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"Department of the Unorthodox", Sidney Gottlieb, Stephen Aldrich and CIA Black Magic

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posted on Oct, 3 2022 @ 11:10 PM
Max Rinkel, Harold Abramson, Donald Hebb, and Maitland Baldwin, Dr. Robert W. Hyde .... and someone made a story map
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posted on Oct, 4 2022 @ 04:12 PM
a reply to: dashen

Nice! Have to keep tabs as her story progresses. Damn, I need to look more into MKULTRA New York.

Dr. Maitland Baldwin, a student of Harold Hebb explored sensory deprivation at NIH

Maitland Baldwin, a scientist at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH), had no moral inhibitions about carrying out CIA’s most radical experimental proposals. He had conducted “a rather gruesome experiment” on an Army “volunteer” who was kept in a box for 40 hours until he kicked his way out after an emotional break down during which he sobbed intensely for an hour. The experiment convinced Baldwin that prolonged isolation and sensory deprivation could break any man, no matter how intelligent or strong-willed. John Marks relates that in 1955, Morse Allen, head of ARTICHOKE approached Baldwin about conducting an open ended sensory deprivation experiment to which Baldwin responded stating: “beyond that [40 hr. limit] sensory deprivation would almost certainly cause irreparable damage. Nevertheless, Baldwin agreed that if the Agency could provide the cover and the subjects, he would do, according to Allen’s report, “terminal type” experiments.”

Dr. Wilder Penfield and Dr. Maitland Baldwin

Neuro-surgeon Dr. Maitland Baldwin’s project, MKULTRA Subproject 62. Described by Geshickter in the Human Drug Testing by the CIA section of the 1977 senate hearings, (p 90) conducted at the National Institutes of Health. Documents describe Baldwin’s interest in sensory isolation experiments and a status report stated that, “certain kinds of radio frequency energy have been found to effect reversible neurological changes in chimpanzees.” His continued research of behavior modification within MKSEARCH Subproject 1 included further experiments involving sensory deprivation, ESP/radio frequency energy, and an attempt to cut off a monkey’s head and attach it to the decapitated body of another monkey – that was Operation Resurrection.

MKULTRA Subproject 62 Maitland Baldwin (heavily redacted file)

Book excerpts from NINDS at 50

He's covered in this 2004 book along with many other 'doctors'.

Mind, Brain, Body, and Behavior: Foundations of Neuroscience and Behavioral at the NIH.

CPT Maitland Baldwin

posted on Oct, 11 2022 @ 09:41 PM
So, Dr. Jolly West apparently has a connection to Satanic Panic of the 80s (pushing "youth satanism gang violence" dangers) before he ended up opposite Steinem/Robertson as part of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. This conference was in 1989. October too, spooky. 👹💀🎃👽

From the Archives: Dr. Louis "Jolly" West Docs On Possession, Dissociation & Alien Abduction

MK-Canada 🤝 MK-Haiti. Haiti’s leading psychiatrist attended McGill University where he tested psychotropic drugs, including datura aka "devil's trumpets" aka "The zombi’s cucumber.” The experiments reminded him of Haitian zombi legend. His professor? Ewen Cameron. Source: The Serpent and the Rainbow: A Harvard Scientist's Astonishing Journey into the Secret Societies of Haitian Voodoo, Zombies, and Magic (1985) by Wade Davis; pgs 58-59.

Clairvius Narcisse and the Zombies of Haiti

Harvard educated ethnobotanist Wade Davis, who met with Douyon and Narcisse explained the case through science. According to Wade’s book ‘The Serpent and the Rainbow,’ the bokor’s original potion was a sinister concoction of tetrodotoxin – found in pufferfish venom, grounded human bones, millipedes and toad toxin. Tetrodotoxin, a neurotoxin 160 times the power of coc aine, can leave its victims in weeklong comas – Wade claims resemble death.

posted on Oct, 31 2022 @ 05:56 PM
The "Lazaris 101" folder is still up on google drive if anyone wants to risk the instant MK.

Lazaris, a "non-physical entity" whose message is "channeled" through a wealthy former business executive in Florida named Jach Pursel.

