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Hurricane and climate war

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posted on Sep, 25 2005 @ 10:46 PM
Katrina and Rita could be one practice of climate war. I have alleged the four huricane last year in Florida were one of it. The Katrina this year is a continuation. They made it the biggest one. If you still remember the Tsunami eight months ago was the biggest too.

218. Chemtrail and covert climate war (4/4/04)

In many web sites, there is a common topic: "chemtrail". People puzzled what is it for. They worried the chemistry will hurt human's health and pollute the nature.

Here is a typical post about chemtrail in a discussion.

Quote, "Chemtrail, the name given to non-dissipating vapor-like trails left in our skies in grid like patterns by high altitude, unmarked aircraft. People all over the world have now witnessed these, and they've been so concerned that they have contacted their governmental representatives.

Dennis Kucinich has included this phenomenon as part of his protest statements against U.S. space weapon development. Other senators have been involved, too.

So, what is going on? Are these just harmless jet vapor trails? Is it a hoax and just airplane pollution? i wish NPR or Bill Moyers would cover the subject thoroughly... Go to the link and scroll down to see images and read material to decide for yourselves:

With my experience, (see "210. Create rain day"; "211. Create windy day (3/4)"; "217. Create a heat climate") I say it is the experiment to control climate. Pentagon use climate change as a weapon. It has been used in pratical life already.

I allege:

1. The hurricane which took place last summer in mid US which caused more than a dozen loss of lives was an experiment of how to create a devastating wind. And the cold weather in North-east early this year was one, too. Because they were historical extreme. Like what I've talked in last message about heat. For consecutive days, the heat record were broken, not only one degree or two, but 4 to 6 degrees. It's unusual.

2. The climate war has been in practice already. North Korean is a victim. North Korean suffered histrical drought for years then followed by flooding. The famine caused millions of deaths. The purpose is to weak the ruling government. Just like the sanction applied on Iraq. But the victims are always the civilians.

3. The historical flood in German last summer, it happened soon after Iraq war. German and France are the two main countries against Bush's invasion of Iraq. The revenge was swift, though in a covert way.

4. The historical heat wave attacked France last summer. The heat wave lasted for weeks. The news reported unusual deaths caused by heat were more then ten thousands. French is the strongest opposer to Bush's Iraq war, it suffered a strong revenge from US inside group.

5. An intimidation to Britain and Europe under the cover of climate change. Here is a news
Quote, "25.01.2004
Britain is likely to be plunged into an ice age within our lifetime by global warming, new research suggests.

If that happens, Britain and northern Europe are expected to switch abruptly to the climate of Labrador - which is on the same latitude - bringing a nightmare scenario where farmland turns to tundra and winter temperatures drop below -20C. The much-heralded cold snap predicted for the coming week would seem balmy by comparison. "

But is Tony Blair an honest ally of Bush? Yes, he was. But read this news not reported by mainstream media of US, you may realise why Blair's figure rarely seen in media recently. They censor news which may reveal how unpopular the war policy of US is. Watch the time of two news, you'll understand why I say it is an intimidation.


Dec 21 2003
Relations in 'deep freeze' since Saddam caught
By Chris Mclaughlin, Political Editor

TONY Blair and George Bush's love-in has collapsed over the rebuilding of Iraq. The two leaders have fallen out over plans for the reconstruction of the country and the heavy-handed action of American troops against the civilian population. And the rift has been deepened by a Washington ban on a proposed morale-boosting visit by the PM to British troops in Iraq during the Christmas holiday.

I think the intimidation aimed at Britain, as well as Europe. Because the war policy of US inside group is more and more lonely in this world.

posted on Sep, 27 2005 @ 05:55 PM
I respect the effort you put into this argument but I disagree with it. The only conspiracy to my mind is when will we acknowledge that most; if not all these recent ills have been caused (or at least made worse) by climate change?
Certainly what happened with France and Germany has been the result of a change in the jet stream, this is thought to have something to with global warming. Likewise the increase in hurricane intensity is thought to be to do with the fact that the waters they feed on is getting warmer.
I don't doubt that the government does invest in climate warfare, but I don't blame it for everything. There are other things the government does like refusing to sign up to a already scientifically inadequate Kyoto Treaty. These explanations for what’s happening to the world are the real; so probably the same ones we should be seeking. And the absence and lack of their reporting in our mainstream media is the real conspiracy!

posted on Sep, 29 2005 @ 12:59 AM
What if global warming was just being used as a distraction to what is actually happening? If the government actually has scalar weapons technology, then they need to blame the dramatic shifts of weather and the record-breaking weather on something.

