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Point of Death Experiences

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posted on Mar, 9 2007 @ 09:44 PM
After my NDE and various other experiences this year I feel that people need to know how to protect themselves. I came across this info and would like to put it out there so if people read then they can be a little prepared or less trusting. I definitely feel my experiences were caused from evil spirits on the astral plane. The whole time, I considered it was god's plan for me. It is important in anyone's faith to check the source.

I would like to believe that majority of NDE's are pure, but there are spirits/energies/aliens, whatevever you want to call them who are trying to deceive our intellect.

Q. Yes. I’ve read all those stories about the dying person being met by spirits who claim to be deceased relatives or friends, deities or messengers of deities, there to welcome him or her to the afterlife. I suspect that many people who believe the breakthrough information while living may suddenly forget it when confronted after death with the “shade of their beloved mother, come to welcome them to heaven.” In other words, “Seeing is believing.” A direct emotional confrontation of this type might have more weight than any rational, intellectual knowledge received during life, especially to a soul who has just undergone the trauma of dying.

Q. What can people do to avoid such deceptions?

A. The only sure defense is to achieve a certain degree of psychic development. The Theocrats are able to practice such tricks only if the psychic senses of the deceased person are being activated from outside by the Theocrats’ telepathic transmissions. If the person’s soul is actively perceiving the astral environment with its own telepathic and clairvoyant powers, it can usually perceive the true nature of the spirits forming the “greeting party.” This is difficult to put into English, so let’s just say they “look phony” or “have bad vibes.”

The closest we can come to an actual description is that some of the psychic control mechanisms that the Theocrats use to enslave other spirits on the astral plane become perceptible to anyone who psychically “reads” them actively, instead of being communicated with while remaining passive.

Q. This is one of the elements of the breakthrough information that will frighten certain readers, especially when they realize that many of their deceased relatives and friends may be slaves in Theocratic bands right now. Suppose such a person does meet his or her dead mother or some other loved-one on the astral plane?

A. The important rule is. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. DON’T LET ANY OTHER SPIRIT “TOUCH” YOU AS LONG AS YOU REMAIN ON THE ASTRAL PLANE. Free Spirits merely communicate telepathically. They don’t approach other spirits closely, even when they assist them in reincarnating, but instead “talk them through” the process. Remember: “TALK, BUT DON’T TOUCH.”

Q. I’ve never seen this written down before, but it becomes obvious when pointed out. You explained earlier that the Theocrats enslave weaker souls by literally attaching themselves to them, allowing energies to flow directly as they do within human nerve tissue; but I didn’t realize the full significance of this until right now.

A. Yes, it’s information that can literally “save your soul.” Unfortunately,
it’s as difficult to communicate warnings like this to Earth people as it is for parents to warn their children about child molesters. It’s not hard to tell them, “Don’t get into cars with strangers or accept presents from anyone you don’t know,” but much harder to deal with the fact that a large number of molestation cases involve close friends or family members. All we can do is repeat that it is a universal custom among non-Theocratic spirits to always keep their distance from one another. It’s sad that we have to do this, but the Theocrats give us no choice.

The most important thing about this is that it requires psychic skill, not just intellectual knowledge. The more conscious control that people develop over their psychic senses and powers during this life, the better chance they have of surviving on the astral plane after death long enough to reincarnate. Disembodied spirits see by clairvoyance, communicate by telepathy, and move by telekinesis. If you don’t have conscious control over these psychic powers, you may be blind, dumb, and paralyzed after death. If you’re lucky, you’ll discover after you reach the astral plane that your soul contains residual memories from a previous life that give you access to these powers; but it’s best not to bet the life of your mortal soul on it. Learning psychic skills is a lot of work, but we strongly recommend it to everyone who makes the breakthrough.

Possessing intellectual knowledge about the nature of spiritual reality is not as essential to survival after death as having basic psychic skills; but we still recommend that you learn as much about the subject as possible, from this book and all other available sources. The more you study the facts about Theocracy, the Invisible War, and spiritual cosmology, the higher the probability that you will remember some of this information when you need it most.

The time of greatest danger on the astral plane is immediately after death, when the astral soul is still traumatized by the shock of separating from the somatic soul. Theocratic propaganda has created the myth that some deaths are “easy” and “natural,” and that only sudden or violent deaths are traumatic. In reality, the snapping of the silver cord is as big a shock to the astral soul as the loss of a leg is to the body. It’s true that some deaths are more traumatic than others, but none are ever “easy.”

