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Free masonary pro or contra rase u'r hand please!!

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posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 02:49 PM
I simply think that when a mason runs out of arguments he starts insulting people.
I think that a ordinary mason does not know really what is going around him and the way the rituals are made to affect him.
I think once you join you cant get out.
I have wached the following documentarys
1 Blairs Biggest Secret.avi
2 Bushs Brotherhood of Death.avi
3 conspiracy theory new world order.avi
4 History.of.Freemasonry_The.Lightbringers_The.Emissaries.of.Jahbulon.avi
5 The Iluminati.avi
6 The Iluminatis Tarnished Crown.avi (this one proofs what they worship with solid evidence)
And i dont understand why they keep coming here and just dissmis every thing with out solid evidence.

1 proofe to me that free massonary is not a religion.
2 proofe to me that free masons are not tryng to control things(they come here and congardulate people that join with words like "bravo " they dont accept free opinions and that is a fact it's all around the forum)

And why is George Washinton seating in the possition like the goat is seating with one hand up and one down, he was a masson we all agree on that.

What about the old lady we all know she is massonic and there are pictures of her real old pictures with her standing in a piramid back ground

We all know that the piramid on the dolar bill has the eye of Horis
We all know that the eye of Horis si not the eye of god and it go's back to egypt to the people that prayed to it and we all know that it belongs to the god of the underworld and we all know and agree that the piramid on the dolar bill is masonic and that the dolar bill was built by massons.

This are just a few cause if i wanted to list them all i would need pages.

This is what i think.

What do you think?

posted on Oct, 21 2005 @ 03:36 PM
I'm sorry but we simply have too many threads precisely like this right now.

for a few.


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