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"Department of the Unorthodox", Sidney Gottlieb, Stephen Aldrich and CIA Black Magic

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posted on Feb, 3 2022 @ 04:05 AM
a reply to: dashen

Hi Dashen,

Some years ago before i was disabled, i was a member of The College of Psychic Studies and the Ghost Club, being a member i was able to go through previous records, and found that Romote Viewers, years earlier had been interviewed by The Department of the Unorthodox, which sparked my interest as The College of Psychic Studies are based in Kensington, London.

I think they approached all mystery schools to find the best psychics, i know of two who were taken from the college to America.
It must be noted i am against secret societies and the College of Psychic Studies is open to all without oaths of secrecy.

posted on Feb, 3 2022 @ 10:30 AM
a reply to: AstroStar

That is fascinating.

Thank you for your personal experience with this especially sensitive topic

posted on Feb, 4 2022 @ 10:34 AM
CIA MKOFTEN Technical Advisor Druid (high priestess), Sybil Fawcett Leek (22 February 1917 – 26 October 1982), British Global Queen of Witches entered U.S. in 1964, designation- University of South Carolina, CIA Occult Bureau- the Scientific Engineering Institute (SEI), dubbed the "Department of the Unorthodox."

Pg 70:
Monarch: The New Phoenix Program (2007) by Marshall Thomas.

Invoking the Beyond: "The Kantian Rift, Mythologized Menaces, and the Quest for the New Man" (2020) by the Collins brothers. (Amazon) - 1100+ page book and has one chapter of 300+ pages devoted to the alien deception.

She was dubbed "Britain's most famous white witch" by the BBC.

According to the Second World War author Michael Salazar, her role was to provide phony horoscopes for the Germans who believed in Astrology.

She apparently wrote a chart which convinced the Nazi Rudolf Hess to fly to England, where he was captured. Michael says;

"World War II was a battle between good and evil and Sybil was in the middle of it."

She would later move to Los Angeles, where she met Israel Regardie, an authority on Kabbalah and ritual magic.

"Witchcraft meeting at University College. Mrs Sybil Leek, the self confessed witch with her jackdaw, Hotfoot Jackson, on her shoulder, 19th February 1964." Getty

Kreskin meets witch dame Sybil Leek:

She comes across as a nice Druid.

All human beings have magic in them. The secret is to know how to use this magic, and astrology is a vital tool for doing just that...
~ Sybil Leek, 1972.

Sybil Leek, one of the most publicized Witches of the 20th century, was no stranger to the zodiac. Little Sybil was taken to see her first eclipse by the author H.G. Wells. She was enchanted by her father with his impassioned study of Pluto. Sybil's grandmother prepared astrological charts for such house guests as Thomas Hardy, Lawrence of Arabia, and Dame Edith Sitwell. Sybil Leek foresaw the charismatic success of an obscure French captain named Charles DeGaulle, and predicted the literary achievements and death of Ian Fleming years before he set Agent 007 to paper.
Sybil Leek

Sybil Leek was an English Witch, a gifted Psychic, Astrologer and prolific Author who wrote more than 60 books on such subjects as Astrology, Numerology and Reincarnation. She was born with a witch’s mark and claimed to be a hereditary witch of Irish and Russian Descent. A colorful character in her time, her trademarks were a cape, loose gowns and a pet jackdaw named Mr. Hotfoot Jackson perched on her shoulders. She always wore a crystal necklace that she claimed had been passed down to her from a psychic Russian grandmother. Her entire family was involved in astrology and some of the guests who visited her home included: H.G. Wells, Lawrence of Arabia and Aleister Crowley.

In *1933 (see note below) when she was 16 years old, Aleister Crowley became a frequent visitor to her home. She claims to have spent time with him climbing the mountainsides and wondering through forests near to her home.
He also instructed her on the use of certain magickal words used for their vibratory qualities when used in magick.

Strong in defense of her beliefs, Sybil sometimes differed and even quarreled with other witches. She wrote and spoke a great deal about reincarnation, guided she said by the spirit of Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, the cofounder of the Theosophical Society.

