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Have you seen an Unidentified Flying Object?

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posted on Apr, 15 2007 @ 05:25 PM
I was wondering how many people here on this board have actually seen an unidentified flying object? I have seen several in my lifetime, and it is interesting how some people have all the luck. Or is it luck? It is not easy to have sightings and not be able to prove it. Sometimes even seeing something unexplained can be debunked if you choose. With time memories fade, but interestingly, not with sightings. Once you have seen one you don't forget, even when most memories have faded the UFO experiences are remembered. At least that has been my experience and that of my family and friends. I am not talking about abduction on this post just sightings of unexplained or explained alien ships. I do not care to get into debate over it being a government test vehicle or alien technology. It does not matter, all awnsers are welcome provided the craft you have personally witnessed were beyond the current ability of our or any other military's capability.I will go mor into detail of past and not so past experiences if this thread moves in an interesting direction. I have been personally telephoned for information in the past reguarding "What I know" and so with that said, tell me what you have seen before I offer what I have declined to offer in the past.

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posted on Apr, 15 2007 @ 05:56 PM
Remember this video . Me and my brother have seen something very similar to this back in December? I think...Anyway, right after, two black planes flew right over the area of this with those "persistent contrails". The only thing I did not see was all that stuff falling like in this video, but there was a very bright stationary light that exploded and when that happened, there was visible smoke. Then a very small light seem to fall?... My brother says it seem small because it was taking off.

posted on Apr, 15 2007 @ 06:32 PM
Thankyou souls, no I had not seen that video before. What happened after the video shut off? It looked to me as if the main craft exploded and then out shot at least 5 of the probe craft from within. I will have to look at it again to discern. One thing I have to say is that I was not sure at first what I was supposed to be looking at. I have seen the clear white circle like the one that exploded in your video. The one we saw traveled along side our vehicle untill we stopped and shut off the engine to observe better.It then shot off over a mountain and exploded. We then rushed up to the only airport in the area for some reason thinking it may have crashed there, and we at that point saw 5 men all dressed in suits walking to their car, but not before saying hello to me and my Mom by name. After they left the closed darkened airport a top a large mountain, we walked out to the strip and could not find any plane that had just arrived. Is it possible that this explosion is some misfire of the landing? What was under the area where you saw the craft and it's explosion?

posted on Apr, 15 2007 @ 06:39 PM
I live in San Diego, it was right above the neighborhood, above where I live looking East. Just to be clear, the video is just an example to compare to what i saw.

posted on Apr, 15 2007 @ 07:18 PM
On the night of Tuesday, April 10th I was flying in a private plane from palm beach to teterboro,NJ. It took a while (50,000 ft) but as soon as we got above the clouds 3 of the 4 passengers (me, my sister and my gf) noticed a really bright star to the west of the plane as we traveled north over the atlantic up the atlantic coast. We figured this must be Venus, though I right away wondered why it was SO bright and big. I thought maybe Venus is real close to earth right now and being 50000 ft up might have something to do with it. Right away we noticed some sort of plane flying what looked to be ABOVE the star. Of course we figured that was an illusion, but we immediately wondered what kind of plane is flying so much higher than our 50000 ft. My Dad said that anything above 60000 ft has to be military.

Nothing else eventful happened - what we felt must be Venus was our star companion out of the left windows of the plane for the remainder of the trip. I was trying to see the color and it was a murky yellowish color. I thought it was supposed to look a little more blue for venus , but I rethought and figured the yellowish haze was from the intense venutian atmosphere. I was still suprised that it was sooo much bigger than all the other stars including mars.

Sometimes during the trip "venus" looked like it dropped a lot in altitude to be at our level. Once again it seemed to coincide when the plane was turning so I figured it was again just an optical illusion caused by the tilt of the plane.

Finally it was time to land. As we started our final descent "venus" suddenly seemed to be descending with us. I told my gf , but she couldnt position herself to see it and was too tired to do so. My sister was the only one with a view like me , but she was really tired (pregnant) and not in the mood. She just laughed and told me that its just the reflection from the plane window making it seem like it was descending. But then I noticed other stars in the background and "venus" was wizzing by them. I could tell our speed as we descended , because I could see the speed that this supposed star was descending.

As we landed the "star" leveled off - still as bright and big as at 50000 ft and the same yellowish color. None of this made sense. It seemed lower in the sky now , but I couldnt tell how much. I kept my eye on it the whole time as we taxied. My sister and her husband were laughing at me watching this object. I kept thinking it had to be an optical illusion, im a former physics major, I tried to think of reasons for what I saw but couldnt. I watched it until we got behind some buildings. I lost it and never saw it again. Nothing like that in the sky.

