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Covenant theory, Jews and the Nordics

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 01:05 AM
This idea popped into my head after a lot of thinking and I’ve sort of connected a few dots to get where I am now, bear with me………

There’s a theory that suggest biblical characters from the Old Testament were in fact ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. The theory proposes such things as Abraham was Amenemhet I, King Solomon was Siamun, Moses was Thutmose III, King David was Psusennes and Jacob was Yakubher. The evidence for these claims consists of similar dates:

(Jacob: 1758 – 1611 BC, King Yakubher reign: 1655 – 1646 BC)

(King David reign: 1012 – 962 BC, Psusennes reign: 1039-991 BC)

(Moses: 1527 – 1407 BC, Thutmose the third reign: 1479 - 1425 BC)

(Abraham: 2055 – 1880 BC, Amenemhet the first reign: 1991 – 1962 BC)

(King Solomon reign: 970 – 931 BC, Siamun reign: 978 – 959 BC)

And historical evidence establishing Jewish hyksos kings as the secret rulers of Egypt. To summarize these claims as best I can, Yakubher or ‘Jacob’ makes a deal or covenant with god where he is promised a nation and a company of nations that shall come from him and kings that will spring from him. Jacob takes his sons and his Hebrew clan and migrates from Canaan into Egypt. This Hebrew migration into Egypt closely parallels Egyptian history when the Semitic hyksos migrants overthrew the Egyptian pharaohs and seized the throne of Egypt. One of the Semitic hyksos leaders who became king of Egypt was Yakubher, since Yakubher is the Aramean name for Jacob. Egyptology experts interpret this as factual evidence that the biblical Jacob and the hyksos king Yakubher were one of the same, historical records show that the Semitic hyksos kings ruled Egypt for over a hundred years. The Egyptian people rebuild against these Semitic kings and pushed them into northern Egypt. By 1500 BC a peace agreement was reached between the Egyptians and the Semitic hyksos, which allowed the hyksos people to leave Egypt peaceably and move to Palestine and Jerusalem in the Egyptian controlled land of Canaan. Their gradual and peaceful migration closely matches the bible story of the Semitic Hebrew exudes from Egypt into Canaan in 1447 BC.

And so from Yakubher (Jacob) seizing the throne of Egypt - to the Egyptian people rebelling against the Semitic kings, the rulers of Egypt were Jewish hyksos kings such as Psusennes, Siamun, Amenemhet I and Thutmosis III… Now, the covenant Yakubher made with god is what I suspect to be a deal he made with the Nordics. Now where Divide Icke went wrong with the bloodlines and Royalty being reptilians, the truth of it all is, the covenant Yakubher made with the Nordics is still going to this day where the British Monarch is now what used to be Jewish hyksos kings ruling Egypt. The Queen doesn’t have reptilian DNA, but is instead the descendant of these Jewish kings through bloodlines. The Queen now rules as the ruling crown fulfilling the covenant Yakubher made with the Nordics. The reason I’m suggesting the Nordics is because the greys and reptilians seem to be the fallen angles – eg Satan and the greys came down to earth and genetically altered some of us to become the Nephilim – hybrids. This is exactly what they are doing now with abductions, Hercules and the Titans are a good example. The Jews are the Nordics chosen race - god’s actions, words and deeds in the bible’s Old Testament show god’s extreme favoritism for the Jews generally and for Hebrew males in particular and terrorizes, punishes and kills the enemies of the Hebrews. The greys attempted to alter us genetically so the Nordics caused a worldwide flood killing off the mutated humans, only Noah’s family is survived because they were unblemished or spotless (genetically). There is also a substantial amount of evidence linking the British Monarch with ancient Egyptian Pharaohs with facts and questions like:

1) What is the Stone of Jacob a Hebrew patriarch doing beneath the Queen’s throne chair?

2) Why was the Queen crowned at her coronation ceremony on top of a symbolic Egyptian step Pyramid?

3) The monarchs crown has 12 stones at the base each representing the twelve Hebrew tribes, the twelve stones of the 12 tribes were also worn on the breastplate of Hebrew high priests in Canaan.