She disapproved of nudity in rituals, a requirement in some traditions, and was strongly against the use of drugs as were most modern Witches, but she was at odds with most other witches in that she did believe in cursing.

According to Sybil’s initiate, Sybil’s father knew Crowley, and it was through him that Sybil met A.C.

Sybil Leek interview w/imagery

posted on Feb, 4 2022 @ 11:31 AM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Hi EndtheMadnessNow,

Have you heard of Louis de Wohl?

The world is run by using Hermetic Astrology, they choose days to go to war!

posted on Feb, 4 2022 @ 11:38 PM
a reply to: AstroStar

Name sounds familiar, but nope I have not. Another interesting character and prolific writer! A lot of character connections to Hermetic Astrology in the intel community.

posted on Feb, 5 2022 @ 08:37 PM
Pharmaceutical waterboarding...former GiTMO prisoner Murat Kurnaz, confirmed the use of the anti-malarial drug mefloquine as a form of psychological torture. He stated after-effects included "swollen heads, swollen hands, everything was full of water."

Why would the gov administer mefloquine at such high doses? There's reason to suspect they may have been testing its ability to induce altered states. Physicians for Human Rights reported that CIA doctors monitored interrogations for effectiveness.??

CIA doctors face human experimentation claims (Sept 2, 2009)

Medical ethics group says physicians monitored 'enhanced interrogation techniques' and studied their effectiveness.

Medical workers are given the task of "assessing and monitoring the health of all agency detainees" subjected to enhanced techniques. These techniques include facial slaps, sleep deprivation, walling – where their padded heads are banged against walls – confinement in boxes, and waterboarding or simulated drowning.

Other tactics derived from MKULTRA that the CIA funded research into a practice known as "psychic driving" under Subproject 68. The purpose, per its creator Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, was "the penetration of defenses," to allow for behavior modification. His "psychic driving" experiments consisted of putting a subject into a drug-induced coma for weeks at a time (up to three months in one case) while playing tape loops of noise or simple statements.

Patients (victims) of Cameron were forced to listen to hours of audio messages while under the influence of mind-altering drugs. The practice was intended to destroy a person's conscious mind and create a "blank slate" onto which new behaviors could be suggested/programmed.

Additionally, Cameron's tests included forays into sensory deprivation and the use of antipsychotic drugs at extremely high doses. Both of these techniques have been replicated at Guantanamo. Based on their experimenting with anti-psychotic drugs and mefloquine at Guantanamo I'm not convinced they've ever stopped looking for new wonder drugs. Just like the covert importation of Nazi scientists that kept the programs going.

Cameron discovered that "once a subject entered an amnesiac, somnambulistic state, they would become hypersensitive to suggestion". In other words they could be brainwashed. The CIA became aware of Cameron's research and in 1957 Cameron was recruited by Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA, to run Project MKULTRA. Documents released in 1977 show that MKULTRA was a "mind control" program. As it was illegal for the CIA to conduct operations on American soil, Cameron was forced to carry out his experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute in Canada. The CIA arranged funding via Cornell University in New York.

I did not know about Weinstein...

With funding from the CIA, the late Dr. D. Ewen Cameron did a series of mind-control experiments on 53 people, including Harvey Weinstein's father, Louis, a prosperous Montreal businessman. All had come to the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill University in Montreal between 1957 and 1961 for treatment of various psychological ailments.

The experiments, Weinstein says, left his father "a human guinea pig, a poor pathetic man with no memory, no life. He lost his business, he lost everything." Weinstein is one of nine plaintiffs in a lawsuit, seeking damages from the CIA.
25 Years of Nightmares (July 28, 1985)

MK Dr. Cameron was also associated with William Sargant.

The topic of Cameron's psychic driving is dealt with in some detail in the docudrama entitled The Sleep Room (1998).

Cameron is the subject of Stephen Bennett's film Eminent Monsters (2020), which was funded by BBC Scotland and Creative Scotland.

