active as well.

Directions: From I-75 heading South exit at Fowler Avenue. Take a right and follow Fowler Avenue to 56th Street. Get into the left turning lane and take a left. You will see a CVS pharmacy on your right. Follow 56th street all the way to the cemetery. You will see it off to your right along with two side road. Take the second side road past the plaza on the right and turn into the main gate of the cemetery.


Wayne-Gordon house- Today the family house is the Juliette Gordon Low Girl Scout National Center and open to tourists. Visitors and staff have reported the sound of footsteps where no one is seen walking. One staff member even saw the apparition of Nelly in the center hall when the staff member had run back inside to get a book she’d forgotten. She was so startled she left the book and rushed back down the stairs. Nelly’s ghost has also been spotted peering out a window. Other people have reported that missing items suddenly turn up in plain sight and mysterious forces move some things when the museum closes for the day.
One early-arriving staff member also claimed to see Nelly relatively regularly at the dining room table, seated comfortably in her robe. As Nelly Gordon was an accomplished musician, it comes as no surprise to people when they occasionally hear the pianoforte playing softly, although the only pianoforte in the building is essentially unplayable due to its condition. Whether seeing the specter of Nelly Gordon, hearing her music still resonating in the old family house or feeling like you’re simply never alone, the sensation nearly everyone gets in the Gordon family house is one of love and comfort.

(Kewalo - located on Sand Island)

Hundreds of lower-class natives known as Kauwa were put to death here. They were forced into the sea, where they drowned. The ceremony was called ke-kai-hee-hee, or "sliding the servants under the waves of the sea." Whether the bizarre ritual was intended for sacrifice or punishment is not known. The ghost of the Kauwa are said to march out of the ocean late at night, which is why native Hawaiians avoid the harbor after dark.


Genesee Joyce Building - 206 Walnut St.-This single-story brick building was built in 1880 and has been used for a variety of commercial purposes, including a museum for rocks, crystals and Indian artifacts. Sara Joyce purchased the property in 1974 and moved there with her daughter Heidi and her granddaughter Solara. Almost immediately, the family noticed strange happenings and unexplainable sounds.

One night, the ghost of a tall, thin, elderly man, bathed in an eerie blue light, appeared in the doorway of Sara's bedroom and asked, "Do you see me? DO you seem me?" Not long afterward, the phantom of a huge silver-gray rat appeared in the kitchen. Sara's son Bill later discovered the mummified corpse of a large rat under the floorboards when he remodeled the kitchen. In fact, whenever Bill visited to help renovate the building, he would be plagued by spirits interfering with his work. Once, a visiting ballet dancer from Australia was awakened by a female ghost, with long black hair, that tried to get in a sleeping bag with her. The property is currently owned by Heidi (Joyce) Linehan.


The road is marked by the sign of the devil–666–atop a dead end sign at the end of the street. Allegedly, the grim reaper stands in the middle of the road as cars approach. Just as the car is about to mow him over, the reaper vanishes into a puff of smoke. When the victims return the next day, burn marks tell exactly where the reaper appeared. Also on the road is Haunted Bridge. Legend says that young couple came around the curve too fast and fell of the bridge to a watery grave. It is alleged that if one stops his car on the bridge, he will be guided to safety. Bare footprints have been reported on rainy nights. Many others have also put powdered sugar on their car and reported hand prints after leaving the bridge.

(Rural Niotaze - The Sandhills)

El Cado Cemetery- Witnesses claim to have seen a misty-white figure darting between the trees, and heard lots of strange noise such as voices, laughing, rattling and clanking. It has become a popular party spot for young people, many of who have gone there with a 'no fear' attitude, only to flee in fear due to an unexplainable experience they cannot justify. When asked, most said they would NEVER go back again.


Waverly Hills Sanitorium for Tuberculosis-(Also known as the Waverly Hills Sanitarium for Tuberculosis)-
During the early twentieth century, Louisville had the highest tuberculosis rate in the country, so a hospital was opened. Many of the patients remained here until they died. The dead bodies were pushed down tunnels to the bottom of the hill where they were then carried off and buried. After the vaccine for tuberculosis was discovered, the hospital became a nursing home that is also now closed. Now, an elderly woman may be seen running from the building with bleeding wrists and ankles; she begs for someone to get her out of that place. Many have also seen people peeking out of third floor–the residential ward–windows.


The Myrtles plantation is regarded as one of America's most haunted homes. A profound sense of longing and loss surrounds the air of the mansion. The story of hauntings here is one of the most recognized haunts in the South.

The mansion is positively haunted but debates rage as to who or what is actually doing the haunting. People visiting the mansion have complained about jewelery going missing and waking to find themselves fully tucked into their beds. Strange noises on the staircase, furniture that moves, a grand piano that plays by itself, mysterious handprints on the mirrors and strange things appearing in photographs.

A man named David Bradford originally built a small house on the grounds but supposidely the land had previously been the burial site for at least one Native American tribe and when his builders found bones, Bradford supposedly ordered them burned.This alone could be a possible explaination for the disturbances at the mansion.

(Millinocket - Brownville Road)

The White Lady can often be seen walking alongside the road and the green bridge. Back in the 1940's a young couple was traveling into town, back from their honeymoon. The car went off the side of the road into a ditch and the man told his wife to stay by the car while he walked into town for help. When he came back, his wife was nowhere to be seen and now her ghost haunts the road and any passenger who travels it. Certain places will have thick pockets of fog and several townies have had spooky encounters with this young lady, who they have dubbed, "The White Lady." Her car is still located on the side of the road, down in the ditch, on its roof, untouched.