4) The Union Jack represents the reunion of the United Kingdom of the 12 tribes of Jacob or Jack-ob, the Union Jack is red, white and blue, the three colours of the three crowns of Egypt.

5) The royal sceptre originates in ancient Egypt and was carried by the Egyptian god Amen and by Egyptian Pharaohs who called themselves the son of god, the royal sceptre is now carried by Queen Elisabeth II.

6) The Queen’s punishing flail or whip is partially hidden under her arm, the flail or whip also originates with the pharaohs of ancient Egypt

7) The symbol of the bee can be found within the Queens royal wardrobe, in Ancient Egypt bees were the symbol of Egypt royalty as well as the symbol of Egypt.

8) The symbols on the British Coat of Arms revealed Britain’s Hebrew origin, according to the bible the harp symbolizes the Hebrew King David, the biblical lion and unicorn holding up the shield symbolize the nation of Israel. The motto ‘Dieu et mon droit’ means god and my right, indicating the divine right of the British Monarch to an eternal throne.

9) The headdress worn by judges and the Queens high ranking officials originate in ancient Egypt.

10) Kilts like the one by Prince Charles originate with the Egyptian pharaohs who wore white kilts.

11) The hymn Zadok the Priest written by Handel was preformed at the Queens coronation in 1952, Zadok the Priest was a biblical priest who anointed the Hebrew King Solomon while the people cried “God save the king Solomon, long live the King Solomon, may the King live forever, Amen.” Compared to “god save Queen Elisabeth, long live Queen Elisabeth, may the queen live forever”

12) During the coronation ceremony the queen turns to face the four corners of the globe, the orb carried by the queen represents the globe over which the monarch rules.

13) The monarch’s coronation gifts of a rod, bracelets and a ring are a re-enactment of the bible story of the Hebrews Judah and Tema.

14) Royal Jubilees originate in ancient Egypt, Egyptian pharaohs celebrated their Jubilees after thirty years of rule. In Pharaonic tradition the Queen as calibrated both silver and gold Jubilees.

15) Incest was practiced by ancient Egyptian royalty, mothers married sons and brothers married sisters to keep the power and the money all in the family. Like their Pharaonic ancestors the British Monarchy has a long history of incestrious inbreeding.

16) The corpses of deceased pharaohs were preserved and entombed beneath their pyramid temples, the corpses of 19 deceased British monarchs are also preserved in marbled tomb slabs beneath the modern day temple called Westminster Abbey.

17) The ancient pharaohs advertised their power with their image on coins and stone monuments, the power of the Queen world wide is advertised with her image printed on more coins and stamps then any other head of state in history

18) The structure of government in Ancient Egypt was a step pyramid model with a grand vizier and priesthood one step behind the pharaoh, today’s monarchy reigns with a much more sophisticated model of authority –

World monarch
Crown council of 13 and world’s richest most powerful families
Committee of 300 world’s richest most powerful sub-families, think tanks,
World financial control: central banks, tax revenue, interest revenue, bank of international settlements
World resource control: MasterCard, Exxon, NYSE,
World population control: church, governments, schools media,
Population resources – labour units: debt slaves, sheeple.

19) The Popes headdress is strikingly similar to the headdress of Egyptian god Amen, his bent cross resembles the sceptre of Amen.

20) Like the Egyptian pharaohs British Monarchs wore signet rings which over the millennia have been passed down from their Hebrew ancestors.

21) The British Mint printed legal tender coins called the one true ring and the ring of power, on one side of the coin is Queen Elisabeth II on the flip side is the ring for Lord of the Rings. These legal tender coins printed by the British Mint raised the disturbing question – who is the real lord of the rings? The inscription on the ring reads – one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness of their ignorance bind them.

22) The covenant that the biblical god gave to Abraham was a promise to make his name great and to make for him a great nation, today great Britain is the only nation called Great. In Hebrew the word Brit-Ain written literally means land of the covenant and Brit- Ish means man of the covenant.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 01:37 AM
Nice post with good questions!

