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African Americans and Crime Rates in USA, WHY???

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 09:38 PM
I don't think this was a racist comment at all, he is simply exploring why it seems blacks are are in more legal trouble than whites. There are more young black men imprisoned. Some of these men may not be able to afford legal representation, cops may be biased and arrest more African American men, and studies have shown black men do receive harsher sentences for the same crime. Whereas a white man may get busted for coc aine, and get probation; a black man may get busted for crack and receive five years in prison. There is definitely more prejudice in the legal system. I don't know if it's true, but watch Cops and it is obvious that 70% of the shows feature an African American being busted. This is a legitimate discussion- and I don't see why discussing it makes one a racist.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 09:48 PM

Originally posted by rizla
I think the root cause is poverty.

This is so correct, after all there are ZERO poor white ppl.

All white ppl are VERY well off.

Look here for proof:

Well off white ppl at the Shelter mooching


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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 09:49 PM
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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 10:00 PM

Originally posted by Mozzy
your thread has meaning to it, but you are completely wrong about your statistics and findings. i ahven't checked the jail statistics in a few years but earlier this century it was about 40/40 black/white with a few minorites making up the rest.

young black males are very hostile, possibly more so than young white males. this is not a good statistic to make because you have to define what region/state you are discussing and the situations surrounding it.

as it stands you are.....completely racist......

otherwise, you're just ignorant. which is probably worse.

12% of Black males 20 - 34 are in prison.

1.6% of White males 20 - 34 are in prison.

Percent in jail age 20 -34 males

1 in 3 black men will serve time in jail

Many reasons for it, racism, and the ghetto culture.

Listen to Chris Rock for some guidance, lol.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 10:07 PM

Originally posted by Mozzy
it's hard to imagine blaming one race as being more criminal than another. i've never considered myself a humanitarian or a defender against racism but this is simply ignorant.

people are scum, end of story.

The numbers don't lie, the reasons are open for debate.

Some of it is racism, some of it is the ghetto culture.

When one of the top popular songs among young black males
is "F#ck the Police" we got a problem.

Most of this is drug related, and a lot of them sell drugs for money
so it can be partially direct at economic factors.

They can get a job like poor working whites, they can go to college
with help from NAACP and United Negro College Fund.

So its not a dead end being black, and Mr. Obama would agree with me,
and so would Colin Powell or Condolezza Rice.

Success is there for those who want it.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 10:13 PM
Most "African's" don't belong in America or in Western Civilization? They belong in Africa, living their indigenous life, but the greed of European Capitalism and free labor destroyed that.

So you have violence and destruction in Africa and parts of the African Diaspora. It's like asking why is Alcoholism is so high in the Native American community. Their culture has been destroyed and they have been forced from the old world into the new. Black people have not been accepted in the U.S and that's evident only in the marriage rates. Most Whites do not want to live or mate with Blacks. Most African's Americans don't know who their ancestors are, even to the 3rd or 4th generation. Black ppl are displaced, don't know their true culture, or faith of their ancestors.

All that said, the NWO through the CIA pushes the drugs and guns in, just like they put heroin in the Black community in the 50's and created the drug psychedelic movement for White youth. AIDS is also a bio weapon used against Sub Saharan Africans. Add in the legacy of Slavery and Jim Crow.... it's a wonder any Black person can succeed.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 10:18 PM
Black people aren't to fond of the cold, so you should move somewhere really cold, and then you'll be safe.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 10:32 PM

Originally posted by WyrdeOne

Two things need to be said on the subject.

1.) Disproportionately stiff sentencing for blacks. A white juvenile is more likely to get community service for a crime that would land a black juvenile in prison. (The term African American is ignorant and insensitive, many folks with dark skin are neither American nor of African descent)

2.) Education is skewed and, that said, educational level is a very accurate predictor of criminal tendency. The educated commit fewer crimes.

This is dead on, especially the education part.

I think #1 might be a little off as some jurys are mixed race,
and some judges are of mixed or other ethnic origin.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 10:42 PM
Illegitimacy rates, single parent households, pop culture, welfare, etc.