I tried to explain to everyone that the star is gone, but no one thought much of it. On the car ride into manhattan I was starting to realize I think I just saw a ufo that basically followed our plane from florida to nj. When I got home I went on the roof of our building and searched the sky for a star like that. NOTHING.

The further I get away from this event and the more that I can't come up with an answer the more I feel that we were tracked by a ufo. But who knows - maybe it was an illusion that happens all the time. I know I never saw anything like this in all my years of flying.

posted on Apr, 15 2007 @ 07:33 PM
Lillygotsilly, This is an important event for you. Unfortunatly, it will be one that although you will always remember, you will never really know the truth of.. Try not to "think" about it too much. It is in the past now and could not be validated by anyone but you and the occupants of the star phenom. One ponit in your story was that everyone was very sleepy during the time of the sighting. I also have found people unable to awaken when sightings were happening.One suggestion is that for your own validation go to an observatory site and put in the coordinants of your flight and cross refrence with the stars in the sky at the time and date of your flight. Let me know what you find. Your response was great it showed an openness to thinking outside the box. Thankyou for your post and good luck on your search.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 12:29 AM
I wanted to add that I found it very odd that the same day that France opened their government archives, Govorner Fife Simington came forward and admitted that he indeed did see the Phoenix lights. The strange part for me is that the media did nothing to bring it to the general public. This is huge news, a Gov. comes forward and it is mute.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 12:36 AM

I have seen a UFO bright silver light in mid-day on a cloudy sky that was there for only a moment and dissapeared over the city. While I was driving in to the city. Could of been anything like a plane but tha depends if they use there lights during the day or not and if they are really that bright at all.


posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 12:55 AM
In 1987, I was living in my R.V. in National City, just below San Diego. I was staying down near the Navy docks in San Diego bay, and there were some other people staying near me that I got to know. One night I was talking to Gary, a guy I met down there, and I had my binoculars (hereafter referred to "bino's), and I was going to show him the moons of Jupiter, which you can see with 10X50 bino's. He told me he had night blindness bad, and would not be able to see the moons. So I was looking at Jupiter, and other stuff, and we got to talking about Ufo. After a while talking about Ufos, I was looking through my bino's, and I spotted something very strange almost directly above us. What I saw was a round object, with the bottom dimly lighted in the color of gold. It was round, with a circle in the center about half the width, and between the center circle, and the outer rim, there was three half spheres, equally spaced around the bottom. If you remember back in the early 70's, there was a weekly show on called "The Invaders", produced by "Quinn Martian", the same producers who made "The Fugitive". The bottom looked just like the ship seen by Adamski, and the show based it's ships on the same design, so if you seen this show, you would know roughly how the bottom of these craft look like. So there I am, talking to Gary, who can't see at night, looking at this thing through the bino's, and I can't tell him what I'm seeing, because he would think I am pulling his leg, or taking advantage of his night blindness and flat out lying to him, so I stood there dumbfounded, not saying what I was looking at, and I never did tell him what I saw. The craft was about 2000 feet up, moving south towards the Mexican border, moving about 25 to 30 mph, paralleling the docked Navy ships. I do not really know what this was.