I have study this same issue, and I know how difficult is it, and it takes lot of time. I have try to make a picture from all nordic Kings and put them to same kind of assume, that ancient bloodlines are still in power in Nordic monarchy.

Sweden is almost certainly one of the survived bloodlines from Byzantine. Its interesting what swedish government give answer from their past in wikipedia:

The actual age of the kingdom of Sweden is unknown.

So, no official history for King of Sweden. How can history of the crown be unknown? Really? Do you believe it, or they will not say where their King came in first place... From Byzantine Body Quard. ( Brotherhood of Royals )

History of Vikings, (VI - Six kings ) is interesting, but very difficult to explore, have you study more this issue, where I see England Royals to be most powerful member of same bloodline and family today.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by JanusFIN

Yes i know a little about the Viking history - they named themselves after their six great ancestors, the six Hebrew hyksos kings who once ruled Egypt. Six – Hyksos – kings = VI-Kings. The ‘vi’ in their name is the Roman numeral for 6 – 6 Kings.

Historically the philistines, the Babylonians and Persians conquered the land of Canaan which the Hebrew people called Israel, the Hebrew tribes of Manesseh and Dan joined forces and became the Macedonians or Macedanians (Manasseh + Dan = Macedanians) they wore white kilts like the Egyptian pharaohs, played goat skinned bagpipes, adopted the Greek culture and settled along the River Danube which they named after the tribe of Dan.

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 02:13 AM
reply to post by andre18

Your post tells a story why there are thousands of Macedonians living in Sweden today, and why its so easy to them get a permit to stay and work there...

What kingdoms you put to VIkings, or do you see them as one? I have think that it was maybe union of kings, or did it work under same king...

Where you see Vikings today? What is made by them, or still managed by them?

I have learned that USA is a work of Vikings, under close support of England. That makes me assume that there had to been Union Of Kings, under common name, and not one tribe, like we have been teached before.

Thanks from lightening answers!

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by JanusFIN

Also - the Hebrew tribes dispersed from the land of Israel and joined together into a ferocious force of brutal worriers and were the largest tribe of Israel and the first to replace the god of Judaism with Pagan fertility gods, the tribe of Dan became the sea fearing pirates, looting their way from Greece along the Mediterranean, leaving evidence of their migration root. They incorporated the name of Dan into the names of Mountains, towns and rivers, like the mighty River Danube. They raided their way up the cost of Europe and built settlements in the British Isles and in Scandinavia, the country of Denmark literality means the mark of Dan. The Carvings of snakes and dragons on their ships, the red and white stripes on their sails and archaeological relics reveal that the tribe of Dan became the Vikings.

Joined by the Israeli tribe of Naphtali, they continued through the British Isles accumulating massive amounts of wealth, their king, King Canute was crowned King of England, Denmark, Norway and Sweden in 1016 AD and so the tribes of Israel found a new homeland and the throne of Israel had found a new throne, the throne of England. Danish royalty from the tribe of Dan intermarried and became related to almost all of the monarchies of Europe, including Queen Elisabeth of England, the bloodline of the tribe of Dan was firmly established in royal power circles. A unique Viking genetic disease called Dupuytren's contracture causing tightening of the tendons in the hand give it a claw like appearance, US president Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher contracted the Viking genetic disease and are believed to be descendants of the Vikings and thus descendants of the tribe of Dan.

"Thanks from lightening answers!" -I have some key notes in dote points relating to a future thread so it's just a matter of editing and copy and pasting....

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 02:50 AM
I admire your knowledge. The Graal of information for me...

Jerusalem - Vatican - London - DC

I see that triangle like this:
Vatican is the order,
London is the politics,
DC is the sword,
and Jerusalem is the goal.

Do you agree?

Byzantine fights 800 yrs war against Persia by the books of history. I think that in truth this war has never ended, and thats why Order doesnt need another declares of war against each others.