The single parent household rates of black Americans in 1993 was 60% i believe. Read chapter 7 of Rush Limbaugh's book See, I Told You So.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 10:43 PM
I think it's the media and entertainment shaping the culture. It's obvious.

But then... I've also read a conspiracy against African Americans, Mexican, the 'minorities' to get them to jail and become a free slave workforce( which obviously happens in jails)

First the media/entertainment stereotypes them to be 'non-intellect' types. So they skip school more often. Then they eventually drop out of school more often as well. African Americans then tend to get the low-paying blue collar jobs due to above.

Second, the media/entertainment stereotypes them to be 'bad boys' something like that. Getting into drug business, stealing, street fights, murder. Which is possibly a 'good' option for the low-wage African American workers. They make illegal things look good to them.

Thirdly, the media/entertainment stereotypes African Americans that materialism is everything. Familiar with 'Get Rich or Die Trying'? That if you don't own a Mercedes or something, you're nothing. So they try to make themselves look rich even if they can't afford it. Getting broken on credits, eventually forced to steal or do drugs. In the end, all this lands them in jail if they don't fight this 'culture' forced into them.

Their culture is engineered so they can be enslaved. The solution is simple, burn your TV, radio and newspapers.

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 11:35 PM
its a social problem, not blacks or anyother racial group that is the problem. its all social. go anywhere that is'nt funded or dos'nt have a very good upkeep, you will always find crime no matter what color people are.

once that area obtains a reputation then it is very hard to find work locally. it's even like that in britian, i can think of at least a few estates that have a rep and an employeer would certainly consider that before taking you on.

the area being run down can also lead to low aspriations.

the only way to get by for some is to join in the crime to make a buck.

then you get gangs forming. once these form they educate the young kids growing up in the area and it continues.

vanderlism and under funding just adds to the problems.

it can all be solved, it means taking the kids of the streets and educating them, funding the area to turn it around, provide jobs and programmes that help those who want to change to change their area for themselves.

there are estates like that in britian that are mostly white. people move out, you have numerous houses boarded up. who are they going to move there to fill those houses? when nobody wants to live there?

the poor/black/white/criminals/anti social residents, the problem continues.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 12:01 AM
Lets all try and open our minds here. Its not not black or white (no pun intended) but plenty of gray area. Theres no one solid answer as to why..but here are a few points.

I think black people as a whole (race) are set hundreds of years behind whites to begin with due to slavery and oppression starting back hundreds of years ago.

Now lets think about this..if a group of people were made to be slaves(blacks) and were not able to have their own, do what they wanted, or formulate and act on their own ideas as to how to live and gain wealth and etc... while a the other group of people(slave owners/oppressors) did what they wanted and had practice over hundreds of years prospering through their own self thought which included making money off slave labor, staring businesses, working of their own volition and keeping their earnings, thus evolving in a manner that in todays society is accepted what to be the norm or so called "right action" then that says a lot in its self.

So we go from being slaves to being free...OH WOW, what do we do with ourselves now!? Good question, because upon being freed our minds were so far behind the curve...(lets just say 400 years worth) all we pretty much know is hard labor and not to our own profit.

So lets look at this..were now physically in the same spot as whites but our minds were set back hundreds of years with no real progression while whites had years of progression generation after generation.

So thats a lot of years of bitterness, anger, repression, hostility and so forth. And not to mention we still were not all the way free! For the longest time rights were not equal, court systems were unfair(which sometimes still are)

Which brings me to my next point of systematic slavery of blacks through unfair laws, racism, segregation, and not to mention mind control. lets not forget they were years ahead mentally, and also status and economically.

So through unfair laws, discrimination of employment, segregation, mistreatment of our women, mind control...we were still held down. Which when a person or persons are oppressed then they act out! Not forgetting about the hundreds of years of pent up anger, and a whirl wind of negative emotions inside from physical slavery to match.

One main key factor of mind control and keeping us down was DIVISION! We were made through a trick of the mind to hate our own selves based upon silly differences such as light not liking dark; big not liking small; this neighborhood vs that one! Which wasnt hard to accomplish seeing the upperhand mentally whites had!

