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My real life observations of the New World Order

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posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 12:51 PM
I wanted to post my observations about what I've noticed here in the UK over the last couple of years, mainly because to me it seems to have ramped up markedly over the last 18 months to the point where government interference in everyday life in the form of what you're allowed & not allowed to do, & the fines for ridiculous things, is completely out of hand.

I have my own thoughts on how I think a lot of this ties together & where its going, & I'd just like to outline it here. I've felt kind of uneasy about the whole New World Order thing for a while, what would it be like if it happened & could they really impliment it, but right now I get the feeling that we're on the cusp of it becoming a reality, & it frightens me deeply.

I think that all of this interference & fining is to get people used to having the government looking over your shoulder at every little thing that you do and to create social unrest, I'll paint my bigger picture in the next post, but to highlight how petty things are:

Firstly, you'll have seen on ATS the crazy news stories about how some agencies are suggesting that if your child doesn't like spicy/foreign food that they are showing racist tendancies - well this kind of government interference is rampant.

Someone recently got fined over £75 ($150 - which rose to £300/$600 when she contested it) for putting their garbage can out on the wrong day (, you can get fined for putting the wrong type of rubbish in the wrong garbage can, or even overfilling the trash can (£210 / $410

(they're also going to be microchipping the cans to measure how much waste you throw away so that they can tax you more).

I saw an article today about how a private car clamping firm will now issue £100 fines to people who swear at their staff (how can they issue fines?), you can't smoke in public areas, which some of you might think is a good thing, but it is killing the Pub trade stone dead (one of the places where people traditionally socialise), & theres a rumour of a £1 per pint new tax to tackle the imaginery problem of "binge drinking" which will take the cost of a pint to around £3.50 ($7) to £5 ($10) depending on where you live. That really will be the end of the pub trade.

People have been fined because their small children have accidentally dropped a few potato chips (crisps) or sweets on the street, as toddlers do while trying to ram them into their mouths!

You can get fined for flicking ash out of the window of your car if you're smoking whilst driving.

Under the guise of environmental policy car tax will now increase for most people, you need a Home Information Pack (£500/$1000) if you want to sell your house, etc, etc.

It just goes on & on.

My own overall feeling with all of this stems from my observation over the last few years of the government focussing & making a big deal out of minority groups rights for any little thing that you can think of. Anyone who stands up & questions any of this is labelled as racist, or sexist, or ageist, or homophobic, or xenophobic, or biggoted, etc, etc, etc & I think its a bad thing.

Not because I don't agree with people having their rights protected, clearly they should have, & racism etc is not acceptable in any way shape or form, but I feel that there is a much more sinister force at work here.

Basically I get the impression that what is occuring is the fracturing & fragmentation of any form of cohesive society. In other words, what the government is encouraging is the grouping, labelling, or branding of different people into different isolated & often diametrically opposed groups based on some personal trait, belief, or behaviour.

All of these groups then form their own community, with the members of that community cont.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 01:15 PM
cont. the members of that community bound together by their similarities, & feeling aggrieved or maybe even happy that they are a group distinct from "normal" or "mainstream" society. For example, you get the gay community, the muslim community, the black community, gay rights groups, christian rights groups, etc, etc, etc.

The point that I'm trying to make here is that each of these groups has a different agenda & different wants & needs, & they focus solely on what they want for their members. The gay community is hardly likely to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Muslim community, nor the muslim community with the Christian community, etc for any given reason, because the cause of one group has no interest to the others.

So whilst these groups are full of people bound together by their similarities, they are forced apart from other groups because of their abject differences. If on the other hand we were all just the UK citizens community, then we would all stand together united, but that seems to not happen because of the fragmentation of society into small divided & distinctly different groups.

I think you can trace the roots of this back to the destruction of the Unions, where large groups of people could be organised to stand together in one united show of defiance to the authorities - once it was gone the power available to ordinary people to say NO to our leaders was diminished, & I think that this development of our society has dramatically weakened it further.

If you then think about some of the points earlier, about how the pub trade is being systematically dismantled by punitive tax hikes & regulation, you can get the impression that what is actually occuring is the steady removal of the ability of people to meet in groups & discuss things, or in other words to voice their dismay & to organise themselves to do something.