History is coming to one, and dark middle age has its clear timelines, and bright side too. (Kept in secret by Vatican)

Vikings was the sword of Order, and that sword belongs to USA today. Thats why its financed, and supported politically widely in all Christian States and UN. Crusades continues, like they has always done. Do you agree?

NWO is basically ancient agenda, and timeline support that fact?

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 03:06 AM

NWO is basically ancient agenda, and timeline support that fact?

Yes I agree with basically everything. It seems the NWO is a very old plan that started a long time ago in ancient Egypt.

Those three cities you mentioned belong to no nation and pay no taxes

Washington’s District of Colombia which is not part of the city of Washington or of the United States

The inner city of London which is not part of London or England

And Vatican City which is not part of Rome or Italy

These cities called city states have their own independent flag their own separate laws and their own separate identity, at the center of each city state is a towering monument called an obelisk that points skyward

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 03:57 AM
Obelisk, known as symbol of sun, is in every capital of Nordic states, and in the middle of every major Christian city:

Stockholm - Sweden

Kopenhagen - Denmark

Helsinki - Finland< br />
Oslo - Norway

St Petersburg - Russia

Coincidence? ... Just for fun and arts?

In official public history writing there is no clear connection between them, or common history given, or any simple reason to being given why does them stand like they are... As one symbol, and common sign for every state.

I see it like this: Worship of Sun (light and God) and its (brother) Lucifer (darkness) has grown inside in Christianity, not both among public, but with in politics and elite society as order of power in states.

I think that obelisk is truly a sign for followers of Lucifer (Elite). Worship of sun, is make to carry a cross, and named to sign a Cristian god among public, seen widely as churches and crosses above them.

Well known order is by bible, the words of sun, god. Secret knowledge is words of Lucifer, and public has been separated from royal order with this;

God is Sun and Order - Public knowledge
Lucifer is Wisdom and Rules - Elite knowledge

... There has to be a reason.

Most common knowledge is that Christianity is monotistic believe, and its confess only one god - thats also most greatest lie: Light and darkness is brothers, equal in their powers, but words of darkness is forbidden for public, and great secret of order.

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 04:22 AM
reply to post by JanusFIN

In DC city state the obelisk known as the Washington monument was dedicated to freemason George Washington by the freemason grand lodge of the District of Columbia.

In the centre of London city state is an Egyptian obelisk called Cleopatra’s needle, it was transported from Egypt and erected on the banks of the river Thames. These obelisks are monuments honoring the pagan sun god of Egypt called Amen Ra.

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 08:32 PM
Dear OP: When you say 'Nordics', you mean North/Northwestern Europeans correct? Those from the icey north? You don't mean the "Nordic aliens" some people have talked about are you? Because if you're referring to the offspring nations today of the Nordics of history, your post makes good sense. Particularly regarding the Queen; and furthermore allow me to remind everyone that George Bush the American President is a distant nephew of the Queen or some such, and has been knighted for service to the "Crown".

You probably have to sign up as a member and sign in to watch these two interviews, but it is quick and free, and more importantly so worth it to be a member to this site I'm about to link, because they have a VAST library of interviews with people like David Icke, Timothy Good, etc. The current month's interviews are always "pay members" only, but then when the next month begins they go into the archive with the rest and free members can watch. These videos I am presenting are free member videos.

These two videos are the same guy speaking about exactly this: That the Jewish Patriarchs were Hyksos Pharaohs. I suggest you to check this out if you are at all interested in this thread, as it is in the exact same vein.

Interview #1 with Ralph Ellis: Origins of the Bible

Interview #2 with Ralph Ellis: Jesus and the Pharaohs

And the website is if you'd like to sign up first before trying to click those member links I've posted..

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posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 12:31 AM
Wow! I was just talking to my husband tonight - telling him what my personal belief's are.