Not to mention when you go from being slaves for hundreds of years and having nothing then you want to just have something!! And that was played upon and embedded into our conciousness as a race. Thus leading us only to see short term and have something of value only in the moment and not setting ourselves and families up for generations to come.

Thats where all the cars, jewelry, clothes...comes in! which divides also cause we wanna shine harder than the next man. So a lot of that has been passed down from generation to generation and so on and thats all we know(so to speak). Think about it...Since forever whites have controlled the media and that includes radio, television and what not..and they include music, shows, movies etc. And since forever has the black man been portryed as a gangsta, or just on tv looking good shining in a nice car a jewelry.

So with us coming out of slavery being hundreds of years behind the curve and with the help of SOME whites who wanted to keep us enslaved mentally which would in affect keep us down in every way, the traits and effects of that were and are still are being passed down.

But that is in no way excusing the behavior or making an excuse not to be better. I just dont deny what happened and how it still affects us. But I also know we have to step out of the old conditioning and change ourselves, because no matter the cause its in our hands now.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 12:14 AM
There are many ideas in this thread some racist, some prejudiced, some ignorant and just some stupid. See if you can find each. Maybe the disproportionate number of black men has to with the fact that so many police and others in the judicial system share the mentality of so many of you in this thread. I won't even get into the fact that many are railroaded or wrongly accused of crimes. I recently had a "white" friend tell me how one of his friends committed insurance fraud and blamed the vehicle theft on "some black guy". (sure I got the edited version of what he called him) If you don't think that stiffer penalties exist as do more aggressive enforcement of laws for minorities in general you're kidding yourself. I personally have been pulled over, while in uniform mind you, and treated like a thug. Why because the cop said I looked suspicious. Yeah suspicious federal employee, sure. And when I'm not in uniform I get asked "where do I work?" I'm assuming because of the car I drive. Can any of you claim similar treatment? Some of you are basing your views on what you see in videos and television and by a minority of people. When the reality is that "regular" black people are just like "regular" white people. Should I base my views of other whites by the white child molesters, serial killers, and thieves and assume that all whites are the same or have a genetic predisposition for the aforementioned behavior. Pretty ignorant and stupid of me to prejudge the many on the actions of a few. But what do I know? I'm just an uneducated mailman. (regular black guy)

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 12:41 AM
well, i'll keep this post as short as i can (i'm smoking my bowl at the moment). Not to attack anyone on this forum, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how warped or convoluted it may be. Now with that being said, almost all of the replies on the this forum is from the view of outside looking in, but what i have to say comes from the inside looking out.

Magic Johnson has some of most successful business in the country. His starbucks cafe (in a black neighborhood) ranks in the top tier for profit!

As a black american (i see myself as american, race is trivial to a point) i feel this is one of those times that i must chime in. Your question cannot be answered so easily and the solution is not something that can come "suddenly". What i say is mostly how i feel about this situation.

I will make my points brief, well...i'll try to be

1) Being black, what i do is monitored more closely than someone else who white. And yes i have been a victim of racial profiling quite a few times. I do not dress, talk or walk like a thug even though i dress "black" (whatever the hell that means). What your statics won't tell you is the number of total arrests per race and how many actually "sticked" (that would be an interesting static).

2) It is an economic and education problem. With a crappy school system you really have very options to move up the economic ladder. I mean hell, when a kid has no faith in the school system to learn something, they are gonna learn on the streets. I remember a study that was run (on one of the MSM) that actually stated that someone white with a criminal background has a better chance of being hired than someone who is black with a degree.. eat that static!!!

3)Business and Housing discrimination. Yes it still exists and still goes on. It is harder to get loans for anything be it business or a loan for a house if your black. The chances of you "gettin out tha hood" are already lessened because of your address as well. This affects jobs, trying to rent an apartment in tha burbs, college prospects and such.

4) C.R.E.A.M is the name of the game. If you don't know what cream is, then i suggest you jump over to youtube or google video, type in cream by wu-tang clan and see what reallys good! F what you heard, money talks and bull# walks. Whatever you want, want ever you do, you need money in America. I want you to see how many black folks are locked up over drug charges and compare that number to the total black inmate population, i'll bet that statistic would be eye's all about money chief.