Much of the skepticism stems from the 2001 accidental death of Pursel’s ex-wife & the suicide of her husband the same day at the secluded compound they shared. Pursel, who still lives at the waterfront compound near Walt Disney World, remains undaunted by his critics.


posted on Nov, 1 2022 @ 11:12 PM
Dr Max Rinkel everyone

A 1965 article

Dr. Max Rinkel, the first doctor in North America to work with '___', said in the Sunday Boston Globe that several students currently at Harvard have been under his treatment during the past year for the aftereffects of '___'.
The students were sent to him by private physicians after experiencing anguish, anxiety, and panic. In an interview Sunday, Dr. Rinkel said that the students feared becoming schizophrenic and being hospitalized.
The doctor explained that the effects of '___' are not felt until after the drug has left the brain. One hypothesis is that '___' sets off an unidentified chemical reaction in the brain which may continue months after the actual use of the drug. Although research is in progress to discover such a chemical reaction, the hypothesis has not been verified.

Was he actually secretly dosing them?


'___' is not difficult to produce. Dr. Rinkel thinks it possible that much of the black market supply is imported from Italy, where the basic component, lycurgic acid, is made. All of the Harvard students under his care mentioned that '___' is easily obtainable in Harvard Square, a fact confirmed by several students from other colleges

C 👁 A

Karen complains to the manager

Karen's claim that she was a victim of CIA mind control experimentation is backed up by extensive circumstantial evidence - enough to establish her case in a court of law, in my opinion - but also by direct evidence and documents. As she explains, the starting point was discovering the name of Robert W. Hyde, M.D. in her medical records. I was already aware of Dr. Hyde. He was cleared at TOP SECRET by the CIA as a contractor in its mind control program, MKULTRA. He received $148,515.00 from the CIA in 1955 under MKULTRA Subproject 10 for '___' experiments. He received $5,580.00 in 1961 under MKULTRA Subproject 61, and $24,500.00 in 1956 under MKULTRA Subproject 66.
In 1955, Dr. Hyde published a paper in the American Journal of Psychiatry, volume111, pages 881-895, entitled, "Experimental Psychiatry II. Clinical and Physio-chemical observations in experimental psychosis." This paper is about '___' experiments. Dr. Hyde's coauthors were Max Rinkel, M.D., Harry Solomon, M.D., and Hudson Hoagland, Ph.D. Dr. Hoagland worked at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, which was the site for MKULTRA Subproject 8, funded in 1953 for $39,500.00 to support '___' experiments. Dr. Hyde was the contractor on Subproject 8.
Other coauthors of Dr. Hyde's on published papers include J. Sanbourne Bockoven, M.D., Jackson DeShon, M.D., and Harry C. Solomon, M.D. Keep an eye out for these names as you read Karen's story. In 1958, a book was published entitled, Chemical Concepts of Psychosis, edited by Max Rinkel and Herman Denber. The book is the Proceedings of the Symposium on Chemical Concepts of Psychosis Held at the Second International Congress of Psychiatry in Zurich, Switzerland, September 1-7, 1957.

Max rinkel papers

My takeaway is that they are everywhere and control everything

posted on Nov, 3 2022 @ 06:12 PM
This 6 bed, 7.5 bath apartment at 225 Chestnut Street on San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill sold for $10.7M on Oct 23, 2015. In 1955, it was the operational hub for MK-ULTRA subproject 42, Operation Midnight Climax, in which sex workers dosed “Johns” with '___', while CIA spooks observed.

Six blocks from Michael Aquino’s house at 2340 Leavenworth.

Lauretta Bender was an American child neuropsychiatrist known for developing the Bender-Gestalt Test, a psychological test designed to evaluate visual-motor maturation in children.

Dr. Mind-Bender

Bender’s education had not prepared her to work with children, but no real training in child psychiatry existed in 1934, when Bender became the first director of the children’s inpatient ward at Bellevue Hospital. She remained at Bellevue until 1956, when she was appointed Director of Research in the new children’s unit at Creedmoor State Hospital in Queens.