Aaron Dilloway's 2010 album Psychic Driving Tapes is based on the concept, and heavily utilizes tape loops in its composition; give it a short listen if you dare.

Allan Memorial Institute - aka Ravenscrag mansion of horrors.

Related MK thread from that "mystery guy."

Claudia S. Mullen testimony:

Does that 👆 remind you of anything (striking parallels) in more recent news events?!

And another reference to Sargant:

Source: Eyes Wide Open" by Fiona Barnett (first-edition, August 2019)

Source: "Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. (1995) by Alex Constantine

Source: "Programmed to Kill - The Politics of Serial Murder" (2004) by David McGowan.

An excerpt from Michael Aquino Explains the CIA Thinking Behind MKULTRA, Hypnosis, and Enhanced Suggestibility Environments (5/23/16):
"One thing the CIA did develop during MKULTRA and did a pretty good job on was hypnotism...which really does work."

Given the past 2 years of state sponsored weaponized trauma in the form of mass propaganda coupled with social media on steroids, a state of shock and disassociation occurs... a hypnagogic trance state. This overwhelmed state allows information to be taken in with much less protest. However, like hypnotism, it does not work as intended on everyone and some instead experience a transitional state into a hypnopompic (wakefulness) state.

posted on Sep, 4 2022 @ 01:41 AM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

1977 NYT article gives us some names and leads

WASHINGTON, Oct. 8—Despite three days of Congressional hearings, no one yet knows the degree to which some of the nation's most prominent universities were compromised in the Central Intelligence Agency's secret mind‐control research in the 1950's and 1960's.
Adm. Stansfield Turner, the Director of Central Intelligence, said in Congressional testimony last August that the C.I.A. covertly sponsored research at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, from 1953 to 1963. The research was part of the project codenamed MK‐ULTRA, which sought to control human behavior through such means as hypnosis, drugs and brainwashing.
The Senate Health Subcommittee, which wanted to hear the academicians' reaction, quietly invited the presidents of 20 institutions to testify at its hearings Sept. 20 and 21. Only one president accepted; he was not scheduled to testify because all the others declined, explaining that they had previous engagements.

The list of the 80 institutions given to Senate investigators is still classified, but each of those institutions has been notified separately by the C.I.A. that in some way, knowingly or unknowingly. it played host to C.I.A. research, and 26 colleges and universities have acknowledged this publicly.

The experiments continue on college campuses to this very day.
RIP d0cl3aks

Inquiries at these institutions disclosed that C.I.A. research on campus varied from innocuous sociological surveys to tests aimed at finding better ways to administer drugs to unsuspecting subjects. The attitudes of current administrators likewise ran the gamut from outrage to indifference.
The passage of time, more than 20 years in some cases; the C.I.A.'s secretiveness during the project and the fragmentary nature of the records the C.I.A. has made available to universities have combined, in most cases, to make a reconstruction of what happened difficult or impossible.

Well . Not as impossible as you might think. With some faith and a dash of autism a story can be fleshed out.

At many universities, money for these projects was channeled through foundations so that neither the university nor the professor doing the research knew the true sponsor or purpose of the work. Sociological, cultural and anthropological studies were financed through the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, based at Cornell University. Biochemical and medical research was often financed through the Geschickter Fund for Medical Research Inc., headed by Dr. Charles Geschickter[b/], a Georgetown University pathologist

Working from dates and academic titles, Stanford officials have been able to identify some of the faculty members who participated. Two are dead. One cannot be reached. Another has denied any participation. The details of what human subjects might have been involved, if any, and what, if anything, happened to them, so far remain unknown.
Georgetown University had similar difficulties in pinning down exactly what Dr. Geschickter did In experiments there to develop a “knockout” drug. Although C.I.A. documents indicated that some tests were intended to be performed on humans, including terminal cancer patients, Dr. Geschickter told Georgetown and testified under oath before the Senate Health Subcommittee that the documents were in error and that these tests were done only on animals.