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posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 10:43 AM

Middleton Tavern- This is one of the oldest buildings in Annapolis and was originally built in the middle of the 1700's and purchased by Horatio Middleton, after his death it was passed down to his son Samuel. Many famous historical individuals have been said to of stayed at the tavern, some of which being Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and the founder of america George Washington.

It is unsure as to who exactly walks the halls of the tavern, which is currently a restaurant and bar. But, there have been many many occurrences that seem to carry on in story. Be it the frequent plate flying across the room, to glasses falling off the bar's wall, as though they are being knocked off one by one, happenings seem to occur very often. On one occasion a table filled with empty dinner plates was unexplainably turned over. And, on another occasion, a restaurant employee witnessed a man in period clothing staring out onto the harbor, as though he was waiting for a ship to come in, and then as fast as the man appeared he disappeared. Shadows move across the rooms, and lanterns that are mounted on the walls are turned upside down. The witnesses love to tell their stories, and almost seem to welcome whatever or whoever it is that is there.

(S/E Massachusetts)

Bridgewater Triangle- The amounts of reports of paranormal activity within the triangle is simply huge. Stories are not just surrounding ghosts though, pretty much every type of paranormal activity has been reported here starting from precolonial times.

The stories are so varied and include just about everything that could be classed as paranormal. they include poltergeist activity, balls of fire, Big Foot sightings, ghosts of Indians and soldiers, and reports of UFOs and large birds with ten-foot wingspans.

Hockomock swamp is mostly native American hauntings and include hearing Indian battle cries, drumming and singing. The Profile Rock, shaped in the profile of a Indian face, is considered sacred to Native Americans in the area.
UFO reports began in the early 1700's and continue through actual police reports today. There are also existing and current reports of a Big Foot-like creature. It has also been seen scavenging the gardens of homeowners whose property surround the swap.

The Freetown Fall River State Forest has been home to many cults dedicated to black magic. It has also served as the dumping ground for the bodies of murder victims and mutilated livestock. Animal sacrifice has happened here on many occasions, as well as satanic murders.Ghost sightings include a hitchhiking ghost with red hair that wonders along Route 44. A ghostly trucker has been seen driving the road in Freetown.


Ardmore Center- Most reports of paranormal activity at this location mostly include that of seeing apparitions. Many people have said to have seen the ghostly figures of children playing at the rear of the building, children who are said to be dressed in clothing from the 60's. As the building was built in the 80's, this may be due to a previous event on the land which the center was built on.

Another popular report is that of seeing the figure of an old man in one of the upstairs windows, he has been seen by many since the building was abandoned and seems to fade away the longer you look at him.

(Oakland Park)

The Old Insane Asylum- On many occasions people have witnessed wheelchairs moving from one end of the hall to another and seeing inprints of people that resided there while there is no one in the building. Many people have gone into this empty building and come out with sever mental disorders. The building is no longer standing but you can still see people that used to live there.
This was once listed as 'Thief River Falls - The Old Insane Asylum'. There never was an insane asylum in Thief River Falls. However, a resident of the town for many years, knows the building that is being referred to. It was formerly located in Oakland Park, the three-story brick building built in the late 1800s was a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients. It served that purpose until Tuberculosis was eradicated in the 1950s. After that, the building was used as a nursing home until a new nursing home was built on the property in the late 70s early 80s. In the mid-1980s the building housed a dormitory for the local community college. The students that lived there were a little upset when the college failed to mention that the 'dorm' was about six miles away from the college.

Needless to say, the building was only used for a few years as a dorm. It stood empty from that time and was used for storage for the nursing home. It was torn down a few years ago. There are some interesting features on the building and its history. A tunnel was constructed that lead from the basement kitchen to the nurses' quarters, that was a separate building on the premises, so that the staff could travel between the buildings without having to go outside in the winter.


John's Bayou Road- In roughly the last five years there have been three very similar car accidents with survivors claiming the same thing. In the reports, the drivers have said they were driving alone at night and noticed what seemed to be blood on the road, being curious, they stop to see what it is. After they would get back in their vehicles, before they can even start their car headlights come from no where, and a dark colored van would crash into their vehicle.

In that exact location (the four way crossing of John's Bayou and Mount Pleasant) there have been 5 car wrecks, three have survived and sadly two ended with in fatality, but the three that did survive all reported the exact same story. All five of the vehicles were found with black paint from the vehicle that crashed into them.

(St. Louis)

The Lemp Mansion- The Mansion is alleged to be one of the nation's most haunted buildings. In the 1980s, it was ranked in the top nine haunted places by Life Magazine.There have been four confirmed suicides at the mansion and reputed paranormal incidents include doors opening, shutting, locking, and unlocking on their own; candles lighting on their own; and a glass flying off a bar and crashing to the floor.

Visitors to the mansion have reported feeling as if they are being watched, or sensing an atmosphere of sadness, and some claim to have seen apparitions of members of the Lemp family.One report says that, during the mansion's restoration, a painter working on a mural felt that he was being watched and immediately fled the mansion, without washing his brushes or taking out his equipment, and never returned.