(A quicky:Just because i'll be profiled more and heavier than my white counterpart, i have a higher chance of being caught)

The hoods knows this, always new it. The difference is...(i don't want to speak for the hood cuz everyone is different. Things i would do isn't neccessarily what the next man will) i just don't care. Be it you get it by flippin a brink, workin as a scientist, a political figure or whatnot. 4g's is 4g' is money, it's all covered in blood we all know the history of this country and its foundation. If not then i suggest you pick up not one book, but many. One perspective is never right.

Being poor and uneducated your going to do what you got to do in order to get that money. And being poor and uneducated you are going to see that more than likely, the only chance you have to get money is committing a crime. When when you do the crime, you do the time. So you way your, should i do such and such and get x amount of dollar and risk doing time...or do i continue to work at my low paying job for 25 more years and pray real hard that 401k and social security is still around when i retire.

People don't have to see this post negatively or as something akin to being racist. And i hope my post gives you chance to see things as seen in tha hood. Every hood is the same, just the lingo changes.

Cenpuppie people, step your game up.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 01:36 AM
Originally posted by ProfessorGoldstein

There are many times more poor whites in America than blacks. Their crime rate is not anywhere near as high.

Statistics from the 2005US Census:
Black households had the lowest median income in 2005 ($30,858) among race groups...The median income for non-Hispanic white households was $50,784...Poverty rates remained statistically unchanged for blacks (24.9 percent) and Hispanics (21.8 percent). The poverty rate decreased for non-Hispanic whites (8.3 percent in 2005, down from 8.7 percent in 2004)"

There are many times (almost exactly three times) more poor blacks in America than whites as far as I read the numbers. Using my superior white brain (sorry, couldn’t resist), I have to conclude based on the evidence in front of me that you pulled this number out of thin air (or are repeating something someone told you and haven’t researched it yourself).

Bureau of Justice Statistics
I initially misread the above chart as the crime rate, but it’s actually the violent crimes done TO the race. In other words, if you are black you are more likely to be a victim of violent crime!

Let’s take a look at the at the The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting statistics from 2007:

For those who don’t read the source for themselves (shame!), a few important highlights:

  1. The majority (69.7 percent) of persons arrested in 2007 were white. Whites accounted for 58.9 and 67.9 percent of persons arrested for violent crimes and property crimes, respectively.
  2. White juveniles comprised 67.0 percent of juveniles arrested in 2007.
  3. Black juveniles accounted for 50.7 percent of juveniles arrested for violent crime, and white juveniles comprised 65.7 percent of juveniles arrested for property crime.

There are some possible caveats to this data (they are arrests, not convictions, and a person may be arrested multiple times in a year). However, it appears to fly in the face of your argument.

The next tried tested and poor excuse is education, that blacks don't receive good education. Again, simply not true, our schools haven't been segregated for more than 60 years. Blacks children receive the SAME exact education as white children but continuously lag behind.

And because schools are no longer technically segregated, how does that “prove” that they receive the same education? While agree that non-whites are “lagging” behind in terms of scores; National Education Statistics, if you look at the access to technology further down that page, it’s an extremely wide gap between whites and blacks (with the advantage going to whites). Technological access is just one example of how blacks and whites don’t get the “SAME exact education.” On a side note, “same exact” is a little redundant, isn’t it? Ran out of room, post continues….

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 01:36 AM
Originally posted by ProfessorGoldstein

For instance black's brains are 30% smaller on average than white's brains.