Seems like all these MK doctors went to the Mengele School of Medicine and Ethics

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posted on Sep, 4 2022 @ 01:50 AM
truly a monster

Dr. Charles Geschickter was an extremely important asset for Gottlieb’s division, with his connections in high places and as a funding conduit. In 1955 he convinced Agency officials to contribute $375,000 in secret funds toward the construction of a new research building at Georgetown University Hospital. (That amount was doubled under the Federal matching grant program for hospital construction.) Marks cites a CIA document indicating that there was a clear understanding with Geschickter that in return for the CIA contribution, he would make sure the agency received use of one-sixth of the beds and total space in the facility for their own “hospital safehouse” and they would have a ready source of “human patients and volunteers for experimental use,” and the research program in the building would provide cover for up to three TSS staff members.


“Allen Dulles personally approved the contribution and then, to make sure, he took it to President Eisenhower’s special committee to review covert operations. The committee also gave its assent. . .” According to Marks, “this was the only time in a whole quarter-century of Agency behavior-control activities when the documents show that CIA officials went to the White House for approval of anything. . .” (Manchurian Candidate, p.161)

So this is how it works. They funnel money through Congressional appropriations to front men and foundations through yet more foundations to fund and cover agents and generally criminally monstrous individuals .

Under MK-SEARCH, Geschickter continued to provide TSS with the means to assess drugs rapidly. CIA documents show that Geschickter tested stress producing chemicals, knockout drugs, and mind-altering substances on mental patients and terminal cancer patients at the Georgetown University Hospital in Washington. But his principal service to TSS officials was putting his family foundation at the disposal of the CIA — both to channel funds and to serve as a source of cover to Agency operators. About $2.1 million flowed through this tightly controlled foundation to other researchers. The Geschickter Fund for Medical Research remained available as a conduit for a decade, until 1967.

Several Congressmen and bureaucrats are in key positions to funnel the money and make it look innocuous and legit.

This is how it works today as well.

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posted on Sep, 4 2022 @ 01:53 AM
The Human Ecology Fund

Louis Jolyon West was among many who received funds from the CIA through the Fund. He did his psychiatry residency at Cornell University, an MKUltra institution and site of the Human Ecology Fund.[2][3][4] He was later contracted by the CIA and the proposal submitted by West was titled "Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility" with an accompanying document titled "Studies of Dissociative States".[5]

posted on Sep, 4 2022 @ 03:01 PM

Senator SCHWEIKER. Why did you delete that reference? Why is
that still classified, that particular project of whatever it is?

Admiral TURNER. I don't know this particular case. We will get you
the exact answer to that one and inform you about it, but it is quite
probable that that other case is unrelated to this in the-well, not un-
related, but that that was a project that still deserves to be classified.
[The material referred to follows:]

Construction of the Gorman Annex was begun in 1957 and the Annex was
dedicated in March 1959. Of the several MKULTRA projects conducted at
Georgetown only one involving human testing covered a time span subsequent
to March 1959. Subproject 45 ran from 1955 to 1963, thus it is possible that
the final four years (1959-1963) of the subproject could have been spent in
the Gorman Annex. However, there is no reference to the Gorman Annex or a
"new Annex" in Subproject 45 papers, neither is there any mention of the sub-
project moving to a new location in 1959 or later years.

Authorization to contribute CIA funds toward construction of the Gorman
Annex is contained in Subproject 35 of MKULTRA. Recently discovered material indicated that Dr. Geschickter continued his research for sleep and amnesia-producing drugs under Project MKSEARCH through July 1967 at Georgetown University Hospital. But it is impossible to determine if the facilities of the Gorman Annex were involved.

Senate hearing on MKULTRA, August, 1977 [PDF]

That is best document I've come across on the Subproject 35 'donations' & covert funding.

NY Times (Sept 21, 1977)

Thank God for the weather and I know nothing.🙃🙄

Find a Grave (His daughter was editor of National Geographic World Magazine)


posted on Sep, 4 2022 @ 04:03 PM
a reply to: dashen

LOL, ya gotta be kidding me...