Various groups have held seances in the mansion, and reported that most of the paranormal activity is related to the ghost of Charles Lemp. Ghosts of other family members, including Lillian (the Lavender Lady), have also reportedly been seen.


Zakos House - 319 South 5th St. West- This has been called the spookiest house in all of Montana! IN 1938, James and Eleanor Zakos moved into the Victorian house with their six children and Eleanor's mother. Immediately, they began hearing a woman's bloodcurdling screams coming from the inside the walls. The screams always came in two shrieks that started out low in pitch and rose higher, "until the volume threatened to split the walls." The shrieking sounds went on day and night and came from throughout the house.
The Zakoses called the police and fire departments and hired an electrician to inspect the entire building. No one could find any explanation for the sounds. By 1941, the family had given up on trying to find the source of the screams and resigned themselves to living in a haunted house. Then, in 1956, Eleanor's sister arranged to have an exorcism performed by the Reverend Andrew Landin. That seemed to have quieted the house until 1980, when Mary Zakos, who was just a baby when her family moved to the house, told reporters that she was seeing handwriting on the wall of her bedroom. Mary was a writer of horror and modern romance books, and her psychiatrist insisted she was somehow projecting the writing on to the wall.


Centennial Hall- Centennial Hall is the oldest standing school building in Nebraska, and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Now a museum, Centennial Hall is open to guests during the late spring through to the early autumn months. In 1944, a school girl died of a heart attack that was brought on by poisoning. According to local legends it was the girl's clarinet reed that was poisoned, killing her. Several former teachers have talked about cold drafts, strange noises, and a generally strange feeling at times in the old school, as well as one teacher who wants to stay anonymous, thought that he actually saw an apparition for a split second.

Numerous people in the town have said that they can hear music coming from the old music room, the school hasn't been open but as a museum since 1978, and no instruments are left in the school, though the music room has been turned into a 'bell' room for the museum. A few people have reported seeing chimes moving inside the building with no drafts and rocking chairs rocking with no one sitting in them.

(Ophir Mine)

Near the Intersection of Carson St. and Cemetery Rd.-The ghost of Henry Comstock haunts the site where he discovered the "Comstock Lode" in January 1859. He lost millions of dollars when developers took over the claim. In the winter of 1874, and eerie light shot out from the mouth of the mine and rose 60 feet into the air.

Townspeople arrived to put out what they thought was a fire, but no smoke or flame could be detected. All they could see was the weird light coming from half-way down the shaft. The next morning, strange things were reported at the long-deserted seven-hundred-foot level. The cage would be summoned when no one was there, and odd sounds could be heard coming from that level. Investigators discovered the glowing ghost of Henry Comstock, who identified himself, and said that he was reclaiming his gold.

Chunks of skin were hanging from his decomposing skeleton and "his eyes were an orange-yellow color with pupils that danced as if filled with blue flames." The ghoulish phantom continued to harass the miners, blowing out their candles one at a time in a row, calling the cage when no one was around, and filling the tunnels with his howling, insane laughter.

New Hampshire

Gilson Rd Cemetery-There has been many sightings of 'misty people' reported. It is said that if you walk from the front entrance to the middle of the cemetery, it feels like you're wading in water. People that have parked across the road have also said it feels like they are being pushed back away from the cemetery. Standing at the perimeter many have reported hearing voices coming from the back, right-hand corner. Some of the tombstone dates go back as far as the early 1800's. A black hooded figure has also been seen on several occasions.

There are also areas around this cemetery, in the woods, and also where new homes that have built, that are haunted. There have been many occurences that have happened in this area. There has been a glittering seen in many places in the woods, as well as hearing strange sounds and seeing shadows. Peoples voices seem to be heard, but cannot be understood. People have heard things, that are assumed to be un-human, moving around in the area. Horses and dogs sometimes shy at different areas no matter the time or even refusing to go anywhere near some areas.

Some of the older homes have unexplained things happen in them such as glasses breaking as they have been reached for, cold spots, and doors and windows that open for no reason, or that refuse to stay closed. The local Elementary school has sports fields that are very close to the cemetery, and things have been seen and heard in this fields at any given time. There is also the belief that someone or something watches over this area. It has been seen by children just inside the woods or crossing the fields and roads in the area at different times of the day or night.

New Jersey

Main Street-There is a farmhouse that dates back to the mid 1800's, it i now refurbished and occupied by ClinCon Research. It is said to be haunted by young girl in a white dress. A 19th century farmer living in the house often saw the girl staring at him, and sometimes saw her crying, through a window. His dog refused to go in the room where the girl liked to make an apperance most often.

Finally, tiring of this behavior knowing there was no danger, he locked his dog in the room, and the dog chewed and clawed its way almost all the way through the door to get out. The farmer once confronted the girl in a hallway, but when she turned towards him, she had no face. Recent incidents include unexplained movement of furniture. Many old buildings along Main Street, including the Public House Inn, are haunted.

New Mexico

The St. James Hotel-The most violent and prevalent ghost is that of a T. J. Wright who haunts room 18, where he was shot to death. It seems that Wright had just won the hotel in a poker game, but was never able to collect his winnings because as he was walking down the hall towards his room, he was shot in the back. Wright stumbled into his room, room 18, and slowly bled to death.
The room is the epicenter of some physically violent episodes. Some of the natives of Cimarron say that there have been mysterious deaths linked with those that have entered the room, but that is just rumors. Whether rumor, truth, or a little bit of both, the room is closed off to everyone today.

