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Canadian Abductee Explains UFOs

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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 08:39 PM
I share your feelings about in any way condoning or participating in any type of war.However as a former soldier you understand the definition of fact.We are in fact already in the war,we were in fact created here as a resource,we in fact control our own destiny wether we are currntly in a war or not,we dont have to stay in a war forever if we all can put six billion minds and bodies on the same page in one day we can just win and be out of the war.

I agree that war is senseless,I also have been taught that we can cumulatively create our own future as a species even outwitting mother nature on a global scale.

But governments and religons and other institutions have conspired to withhold critical information for a very long time.We have free energy,we have the technology to build colonys on the moon and large habitats in orbit to stay alive,but we have to work together and right now,I fear it is to late and that is why we are being helped.

I dont think we will personally see a war in our lifetime and we may never personally see it at all but it is still happening.

Our current challenge is to survive earth changes that threaten our species and in order to do that we have to accept disclosure and help from people with greater power than us.

Participating is volutary I believe,believe it or not I had to strongly fight the urge to go with them because of how things were explained to me.

I believe that considering my knowledge I would step away from my loved ones in an instant.

You see before I found out what computers and the internet were I thought I was bonkers.

Now I know different and have found literally thousands and thousands of people with similar experiences.

It comforts me to know we have an alternative future because the one we have now doesnt look to rosy,and any help with earth changes is ok with me.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 01:25 AM

Originally posted by one4all

. . . I found a spot at 1400 meters and I'm hoping for the best.

Interesting that you have apparently decided to not try and enter a ship. Frequency problems, perhaps?

Originally posted by one4all

Participating is volutary I believe,believe it or not I had to strongly fight the urge to go with them because of how things were explained to me.

. . . we dont have to stay in a war forever if we all can put six billion minds and bodies on the same page in one day we can just win and be out of the war.

Again, interesting that a 'Galactic War' has been going on for many thousands of years, but it could be easily won in a day.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by one4all

It sounds like you've been listening to Coast to Coast AM and taking it way too seriously

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 10:50 AM

Originally posted by one4all
I will post again in an hour.I will explain what we are supposed to do and why disclosure is so far in that we have to start considering imminent contact.

Sorry to hurt your feelings/beliefs, but there will not be any disclosure. If them aliens want to hide, then what makes you think their going to anyone the OK to say "hey, there's aliens, we've got them right here"?

If there was going disclosure, they would have done it already. Those aliens just don't want you to know

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 05:50 PM
I dont know what I will choose to do,a lot of people I love may decide to stay and if enough make that choice ,I as well may choose to stay.

I dont know if I would even be able to board maybe my vibration is wrong.Last time I was aboard I was escorted on.I only left by myself.

I meant that if all of humanity decides to willingly throw themselves into anything ,I believe that humanity will survive and thrive.I did not mean that the very second we all had the same thought that this war would end.

I have never listened to coast to coast but I hear it talked about a lot.

I have been rereading the bible lately and am astounded at the interpretation I have of it now,I last read it when I was a kid,it is absolutely full of technological references and mass manipulation.

I didnt interpret any of this last time I read it ,I only knew that it was obviously a story and that the things talked about were not divine,I knew they were incredible but divinity didnt enter my mind.I thought the stories were exagerations designed to make children listen.

The bible is starting to look a little more like a warning that god is a manipulator,and it seems to say that material gain is the inheritance of gods followers.

I dont think it was written by followers at all,it seems like a warning to not be manipulated by a small relatively powerless force that has a bag of tricks.

Then it shows how to live a good life and prosper and how to fairly treat your fellow human.

Sorry,I dont get any god vibes this time around.

Didnt really the first time either.

But I know that this book is the most important one ever written and the reason is yet to be seen.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by JayinAR

Yes a remodification of the Genome Structure also know as Genetic Splicing.

Or how about taking humans from a past develpement and introducing them to a future enviroment and modifying their genetic structure through vibrational strings. In other words the one hundredth monkey syndrome, other humans out there with similiar genetic traits are communicating back through the strings of genetic time.

Our ancenstors, and cousins and beings from all over communicating through the interval of mind.

Their thoughts affecting our world our thoughts affecting their world interesting theory.

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posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by menguard

That is a pretty good idea also.
I had a thought not too long ago that perhaps the reason we are encountering different species so regularly is that perhaps different races from across the galaxy (?) (wherever) literally pooled their genetics into a single race.
This way, through time, they could create a "perfect" humanoid that is suited to survive in all climates, across the inhabitable galaxy.

Sounds absolutely crazy, but at the time, it was clicking with a lot of the things I had read.