I could not access this article directly, but here’s a snippet from the abstract: “…there is no acceptable proof that the cortex of Negroes is thinner in whole, or in any layer, than that of Europeans. It is concluded that vast claims have been based on insubstantial evidence.”
A few points made on the Wikipedia article bear mentioning:

  1. Methodology used: how accurate is the test theory that is used? Classical Test theory (and it’s share of criticisms) or Item Response Theory?
  2. IQ tests and their viability are still debated and argued over their effectiveness and accuracy.
  3. Who funds the research? (From Wikipedia) “Proponents of genetic explanations of race/IQ correlation, such as Rushton, Lynn, and Jensen, have often been criticized for receiving funding from the Pioneer Fund, a group that had ties to Nazis and the eugenics of the early 20th century. The Southern Poverty Law Center considers the Pioneer Fund to be a hate group. Rushton is the current head of the Pioneer Fund and has spoken at conferences of the American Renaissance magazine, in which he has also published articles.”
    The Wikipedia article itself has enough information and links to keep you busy for a long time. MY conclusion was far different from yours, as I think you were looking for evidence that proved your presupposition. I forced myself to enter into this research as open-minded to where the evidence would lead me as I could be.

Here's a simple diagram that a scientist made comparing the brain size of a black male to a white male.

The one on top is the white male's brain, the one on the bottom is the black male's brain.

At least you said “simple diagram” because WOW does that look like a 5 year old drew that! And how is a drawing “proof” that any respectable scientist (which you seem to claim to be) would accept?

It does not take a genius to figure out that lower intelligence = higher crime, since crime is after all acts that are uncivilized. Rape, murder, etc, are all barbaric animal-like practices.

Connect the dots.

I did connect the dots and got a different picture! Some of the most heinous crimes of murder, rape, etc on vast scales were committed by extremely intelligent non-black men. If anything, I would argue that the MORE “intelligence” you have, the easier it is to “intellectualize” away murder, etc. as “necessary,” or some other such hogwash that people such as Hitler, the US Gov’t with Native Americans, European Social Darwinists and their foray into the “Dark Continent” have carried out.

And don't dare cry racism, it get's old. It's not like I'm lying to you here, go to the morgue and have them split open the skull of a deceased white or asian male and then a deceased black male and then compare brain sizes. The former are much, much larger that you would actually be quite surprised at the difference. ~30% is a large amount.

No bias here, no racism. It's simple science that can be measured and tested.

Hmm, how bout you go to the morgue, do that for a large sample, take PICTURES, and post your findings?
To Summarize: To me it appears the premise of the argument is false, that blacks "commit more crimes." If anything, it appears that blacks are convicted of crimes more often than others. There's also the crime being pulled right in front of us by the Fed, Treasury, and Wall Street...
I agree with the poster who admonished people to take responsibility for their actions, regardless of education, race, or income. YOU choose to break the law. Period.

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 02:02 AM

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by ProfessorGoldstein

If this is the same Professor Goldstein I had 4 or 5 terms ago, I could not argue with her as she was without question the most intelligent person I have ever met and had the privilege to study under. One may feel free to disagree with her, but I can assure you, if in fact this is the same person, her information is well documented and easily proven.

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 02:13 AM
reply to post by uberdave223

Are you really using wikipedia as a credible reference for anything other than how to make a peanut butter sandwich? This is a user based definition site, it is notoriously un-credible. I will be most happy to listen to anything you have to say, if you can provide some credible evidence not something I wouldn't allow a 4th grader to use as citation.

Better yet why not just take a little field trip to your local coroner's office and either ask him to see a pair of cadavers, one black male and one white male that has had head trauma and an autopsy, or ask him directly if he has witnessed this himself. Then come back and let us know what you have found.

I personally do not know as I have never studied or witnessed either cadaver's brain. So I will refrain from just voicing an opinion that has no basis in fact, or evidence. I would imagine though a coroner would gladly provide the information to you if he would not allow you to see for yourself.

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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by uberdave223

You are using statistics that are based in percentages. 24% of 10000 is 2400 where as 8% of 100,000 is 8 thousand. Statistics based in percentages are not raw numbers I am not saying that professor Goldstein is right (unless it is the same professor Goldstein I had, in which case I am familiar with the accuracy level she has demonstrated in my experiences; at which point I would agree with her) but I am saying that you are using statistics to say what you want them to say. The simple fact is just as I stated, a percentage is not a raw number and the comparison is similar to comparing apples and oranges. Get raw numbers to back your position and it will give you much more credibility. The government is famous for using percentage based statistics to get you to believe what they want you to believe. I hope you don't put much faith in that.

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