For some firsthand experience, stay in room 17, the Mary Lambert room of the hotel. Mary was Henry’s wife and took over the hotel’s keeping after her husband’s death in 1913. It seems she has yet to stop, though she herself died in the hotel in December of 1926. She seems to be the protector of the hotel, watching out for it and everyone who stays. The signs that you have met Mary include a cloying floral scent in and outside of her room; tapping on the window of her room if it is left open, only to stop when someone closes it; and some have even witnessed a transparent figure walking the halls.

A spirit that haunts the entire hotel is a very short old man called “little imp”. He likes to play tricks of the employees by taking things and putting them in places where they absolutely do not belong. One story claims that he once stuck a knife in the floor between the two owners of the hotel. His presence seems to be that of the mischievous sort, laughing at those who are surprised or frustrated by his actions.

There are also many occurrences at the hotel that are the product of the many spirits that are just passing through. There are cold spots, the scent of cigar smoke permeates the second floor in the no smoking building, items falling, electronics behave strangely or stop working completely, feelings of being watched, lights turn on by themselves, and the eeriest of all, some have seen the apparitions of cowboys sitting in the saloon or playing cards upstairs.

Today, the hotel is and elegant reminder of the Wild West heyday, there are no phones, radios, or televisions in the original section of the hotel. The current owners annexed the original building with a modern set of rooms with every convenience, but that has not prevented it from some strange happenings. Those who stay in the newest part of the hotel have complained about doors opening and closing by themselves as well as hearing disembodied voices. Visiting the St. James Hotel, you will find crystal chandeliers, brocade wallpaper and velvet draperies if you stay the night, perhaps even a haunt or two.

New York

Most Holy Trinity Church- Most Holy Trinity Church was built between 1882 and 1885. There are many mysterious passageways, sub-basements, bricked-up doorways, and false closets leading to tunnels throughout the church and adjacent convent, for this was a stop on the Underground Railroad, where slaves from the South escaped to freedom in Canada. Brooklyn, a prosaic and peaceful suburb of New York City, is one of the last places we'd think of in haunted New York State, but the ghosts remain.

George Stelz, parish bell-ringer and sexton, died 1897, in the vestibule of the church. His murder was never solved. Bloody hand prints of both George and his murderer appear on the stairwell to the bell tower, and re-appear as soon as they are removed. The church bells ring inexplicably, and it's said they'll do so until the murder is solved.

North Carolina

The Battleship- The USS North Carolina is located at 1 Battleship Road in Wilmington NC. From all over the United States came the men most of them not much more than boys that served in the Pacific Theater during World War II. The US North Carolina was involved in almost every major battle of the Pacific Theater and many young men lost their lifes aboard the ship while she was involved in the fight against Japan.

And many of the mens ghosts remain today aboard the grand old lady. She keeps her secrets well but many of her visitors have had some very strange paranormal experiences aboard the USS North Carolina. You name it and it probally has happened. Tools vanish. Vacum Cleaners have completly vanished never to be seen again. People have sworn they have saw a officier running across the deck yelling at people to get down. Many people have thought it was part of a show. But its not. People hear screams of men and strange banging sounds coming from below deck. And many ghostly figures have been seen running or walking all over the ship. Ghost Hunters who have visited the ship say it is one of the most haunted places they have ever been. Just simply a hot bed of paranormal activity.

The Night Watch Men on the ship over the years say that 3-4 nights out of the year for some reason the activity is the highest. On those nights ghosts just simply put on a show. You hear the ghosts running up and down the halls and if your below deck you hear the sounds of the big guns above you only when you get back above deck there is no activity and no one around.

The Night Watch Men have also smelled the smells of cooking coming from the old kitchens. They say you can smell coffee boiling plain as day. But there is no one cooking in the kitchen. A black cook's ghost is also seen in this area. He simply walks through and vanishes at the kitchen door.

North Dakota
(Fort Yates)

Old Luger Hotel- This very old home was built in the 1950's. Richard Luger and his family lived on the main floor and the rooms upstairs numbers 1-6 were either rented out or just for one night stays. Luger would often get complaints about room number 4. They always said they saw a little girl in a white gown with long curly hair standing at the foot of the bed at night. They could also hear her giggling during various hours of the day. She would also move things, make things fall over, or open the closet door.

Luger didn't know what to tell his guests. His grandfather had built the house, Richard didn't know of anything like this happening in the past so he couldn't explain. His daughter now sleeps in that room, her sister who sleeps in room number 6 has claimed to see that little girl run past her room and into room 4. She would walk in that room and see nothing except her younger sister asleep in her bed. It is also said to be haunted in the basement by a man, an old woman, and two women. You never really hear or see the man or old woman as much as you can hear the two women talking.


Cincinnati - Music Hall - Many workers who clean the building at night have seen and heard many strange things. One maintenance man was going in the maintenance elevator in the back of the building when he heard people whispering very angrily at him. As a historical note I should tell you that Music Hall was built over a pauper's cemetery and in the 80's when they were renovating they found many graves. Anyway one worker was in the building at night by himself and he heard laughter coming from one of the ballrooms, when he investigated he saw several men and women dressed in 1800's clothing. This next event took place during the day and several women witnessed it. Several women were preparing for an event that was to be held there when they all heard a beautiful female voice. They searched the whole building but they found nothing. None of them felt threaten because the voice was so beautiful.