No joke, right? I mean, what is the purpose of leaving this planet of strife only to move on to another realm of strife? As you said, if that is the case, I would rather just meet the wave head-on.
I've always enjoyed surfing.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 07:15 PM
i think what you have said is bob on.
infact it freaked me out , i have described the same scenario to my other half , especially the vibration and that we are all at pivotol time right now.WOW.....
The only thing different i feel is that mobile phone towers are part of a Nefarious plot and an ofront or offense against the divine. when the times right the anteneas wil be used to make us feel afraid and depressed even paranoid creating short tempered people resulting in violence, all this at the time when we need to be feeling the true good vibrations of god love, I feel in the end the universe will over power the earth based system of microwave transmiter towers even the poewerfull military police masts and the satelite links, i think all have a been built located with a dual PLAN/purpose and even the company bosses arnt privy to what or how it will work they are defo not just for mobilephones ,

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posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 07:37 PM
All animals have souls. To think we were genetically created from monkeys to be the only vessels for a soul is a bit egotistical.

Example 1:

Example 2:

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by cloakndagger

Excellent post.
This is what I was contending with from the get-go.

Chimpanzees have been shown to act with a moral code. Meaning that they are more than self-aware. They are aware of the self AND others.

To assume that souls are implanted is ridiculous, IMO.
We're all in this together, as they say.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by dashar

I agree that electronic signals can produce a sense of paranoia. But I'm afraid we part ways there.

I become increasingly optimistic and depressed (as if the two are compatable
) by the day.
If these things were so nefarious, I wouldn't be overcoming them on a daily basis.

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 08:20 PM
Maybe I missed it in reading, but what exactly is the war over ?

posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 09:34 PM
""There are major earth changes approaching,the entire planet will be affected.The magnetic poles will shift and there will be other major changes in our solar system,the earth will be hit with a burst of energy from our sun that will send a wall of water around our planet THREE TIMES,anyone at an altitude lower than 2km will be killed.This simple.""

Well Australia's as flat as a billiard Table "so I'm screwed!"

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posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 08:28 AM
I can not delineate between a human and an animal soul,for all I know animals could do math if we could learn to speak to them.I however dont believe a snail holds a soul therefore evolution must take a life form to a certain point with a certain DNA structure,that allows it to contain a soul or life energy or awareness or whatever you choose to think of it as.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:02 AM
Cool! Johannesburg is 2km's above sea level! That's millions of survivors - and I don't have to convince friends and family.

Don't I want to board a ship? Frequency problems? Yes, you could say that - I have never been in tune with the rest of humanity.

posted on Oct, 20 2009 @ 09:31 AM

Originally posted by one4all
As a resource in a Galactic war the human population of Earth is very important,our capacity to mine this planet is equally important,imagine if all of humanity worked as one what we could accomplish.

Calculate how much iron,copper,gold,quartz,silver ect that HAS EVER BEEN MINED BY A HUMAN HAND,it doesnt matter what form it is currently in just how much exists todat on the face of the planet and you will get my drift.

Remember that every pound of resource available could potentially be thrown behind one common cause.

We are talking about resources on a planetary scale and all you need to do is educate the six billion people on earth to have complete unfettered acess to all of it.

We were supposed to mine earth and we all have a responsibility to continue contributing to the Galactic war cause however we can.

We will all soon understand,you dont save billions of human lives for nothing,we so underestimate our own value.When we are saved we will understand our value and our destiny as equals to our saviours.

Its not quite about this. Earth was an intergalactic project storing dna and information for many races, the living library, and the take over occurred by the annanuki's, not just here, this was the old empire, much like star wars, this involved absorbing other planets and destroying those that would not submit, such as Lyrae, my own planet in this creation. The empire ended, as it was stretched to thin, and once their home planet was discovered to be in ruins all planets took themselves back. The nuki's are our leaders and they are attempting a negative harvest, so when the disaster happens, people who have been asleep and not said no to their many crimes agains their fellow humans and nature may be considered co-conspirators, and not be rescued or portalled out and stuck as their slaves for the next cycle.

The multiverse operates on a spiritual principle as well, due to the fact that once 5D is reached we experience the universal understanding and one mindedness, and the spiritual is known and experienced. For example, archangels meet with the high councils of planets. We see more than currently, we experience more than currently. The human ets that you're speaking of are 5D and higher.

As a living library earth is very important to many civilizations in the universe. Also, its a bottle neck for souls that come to experience the lessons here, and those who are trapped here as well, the bad guys and the ones they subdued, so its like a prison planet as well.