They are almost exactly as you describe.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 01:58 AM
reply to post by runetang

I apologize for the confusion but yes I am talking about the ‘alien’ Nordics, not the North-western European Nordics you are referring to. I also believe the god of the bible and the god of Judaism is one and the same. This god Amen is what I suspect to be an alien species of some sort such as the Nordics. For example - the Egyptian god Amen is used repeatedly throughout the bible and is hidden within the word test-amen-t. Today Amen is one of the most popularly used words in the entire world, it is used in religions such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism at the end of prayer. Without realizing it people are all over the world praising Amen – or the Nordic alien race……And as I have explained earlier the god of the Old Testament shows extreme favoritism for the Jews such as a promised land of the covenants. That covenant Abraham made had to be made between him and someone else – my theory suggests that certain someone was the race of Nordics….

I would not be inclined to put forth the greys as the aliens who made covenant with Abraham because they seem to symbolize the demons the devil etc…. The greys back in ancient times manipulated our DNA resulting in Giants – abnormally powerful humans who were hybrids half alien half human. Hercules is a good example of a half human and half god – or half alien who would be classified in the bible as the nephilim. (except Jesus – that’s an entirely different story with nothing to do with aliens)

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 06:58 AM
interesting theory

can anyone debunk any of this becuase some of this looks very plausible?

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 08:54 AM
Very plausible and a well put together argument andre! Star and a flag for you.

The link in the symbolism is extremely interesting, and something that I have been reading a lot about for a while. I especially find it interesting that egyptian symbolism is carried over into modern secret societies, as well as monarchical crests and flags. Their symbols were also influenced from Bablyon and Sumer before them. I think this is the reason freemasonry gets looped into a grand world-wide conspiracy. In actual fact it is an Egyptian/Babylonian/Sumerian conspiracy all along and that is why the symbology remains similar. The movement of these lines and symbols up and through Europe is interesting to trace.

And, living in Glasgow, we have a wonderfully symbolic obelisk of our own in Glasgow Green - the first ever monument in Britain erected in honour of Nelson.

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 11:15 AM
For God's sake man, do some research!
Sorry to all who will be scrolling up and down, but Im at work and dont have time to answer everything fully:

quick run through:
1) Stone of scone. Only legend dictates it was the pillow that Jacob slept on
2) Its called a plinth. Helps people at the back see whats going on
3) Which crown? There are a lot of crowns.
4) Comprised of The flag of England, Scotland and Ireland. If you had done a small amount of research then you would know that it is only called a Union 'Jack' when flown from the jack mast of an Admirals Ship
5) Sceptres were used by other countries aswell as Egypt
6) What whip? Whips have been used all around the world for keeping people in line or hitting animals with
7) Bees were never the symbol of Egyptian Rulers. They were classed as sacred
8) Where in the bible is a unicorn?
9) No it doesnt. It originates from 17th Century England and has remained
10) Picts are from Scotland, previously Ireland. All wore kilts
11) The national anthem if thats what you're refer to, does not have those lyrics
12) Uses text from the King James Bible. Its a Christian relgious ceremony. What would you prefer?
13) What bracelets? Please provide the information or link
14) Everyone celebrates how long they've been around. Why would the queen be different?
15) Incest has been practiced by all royal families. Just because the Egyptians did it doesnt make it a conspiracy
16) The'yre put in a place of special relgious significance. They are the head of the Church of England
17) How else would you know its a British coin if it doesnt have the Queen on it?
18) so...a ruler at the top who refuses to share power. Excluding the fact that the Queen is no longer the person in charge and it would be the Prime Minister instead.
19) So the pope wears a big hat. What of it?
20) Rings have been around since people could make them
21) Please state your source. Never seen these coins and I live in England
22) Britain was named by the Romans 'Britannia'

posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by Mark Roazhar

22) Britain was named by the Romans 'Britannia'

.... and it isn't a 'nation' : that would be the 'United Kingdom' - GB and Northern Ireland - UK is, strictly speaking, the single sovereign 'state'. Otherwise it's the separate countries of Scotland, England and its Principality Wales : the union between Scotland, England (and by proxy Wales) is what is refered to be Great Britain : this was superceded by the Union with Ireland in the 19th C which is titled the 'United Kingdom' (today only the Northern 6 counties of Ireland).