(Fort Gibson)

The Historical McBride House- This three story Queen Ann Bed and Breakfast has four residential ghost that haunt the house. They are extremely active, they have been heard talking, also they have been seen and they have been felt. Sometimes they will tap a guest on the shoulders, stroke the back of their hair, grab their waist, and pull on their clothing. They can be heard going up and down both staircases at all hours, one bedroom door will not stay closed at night, they give parties in one of the rooms downstairs, they take things from guest and owners, they whisper in the ears of the guests when they are in bed, and will also sit on the beds and shake them. One of the ghosts is believed to be Dr. McBride, that built the house, then there is a Victorian lady dressed all in white, she also appears at the Old Army Hospital across the street, and two children a boy and a girl.


The White Eagle Cafe- The White Eagle cafe consists of two stories and during this time, the upstairs was a brothel filled with white women and the basement was a brothel filled with black and Chinese women. There was one girl who worked in the brothels by the name of Rose. Rose was well-known throughout the brothels as she was considered to be the sole property of the owner of the brothel.

There was one customer however who fell deeply in love with Rose and begged her to leave her world of abuse and run away with him. Rose was far too frightened to stand up to her owner and so she refused the man.He became very angry and stabbed her in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Rose had most likely spent a lot of time in the bedroom that she was killed in and it seems as though she has chosen to live out the rest of her spirit life there as well.
Rose constantly wanders around the upstairs level of the once-ago brothel and she particularly likes to spend time in the room that was the setting for the last moments of her life. Some guests while staying there have claimed that they have been approached by Rose during their stay and that she has propositioned them while there.


The Gates Of Hell- The Gates of Hell are located along Tent Church Road near Uniontown P A. Once there was a couple who lived in a small house, which sat further back behind from where the gates are now located. The man who was said to be unstable, killed his wife and burnt down their house. After doing this he then killed himself. Since this occured the spot has been rumored to be haunted, by the two spirtis. One of the spirits is said to be angry while the other one is just there.

The circumstances of the haunting are, If you go down to the gates and park beside them on certain nights, and just set there, you will see and hear unexplained things. People have reportedly heard the sounds in the air of many different voices chatting at once. The sounds of laughing coming from the the air just behind the gates, has also been heard. Some of The sightings have been of balls of light, shadows, and white mist.

In addition others claim to have been touched in various places, by something unseen, while here at midnight. There are times when nothing will happen, and other times when the unexplained will take place. The word is to just go down there and set.

Rhode Island
(The Sprague Mansion)

This haunted mansion has attracted ghost hunters – both professional and amateur – for years! Nestled comfortably in Rhode Island, this is one of the most haunted places in RI that an individual can experience.

Individuals who have lived and worked in the Sprague Mansion have claimed that there are actual spirits residing in this structure. There have been a number of hauntings at this place. Many have even expressed the fact that they came in direct contact with the spirits that lurk among the shadows of this haunted mansion. Here, you will learn about some of the experiences that have been encountered while visiting the Sprague Mansion.

Based on the research and documentation that has been studied regarding this haunted mansion, it has been concluded that the first ever response to a supposed ghost in the house was in the year of 1925. This report stemmed from a woman that actually resided in the home at the time. She claimed that she witnessed a female coming down the stairs in the home. A couple of years later, another individual reported a claim of spiritual activity in the house. This was a claim that they were physically touched, and even saw the hand!

Many have claimed to have seen a female in this mansion that is spiritual based. She is often observed in a very attractive dress, standing by the mirror that resides in the area of the ballroom. This spirit has been noted in being lost in thought, or distant. Very rarely has this ghostly female ever acknowledged that others were in the room.

There is one particular visitor that claims that he has actually been touched by an unseen person. Basically, it is described as something that grabbed his shoulder. While the spirit did not seem to be a negative force, the grab was mostly like a friend grabs the shoulder of a friend – not too strong, not too heavy.

Then, there are those experiences that are related to the ghosts that actually reside in the home. Sounds like walking when no one is there, and malfunctions in electricity have been found to be related to the ghost activities that occur within the Sprague Mansion.

Numerous individuals have claimed that while they were asleep in the beds at the mansion, the covers and other bedding has been removed. This often occurs quickly as if someone pulled the bedding down.

There was a séance which included a Ouija board. When guests played, the board spelled out the words “my” and “land” for “my land” – this was very consistent throughout the entire duration of having the Ouija board play a part in the séance.

South Carolina

The Battery- Built in 1843, the battery Carriage House is part of a larger, private home, but visitors who dare overnight are welcomed by the B&B’s staff. Heavy footsteps are heard on stairways where no one is seen walking. Strange glowing masses appear, change shape and fade away and cell phones act oddly in Room 3 of the Inn. Shutters open and close on their own and some visitors report seeing faces on one of the Inn’s beautiful mirrors.

Beginning in the early 1990s, reports started coming in about more oddities. People report feeling like they were being watched in the middle of the night, and perhaps most disturbing of all, some visitors claim to have seen a headless torso dressed in layers of clothing, overcoat on top haunting Room 8.