The Federation and Andros do not wish to use humans as a resource. The purpose is to free this planet and its people. But there are many different groups of people visiting this planet and not all are advanced thinkers. The idea of an exodus before the disaster would be only a small numbers compared to the whole, such as what happened before Lyrae was destroyed, where billions still perished. And 3D humans exiting would not be necessarily all subject to the same conditions, ie. some may be utilized as resources by more neutral or colder ets. This will have to do with the level of our hearts and minds, our own vibration of love and light, what lessons we still need to perfect our souls. Though if it is up to me, I'll be spray painting their lovely crafts with: freedom, slavery, resources.

The goal is the ascension. I've been told after the ascension humans in 5D will all leave this planet for it doesn't belong to them. And it has to do with our own vibrations, our own state of being, our own readiness to move into different experiences that will probably draw us to various groups, or our family will be there. 5D is different.

The old war is over, the battles that take place now have to do with the nuki's and greys here, and those battles are taking place between the Andross/Federation and even archangels against the dark forces. Earth itself is set up currently, with the ones incarnated here, from both sides, from the old empire too, such as those who destroyed Lyrae, and many Lyreans, for example, almost in an armeggedon style should people wake up and if the negotiations to free us not happen. There are different possible events that could be drawn in for the timeline, as these things exist as probababilities and we do need to awaken to use our insight and to set intentions.

Our biggest tool we have to change things an make a difference, aside from making noise with our leaders, and demanding disclosure, is to visualize, in a format for the good of all, the endings we wish, and the positive things we wish to see, with emotion, strongly pulling them in. Also the healing and shielding this planet needs. Intention is a training for this. "It is my wish that I am in impeccable knowing" "It is my intention that I am growing into unity with my higher self" This is a training for commands/statements, "I am in impeccable knowing," "I am growing into unity with ...." which is partially a training for advanced visualization.

We are the love of Creator, in action. We are the love, the light and the heart of God, in action. We are here for a reason, and need to wake up to who we are and how we need to shine our light and love frequency into the world. So many of us are still asleep.

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posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 07:17 PM
Wow! I love this thread, I am I hope a good person, and I am hoping I am ready for whatever it entails.

Does anyone have any take on what force will do the damage to the Earth, more specifically?

I personally don't believe it is going to be the Sun, as the earth has already lasted millions of years without the Sun changing in light/heat voracity enough to alter the planet that much (as we have dug into the earth showing layers of span with nothing of note showing up - with the exception of the meteor that killed the dinosaurs of course).

If it is to do with the entire Earth's crust rotating to a new place then that, certainly, would cause a lot of trouble, not only in the massive earthquakes but soon afterwards when the polar icecaps melt almost instantaneously and cause a massive flood making the water rise anything over 58 metres globally, not to mention the tidal wave of the whole worlds oceans getting thrown about wildly until they settled again.

The Ross Ice Shelf alone falling into the sea would do A LOT of damage, and then there's the thing about the North Atlantic Current now running at a mere 15% of what it should be, which if it slows much more, will definitely be catastrophic for billions of people as the entire planet enters a new ice age.

My question is, amongst other things, what is the best thing for us to do? Which do we prepare for? I mean if we are already good people, should we be doing the Drunvalo thing and trying to reach our higher selves/true frequency, hoping Mother Earth will take care of us, or should we be just heading for high ground as soon as possible?

Scary stuff. I know one thing, I have excellent intuition and a part psychic mind, and I know something is coming; whether disclosure, ETs landing to collect us, or not.

posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 07:35 PM
I made a thread about this, here:
The two known processes we're currently going through are Pole Melt and the Geomagnetic Pole Reversal and its huge. Also in my thread I found the Horizon Project which relates to the mayan calendar. And the high density, gravitational field that is emitted radially by the super sized, flat black hole at the center of the galaxy, and our procession bobbing up and down across that plane, is captured by the mayan calendar. Earth is fragile, its crust is relatively thin, loose gravel kind of, and is like a bowl of jello, the way its mishapen by its relatively slow spin. We have layers of frozen ice at the poles, and frozen magma that depict fast and swift changes, and much evidence of crustal displacement, such as the frozen petrid forrest under antartica which is broad leafed and tropical. The many cities they find in 2000 feet of water off various coastlines, such as Australia, India, Cuba, that are intact, as if the whole land mass goes down.

Also, we have metaphysical abilites to heal and shield earth and we need to make a project of this. If we mediate on the power points of earth with shared intent we can create a merkaba large enough to shield and heal this planet, and I really really think we need to get going on this one.
sum-one on my other thread kindly linked this project and its really good. This is what we need to think of along with peace groups and writing to and phoning and marching for peace in a huge way, because mother earth is a living entity and she is not happy with the human race right now, but we need to go out into nature, kneel on the ground, and tell her how sorry we are to be a part of the problem, and use meditation and stretch with our insight into telepathy with her, to find her answers, and help heal her, and to demonstrate that we are not our corrupt leaders, and we will not continue to kill each other and poison this planet with nuclear devastation or depleted uranium, so we need to do a concerted effort at metaphysics and peace groups and political bonebone.

