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Canadian Abductee Explains UFOs

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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 05:32 PM
Ufos are flown by humans of different races.We were "created"when primates who were already native to earth and developing on an evolutionary path into what would ultimately become us,were geneticly altered or enhanced to allow them to SKIP evolutionary steps in order that we be able to achieve a physical form or state that would allow us to hold a soul and this much brain.

This was done so we could function as a resource for our creators who also happen to be our brothers and sisters in every sense of the word.

We could do this today if we took an ape and combined our own SPECIFIC DNA WITH APE DNA to create exactly the balance of physical traits we required.And then made the ape SENTIENT by allowing the hybrid to hold a soul and to be self aware.

We would not be gods WE WOULD BE CREATORS,of a hybrid,but surely not gods.

Life throughout the universe all proceeds in the same direction,into a representation of the original creator,not all life forms present themselves in exactly the same physical design but all are evolving towards becoming a sentient biped ,that can manipulate its physical environment.

Other races and civilizations havent solved the riddle of the creation of life either,they are just ahead of us a little.They realise that the shell is only a shell and that they like us can create their own shells but they cant reproduce the essence of life or the soul.

We can and probably eventually will travel to another planet and combine our own DNA with the animal that is most desirable for our needs and close enough on the evolutionary path to combine with us .This will create an indiginous large scale population of intelligent workers.They will become our servants but also our brothers and equals.We will just help this particular native species skip huge evolutionary steps,equalling millions of years of developement.

There are major earth changes approaching,the entire planet will be affected.The magnetic poles will shift and there will be other major changes in our solar system,the earth will be hit with a burst of energy from our sun that will send a wall of water around our planet THREE TIMES,anyone at an altitude lower than 2km will be killed.This simple.

Governments know,you and I know,but there is nothing any of us can do but prepare.The Government has chosen to go underground,I have chosen to stay up high above ground,that is if I dont board a ship,it depends on how many of my loved ones cant find the strength to let go.

Our technologically advanced brothers and sisters will offer billions the chance to be saved,but no one will be forced,and no force will be able to stop the ships from landing and offering all of humanity refuge,no miliary on earth is powerful enough to stop the excercise of free will by all of humanity.

But billions will decide to stay for a variety of reasons ,millions will probably die fighting for their governments,or will die fighting for their religons.Millions will simply not be able to decide and will run out of time.There will be millions in underground bunkers all over the planet in every major country,it will all be a crapshoot anyways,just stay high up,over 2km. altitude.

I will post again in an hour.I will explain what we are supposed to do and why disclosure is so far in that we have to start considering imminent contact.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 05:56 PM
So a canadian, eh. where would you suggest going to elevate myself 2km. Would it be the mountains in Northern ontario, or the rockies in BC? Also when would the shtf? Have seen UFO's before in northern alberta, but only when I was a kid, back in the 80's. Interesting read, hurry up hour.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 06:03 PM
Interesting theory.
You do realize however, that even chimpanzees have a moral code?
Meaning that apes here on this planet are already self-aware.

ET didn't make them that way, that is just the way they are.

Not saying that to completely discredit you. I take it from your thread title that you are an abductee? You never really resolved that in your story.

Anyhow, I do agree with nearly everything else you stated. But I don't think it is necessary for ET to come and abduct someone and tell them this. For me, it is just a logical conclussion. It makes sense. This is where we get our God stories from. ET created us, as we are today. Most likely using apes already existing on the planet as the base for their "tinkering"... voila. Here we are.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by one4all
This was done so we could function as a resource for our creators who also happen to be our brothers and sisters in every sense of the word.

This will create an indiginous large scale population of intelligent workers.They will become our servants but also our brothers and equals.

What kind of resource are we ? Not the edible kind I hope!

Also, if my brother was my servant I don't think he would feel to equal.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by spacecase7717

The only conclusion I can come to about what sort of "resource" humans would be is a platform to modify their own genetics.

Unless, as the OP has stated is true, and they plan on coming down here and wisking a bunch of us off the planet just before the planet dies, or whatever, we could become manual labor for them on their home planet, I suppose.

I find that highly improbable though, as I'm sure their robotics technology would be pretty kickass.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:01 PM
If we could flash forward in time those apes would turn into us,I know they are self aware,just like I know they are now an ape or a primate,their basic sense of self awareness will eventually evolve into a sense of self awareness closer to ours.

The key is that we are those very same apes in essence because we were jumped so far into the genetic future as a species that we are actually living with our ancesters ,this is why there are missing links.