My second sighting was here in Palmdale California in 1995, in October. I was laying on a blanket, facing south on the trunk of the Dodge, on a blanket looking again at the moons of Jupiter,(I'm a amateur astronomer if you have not guessed that by now.), this time with my 15X80 bino's. I took the bino's down from my eyes to rest my arms, when I caught a movement in the western sky out of the corner of my eyes. What I saw was a round object, moving west to east, about 6000 feet high, at about 600 to 700 mph, and making no sound. It was maybe 70 feet in diameter, and on the bottom of the craft there were 16, to 18 golden lights that were 6 to 8 feet in diameter, equally spaced just back from the bottom rim. What was most striking, and convincing to me that I was looking at
a "real" UFO, was the fact that it was showing a large gyroscopic precision motion (wobble) of about + to - 35 degrees, cycling every 1.2 or 1.3 seconds. Now I have been into studying aircraft since I was a kid, and I'm also a Army Brat, and I can tell you for sure, that there is NO aircraft made by man that can fly like that and not be ripped apart by aerodynamic forces. Pilots in this craft would need a Glad Garbage Bag as a barf bag, if they were not turned into Jell-O already. The whole sighting was observed with my 15X80 bino's. This sighting I am about 95% sure was a UFO (Saucer). In order for me to rank it higher, they would have to land, and shake my hand.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 12:56 AM
The third strange thing I saw was when I was helping my roommate hang some coax around the house. He was on a ladder, and he dropped the hammer. I bent down and got it, and when I handed it to him, I looked past him, over the roof, and saw a very bright dot in the sky, moving at incredible speed, from the north, to the south. I have seen fast aircraft, meteors, satellites, and this was going too fast to be an aircraft or satellite (this is in the day also), and it had no tail, or varied in brightness, so it was no meteor. It made no sonic boom, and living out here where Edward's is about 20 miles from us, and Plant 42, owned by the Air Force, where Locheed Skunk Works is located, and where they build there secret aircraft, Norton, where they build the B-2 Bomber, Boeing-Rockwell, where they build the B-1, and the Shuttle, you know I get sonic booms quite often. This did not make one. The Shuttle comes in to land at Edward's, it makes 2 sonic boom, and it's over 40,000 to 60,000 feet high, and they are testing the new engine for the X-33 on the back of a SR-71 Blackbird, which is a 4,500+ mph spy plane, and they are making sonic booms out here quite often, and they are at a very high altitude, maybe 80,000+ feet. It was not a satellite, because a satellite in orbit (which you can see with your naked eye at night) will cover about 2 inches a second holding up your thumb at arms length, but this was moving about 8 inches a second, way to fast to be in orbit. I do not know what this was also. However, it is interesting that all my sightings have been close to military installation.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 12:56 AM
I've seen something unidentified, yes. But not "alien", I think.

What I've seen is a strange streak in the sky. Nearly vertical at fairly long distance. What struck me was its sharpness. It was about the length of my thumb when held out but much more narrow, completely straight and no visible dissipation at either end (it was clear in the sky, like 50 degrees). It was like someone had just hung a piece of string in the sky. I could not match it with an airplane to be honest and I still dont know what it was.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 02:14 AM
I have seen few times in UK~

1st time was in HongKong~ age about 9~10 years old. I saw 2 UFO following an airplane~ moved like "z"~~~
after that I like to look at the sky always~

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 03:32 AM
A couple of years ago I was on the canarie islands for a couple of weeks vacation.In the middle of the day,clear blue sky..I saw a bunch of flying disks.
Can´t remember the exact number but 4-5,flying in formation.I recall that they appeard to have like a milky color and they all had a dark ring on there undersides.They didn´t made a sound as they flew over and didn´t do any manuvers.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 05:03 AM
about 1954/5 when I was about four years old I was on my own in a neighbours back garden (we were always in and out of our close neighbours gardens back then when playing), I saw a huge cigar shape directly above me this scared me so much that I ran next door to our house up the back steps to the kitchen to tell my mother, she could see I was quite agitated and came out to look, she saw nothing, it was no longer there. Now for years after that I was convinced I had seen an air ship until I got older and realised that air ships weren't generally around in post war Britain if at all, and anyway why didn't my Mum see it, this has puzzled me ever since and I think about it a lot I had a second sighting of a UFO about ten years ago it was a lovely warm summers night (not that common where I live ) we'd had a barbecue meal in the back yard just me my wife and two kids after the meal everyone went inside, the kids prepared for bed, as it was so warm I decided to stand at the back door to savour the night air, when this huge disc appeared at the eastern corner of my back yard moving swiftly and in level flight across my garden in an east west direction, it was a complete disc shape not metallic, cream in colour and made no sound I was so dumbfounded that it didn't seem to register on me for a while and because my kids were there I said nothing I didn't want to scare them, that last sighting led me eventually to this site in search of answers and I check in here most days

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 05:23 AM
I've seen a few things in my life that can't be explained. But I saw them when I had just joined this site, I was about 11 and I think that some of my 'sightings' were explainable things threw out of proportion by my over active imagination and determination to actually see something.

This is one thing I cannot explain though,

Prepare to be amazed

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 10:12 AM
The vast range in the variety of UFO's reported by witnesses really imply such an advanced and foreign science to our own.
I've seen one close up, describing it was one of the first posts I made here - a metallic looking sphere, with a belt of primary colored lights around the circumference. It was about the size of a soccer ball, maybe a little bigger - it could move through solid matter, so it probably could change it's size.
I was not alone when I saw it, but with a friend who is a photographer, unfortunately he didn't have his camera.
It flew through the wood frame and glass of the large living room window, and hovered between us about 6 inches up from our heads for some time.
Then it went out the way it came - True to shock, or the imperative sometimes attributed to UFO activity to not discuss events, all we said was "We've had company" and resumed our regular conversation.
A probe? - Albeit, not an anal one.