On the other hand, the worst thing people can do when they die is to refuse to admit they are dead. There’s a universal myth that people can prevent death if their will to live is strong enough, so they fight the process with all their strength and courage. Our advice to people who feel they might be dying is to remain as calm as they can, concentrating all their attention on remaining conscious and alert, not on fighting to remain alive. You’ll lose nothing by doing this, because in most cases there is absolutely nothing you can do by an act of conscious will to stop the physical process of death if you are indeed dying. However, vigorously fighting against the death process significantly increases the post-death trauma to the soul, rendering it more vulnerable during the first few crucial hours on the astral plane.

Q. In a number of point-of-death experience accounts, the dying person refused to touch or embrace the spirits he or she encountered, usually because of some vague feeling that it “just wasn’t right” to do so. However, in other accounts, there is close contact but it has a negative effect: a painful energy exchange, often compared to an electric shock, occurs, and the person on the point of death has the sense of “returning to the body.” In still other cases, the greeting spirits themselves refuse close contact and say, ”Go back, your time has not yet come.” How do you explain all this to make it evidence to support the concepts you’re describing?

A. The important thing to remember when reading an account of a point-of-death experience is that the person relating it was never actually dead in the first place. Definitions of physical death are imprecise, but not the definition of death as perceived by spirits: detachment of the silver cord from the somatic soul. Once this happens, death is irreversible; the astral soul cannot reattach itself.

further reading
We are warned in the bible that principals/powers will deceive the very intellect...I was deceived and when I found this information, I was shocked but that is blind faith for you and I judge everyone by my own standards as I believe everyone does. So I was niave to it and unprepared.

posted on Mar, 10 2007 @ 03:18 PM
Correction (if i may)

it says that even the ELECT would be deceived IF IT were possible.

Don't believe you will be deceived by God's workers. Then it is not possible. And i mean not by men (they will deceive) but God will NEVER lie to us.

ALL spirits are God's workers. They all love God and work for the good of those that love God.

Men's souls are the deceiving spirits....discarnate spirits might try to deceive but is hard for me to understand that they would. It is our flesh which hides our soul and hides us from the spiritual realm (i mean us towards them they always see us but we don't always see them). It is our skin that makes us think that God is one side and Evil is not of him.

There is no darkness in God. But God makes peace and creates evil. He creates evil for our good, even if we don't realize it at first.

Those lessons happen in our incarnations - once we leave the body at death there is only our spirits. If we feel we have not been forgiven (meaning we still hold resentments against ourselves) then we might have a scary or hellish NDE. That is our own guilt which is unnecessary.

We are ALL in God's good graces. Even if we are not in our own...we are in God's good graces.

That is the mechanism for 'seeking God's forgiveness.' Seeking to forgive self.

There is no reason to protect ourselves in the spiritual realm. God is the HEAD over all things both heaven and earth. He has been since Jesus died.

So we must not fear 'satan' nor 'death.'

The death of his saints is precious in the eyes of the lord. That means when we die we are with Him. Or we come back. If we have unresolved regrets and guilts we WILL come back, either immediately or as a child after working through our problems with the help of God's overwhelming omnipresent love and the kindness of the saints of light. (the ones who carry us to and fro)

believe only

remember ET's signature!!

my love!

posted on Mar, 10 2007 @ 08:41 PM
I commend you for eliminatinating fear... but in all honesty I am not so sure that humans aren't vulnerable to evil.
I used to think just like you, absolute faith in God. But I am really weary now. I don't live in fear but I am very cautious and perhaps that is how we need to be.

I read the lost books of Adam and Eve last night and I laughed so much at it! There is a huge contradiction going on...if we look at that book
it really shows the efforts satan etc go to to wipe/kill Adam and Eve. The book is better than a mini series!! lol
But then, we see in Job that satan asks for permission to tempt Job...if you consider Adam and Eve gospel, and other scriptures in the bible, satan is cursed and loathed by the creator. I don't believe he would be given the opportunity to stand and consult with the creator.

1st book Adam and Eve

2nd book of Adam and Eve

If you walking and saw a burning bush and it began to speak to would automatically think it is GOD? Most people would think so...and perhaps be deceived.