We will never find the consistent fossil record we seek because it hasnt been created yet and never will be created.
Yes I was abducted,by a military ship.

The human species as it is post genetic interference ,was put here by a group of allies fighting a Galactic war.We are far or were far from the battle lines and were designed to be a bastion.I was given a choice to join this battle and defend Humanitys interests as I am sure millions of others have been given throughout history.We are and were designed to be a RESOURCE DEPOT,minerals,metals,food,manpower,all of the above were designed as a strategic resource.

Where else could you take say ten million humans a year and not really have anyone notice?

If disclosure is as close as it seems then we may be losing the battle or the Earth changes may be here.

The funny thing is that we are only disclosing other human races that look different than us and any life forms that look drasticlly different will STILL HAVE DNA COMPATIBLE TO OURS BECAUSE THE LIFEFORM WILL HAVE HAD TO HAVE EVOLVED AT LEAST AS FAR AS US IN ORDER TO BE SENTIENT OR SOUL HOLDING.

Life is the same everywhere in the Universe.

There will be a more and more visual display of ships soon,worldwide.

Anyone who chooses to leave to escape the Earth changes will be allowed to try to board a ship.I say try because in order to be transported onto the ship you have to be vibrating or EMOTING emotional energy at a specific frequency in a specific pattern,you have to be a good person.You cannot fake it.If you are a bad person who is full of hate and would choose to save your individual self or soul at the cost of many others you will not be able to hide your vibration and you wont be able to board.

We will judge ourselves and there is no way to cheat.What people mean by "raise your vibrational frequency"is really,clear up your slate in your life,right all of your wrongs,all of them,as best you can,start to do good things for other people,for others not for yourself.

Stop using manipulation of others to achieve things you want for yourself,stop using other people,stop standing by when others need help,stop defending a right to enforce individual freedoms that are contrary to humanities future.

This is how you get on a ship to ride things out.You can also grab your atlas or Google high altitude areas where you live.There is no magic place it is a crap shoot for everyone.But it will be over relatively quickly I think because there will be terran survivors.

Ufos have been around since we were created.We have been respected as a species,although it wasnt always this way according to our treatment or rather lack of technological assistance.

Yes Germany had high tech items that were built according to ancient directions and yes I believe that our high tech brothers have contacted governments throughout history and formed alliances with them for mutual benefit .The Americans come to mind.

No there is not one single group of other races.There are many with competing agendas,and even when you deal with just one race they are susceptible to all of the same faults we are vanity,greed,anger,they lie,things like that.

You have to keep in mind that the source of the flying ships and the newly discovered races,IS A DIFFERENT ISSUE THAN THE EARTH CHANGES,the changes are coming no matter what happens in the Galactic war or with disclosure of our relatives throught the media.

But remember that these are the people who have learned to survive the Earth changes as a species and THEY ARE REALLY US so we just have to sit back and learn about who we are.

Remember that this will be the first time that humanity is truly free of governmental and religous and economic tyranny.All governments and institutions will be rendered powerless the day the ships land OR SOONER IF GOVERNMENTS THINK THEY CAN GAIN AN ADVANTAGE THROUGH THE ACT OF DISCLOSURE.

Ultimately it wont matter because everyone will be given a choice and your job and economic and religous status will no longer matter so most of the military and government will just walk away,at least all of the service to other people who are vibrating at the right frequency to be picked up,in other words THE GOOD PEOPLE WILL ABANDON THE WRONG CAUSES AND COME CLEAN.

Free energy has been available for generations but has been suppressed,this is probably what has lead to all of the sightings.

A Canadian has already disclosed how to build a flying saucer,the bible is full of technology that we understand today,So is all of written history.

At this point there has been a critical backlog because our governments were supposed to disclose long ago,but they delayed,now we are running out of time and people need to have a chance to prepare if they intend to not board the ships.

This is the real wrong being committed by the governments and religons that have this knowledge,the are depriving those that choose to stay of their own free will of time to prepare for their stand.

They know that most will leave but they are still trying to manipulate the ones who remain because this will be the only group they can manipulate and control or enslave.They are trying to manipulate them by ensuring that they are not prepared and will have to beg and bow down for food to eat or medicine.

Remember that the ones who leave ARE COMING BACK.

The government and religous institutions that try to go underground to survive will in the majority be destroyed,this is a crap shoot.

The ones who survive here will embrace the return of those who left,the "bad"people will all be GONE because their vibrations would have kept them off of the ships and they would have been forced to take their chances on the planet where they would only have two choices ,change their vibrations and become service to others in the quest to survive or,be banished from the group to certain death.