West was also active in studying the creation and management of cults and anti-death penalty activism. Along with friend Charlton Heston, he supported the Civil Rights Movement, frequently participating in sit-ins and rallies.

He later became a subcontractor for MKUltra subproject 43, a 20,800 USD grant by the CIA while he was chairman of the department of Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma.

Louis Jolyon West

Subproject 43: MKULTRA: Combination drug, Hypnosis, Sensory Deprivation.

Inside the Archive of an '___' Researcher With Ties to the CIA’s MKUltra Mind Control Project

Louis Jolyon West seems to have used chemicals and hypnosis liberally in his medical practice, possibly leading to the death of a child and the execution of an innocent man.

The Senate demanded the formation of a federal program to locate the victims of MKUltra experiments, and to pursue criminal charges against the perpetrators. That program never coalesced. Surviving records named 80 institutions, including 44 universities and colleges, and 185 researchers, among them Louis Jolyon West. The Times identified West as one of less than a dozen suspected scientists who’d secretly participated in MKUltra under academic cover.

Yet not one researcher was ever federally investigated, nor were any victims ever notified. Despite the outrage of congressional leaders and more than three years of headlines about the brutalities of the program, no one — not the “Black Sorcerer” Sidney Gottlieb, nor senior CIA official Richard Helms, nor Jolly West — suffered any legal consequences.

This article is an adapted excerpt from “Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties.”

The book's title is a reference to the covert CIA program Operation CHAOS.

Jolly West about Jack Ruby:

After he shot Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby’s psychosis was diagnosed by the same CIA doctor who had once killed an elephant with psychedelics

In his report, West said that “hypnosis and intravenous sodium pentothal were included among possible techniques” to be used on Ruby. In his proposal to CIA for continuing his MKULTRA work with them, he proposed that “the combined use of hypnotic techniques and autonomic drugs be exercised.” Sodium pentothal, as a barbiturate, is one such autonomic drug that - frequently used in various MKULTRA experiments and other interrogation or hypnosis related programs. In total, West requested an additional $35,995.00 for the next year’s work, not including the other ten years of research he had proposed. This included $5000.00 for “polygraphic, electroencephalographic, electromyographic, and special stimulatory apparatus.”
The Agency’s response to West’s proposal was apparently ordered destroyed along with all the other MKULTRA records. However, he continued to appear in CIA files as late as 1991. According to one document, West was indirectly involved in the STARGATE program which had a surprising amount of crossover with MKULTRA and its sister programs. While this particular project was undertaken by the Defence Intelligence Agency, the CIA’s counterpart in the Department of Defense, it was considered a CIA equity.

Off the rails Jolly madness! Also diving down MK holes will drive one to madness. An abyss of no return. I'm not sure I can even imagine where they are today with this MK insanity.

Getting MK ULTRA’d at Jolly West's free clinic!

Jolly West worked out of the Haight-Ashbury Free clinic (San Francisco) in the late 60s.

posted on Sep, 4 2022 @ 05:59 PM

originally posted by: XtheMadnessNow

Off the rails Jolly madness! Also diving down MK holes will drive one to madness. An abyss of no return. I'm not sure I can even imagine where they are today with this MK insanity.

They have govt psychonaughts rewriting the Akashic Records and messing with the laws of reality.

posted on Sep, 6 2022 @ 01:46 PM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

get it while it's good

save offline

dept of the orthodox = dept of convolution

posted on Sep, 6 2022 @ 02:40 PM
a reply to: dashen

Weird, that link comes up as all raw text. Found a readable version on

Department of Convolution

Protected: 33 (Requires password)

DOC contact page

The "Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis" link goes to - which has a strange audio file with tones embedded.

On that site they have a FAQ:

1. What is your affiliation with OHM-coin? We are an entirely separate entity. Our affiliation with OHM is limited to the amount of OHM we have to give. We chose OHM for this aspect of our current experiment due to its relatively innocuous nature. It’s Name is also fitting. AUM.