I really wish that I had read the above gospels before my experiences...

I also have a problem believing that God is in control of all, that would be the OM... If God was incontrol of everything, then why the did the serpent get into the garden anyway? Why did satan manage to make them fall? God would have seen it and prevented it...oh but that is where the 'for our own good comes in?'

In the A & E books, God is forever bailing them out of the traps, part of the way through the reading, I felt they were quite stupid! lol cos some of the deceptions were almost to be expected.

All the poverty and suffering in the can that be good for us? I really get annoyed when people automatically say, 'oh we put in for the experience and to learn!' I don't feel that is the complete answer. It may be part of it. I just recently read Many Masters/ Many Lives, written by a Psychologist, now in that it states 'if evil gets in the way of someone's path'...

I am not saying that that is 100% true but I feel it is something we have to consider. Whatever information/literature we read offers up something.

In Isiah, it speaks of being stripped bare and Job seems to go hand in hand with being stipped bare. I feel that that test of Job is cruel and I also feel that it is unnecessary. That test has nothing to do with love. It is like some stupid competition between satan and God at a poor mans expense.
It just doesn't sit well with me. Perhaps I don't see the bigger picture.

last night, I dreamt that I was in my house and saw this thing slithering around the floor and it was biting at my daughters heel, I saw it and got a garden fork and cornered it and pinned it so it wouldnt rear up at me. It was a horrible monster. Whilst it was pinned, it struggled to get away and the 'disguise' , the outer lid came off the monster and a huge snake/serpent came out of it. It died the moment it lost its cover.

Thats a pretty big dream with respect to what I have been experiencing...
and refreshing too.

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posted on Mar, 10 2007 @ 08:52 PM
oh I had an after thought...!


Did you know it is a sin to fear?

oh that annoys me also.
Children who are sexually abused or have suffered trauma = fears. As they grow into adults the fear stays with them. They have various coping disassociation for example. How can that be a sin?
I didnt know that.

Poor children.
Perhaps people who have experienced trauma can overcome fear etc but it makes me irrate to think that in the bible, it is just labelled a sin without conditions. Its like unconditional sin and not unconditional love.

posted on Mar, 11 2007 @ 10:20 AM
God assuredly indicates to physically, living man that there are multiple worlds besides the one he is presently in. What goes on in these other worlds cannot be completely realized by physically, living man. One thing is for certain, though. God requires sole devotion. We are not to obligate ourselves to any other being or world but God's. All that being said, I do not believe those who have commited themselves to Christ will have to worry about the possible dangers of other worlds or entities.

posted on Mar, 14 2007 @ 11:15 PM

Originally posted by Booneniceb
God assuredly indicates to physically, living man that there are multiple worlds besides the one he is presently in. What goes on in these other worlds cannot be completely realized by physically, living man.

Very good point you make... we have no idea whatsoever what goes on in other realms and I believe we are vulnerable due to our happy la la beliefs. We put our faith completely in a source that we blindly believe is good and it is not until you get used and abused by god, do you even question it.

I admire your faith, but I have lost mine. I no longer believe that christians are protected or spared from the dangers in the other realms.

If god asked you to sacrifice your life in order for the collective good, would you walk the road?

And at the end of the day, is serving god actually for the collective good?
Only god would know and you would have to trust.
What if god wants to wipe the entire planet and leave only 500,000 souls because the world is corrupted?

That is so loving. What a loving god. All life is precious.
What if your god is actually a racist bigot?

And we see much of that throughout the bible.

posted on Mar, 15 2007 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by childofGod
Emily is possessed by six demons, including Satan himself, who calls himself Belial (2 Cor. 6:15). The demons, in identifying themselves to Father Moore, allude to several instances of demon possession in the Bible, including one who says it was with “Legion,” the demons mentioned in Mark 5:9 and Luke 8:30. As the demons taunt Moore in Latin (with subtitles), he responds (also in subtitles), “I am the one who comes in HIS name.” By this the priest is making it clear that he is not a lone ranger acting in his own capacity, but operating with the power of God.

A vulnerable child demonised in accordance with god's will.

Where was god's almighty protection here?

It was non existent because god used and abused her and allowed demons to kill her.

how do we make sense of that?

god's in control of everything, right?

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