If you then think about the supposed "internet 2" thats going to be rolled out, where heavy censorship will be possible, you'll have to pay to get outside the "free" websites (like your satelitte TV charge for access to different programmes), etc, then you can easily see that there will be no way for ordinary people to pass information freely or easily, it will isolate people into small groups with no ability to organise anything that would stand against any government policy whatsoever.

This of course would be bolstered by the law being pushed that allows people to be locked up for 42 days without charge (remember the old aged pensioner who was threatened with arrest as a terrorist for shouting "rubbish" at one of our politicians?)

Imagine how much worse it will suddenly get in a recession with people out of work & with little money, with petrol prices very high so that people can't afford to travel - small isolated communities without the means to communicate or discuss with one another.

The thing is though it isn't just in the UK. If you think about the US army conducting marshall law drills in towns, the Haliburton camps, the Iran crisis (which I'm sure it will become), financial problems leaving people with nothing & effectively in servitude, the stock market crashing, maybe even currency being destroyed & you have the scenario for the actual introduction of the New World Order. It doesn't take much of a leap of the imagination to see microchipping of people, etc, etc from there at all.

It looks to me like things are being prepared for it to happen, the army drills & the camps in particular, but I just feel that the final nails of the housing/banking/stock market crashing will push people to a point where they have nothing & they will accept anything as a way out from that.

I fully believe that we will see the true initiation of the New World Order begin in earnest within the next 12 - 24 months, & unfortunately I just don't see how it can be stopped.

Thanks for reading, comments welcomed, especially ones that disagree & can make me feel better for the future

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 01:44 PM
Very good observations, i do think there are things we can do about it the very fact we are aware of this is a good thing.

When or if they try to mandate implamenting of microchips in human beings is when we will hear a major out cry some people hopefully most will decline this and they will relize we wont stand for it.

But you bring up some good points.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 01:48 PM
Thanks for your reply.

My fear is that people are going to lose their jobs, their homes, & their savings & have literally nothing. I worry that life is going to be so bleak that if the government said that they were implimenting aid programmes for food, shelter, & jobs, but to administer it you'd need to be chipped, then they'd just do it & be grateful.

Of course there's always the terrorist angle they could play, or the "only for Americans" so we need to chip you to make sure you're not an illegal immigrant, or probably a zillion other ways that people would just go along with it.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 02:05 PM
I couldn't agree more.
In my opinion what they are doing is clever. You have to give them that.
First off I would like to take a closer look at the whole smoking thing.
Here are some facts about tobacco in general. And please consider these carefully, I have done my research when it comes to this.
1. Nicotine is clinically proven to be more addictive than "HEROINE"
2. 99% of all smokers started smoking before the age of 18
3. I am not sure about each country in general, but I think that it would be fair to say that you could average out the tax in general, on tobacco to be around 85%
4. The average smoker looses about 15-20 years of life

Smokers may cost the health care system money. This is true, however how much do the coffers benefit by having you croak years earlier than you are supposed to?
When it comes time to collect on all the benefits you have paid in to your whole life, old age pension ect. its not like you get to cash that out when you die. They keep it you know.
They put up signs saying we cannot sell tobacco to people under the age of 18... Yeah that works well
Why is it you can buy a deadly product that's more addictive than heroine. In any gas station, liquor store, pharmacy, grocery store, vending machines? does this make it impossible for underage's to buy these products?
Here is a thought. If you are a smoker go to your doctor tell him how much you smoke, he will issue you a card that you take to your pharmacist and have filled once a month.
Where then, do kids find cigarettes to smoke? They aren't getting mine I only get this card filled once a month.
The most disgusting thing to me is the fact that they know this. But your kids don't mean sh@# to them, the money they squeeze out of them when they become addicts means a lot more to them.
What I have said is my opinion and I am entitled to it

What's that you say? children are warned about the serious health effects of smoking, why yes they are aren't they, we all know if you tell teenagers not to do something because its bad they wont do it right?
Wrong fact is we all know we are all dumb at that age. That's why we don't prosecute children as adults because they are F^@&ING STUPID and because you know if you want them to do something, you should tell them not to

So where does that leave us? a world where we need to pay an exuberant amount and require a prescription for our vitamins, and yet freely "available" cigarettes for minors
Have I gone mad? Or am I the only person with half a brain left?