2. Is Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis affiliated with Cicada 3301?
Cicada sought those with programming knowledge. We seek individuals with different qualifications. Unique talents. Exceptional imaginations. Profound visions. While Cicada’s system recognizes the importance of OPSEC and modern cryptographic techniques, it ignores the significance and application of certain Spiritual Praxis.

3. Is the SVV affiliated with “Thelema”, the Golden Dawn, or the A:.A:.?
No. Crowley has undoubtedly influenced more than many care to admit. Despite related scholastic interests, we have no connection to the Golden Dawn or the OTO. Our primary affiliation is with the Department of Convolution and its appendant bodies. Furthermore, unlike Thelema, we are not a religion.
8. Is this a game or an “ARG”? We are a Mirror. This is an Aesthetic Experience. This is an Act of Creation. We promote Transformation. We grow in relation to our participants. This is an experiment in evolution, where the All is re-created through individual communion.
11. What about the conspiracy theories (“I read some articles/saw some videos…“)? Believe what you will. In fact, conspire against us. If you seek Darkness, the Sun will set.

Beneath Q11 is a small graphic. Clicking it takes you to > "On convergence of dynamics of hopping particles to a birth-and-death process in continuum" - a short paper from 2008 hosted on with alot of math.

I have not even begun to explore this, BUT wait, lo & behold look who came across it back it 2017...

"The Mystery of Sodalitas Vulturis Volantis" (which you replied)

Ok, I have some reading to do.

posted on Sep, 6 2022 @ 02:47 PM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

The original thread was a leaker who stole files from svv.

He shared what he found.


With seeeyeayyy addresses.

Experiments on US college campuses.

We seent them.

RIP d0cl3aks

We know what you did Agent Cohen.
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posted on Sep, 6 2022 @ 03:02 PM
a reply to: dashen

Ah, ok. I see it was mentioned on Reddit and stumbled across OLDWVLF.

posted on Sep, 6 2022 @ 03:12 PM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

Are we having fun yet?

posted on Sep, 6 2022 @ 09:51 PM
Dr. Ronald K. Siegel, protege of Dr. Louis Jolly West @ UCLA. The 2 co-authored the book Hallucinations together in 1975. Likely also working with the CIA, Dr. Siegel had monkeys smoking crack coc aine in UCLA psychology dept. basement a decade before it hit streets.

Excerpt from Intoxication: The Universal Drive for Mind-Altering Substances (2005) by Ronald K. Siegel

LA Times

Dr. Louis “Jolly” West, UCLA professor who thought young Black males were inherently violent. The CIA agreed & funded Jolly to put probes in incarcerated Black men’s brains & work on mind control techniques in the 1970s.

Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press (1998) By Alexander Cockburn, Jeffrey St. Clair.

By the late 1960s, implants appealed to those in the medical and law enforcement communities who believed that urban riots were born not of poverty or oppression but of “violent tendencies” that could be monitored or altered. The federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration handed out large sums to researchers studying implants and other behavior-modification techniques. Under one such grant proposal, in 1972 Dr. Louis Jolyon West of UCLA was to form the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence and conduct research at various California prisons. The plan was to take inmates, implant them, and then monitor their brain activity after discharge. When a Washington Post reporter investigated this scheme, he discovered a precedent: In 1968 officials at California’s Vacaville prison performed electrode surgery on three inmates (including a minor) with the assistance of military doctors.
Who Holds the Clicker?

In 1972, Dr. Louis J. West (deceased), a ranking CIA psychiatrist (also a director of the “conservative” American Family Foundation and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, an organization founded by pedophile apologists that marginalizes victims of ritual abuse and libels their advocates) with an obsessive interest in mind control, proposed experimenting on the brains of blacks and Latinos (to determine why these minorities are ”prone to violence”), prisoners, women and children at a secret psychiatric unit at an abandoned Nike missile base in the mountains near UCLA.

According to Dr. West in private correspondence, “comparative studies could be carried out there, in an isolated but convenient location, of experimental or model programs for the alteration of undesirable behavior.” According to Dr. West, “The major known correlates of violence are sex (male), age (youthful), ethnicity (black), and urbanicity.” Dr. West advocated a wide range of treatments, including chemical castration, psychosurgery and experimental drugs, incorporating computer databases to track “pre-delinquent” youth for “preemptive” treatment of black youth with no criminal record. The proposed Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence was shot down a year later by the California State Legislature after the racist agenda of Dr. West’s barbaric psychiatric gulag was exposed by legitimate scientists and the press.

Fascists in White Coats: The CIA’s Dr. Louis Jolyon West & the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Instititute

Dr. Jolly West was at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma the same day Timothy McVeigh was arraigned in the Oklahoma City bombing case. We don't have smoking gun proof the two met face to face, but they were both at the base that day, and the defense was in contact with him:

Excerpt from Aberration in the Heartland of the Real: The Secret Lives of Timothy McVeigh by Wendy S. Painting, PHD. (@BirdWendy2)

Also, confirmed from her book Dr. West's protege John R. Smith, M.D. examined McVeigh and then went on to work at GiTMO!

Backstage at the Patty Hearst brain storming session: from left, Dr. Robert Jay Lifton, F. Lee Bailey, Dr. Martin Orne (MKULTRA Subproject 84: Hypnosis Work), Dr. Margaret Singer (brainwashing & cult expert), and Dr. Louis Jolyon West:

Dr. Lifton is only one still alive.

from left, Dr. Robert Jay Lifton, Dr. Louis Jolyon West, and Dr. Martin Orne, San Francisco, California, 1976:

Defense Team In The Stanford Court | Getty Images

"As the US Supreme Court later noted in CIA v. Sims 471 US 159 (1985) MKULTRA was: concerned with "the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior."

MK Ultra: CIA mind control program in Canada (1980) - The Fifth Estate

“Power is always more secure when cooptive, covert, & manipulative than when nakedly brutish. The support elicited through the control of minds is more durable than the support extracted at the point of a bayonet.”
― Michael Parenti

"Everything the United States government does, they do on a mental level. The physical stuff is a byproduct if the mind war don't work."
― Brother Nuri, Student, Servant, and Soldier Of Louis Farrakhan.

CIA mind control - Nuri Muhammad (2013)

posted on Sep, 6 2022 @ 10:17 PM
a reply to: XtheMadnessNow

dig this (PDF LINK)

Dr. John Gittinger

Dr. John Gittinger was Sid Gottlieb's protege ... Gittinger tested everybody. He was like a fanatical tester, developing profiles of humans, different types of humans, all kinds of questionnaire type tests. Sid Gottlieb was the head of MKULTRA projects for the CIA ... a very high ranking bureaucrat, probably never treated a patient in his life.
......Claudia Mullen, client of Valerie Wolf, reports to the Presidential Commission: "Between the years of 1957 and 1984 I became a pawn in a government scheme whose ultimate goal was mind control and to create the perfect spy. All through the use of chemicals, radiation, electroshock, hypnosis, drugs, isolation in tubs of water, sleep deprivation, brainwashing, and verbal, physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

the rabbit hole.... it has no end...

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posted on Sep, 9 2022 @ 10:53 PM
This well researched article (in 2 parts) has been synchronistically proven correct, specifically in its observation that the final prerequisite to the full-spectrum implementation of the alchemical transhumanist agenda is the absolute dominion over the desires of mankind.

According to Gottlieb, Division 19 was the prototype for the Special Operations Division (SOD) at Fort Detrick which provided the infrastructure, skills and personnel to develop MKULTRA research into practical applications, “The TCIA envisioned Detrick’s SO Division as a creation very much like the eliminated. Little to nothing was reduced to writing, except essential,” wrote H.P. Albarelli in 2010.