Will post again soon.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:11 PM
As a resource in a Galactic war the human population of Earth is very important,our capacity to mine this planet is equally important,imagine if all of humanity worked as one what we could accomplish.

Calculate how much iron,copper,gold,quartz,silver ect that HAS EVER BEEN MINED BY A HUMAN HAND,it doesnt matter what form it is currently in just how much exists todat on the face of the planet and you will get my drift.

Remember that every pound of resource available could potentially be thrown behind one common cause.

We are talking about resources on a planetary scale and all you need to do is educate the six billion people on earth to have complete unfettered acess to all of it.

We were supposed to mine earth and we all have a responsibility to continue contributing to the Galactic war cause however we can.

We will all soon understand,you dont save billions of human lives for nothing,we so underestimate our own value.When we are saved we will understand our value and our destiny as equals to our saviours.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:14 PM
Interesting while it lasted.
You completely lost me, dude.
You said once again that only beings as advanced as we are sentient. You ignored the first contradiction in your post all together save to say you agreed then went on to repost the same contradiction.

What this seems like to me is someone who has read the Ra Material and is trying to pass it off under the guise of having been abducted.

You also stated that nobody but a service-to-self type can board one of their ships but in the next breath stated that these people are just as imperfect as we are. (how do they board their own ships?)

Also, you stated that we are necessarily just as they are, because we are created from their DNA... yet then said that there are several of "them".

Sorry dude, nice story... not interested.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:16 PM

Originally posted by one4all
We were supposed to mine earth and we all have a responsibility to continue contributing to the Galactic war cause however we can.

Okay, based on the assumption that the rest is correct, I have a big problem with this little issue.

I refuse to participate in a war that I have no knowledge of. I want to hear both sides. Who are the major players?

Am I to make the choice to survive, board a ship, to fight for a cause based on faith alone?

umm.. no.

Unless I am completely misunderstanding the context?

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:30 PM
This is their home planet,they live here to.The earth changes will affect them as well.

They are human races,just new ones to us.Some are identical to us.Some look a little different.

I personally saw humans identical to us that communicated telepathicly and dressed like Jesus in robes they were blonde,I saw humans in blue military uniforms operating a starship that were identical to us but were all blonde,but different shades of blonde and all different body types.I saw a little grey operating on me,and I saw little wrinkly guys that wore dark hooded robes and looked like ewoks.

They arent taking us to their home planet as slave labor,they are taking us off planet to save our species and their ASSET.

And they arent "TAKING US",they are offering us a chance to make an informed decision of our own free will.

I talked to these people,they are human and they left their families on a military mission they knew they werent coming back from no matter what.

I wasnt supposed to remember my abduction events and I dont remember them all.

There is a lot of intrigue involved because the four different races I encountered were all working together ,BUT ONE ALLOWED ME TO KEEP MY MEMORIES IN DEFIANCE OF THE OTHER THREE PARTIES.

I was also taken to the moon in a small ship and taught things in a sort of school where they tried to force kids to learn things that they disguised as games that we were supposed to think were fun so we would try harder and concentrate on our tasks because they were partly mental or telepathic tasks.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:31 PM

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:33 PM

Originally posted by one4all

There are major earth changes approaching,the entire planet will be affected.The magnetic poles will shift and there will be other major changes in our solar system,the earth will be hit with a burst of energy from our sun that will send a wall of water around our planet THREE TIMES,anyone at an altitude lower than 2km will be killed.This simple.

I guess what I am about to type here would depend on whether or not you believe in God or the word of the Bible.
When you say that a great wall of water will circumnavigate the planet 3 times and kill everything 2km and lower then you are saying that there will be a Great Flood, kind of like in the Bible.
If I remember what little I have read of the Bible then the world should not be depopulated by a flood, as God said that this would not happen again.
If I can find where in the Bible it is written then I will add to the post.
This is just my opinion on the matter.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by VernonBC

I'd like to know by what mechanism would it be possible for water to circumnavigate the globe three times over myself.

Just sayin.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:41 PM

Originally posted by one4all
And they arent "TAKING US",they are offering us a chance to make an informed decision of our own free will.

How long do we get to mull over our 'informed' decision? How much information are they going to give us? Why aren't they starting to 'inform' us now?

Assets. I'm not much appreciated being considered an 'asset'. I'm hoping they mean 'ally' as opposed to 'livestock'.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by JayinAR
reply to post by VernonBC

I'd like to know by what mechanism would it be possible for water to circumnavigate the globe three times over myself.