The strange headless torso is thought to be either the remnants of a colonial pirate or a man from the Civil War period. His overcoat is of a coarse material, which, depending on additional details could belong to a man of either historical period. Speculation rages over the figure’s identity and people get an uneasy feeling when he appears. He is possibly one of the many pirates and near-do-wells that met their end “dancing the hempen jig” in 1718 when Charleston tried and hanged nearly 50 pirates.

Charleston was overrun by pirates and was one of Blackbeard’s favorite ports. Anne Cormac (later Anne Bonny, the famous female pirate) grew up in the area and met her husband, pirate James Bonny in Charleston. It was from Charleston that Blackbeard kidnapped Council member Samuel Wragg and his young son, holding them hostage until his crew received necessary medicines. Stede Bonnet, “the Gentleman Pirate” met his end at the end of a hangman’s noose after his pleas were ignored. He was buried on White Point Shoal (now the Battery Garden); although most pirates were dumped unceremoniously into the ocean. Is it possible Bonnet still roams the area, displaced and angry, threatening in a raspy, breathy way because his final words were useless?...

South Dakota
(Rock Creek (Bullhead))

Rock Creek Day School- Witnesses report hearing an old record player, foot steps and doors opening when the building is empty. teacher's grading papers late at night will also hear voices and paper, desk, and chairs moving around. One occasion the head cook opened early to cook breakfast and heard voices coming toward her but no one was there. Another occasion people have seen a man and woman peeking out of the window late at night when they pass by the school.

A long time ago there was a flood in Rock Creek that took out a graveyard, the water covered the entire village and all of the coffins were floating around and they had to evacuate to the hills, horseback riders roped the coffins to bring to shore. A lot of the coffins were opened and no bodies were missing. A lot of the bodies were sunk into the sand. So it is to be believed that the whole village is haunted.

(Hurricane Mills)

Mills Plantation-The plantation is said to be haunted by ghosts of soldiers from the Civil War. Apparations have been reported to have been seen, unexplanable noises have been heard, pictures have shifted by themselves. Home is currently owned by country music star Loretta Lynn and is open for tours as part of Loretta Lynn's Rance. The home was featured on a Travel Channel special called "Loretta Lynn's Haunted Plantation."

(Hardin County)

Big Thicket Light, or the Sarasota Lights:
Bragg Road was a seven-mile railroad bed for a Santa Fe branchline from Bragg Station (now Farm Road 1293), to Saratoga. Rails were laid down in 1901 but pulled in 1934. The bed remained and became a well used road through dense woods in the Big Thicket. According to the Handbook of Texas Online, ghostly lights frequented the area where Spanish conquistadors hid treasure, or the light was a bit of fire that never extinguised after the Kaiser Burnout. The light was also said to be the ghost of a man shot during the burnout, during the 1860s.

Another story claims that Mexican road workers were killed by their foreman (who refused to pay their wages), so their uneasy souls haunted the piece of ground that cost them their lives. Yet another story claims the light(s) were from a spectral fire pan carried by a night hunter who got lost in the Big Thicket. The most popular story seems to be of the man who sold his farm to work on the railroad line, becoming a brakeman on the "Saratoga". When the railroad cut down on its runs, the man lost his job and died soon after. His restless spirit, carrying its brakeman's lantern, still walks the road bed.


Clearfield Job Corps Center - 20 West 1700 South- The entire Job Corps Center is filled with supernatural activity. This Center is the site of an old Navy base. Here is a list of the prominent hauntings:

Dorm E - This building is haunted by three spirits. The most active is a little girl, of about 5 or 6, who stands by the doorway at the entrance to the dorm. Also, the girl walks up and down the halls bouncing a ball. Another ghost, possibly that of a resident adviser, can be seen walking down the hall checking on the students in their rooms. The third ghost is unidentified. It is believed to be a student who has died recently.

Dorm L - This area is haunted by an old military nurse. She could be the same one that haunts the TB Dorm. She walks up and down the halls.

Movie Theater - This area used to be the military morgue. Like all morgues, it is said to be haunted.

TB Dorm - These dorms are haunted by an old military nurse.


St. Michael's College- There are a couple of places on the campus that seem to have ghostly visitors. The first being the theater that is supposedly haunted by a nun who assists the actors. There have also been incidents reported during performances of props disappearing with no explanation. The second being the men's first year dormitory seems to house an evil presence.

It is believed that in the 1960's or 1970's, a group of young men were holding some sort of occult meetings. One of the men insisted that he needed to close the 'portal' before they left, but by that time the security had arrived and they were thrown off campus. The door to the attic is padlocked shut. However, lights go on in the attic and footsteps are heard in the middle of the night by the residents on the top floor. The image of the pentagram still exists on the floor despite attempts to replace the wood.


Big A Mountain- A helicopter crash left large chunks of metal from the aircraft and bones in the trees on big a mountain. Local people from the area were first on the scene and one man found a dying victim moaning but he was too late to save the person's life. He returned to the spot years later and said he could still hear the person moaning and felt a cold chill and the smell of death still fills the air around the area where the helicopter crashed.

(Long Beach)

Lighthouse Resort- The Lighthouse Resort then known as The Lighthouse Motel was built in the 1950's. The older "ridge" cabins are haunted. Guests write in journals that are in the rooms and there are entries of TV's turning on and off. Rocking chairs rocking for ten minutes or more for no reason. Doors opening and closing with no explanation. Waking up and finding the living room furniture arranged and moved. The words, "I can't breath" & "burn" have been whispered in a visitors ear while in bed.