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 02:17 PM
Something is definitely up, I don't think anyone can deny that.

When you look at the European Union and realise so many countries have said no to it, but they try to ram it through anyway. Or make countries vote over and over until they say yes, and that's it. Then you have the North American Union. And the Prime Minister of Australia recently declaring there should be an Asian Union which bascially caught many people offguard. I mean if people aren't starting to wake up yet...

America resembles Germany in the 1930's. A fabricated enemy (terrorists) to scare the populace. The removal of civil liberties. An economic collapse. The parallels are scary, especially when you consider what happened next.

Will the World Government be then put in place to "prevent such a thing happening again"? When you look at Iran, and I've heard some well-respected people say they just don't understand why war there is even being contemplated, it does look very concerning. Listen to what Ron Paul said about his colleagues in congress, "they just go along to get along without thinking".

The food shortage will no doubt result in the death of millions.

Something is going to happen there is no doubt in my mind, though what exactly I'm not sure.

At the end of the day I don't think they'll succeed anytime soon or ever ultimately. But I do think one way or another a high price will be paid for these psychopaths ambitions.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 02:22 PM
That's pretty frightening stuff. Sorry I can't say anything to make you feel better about it. These are the things that I have been afraid of for months now. I left the US east coast and traveled to the west coast for a job last year with the thought that "sit x" will probably not happen anytime too soon but I have fears that I was wrong, seeing that the US is now on the brink of collapse. Getting back to the east coast to be near my family is now my highest priority.

The part about the gas prices being so high that people cannot travel... that set off an alarm for me personally. Luckily, I just landed a job and will be leaving next weekend to travel back home. I'm budgeting $1000 just for gas for this trip. If I had to wait much longer, it may be impossible for me to go.

It seems to me that they are testing the implementation of these laws in the UK to refine their practices before implementing them in the US.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 02:58 PM
all u need 2 do is type in white boxcars & u will c 4 yourself. az has no mex 6/28/08 now. on bordor nuke test 2b soon I hrd Nov . ck site 4 more info

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 03:31 PM
Thanks for your thoughts guys.

One thing thats really sttod out for me these last 18 months is that Britain now reminds me greatly of the old "jobsworths" that there used to be in the 50's - "I can't let you do that mate, it's more than my jobs worth!"

They were self officious people in minor council/local authority roles who liked to wield power over other people, no matter how petty or trivial.

I really feel like we haven't just returned to that but actually far surpassed it. I feel really downtrodden, like you have to be careful about everything you do & say, even when putting the garbage out ! otherwise you end up in trouble.

Maybe thats the plan, to grind people down until they have no spirit or fight left so that they'll just roll over without a fight.

Maybe I need some Prozak!

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by Power_Semi

The craziest thing I have found in the UK for myself is that you do not longer have power over your child. If you want your child to stay away from drugs, knives and TV, you will sooner or later have to punish him. ANd government than will get your child away from you because of "abuse". This is crazy.

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 04:28 PM
reply to post by Power_Semi

Those who haven't seen this video should watch it.

The Truth about what's going on in the world

With the New World Order.

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 04:31 PM
So the world is going to pot because they fine people for littering and leaving their garbage out all week, increase car taxes (which pay for parking and roads) and claim the pub trade is dying?

Thanks for the laughs.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 02:56 PM
No scotty.

If your child drops a few crisps you don't deserve a fine for it.

If you put your garbage can out on Wednesday but collection is on Thursday you don't deserve a fine for it (the garbage can is outside anyway, you just wheel it onto the street).

Road tax does not pay for parking (?)

Any increase will not be used to build new roads.

The entire global warming/ green issue is just an excuse to milk more tax from the public. If you want to swallow it like a sheep & pay more, & have the government poke their noses into every aspect of your life so that they can fine you even more, then I can only assume that you're either an idiot or a politician.

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