Her emphasis on brain damage pointed toward neurological and psychopharmacological interventions as productive avenues of treatment and research. Bender administered ECT, major tranquilizers like thorazine, hallucinogens like '___', and other psychoactive drugs to children as young as three years of age. By the mid-1950s, Bender estimated that more than 500 children at Bellevue had received ECT, typically daily for a period of 20 days. She always maintained that shock was safe and effective in eliciting more appropriate behavior from children, and her follow-up studies of children treated with shock never caused her to reconsider this practice. As for drugs, Bender hoped that '___' and a derivative, UML (brand name: Sansert) might benefit autistic children by providing psychedelic experiences that would mobilize perceptual growth and reduce developmental lags. She began testing that theory on children at Creedmoor in 1961, where she administered these drugs daily to almost 100 children. Many of them took these drugs for months at a time and several for years. Bender considered the outcomes positive.
The Autism History Project

Years later, another of Bender’s young patients who became overly aggressive after about 20 treatments, now grown, was convicted in court as a “multiple murderer.” Others, in adulthood, reportedly were in and of trouble and prison for a battery of petty and violent crimes. A 1954 scientific study of about 50 of Bender’s young electroshock patients, conducted by two psychologists, found that nearly all were worse off after the “therapy” and that some had become suicidal after treatment. One of the children studied in 1954 was the son of well-known writer Jacqueline Susann, author of the bestselling novel “Valley of the Dolls.” Susann’s son, Guy, was diagnosed with autism shortly after birth and, when he was three years old, Dr. Bender convinced Susann and her husband that Guy could be successfully treated with electroshock therapy. Guy returned home from Bender’s care a nearly lifeless child. Susann later told people that Bender had “destroyed” her son. Guy has been confined to institutions since his treatment.

Dr. Bender’s '___' experiments continued into the late 1960s and, during that time, continued to include multiple experiments on children with UML-401, a little known '___'-type drug provided to her by the Sandoz Company, as well as UML-491, also a Sandoz product. Bender’s reports on her '___' experiments give no indication of whether the parents or legal guardians of the subject children were aware of, or consented to, the experiments. Without doubt, parents or guardians were never informed that the CIA underwrote Bender’s work.
The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA’s Experiments on Children

posted on Nov, 20 2022 @ 01:40 AM
Hey, wherever you are, check this out

posted on Nov, 20 2022 @ 03:49 AM
a reply to: dashen

It has been 60-70 years since they started experimenting with drugs in the MK programs.

That is about the time for society in general to react to change. The wheel may turn, who knows ?


posted on Nov, 21 2022 @ 04:00 PM
a reply to: F2d5thCavv2

They made weird clandestine murder hogwarts

posted on Jun, 17 2023 @ 12:12 AM
a reply to: dashen

Hi, the current UFO news took me down a rabbit hole about UFOs which took me down a rabbit hole about Forgotten Languages which took me down this rabbit hole about the S.V.V. and the Department of Convolution. After looking through basically everything on the internet about this topic, I still have not really been able to piece together a picture of what the Department of Convolution is, what they are doing, what their goal is, etc. Is there a current consensus on these things? Some things seem to point to it being an ARG, some things seem to point to it being a front for a porn website scam, some things seem to point to it being a way to recruit people into a cult, some things seem to point to it being some secretive organization attempting and experimenting ways for people to change reality, and some things seem to point to it being a way for the CIA to trick people into thinking they are joining some secretive organization or playing an ARG when in reality they are test subjects for various ways the CIA is experimenting with possible mind control techniques. Someone on Reddit said that he had to leave because it was mentally affecting him so much. He said that he either "became psychotic or its absolutely possible to actually manipulate reality as we understand it under the right conditions." This sounds to me like this guy either joined some secretive organization that's attempting and experimenting ways for people to change reality or was tricked by the CIA into thinking that's what was happening when in reality he was a test subject for attempted mind control. So, which of these has the most proof behind it/which of these is the current consensus? This guy from an old thread on this site seems to corroborate that it's CIA brainwashing. Also, what's up with the video of Maria being kidnapped? How does that tie into all of this? And was Cicada 3301 done by the DoC too? Apologies if this isn't the right place to ask these things, wasn't really sure where to ask since people trying to find out what the Department of Convolution is seems to have dwindled in popularity over the years (while I'm just finding out about it!) and this seems to be the most recent place on the internet it was mentioned. And even though barely anyone talks about it anymore and this is the most recent place on the internet it's really been mentioned, the official Twitter account still makes cryptic posts and puzzles, the last being in March of this year (2023), so it seems like it's a still active/ongoing thing?