West Virginia

West Virginia Penitentiary- Thousands of prisoners went through the gates of the jail while it was open, but not all of them came back out...
Many, many deaths have been documented over the years, including 94 excecutions, mostly hangings and 9 of them being an electric chair. One other death took place in the boiler room, which is where prisoners with grudges against eachother usually did their business. One man was actually beaten to death, dismembered, and had his body pieces scattered all over the floor of the boiler room. It's this unfortunate man's spirit that caused the horrific amount of poltergeist activiy in this area.

The most haunted part of the jail is thought to be the psychiatric ward, cries & wailing are often heard, along with apparitions and shadowy figures being seen, when no one's about. Probably the most terrifying area are the cells in the solitary confinement area. One inmate, nicknamed "Red" was stabbed to death 37 times by a fellow inmate. He bled so much that the entire floor in his cell was covered in blood, and some people still claim to feel a sticky substance on the floor, as well as a sickly sweet smell in the air. The electric security gates have also been known to open and close of their own accored...


Nashotah House Seminary- The grounds of this Episcopal seminary have been inhabited since the 1500s, and have been inhabited by a ghost since the mid-1700s. When an acolyte to the Episcopal priesthood attended this seminary, his wife had an affair with the Dean. To accommodate this affair, the woman hanged her husband; it was ruled a suicide, however. Since committing suicide is a mortal sin, the acolyte was buried in a cornfield rather than the cemetery. On her deathbed, the cheating wife confessed to her crime. The seminary wished to rightfully bury the body, so they exhumed the casket only to find that it was empty. It is said that the acolyte still haunts the grounds trying to get justice.

(Green River)

Green River Library- People have reported hearing strange noises and books falling off the shelves at night. One person even stayed the night in the library. They reported having many different eerie feelings. But they didn't see anything until they remembered they had their voice recorder recording in the conference room. It had several unexplained clicks on it. Then about halfway through someone breathed into it. Then on the other side of the tape, a small girl is heard yelling, "HELLO!" And they reported that they were the only ones in the library!

One night the janitor was vacuuming and the light came on upstairs so he went to turn it off, but when he returned the vacuum was gone and then he heard someone upstairs vacuuming and when he went up there nobody was there! As it turns out they had built the new library on the old city graveyard. A new graveyard was constructed up the hill and it was thought that all graves had been removed from the old site and were accounted for. Not quite. During construction, workers dug up several old caskets, which broke open and the bones fell out.

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I wanted to add this one to South Carolina, it's my favorite!!!

The Grey Man- Pawley's Island

According to one legend, a young woman was walking the windswept, lonely beach not far from her parent's Pawleys Island home. She was in mourning for her childhood sweetheart who had recently died in a tragic accident on the island.

Her love had returned to Georgetown by ship after an absence of several months. He was so eager to see his beloved fiancee that, rather than wasting one more precious moment away from her, he took a shortcut across previously untraveled marshland.

With his faithful manservant riding a short distance behind, the eager fellow and his horse came to a sudden stop and began to sink rapidly into a patch of deadly quicksand. His manservant watched in horror, unable to help his young master, as the young man and his horse disappeared into the mire. When the young woman heard of her finance's tragic death, she was heartbroken.

After the funeral, she took to walking the stretch of beach where she and her beau used to stroll in happier times. This particular day was windier than most, but it suited her recent mood. She was alone with her sadness in the whipping wind, with the ocean crashing by her side.

Suddenly, a figure appeared ahead. As she walked closer, the young woman could have sworn it was her finance. With no fear, she walked toward him. "Leave the island at once," he said. "You are in danger. Leave the island!"

Then he disappeared.

The young lady hurried home to tell her father and mother about the strange, unsettling experience. Upon hearing their daughter's strange story, her parents immediately began making plans to leave Pawleys Island for their inland home. They did not know what danger they were fleeing, but they did know that their daughter was a sensible person and not prone to flights of fancy.

The family left Pawleys Island before dawn the following morning. That night, as they lay sleeping in the safety of their inland home, a fierce hurricane ravaged Pawleys Island. The hurricane destroyed most of the homes on Pawleys Island, but the home of the young woman's family was undamaged.

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Thanks for the links. However, one of the BEST sites online for haunted places is the following :

They have almost every city in every state in the USA. You can find updates and the latest places that are haunted. Check it out! I always do before I travel to any city and to find out more about my surrounding cities

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 10:52 AM
Colorado - Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Steven King's inspiration for The Shining. Ghost Hunters have been there multiple times, etc.

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 10:59 AM

Originally posted by blackmetalmist
Thanks for the links. However, one of the BEST sites online for haunted places is the following :

They have almost every city in every state in the USA. You can find updates and the latest places that are haunted. Check it out! I always do before I travel to any city and to find out more about my surrounding cities

That site is AWESOME. Thanks great find.

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 11:00 AM
Awesome thread!

A lot of info on these sites..I recognise a few places but since I'm not from the U.S, a lot of these places are unfamiliar to me.


posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 11:04 AM
Listen to this the best ever recorded song,

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by ValentineWiggin
Nice thread Valentine, but I've got to wonder why Eastern State Penitentiary didn't make the list?

It's supposed to be one of the top haunts out there, I thought.