The MKUltra Ecology (Part I)

It would seem that MKULTRA-type research was more successful than has been claimed: this fact alone makes it unlikely that it was ever completely abandoned. Indeed, there is considerable evidence this research was still being pursued long after the official date of termination in the 1970s through different means. From what can be established from various leaks, scandals, and “limited hangouts”, the three main strands of MKULTRA research which evolved into practical applications are “enhanced interrogation” (psychological torture), electromagnetic “mind control” research (neuroweapons) and perhaps most significantly the campaign of “weaponized anthropology” known as the “counterculture movement” which began in the 1960s, and continues to make itself felt today.

The ideal of the Superman breaking free of human bounds is the same Faustian drive that animated the group of scientists and cyberneticians involved with MKULTRA. Indeed, many of the people integral to Esalen and its “Human Potential Movement” were directly connected to the CIA mind control program. Carl Rogers, Gordon Wasson, B.F. Skinner and Harold A. Abramson were among its leading lights and many CIA-affiliated doctors with a history of gruesome (or “groovy”) research were later featured or employed by the institute, including Humphry Osmond, J.B. Rhine, John Lilly, Paul Hoch, Max Fink, Harris Isbell, Lauretta Bender, Louis Jolyon West and the infamous Ewan Cameron.

The MKUltra Evolutions

Also, get a 'taste' of Lauretta Bender link above.👀🙄

His Jolly West link (above) is to a 1959 book titled "Psychodynamic and psychophysiological aspects of pseudocyesis" by West & other M.D.'s at the "Esalen" Center for Theory & Research.

If you watch the last season of "Burn Notice" (specifically season 7 episode 7 "Psychological Warfare") the protagonist (CIA) undergoes almost all of the exact psychological torture at the hands of the bad guys. It was produced in coordination with the military if you read the credits.

Excerpt from Transhumanism - A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas (Joseph P. Farrell, Scott de Hart)

Transhumanist thought can be broken down into three main premises, each with an eminently political intent:

1. Human beings in their “natural” state are obsolete and ought to be enhanced by technology, which then becomes a means of artificially extending the hominization process. Thus, transhumanism sweeps human taxonomy into the political arena. An observation by Michel Foucault, written in 1976, comes to mind: “What might be called a society’s ‘threshold of modernity’ has been reached when the life of the species is wagered on its own political strategies. [...] Modern man is an animal whose politics places his existence as a living being in question.” In other words, transhumanists believe we have a duty to replace the category of human with a new creature, a post-sapiens sapiens. We would potentially find ourselves, in zoological terms, at a moment of speciation: an extreme situation when a new species peels off and steps forward to join the animal kingdom.

2. The goal is full hybridization between the posthuman being and the machine, something that goes far beyond the human–machine interface we know today (from interacting with cell phones and computers, for example). The mind-boggling image of a human–machine hybrid suggests a permanent integration, frequently talked up by one of transhumanism’s most prominent ideologists, Ray Kurzweil.....

3. This would have us transcend not only our humanity but also what we might call the basic ideological matrix that underlies many other ideologies (liberalism, socialism, conservatism, etc.), namely, humanism, which brings together all our ways of understanding ourselves as human beings at the center of the world and at the top of the species pyramid. While humanists believe that individuals can achieve moral growth through education and culture (the “humanization of man”), transhumanist ideology proffers an altogether new set of values, insisting on the necessity of transitioning to a posthuman species capable of continuous self-enhancement by integrating new technological components. In a sense, technology obviates the need for moral, educational, or cultural effort.

Transhumanism: The Dominant Ideology Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

"The next great shift in our lives will come from the emerging NBIC technologies. Increasingly systematic collaboration between Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology, and Cognitive science will lead to the new “Great Convergence.” From here, we will see increasingly sophisticated and pervasive integration between the infinitesimally small (N), manufactured life (B), intelligent machines (I), and the study of the human brain (C)."
― Jean-Michel Besnier, Demain les posthumains: Le futur a-t-il encore besoin de nous? [Tomorrow the posthumans: Does the future still need us?] (Paris: Hachette, 2009), pp 153–67.

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