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posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 08:49 PM
--double post-- sorry

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posted on Oct, 24 2009 @ 01:16 AM
Humanity and any other groups or races that exist on earth are all vulnerable to the earths changing environment.This principle extends beyond all others and is the prime factor we need to consider in order to continue to survive as a species,we have to find ways to continue to surf the earths changing surface.

If we only knew how important religons were ,and not for divine explanation either,instead for the power to bring humanity into one single perspective.

One of my relatives founded a religon that numbers in the millions,a new age religon.Changes in perspective are a constant in our existance.Stay tuned and I will begin to explain the true story hidden within the bible.



Thats right,simply high technology,and we know by the commonalities in all major religous writings that the reason we had to be manipulated was because there were very FEW CONTROLLERS OPERATING THE HIGH TECHMOLOGY and to many of us simple people to handle any other way.

I get an incredible feeling that we are really talking about the survivors of one of these global events,possibly Atlantis,that survived the event with limited high tech and no ability to reproduce it with a need to somehow preserve the knowledge and tech until mankind could reestablish itself and again produce materials and processes that could reproduce this high technology.

This race that operates the high technology in all major religous books is our connection to all of the answers we are looking for regarding the Galactic war,who we are fighting,why we are fighting,and how we are currently doing.

I believe that there is a connection between past high technology civilizations that were destroyed during earth changes and the human races that are currently abducting us and carrying on this war.

One constant seems to be a constant number of these operators and craft throughout history.There is no written record of the earth being overwhelmed by them.Again it seems that there is a limited number of these craft for a specific reason.possibly the operators do not have the independant ability to repair or reproduce this technology without a great deal of help,our help.

This could be why disclosure is near,we could possibly have reached a point where our level of technology is great enough that we can produce the types or quantities of technology that realize our potential as a military resource,possibly on schedule and as planned.Especially if you knew earth changes were coming and you wanted to preserve as many of your resources as possible.

There is the possibility that Atlantis and other fabled cities were actually bastions of technology operated by the race that "created or enhanced"us.Our BOSSES or OVERSEERS if you will.Or our protectors and nurturers.Remember you will protect and nurture a resource as needed in order to survive.

Now imagine if we could all agree that we were manipulated together AS A WHOLE SPECIES,we might be a tadd pissed off at God,Allah,Budda,Jehowva,and anyone else who claims divine power over us in any way.

What I am saying is that maybe it is time for a rebellion against the operators of this high technology and maybe it will take something as monumental as a joining of all earth religons in a united act of rebellion and statement of independance from our creators.

If you accept that these relgous documents may in fact be warning us of the negative effects of allowing ourselves to be manipulated by a very few people weilding technology,then you may see why these same documents are filled with INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO LIVE A GOOD PRODUCTIVE LIFE WITHOUT THIS TECHNOLOGY.These are all of the good things that these doctrines are filled with,the things that draw billions of us to religon in the first place.The things that teach us to REJECT THIS HIGH TECH AND ITS OPERATORS are the very principals which draw us to religon,things like living in peace and harmony with each other and the planet.We cannot respect the humanitarian instruction of these religous doctrines and embrace the concepts of money,or credit,or the advancement of thechnology using these things.


Instructions about our creators and the things they were capable of doing to and for us.Things they had to use high technology to accomplish,or rather high tech to manipulate us to accomplish.

I greatly respect the importance of all religons ,I just believe that they are all still seeking the ONE SINGLE THING THAT CAN BIND THEM ALL TOGETHER,and I have already found it,this high tech manipulation and the warnings hidden in a

The problem is that somehow over time we have become blinded to the warning held within these documents and we have failed to recognize the peril our species is in.There is only one way out of the Galactic war we are in,and that is rebellion,the problem is,if we break the bonds of one master,can we protect ourselves from the control of a worse master.

There seems to be a constant record of teaching coming from all of these high tech people or operators in the past, as well as a lot of war and fighting,with a lot of killing thrown in for good measure.

And every single "god"displays human emotions and strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately we will come to realize that our "creators"are far from gods and THAT WE HAVE NO WRITTEN RECORD OF A GOD AS WE UNDERSTAND THE WORD ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET,simply because our very creators are still searching for THEIR own origins which is really what our concept of the word god IS.

We will need to continue our search for our origins somewhere other than the places and concepts we have been promoting in the past.No divinity as we now understand it.

It may be a little hard for most people to swallow the concept that we are our own gods ,that we are our own creators,that we ourselves have the capability to take our conceptualization of life out among the stars contained in lifeforms,that we can design and tailor these lifeforms to our specific needs environmentally or otherwise.

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