Just sayin.

Come to think of it, the force would more than likely kill us all long before the water does.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 07:53 PM
Only physical beings that have "evolved" long enough to have developed DNA that would be compatible to ours[not advanced as in tech],we will find that all life in the universe will have some DNA that is compatible but the ones that I call sentient or soul holding like us will have specific sequences of DNA that will be identical ,EVEN IF ONE DEVELOPES AS SAY AN AQUATIC SPECIES AND THE OTHER IS A MAMMALIAN SPECIES.Either species can evolve to our level irregardless as to the environment that dictates their physical form.

They can adjust the frequency of their ship transport to allow anyone on if they choose,but they dont want to waste resources on humans who are not in their opinion able to easily accept the new perspective they are faced with.We are an asset, a military asset,we can be treated any way our creators choose.

All life in the universe is related,there is life everywhere,and it all evolves along the same path no matter where it finds itself.All of the races I met are humanoid or the same species as we are.Two looked small,one was grey and bald,one was wrinkled like an ewok,and seemed a hundred years old,one came into my house,and one was only on the ship.

But obviously all humanoid,just different races.

So yes they are just like us because they created us.

Had the earth been left alone the primates we came from would have eventually either achieved our level of evolution or another species would have evolved to our current levels of sentience and soul holding.This process was purposely interfered with here in order to create a military resource.

In a different situation on a different planet maybe a different lifeform would have been altered with the same soul holding sentient result.Maybe if it had been easier to mine the resources of the planet for aquatic species then Octopuss could have been altered had they reached the level to be DNA compatible with us.

The end result is that in our case life that already existed and was evolving was FARMED and used as a resource,the primates here were used to achieve economic strategic gains on this planet.

We could do the same thing I'm sure the tech exists already and if we ever make it to other planets on our own we will also farm life,and maybe terraform planets like earth was terraformed.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 08:07 PM

Originally posted by one4all
We were supposed to mine earth and we all have a responsibility to continue contributing to the Galactic war cause however we can.

I am sorry to pick just this small part of the whole fascinating writings you have posted but to me this is very important.

I was a soldier and I have served my government as a soldier and I have no wish at all to find that all I had hoped for out in the wider galaxy was instead more war and suffering as one group wishes to kill another.

I have no wish to contribute to such a thing as I imagine an interstellar war to be something to make minds spilt.

If what you say is true then the predatory universe was a reality after all and I am saddened (if you are on the level) that in the wider galaxy life is as bleak and apparently cheap as it is on this earth.

I am no coward but I utterly despise and reject the reasons and the many and varied concepts of warfare for reasons that become more complicated whenever a new war starts up.

I might just take a seat on the beach instead and "flip the bird" at the colossal wave as it sweeps in. At least no more war and misery to others from my hands for war aims that never meant anything to me in the first place even when I was working for a earth based war society.

I have no wish to swap such a reality for a galactic warfare society, thanks anyway.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 08:08 PM
Read,google, how to survive ,it will explain the basics and this is a correct assesment.I dont believe that anyone can say 2km. exactly,scientists use pretty big safety margins,I follow my dreams and my abduction experiences so I found a spot at 1400 meters and I'm hoping for the best.

I have known a lot of the stuff I now read on the net since I was a little boy.

I was lead to a specific spot many years before I heard about pole shifts which was years before I read thie site I named,so for this guy and others to say head for high ground because the water is coming MAKES ABSOLUTE SENSE TO ME,but maybe not to everyone.

I think that only about 15% of people can grasp what is happening.

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 08:18 PM
The bible is a history book and an instruction manual,not a divine manuscript,if you read it with an open mind you see that it is absolutely full of technology that we recognise today that the people worshiping the bible thought were divine acts.

Just read the bible.Why dont you start here,did you know that when humans first studied cloning that the place that provided the best tissue to culture was the rib!!Eve was cloned from adams rib.Adam was a primate that was geneticly altered.

The Canadian that disclosed UFO technology has shown that the tech greates a cloud of gas when it is powered up,how many times does god show up in a great white cloud??

The Ark of the Covenant was some kind or radio,come on get real.

The bible is the most printed book in history so all you need to do is take off your blinders and read it with an open mind.How many generations did "god"artificially inseminate during abductions and then had people call it a miracle??

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 08:21 PM
Google David Hamel and open up your mind because disclosure happened a long time ago.This will explain the clouds when "god"appeared.

This is real and free to learn about.

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