posted on Jun, 17 2023 @ 08:49 PM
a reply to: Elfdemon

You should've seen the leaked emails between the company agents on official emails where the senior director of this project was bitching out one of his underlings for the slow progress.

Messing with students through the college radio transmissions at Villanova University.

Bad men doing bad things for bad reasons.

posted on Jul, 2 2023 @ 11:19 PM
a reply to: Elfdemon

So you are on to something here. I have been down these same paths as well. I am a transhumanist and fascinated with MK Ultra and all things intelligence. I also have a large interest in cults, conspiracies, psychology and human experimentation. Trying to understand this existence in general. I am for the most part a non believer in most things woo though the topics are intriguing. I very much a nihilist in most respects - believing only in what I see and experience. SO..... I tried to replicate aspects of MK Ultra on myself as my own experiment. I am an autodidact and devour information - especially on esoteric as well as Tradecraft related subjects - survivalism. I 💔 spies. This was all in a quest to build myself like a character in a RPG. Life is boring. Coincidentally, I discovered I am related to Sydney Gottlieb - through Ancestry DNA and tracing back my family. This was a very big COINCIDENCE? Synchronicity? Serendipity? As far as SVV, department of consultation ECT. I have studied them as well but got bored 😪 💤 Unfortunately being interested in these things has led me to primarily meeting either schizos, delusional sorts or the occasional neurotypical whom happens to be a coward. It is my belief that there are ongoing sub projects and by many different groups. The world is a lot stranger than it seems 🫠