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 10:17 AM
I have seen a couple of things that remain "unidentified" to me at least. Now whether or not they are "alien" in origin will remain waaaay up in the air until some contact is made.....

posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 10:27 AM
I've seen a fair number of strange things in the sky, but the two that stick out to me the most were:

In Michigan, in the '90's, I lived about an hour and a half from Lake Michigan. In the sky, my step-father, my uncle and I saw three objects in the sky. Each one of them were orange on the top, with rotating red, blue, and green lights. We watched those for a good 30 minutes, with one keeping stationary, while the other two moved around it.

The other one that sticks out happened earlier this year as a matter of fact. In January, I saw the EXACT same object in the sky above Oak Ridge TN. There was only one this time, but I had my sister come out to see it, just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I watched it for about 5 minutes this time around before it dipped down behind a ridge.

I've been looking all over for pictures of the one from Michigan, but I just can't seem to find any.

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 10:38 AM
I used to see a lot more of them when I was a kid, because I didn't understand that you could see satellites if you were out in the sticks and let your eyes adjust.

Once I found out that the little pinpricks of light were satellites, it sort of fell off.

I have seen things that I couldn't identify at all. Some were witnessed by several people at the same time.

I was a kid maybe 14. I had this thing for grinding telescopes throughout my life which my wife finally ended (rouge everywhere). I had just finished a nice 4" and was testing it out. Of course, it was sort of cloudy but I had to try it. The clouds were blowing off so it looked like at least you'd be able to see something. I noticed that at the edges of the clouds there was something that looked like a star that was moving a bit too fast. It wasn't zooming around, but it had an apparent motion faster than anything should have. I thought at first it was the usual "bright object at night" faux motion. Then it got to moving a bit faster. Then another one joined it. They started moving around about as fast as a private plane might, so I thought that's what they were. Then they got a lot faster, and started doing creepy stuff, like circling each other, dropping straight down and hovering and the like. With no reference, there's no way to tell where they were or what size they were. But they were farther away than the high cloud bank, which they were behind some of the time. So it could have been the size of a small plane. I went in and got Dad and a couple of brothers to watch, and of course they weren't there anymore when we came out, but about the time the mockery started they came out from behind the cloud bank again, which had about half blown off by this time. We all watched them for about an hour. We tried getting them in the telescope but they were moving too fast for anything but binoculars, and they didn't show any detail even then.

I've seen what appeared to be large metallic objects. I couldn't identify them, but they were close enough to show a little detail, and they weren't airplanes.

I've seen a triangle really close.

I've seen other things while we were at NTC that were pretty creepy but I'm also morally sure they were an 'unmentioned' part of the exercises. However, they were perfectly timed to allow me to spin some of my best BS and scare my little wards into not dozing on watch. You HAVE heard that ET's sometimes pick up soldiers who go to sleep on watch - and hack them up like cattle? Cut out their eyes, gonads and the like, and dump their mutilated corpses back at the edge of camp as payback? It happened at Roswell! Every time we capture one of theirs, they swoop down and kidnap or mutilate some of ours.

OTOH, I've also been badly fooled by false motion of point sources at night, I've seen weather phenomena that caused mirages to appear in the sky (way way cool). So I know it's possible to see things that aren't what you think and misinterpret them.

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posted on Apr, 16 2007 @ 10:44 AM
My brother and I saw something when we were kids that we couldn't explain. It was winter in Wisconsin around 1976-77. At about 8:00 pm we were playing in the snow and then in the field next to our house we saw a search light sweeping the entire field. We discussed this amongst ourselves and got a little nervous because our first thought was that it was a police helicopter looking for a criminal. We thought maybe we should go inside in case there was a "bad guy" running around. Then it hit me - we didn't hear any sound! We couldn't even see the object flying in the sky - just the search light coming down from the sky. We both looked at each other with wide eyes, screamed and ran into the house.

Oddly enough, we never talked about it after that until about 5 years ago. I asked my brother if that was something he remembered or if it was just my overactive imagination creating false memories. He said that was exactly how he remembered it and we still can't explain it to this day. Another thing I thought was strange, was I don't remember being able to see the object in the sky, yet my brother and I were both under the impression that it was a triangle. Weird, hey?

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