Now the 'British Isles' : that's another issue altogether

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posted on Apr, 15 2008 @ 04:08 PM

Originally posted by andre18
10) Kilts like the one by Prince Charles originate with the Egyptian pharaohs who wore white kilts.

That type of garment originated everywhere. They were simply easier to make than the relatively modern trousers.

All it takes it one bad stone in the foundation....and everything is on shaky footing.

posted on Apr, 20 2008 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by Mark Roazhar

Apologies for the very late reply – it took some time to find the right images….

1) Stone of scone. Only legend dictates it was the pillow that Jacob slept on

Let me give you the rundown on it - Jacob flees to bethel in Israel, he lays his head to rest on a large smooth stone and dreams of a stairway reaching to heaven like a ladder. The stairway in Jacobs dream describes the step pyramids built by Egyptian pharaohs like ladders reaching to heaven. The symbolic stone where the Hebrew Jacob laid his head thousands of years ago in Bethel is alternately called the stone of Jacob, the stone of destiny and the stone of scone. That same symbolic stone can be found underneath the British throne chair on top of the symbolic step pyramid where the queen and other British monarchs have been crowned.

3) Which crown? There are a lot of crowns.

This one -

5) Sceptres were used by other countries aswell as Egypt

I find the similarities way too striking –

6) What whip?

This whip – notice the similarities

9) No it doesnt. It originates from 17th Century England and has remained

Again look at the similarities –

10) Picts are from Scotland, previously Ireland. All wore kilts

Have a read at my first few replies where I’ve explained all about the Macedonians – also notice the kilt....

11) The national anthem if thats what you're refer to, does not have those lyrics

No I’m referring to the queens coronation –have a look at this link

19) So the pope wears a big hat. What of it?

Look at the stricking similarities –

21) Please state your source. Never seen these coins and I live in England

[edit on 20-4-2008 by andre18]

posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 05:40 AM
1) The Stone of Scone.

Only legend says where it came from and the stone has many legends surrounding it. It would be unethical to single out one and claim without research that this is the truth. One way to confirm this would be to take a test sample of the stone and compare it to local stones from the British Isles and those found in the Middle East.
The stone was returned to Sctoland some years ago amongst quite a lot of pomp and ceremony by the Scots

3) with reference to your earlier point then, it has a lot more than 12 stones set in it. 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, and 5 rubies.
I suppose if you take 5 rubies from 17 sapphires that would equal 12?

5) apart from being a stick held in the hand, the similarities end there. Heads are different, lengths are different, bases are different

6) If this is what youre on about, then Its not a whip

Its the gold trim and tassels of the robe

9) so youre not arguing that that they are from the 17th Century, but just for the fact that they look a bit alike!?

In that case...

Again, readers may notice the similarities

10) What has the settlement of the Danube have to do with Ireland/Scotland? None.
Please explain how the South Americans had a similar dress. Could it be that wearing a skirt is convenient as pointed out by MrPenny?

11) clicked the link, did a search. "Phrase not found"

19) Its descended from early Christian influences, which would include Judaism, which in turn would be influenced by Egyptian
This in iself does not mean a thing since the connection was with the British Royal family who have split from the Church in Rome since Henry VIII could marry all the women he wanted to! (a bit more complex than that but will do for example purposes)


21) The British Mint printed legal tender coins called the one true ring and the ring of power, on one side of the coin is Queen Elisabeth II on the flip side is the ring for Lord of the Rings. These legal tender coins printed by the British Mint raised the disturbing question – who is the real lord of the rings? The inscription on the ring reads – one ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness of their ignorance bind them.

21) Please state your source. Never seen these coins and I live in England

Thats from New Zealand!

Yes it was printed at the Royal Mint, but so are a lot of other coins. The Royal Mint produces coins for many occasions and special ones to order. This is hardly conspiracy material as its a company designed to make money in both senses of the word

posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 05:50 AM
very interesting . .. i've heard something like this before but it's nice to have it all laid out so that it can easily be taken in. Thanku

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