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Nightmare, Blue Beam, Hologram?

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 08:49 AM
Well I have been debating with myself for days now about posting my most recent vivid dream. I really got into dreams a few years back due to a few vivid dreams I had that I felt really related to my 'awakening' and my mind 'coming out of the box'.

To understand when I began to note dreams, one needs to know it was after I left religion and claimed spirituality. When I made the thought clear in my mind I had nothing to fear, I stopped having the reoccurring nightmares that something was trying to harm me. I havent had a nightmare in over 3 years. That changed on on the night of Sept 15....or I should say the early morn of Sept 16.

Dreams are very personal, so it is hard to share them. But I believe sharing is something we were meant to do, how ever hard it is.

My dreams jumps into a scene where many of my friends, family and I are climbing up a mountain side. It was very steep and I seem to be guiding them and telling them to hurry, suck it up, dont look back...dont stop or slow down. I clearly remember thinking about each individual that was with me as I lead the way up this mountain side, it was steep to where you had to grab onto a tree every time you stepped another foot forward. There was no easy way and it was dirty. I remember thinking about the weeker people that I knew were having a hard time climbing this steep path.

So we make it and we are in a simple but large brick house. It seemed like a home that was not a lived in home but a home that was made in preparation for something. The mood seemed pleasant in the home, there didnt seem to be high reasons for worry or concern. Everyone was filling their bellies with good food, kids were loving having tv and video games. It was like one big happy family reunion or something. But I knew even in my dream, something was coming.

For what ever reason, I see out the window these two blue light balls ascending through the sky. They were coming from my lower left view and ascending upward towards my upper right view. As these two blue balls of light ascended....they each began to make the outline of a figure in the sky. As they were forming, the thoughts that raced through my mind were crazy. The feeling of a great time, the thoughts of something great was going to happen came over me like warm water comforting a cold body.....I was in I watched this beautiful display of these balls turning into 2 figurines in the sky. The first figure was superior to the was taller and as it formed, the smaller figure seemed to of past to the larger figure a staph that slowly formed also as they were still ascending. As they were ascending and forming into the figurines and the staph as well....there was constant perfect movement upwards. Once the two figures reached the peek of the sky, standing what seemed to be where the whoel world or at least half of the world could of seem them......the large figure turns twards a direction, raises its staph, points it firmly and a blast comes from the staph.

I then realize, this is nothing of good nature. This is a power and powers are not good. Pretty much I watched out of the window the blasting from the staph until the figure turned towards our direction and raised the staph directly at the building we were in. All I remember was running under a freaking desk with my youngest child and then I woke in cold sweats at 3:30 am.

I cant shake the thought of the dream or the feelings it left with me. Take it for what you will....Im only sharing because I fee that is what we are all to do.


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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 09:01 AM
First off, thank you for relating your dream in such a way that I can relate to the sequence of events and emotions as they unfolded. Interesting!!!

So you are in charge of a group of people climing (ascending) the side of a mountain (earthly strength) having some difficulty and your concern for the "weaker" in the group.

The house on top of the mountain, made of brick (stability, security, safety) was prepared and awaiting the arrival of your "group".

The blue (calm, throat chakra) balls of light (wisdom) ascending (climing, gaining power) into the sky for a "global" witnessing. Your first emotional response was "goodness, benevolence" and at the last possbile second you realized that you had been fooled and would suffer the penalty of losing your (and your groups) lives.

Gathering your child(ren) to you, the last resort is hiding under your desk (knowledge). Then you woke confused, sad, afraid.

I'm going to think some more on this dream. It is significant because it means something to me where usually dreams are significant for the dreamer alone.

What do you think it all means?

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 09:12 AM
reply to post by Hazelnut

I am glad I posted now, I was so hesitant.

You allowed me to see some of the things in a very different way, like describing how the climb was of an Earthly accent....very interesting and that resonates deeply. You made some great thoughts I am going to think about.

On a personal note, this dream showed me again that I need to be prepared to leave my Earthly body. Until the moment this must happen, to step one foot in front of the other always, keep moving forward as long as I can.

On the idea that dreams could be more of a purpose past the individual that is having the dream....then ideas like project blue beam and a hologram image in the sky to control the war comes into my mind.

Edit to add-
These figures were only an outline. It looked like a video game image....forming perfectly in sync together. The staph was a long blue light that looked like a huge beam. The amount of sky this all took up was enormous. Also, as the figurines formed, it seemed as if the first and largest one had an outline around its head like a hood. The hood was my first feeling of 'oh know' but it all happened so fast that by the time I am thinking oh know, I see the staph get raised and pointed.

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posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 10:55 AM
Hey, LV.

If you happen to have this dream again, or just the second part, then I think that you really want to step outside the house and face the dream figure with the staff. I know you think of that character as menacing, but you probably do best to meet face-to-face.

I seem to be guiding them and telling them to hurry, suck it up, dont look back...dont stop or slow down...There was no easy way ...

You give great advice, and now it's your turn to take it. Seriously, but smiley, too

I also understand that you (the dream character "you") feel responsible for the others in your party, and especially for your child. By all means, attend to your child and the others before you step outside. They can stay inside the house until the situation is clarified, while you step outside.

You were right about having nothing to fear three years ago. Maybe think of this dream as a "booster shot" for that "vaccination." I'd bet you'll be glad you did.

Regards to Grandma.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 11:12 AM
I had a similar dream in which there was a giant firestorm cloud funneling across the highway, which was in the general direction of where we were going. We drove right through it without any injury. It was a hologram.

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by eight bits

Thanks for the reply eightbits

Funny you mention this. I recall before the beam points in my direction to having a feeling to not bunker down but instead move...which would of been out of the house...not sure if my thought was to face it or not but what kept me from moving was that I knew there was no way I could convince about 20 other people to move with me.

I have always thought over the last few years that if we are to receive some sort of choice in staying here or going on that I would have to stay until all others do move on. Mabey this is that deep.

I agree about facing things in dreams. I think the other people being there really prevented that thought from occurring in my dream. So it may be more about not only me letting go of my own Earthly nature and body but as well others.

Interesting thoughts....thank you

posted on Sep, 20 2009 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

That is very interesting indeed. This is the first dream post I've read where I could follow along and "see" what was happening and was actually surprised at the end.

Not sure what it could all mean if anything but thank you for sharing.

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