I have recently obtained a copy of HAARP by Jerry E. Smith from my local library. HAARP is an acronym for Active Auroral Research Program. It is located in Alaska. It is managed by the U.S. Air Force Phillips Laboratory, and two Navy organizations in the District of Columbia the office of Naval Research and the Naval Research Laboratory, and is funded by the department of defense. It forms a massive matrix as my husband called it of 4-dozen 72-foot tall metal towers. That was when the book was written 1998. The author says there was an article in We Alaskans, the Sunday magazine of the Anchorage Daily News called the “Buzz over HAARP!”

Here are a few excerpts from chapter one in the book:

The government says it is a pure science research station, one intended to increase our understanding of the upper atmosphere. Deractors, as reporter O'Herra described, are not convinced. Some think it is a prototype for a "Star Wars" weapons system. Some think it will be used to control the weather. …
Many stories about the mystery of HAARP have been run in the press. These have appeared at every level, from Glennallen’s Copper River County Journal, to Popular Science Magazine, to the prestigious international publication Jane’s Defense Weekly. Yet for all this publicity, most Americans have never heard of HAARP. Mother Jones Magazine cited the construction of HAARP as one of the “Top Censored News Stories of 1994…..

One of HAARP’s distinctions is that it will be the world’s most powerful short-wave radio transmitter-only it will not be broadcasting for human ears. Its signal will be sent to the top of our atmosphere where it is intended to heat a portion of the sky, much like a microwave oven warms a frozen burrito. This type of transmitter is called an “ionospheric heater.”…..

The project’s completion is expected in 2002 …. Will cover a gravel pad some 33 acres in extent, with 180 antenna towers in a grid of 15 columns and 12 rows. … A metal screen stretches between the towers 15 feet above the ground. This forms a continuous reflector for the antennas. During the transmissions, the screen catches downward-directed radio frequency (RF) energy and re-direct it upwards. This intensifies the beam as well as helps to protect people and animals on the ground from the intense RF fields generated when the transmitters are in operation. On the ground there are 30 transmitter shelters. Each shelter houses 12 diesel-powered transmitters…. Each transmitter is capable of generating 10,000 watts of RF power. Together, these 360 transmitters can send 3.6 million watts of raw RF output to the antennas HAARP has a unique feature, a patented ability to focus these transmissions to into a single point high in the sky. This magnifies the output a thousand times, giving HAARP an effective radiated power in excess of 3.6 billion watts. This makes it 72,000 times more powerful than the largest commercial radio station in the US…..

The government’s official documents on HAARP are often contradictory and seem to be intentionally misleading.

To know more get the book and/or look around on the web. It is believed it can produce extremely low frequency (ELF) waves. That is another discussion though. You have an extremely powerful transmitter that can heat up the sky. The government can create global warming right there. I only got through two chapters so far. It goes on to describe how HAARP works in detail. It is believed by many that it can very well control the jet stream that controls the weather which is intended to be used as a weapon. It more than likely is able to control much more than just the jet stream.

As most people know the US has many secret weapons projects, and that their technology is much more advanced than that given to civilians. The nuclear bomb was a total secret until it was actually used. Most if not all civilians would have said it would not even be possible for a bomb to have that much power prior to the government actually telling its people about it. I remember when the military introduced the unmanned plane, and everyone being impressed that the government could even do that. Why do most of us still sit around saying the government can’t do this or that in the science and tech field when they are the ones who have the top scientists working for them. You should know the government is not going to admit to anything that would gives them the edge in military weapons development. Most of that is kept from us just so the “enemy” will not be able to find out what is being worked on, and get ideas themselves if not out right try to seal the information.

Most people would rather turn a blind eye to any talk of weather control, since it is more comfortable for them believing that the weather can not be controlled. Weather control can be extremely devastating in the wrong hands and used as a weapon. It is also undetectable when it is actually being used. If it starts to become detectable, then global warming, natural weather pattern shifts, polar shifts, and etc can all be used as a scapegoat to what is really happening.

I do believe and have heard whisperings that the government has advanced this technology along since it's inception.

[edit on 29-9-2005 by Mystery_Lady]

posted on Sep, 29 2005 @ 01:03 AM

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