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 11:13 AM

Originally posted by PeterWiggin
reply to post by ValentineWiggin
Nice thread Valentine, but I've got to wonder why Eastern State Penitentiary didn't make the list?

It's supposed to be one of the top haunts out there, I thought.

Peter!! LOVE the name.

Eastern State Penitentiary-

One of the stories from there:

One major paranormal episode reported occurred to a locksmith doing restoration work in Cell Block #4. According to the tale, he was working to remove a 140-year-old lock from the cell door when a massive force overcame him so powerfully he was unable to move.
Some believe when he removed the key it opened a gateway to the horrific past and offered the spirits caught behind its bars a pathway out. The man spoke of experiencing an out-of-body state as he was drawn toward the negative energy which burst through the cell.

Anguished faces appeared on the cell wall, hundreds of distorted forms swirled around the cellblock and one dominating form seemed to beckon the locksmith to him. The man's experience was so vivid, years after he would shudder in fear when he talked about it.

Today the penitentiary is opened to the public. In a typical year, maybe two dozen paranormal investigations take place in the cell blocks, and according to Assistant Program Director Brett Bertolino, they almost always find evidence of activity.

Tourists and employees have reported hearing weeping, giggling and whispering coming from inside the prison

This place is really interesting, particularly information from the last site I listed. There were some crazy punishments going on in that place, they practically froze some inmates by dunking them in water and hanging them from a wall outside in the middle of winter! I don't know how that one got by me! Nice find, thanks

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by diamondsmith
Listen to this the best ever recorded song,

WOAH, That is some freaky stuff! I have to be honest, I didn't know what I was hearing most of the time. That audio is simply chilling. Whatever it is does not sound very happy.

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by ValentineWiggin
It's ACDC from the underworld!!

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 12:12 PM

Originally posted by diamondsmith
reply to post by ValentineWiggin
It's ACDC from the underworld!!

Seriously though...still scary.

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 12:42 PM
Sorry,here maybe something to cheer you up, beauty faces1

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 08:04 PM
Wow, nice thread. I have been to see the lights in Saratoga here in Texas around 4 times. It is a couple of hours away from where I live, and I used to drive to the coast by myself at night quite a bit, and being curious, I sought the road out and went down it.

It is as straight as an arrow, obviously, since it used to be a railroad line. I had been driving down it for about 45 seconds, and I noticed a light further back on the road. I thought it could have been a car at the entrance to the road, but it was just one light.

THEN, it disappeared, and I saw a blue light a bit closer to me. I kept driving, and ended up seeing lights in front of me. In total that night, I saw a regular type light a few times, a blue light twice, and one green and one red light. It is extremely eerie, and all I know is that it is impossible that the lights could have been from cars, because the layout of the dirt road in relation to the main road.

I never again went back by myself, as I was frightened, but I took people with me the next 3 times. We had experiences every single time, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to be freaked out.

posted on Oct, 25 2011 @ 11:24 PM

Originally posted by blackmetalmist
Thanks for the links. However, one of the BEST sites online for haunted places is the following :

They have almost every city in every state in the USA. You can find updates and the latest places that are haunted. Check it out! I always do before I travel to any city and to find out more about my surrounding cities

Just wanted to note that this site is a known for hoaxing things.I haven't been to the site in a few years,but I do recall that the owners of the site were called out on some of the content they had on there,even though it was prove n to be false.I also know a few people who had personal contact with them when I lived in jersey when they used to do investigations.And no I'm not talking about the haunted places link you posted. Just wanted to let people know to take the stories and what not on the site with a grain of salt. by the way op,cool thread

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Originally posted by nightstalker78

Originally posted by blackmetalmist
Thanks for the links. However, one of the BEST sites online for haunted places is the following :

They have almost every city in every state in the USA. You can find updates and the latest places that are haunted. Check it out! I always do before I travel to any city and to find out more about my surrounding cities

Just wanted to note that this site is a known for hoaxing things.I haven't been to the site in a few years,but I do recall that the owners of the site were called out on some of the content they had on there,even though it was prove n to be false.I also know a few people who had personal contact with them when I lived in jersey when they used to do investigations.And no I'm not talking about the haunted places link you posted. Just wanted to let people know to take the stories and what not on the site with a grain of salt. by the way op,cool thread

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Good to know! Thank you for this information!

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 02:35 PM

Originally posted by JiggyPotamus
Wow, nice thread. I have been to see the lights in Saratoga here in Texas around 4 times. It is a couple of hours away from where I live, and I used to drive to the coast by myself at night quite a bit, and being curious, I sought the road out and went down it.

It is as straight as an arrow, obviously, since it used to be a railroad line. I had been driving down it for about 45 seconds, and I noticed a light further back on the road. I thought it could have been a car at the entrance to the road, but it was just one light.

THEN, it disappeared, and I saw a blue light a bit closer to me. I kept driving, and ended up seeing lights in front of me. In total that night, I saw a regular type light a few times, a blue light twice, and one green and one red light. It is extremely eerie, and all I know is that it is impossible that the lights could have been from cars, because the layout of the dirt road in relation to the main road.

I never again went back by myself, as I was frightened, but I took people with me the next 3 times. We had experiences every single time, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to be freaked out.

You are braver than I! I always take several people with me if I am checking out haunted spots, I get spooked just driving down normal country roads alone at night.

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