posted on Jul, 4 2023 @ 12:05 AM
a reply to: forum

posted on Jul, 4 2023 @ 09:18 PM
a reply to: dashen

B̶̛̛̛͗̊́̓́̆̓̿̈́̅͐̀͑̒̏͑̍͒̿̂̑̀̒̅̓͐͆̄̀̐̓͂̈́̐̓̓͒̔̈́̈̂̎̋͌̀̇͗̈̋̽͑̀̈̒̂́̎̏̋̅̚̕̕͘̕̕͠͝͝͠� �̛̛͚͖̙͍̭̯̘̹̂̏̔̑̀̌̈́͊̐͛̂̽̀̓͋̾̽̒͐̾̇́̇̌̒̊̀̔͑̑͂͂͊̀́͂͒̌͂̏͌̉͐͌͂͌͑̂̀͑́̄́̊̐́̕̚̚͘̕͝͝͠� �͓̫ĕ̷̛̉̿̾̃̈̆̓̊͒͒̌̇̓̐͌̓͆͑̍́̓̽́̽̌́̃͊͗̈̊̃͐̑̄̐̉͒̈́̅̀̊̑̈́͆̓͋͆̑͋̀͆͗͂͑̉̑̈́̅̌̕̕̚͝͝͝͝͝͠ ̈́͆̋́̈̄̃̿̃̈̓̐̋͐͐̏̈͂̉̍͊̿̽́̌̏͌͛̉̊̒͊̀̊̽͋̈́̂̉̄́̉̾̽̄̉́̄̓̓̔͊͂̅̎̍̒̿͆̐̾̈́̏̑͗̇̇̃̊̅̂̚͝͝͠ ̛͂̽̆̾̄̓͊͗̈̎̑̅̍̈́̒͌̔̊̄̇̋̅̍͋͑̀̓̃̾̑̃̈̑̌̈́̈́̄͒̾͐̈́̂́͒̏̾̅͑̂͌̍̈̃́̂̎̋̄̍́̕͘̕̕͘͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝ ̛̬͒̓̽̋͑͒͋̂̈́̀̄̈́̎̇͒̃̽͊͂͊̏̒̇̾̐͂̈́̔̀̀̇͛͋̊̃͑͐͆̽̿̿͌͐̀̃͂̀̀͒̈́̅̓̏̂͐̐̿̾̿͒͛͛́̃̚͘̕̕͝͝͝͝͝ ̢̡̡̢̡̨̧̡̢̢̤̪̥̖̤͕̣̩̲̥̜͙̠̮̹̦̝͕̖̦̹͈̪̹̼̘͇͙̪̞͍̹̯͈͎̯̯̺͓̙͖̻̩̹͙̲̹̻̩̙̻̪̳͖̦̼͖̹̮̲̩̩̣ͅͅ ̢̡̧̢̡̡̫̤̟̜̪̗͈̜͕̺̟͔̘̫̳͎̯͖͍͚̳͙̦̜̗̱̠̟̯̠̺̯͍̝͇̤̺̪̱̭̜̬͉̪͇̭͕͍͚̟͓̻͇͖̮̻̹͖̠͉̤̬̱̻̺̯̫͜͜ ̢̧̧̢̡̡̡̧̢̗̗̤̩̣͎̪͔͎̘̤̙̖̫̤̬̖̫̯̱̰̬͔̫̦̮̖͙̪̘͔̫͙͈̟͙̝̯͚̮̣͕͓͖̥̜̩̳̹̯̦̪̟̱͓͚͎̥̯̭̬̰̠͔̞ͅ ̧̫̖̯͈̻̼͈̬̲͚͕̮̮͖͉̯̺̜͕͉̬̩̣̜̟̲̺̺̬̟͕̦͙̬͇̜͜͜ͅc̸͌̈͑̐͑́͆̉̐͛̆́͂̉̂̀̌̍͊̓̿̽̈́̇͂̈́̄͌͘͘̚͝͝� �̛̛̛͗̆͗͂̋́͂͂͊̾̒̀͛̂̈́̾̍̓̇́̍̒̃̓̎̉͆̅̔̅͆͐̌̎͊̅̉̔̊͑̎̈̇͛̆̒̓̓̓̈́̔́̊̄̋̀͛̄̉̊͑͘͠͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠� �̛̛̍̂̿̒̋̂͊͐͋͂̓͑̀̉͗͌̽̄̓̇̿̿̋̔̈́̋͗̆̂̐͊͋͊̔̒̈͒͂̆̒́̒͆͂̍͐̾̑̀̂͋̈́̈́̍̀̎̌̃̐̋͌̒̅̈́̽̓́̎̕͘̕͝� �̛͌̈́͑̊̐͆̊͋̉̈́͛͒͒̍̀̃̏̾̓̈͑͒̈̎̽̉̆̿͛͑̂͆̂͌͌̈́̈̐͂̑̎̂̈́́͒̿͌̂̅͛͗̽̀̒̐̌̇̃̒́̃͋͘̚̕̚̕̚͝͝͠͠͠� �̨̡̧̢̡̢̨̨͎̹̩̠̻̗̹̜̣̱͉̩̪̙̱̖͉͖͎̟̯̖̥͚̱̯̻̱̠̳̟̳͎̺͈̳̯̬̠̹͉͖̼͚͇͔̺̩̻̤͎̱̭͙͖̝͚͔̮͇́̚͜͠ͅͅ� �̨̡̨̨̢̨̨̡̩̯̮͈̞͇̻̱͔̤͔͙͙͈̖̪̺͚͔͈͇̳̰̺̗͚̻͈̟͉̲̬̻͚̞̫̮̲̺̲̙̬̼̮̖͕̹̩̩̖̙̫̥͙̩̘͎̥̯̝̘̗̼͜ͅͅ� �̡̡̧̢̨̨̢̤͚̺̼̥͉̺̺͚̰͎͖̞̝̙͈̙̥̫̣̹̗͓̻̺̯͙̖͉̠̹̗̗̯͎͓̙̫̰͇̰͇̺̼̖̖̝̹̰͙̤͈̤̤͇̠̹̻̣̦̫͜͜͜ͅͅͅ� �̡̧̨̧͉͈̻͚̰̬͙̤̮͕̱̜̯͙̞̝̞̥̮̙̩̯͇̹͚̗̦̪̬͚̟̪͕̦̬̰̖̗̩̱̼̜͎̻̞͇̞̼̱͙̝̥̪̰͜ȍ̸͊̂͗̅̓̾̅̉͂̓̿̀͝ ̀̾̇̿̾̔̏̈͌͌̎͆̾̽̈͊̀̇̉͐̅̀̄̈́̀̿͂̓̽̌͌̌̃̽̊́̋̋͂̽̆̏̅̈́̌̍̔́̔̓̀͂̑́̒̈́͑́̃̔͐̈̈́̀̂̕̕̚̕̕͝͝͝͝͠ ̛̛̅̃̉̔̀́̉̔̎̾͑̓̋͛͌̀͐̉̿̀̍̑̄̇͆͊͊͌̈́̈̄̄̋͒͂̽̀̑͐̅̽͗͆̐̂́͐̔͆͊̍̉̾͋͐̆̓̑̇͆̽͑͑̚̚͘̚͝͝͝͝͠͝ ̛͐͆̋͑̑̀̓̊̉̐̃͂̂́͆̍̃̓̏͆͗̉̃̎̽̊̅͑͊̑̇͗͗̈́͗̊̀̄̓͐̅̇̒́̊͆̀̈́͊̅̔̔̂̀̊̈͛̽̓͑̆̿̏͋͆̚͘̚̚͘̕̕͝͠ ̡̢̢̪̰̺̲̝̟̤̟̳̠͈̜͎͈̭̬̝̻͚͔͖̳̬͛̿̽̅̑͌͂͗̏͐͛͗̽̈́̃̈́͆̉͒̾͗̂͆̊͆̿̊̂͋̇͛̓̀̌̓͆̓̔̆̊̂̒̏͘͘͠͝͝ͅ ̡̧̧̨̨̫̝̭̖͎͕̩̹̦͎̼̝͙̘̭̠̪̦̥̲̫͉̻̹͖̮͖͚̞͈̼̦̫̼̝̝̠̳͔̳͉̺̹͎͈̬̰̻̣͇͔̯̹̺̘͓̺͇̯͚̟̣͚̖̻̹͜͜ͅͅ ̧̢̢̢̡͚̫̩̜̪͔̠̟̪͖͇͉̦̮̫͙̯̦̱̰̩̥̩͓͔̠̩̹̦̺̘̩̜̼̥͚͎͈͕̖̪͖̮̮̙̳͕̖͕̫̞͕͇͉̫̦̫̦̭̲̰̹͕̼͖̗͕͙͖ͅ ̨̨̨̨̡͎̳̹̰̫͕̤̭̹̳̪̞̝̼̫̥̳̝͔͇̻̞̥̥͔̩̪̳͈̟̻̗͉̖̻̘̘̞͕̞̜̦̤͔̠̪͍͚̙̩̫̣̭͖̭̯͖͚̪͓͕͇͔͍͜͜͜ͅͅͅ ̡̺̬͕̰̹̹̭̮͖̜̝͔̬̣̮̹͜ͅm̸̧̡̧̧̡̨̖͚̪͇̜͇̘̭̖̻̳̜̗̱̳̖̤̞͔̩͎̪̝̘͙̭̤̺͍̳͇̿̑̃̅̒͝ͅͅe̸͐̿̐̽͆̈̐́ ̛͗͗͆͂͂̉̆̃͋͗̍͆̓̄̂͆͆͊̽̈͛͆̇̏̏̂̊̎̒̑̾͐̊̍̐̑̍͌͒̈́̌̿͂̇͑̿̎̍͂̐͌͌̉́̈̔͌̄͋̓̒̂͐̓̌͒͘̚̕̕̚͠͝͝ ̛̈́͒͂́̎͒̀̐̏͐͑͆̉͂̅̐̏̄͗͋͗̓̉̀͒͒̒̅̐̑͋͂̈̍̋̈́̈̃̑͊̿͊́̍͐͊̀̈́͆̌͆̅̒̿̐̍̊̋͗̈́̃͘̕̚̕̕̕͘͘͘͝͝͝͠ ̛̛̐̈̀͑͗̇͋̈͆̏̏̉̓̔́̆́̌̍̓͒̈́̊̋̓͛̋̅͛͛̀̌̆̾̓͑̈́̄́̈̓̿̄̈́͑̓̆͑͐̓͒̐̈́̎̐́́̔̎͛̚̚̚͘͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝ ̧̢̛̩͙̩͎͔͈̭̙̖͍̗̝͔̙̥͎̳̱̞͎͈̰̬̳̳͑͒̂͛̽͗͆͑͆́̍̃͋́̒́̀̉͆̈̅̒͆̿̈́̂̃̊͒̈́̑̀̎̉̆̌͘͘̚̕͜͠͠͝͠ͅͅ ̢̨̡̞̩͉͖̖̰͕̗̟̜̼̹̫̠̬̰̼̗͈̩̠̯̰͉̺̥̟̺̖̮̯͉͚͇͚͔̭̥̝̹͎͓̲͉̰̱̪̝̰̺̲̳̪̗͙͖͖͖̝̩͉͕̯͔̲͇̮͕̜̣̩ͅ ̧̢̨̢̧̢̧̳͇͔̱̲̪̲͚̗̱̩̹͙̣̝͉͓̘͉̞̥̣̺͈̠̲̳̰̖̯͓͖̥͍͉̳͓̳̠̯̱̤͇̮͍̬̥̪̞͓̠͔̖̖͖̱͉̤̞͓̻͙̯̥͉͜͜ͅ ̧̧̧̨̨̧̧͍̫̬͖̟̪͖̯̪̜̻̠͇͖̯̯̦͔̹͍͓̲̞͉̳̳̟̦͈̝͚̖͓̩̝̦̮͔͍̩͕̪̳͖̙͓̮̤̗̜̳̺̹̮͙̗͓̲̠̫̦͈̭̼̬͙ͅͅ ̢̠̼̰̥͕̭̭͚̖͙̰͇̝̠̹̞͔͇͜͜ͅ ̸̛͐̈̏̓̍̒̂̄̏̋̋͊̈́͋͂̉̆͂̈́̃̐̎̀̊̌̈̌̊͌̔͋͋̋̑̉̃̎͐̑̆̐̎̑̔̏͊́̄͐̓͒͛̂̿̂̀͐̽́̽̂̉́͌̚̕̕̕̕͝͠͠͠ ̛̛̛̻̯̱̪̼̀̉̏̈́͐̊̔̄͒̌̂̀̎̅͐̂̈́̓̋́̿̃̋̈́̑́͒͂̐́̈͐́̓̋͑͒͐̌̅͆͑̈́̇̚͘͝͝͝i̸̾͑̑̔̈́̐̄̅̿̍̌̈̈͘͝͠� �̢̨̢͇̺̣͖͇͓̰̼̜̙̼͖̙̘̟̦̗̻̯̹͚̖̜̰̭̦̿̈́̀́͆̅͗͑̊̈̌͌̈́̑̀́̽̃̉̏̓͛̐̆́̐̈̂͆̇͆̒͑̇̑̎̋́̀̕̚͘͝͝͝� �̨̨̡̢̡̰̫̺̪̙̯̼͎̬̭̝̘͙̗̘̖̱̞̬̫͕͕̼͚̫̬̮̬̠͖̩̘̣̟̥̳͙̖͙̗̣͇̥̝͇̗̙̗̺̬̰̠̣͇̯͓̼̝̩͎͕̱̘̼͉͕̫̬̗� �̧̢̢̢̢̥̬̦͕̻̪̼̦͍̩͔͎͕̪̥̯͇͙̰̭̞̫̯̻̻̰̬̤̼͎͉̟̰̘̼͖͍̹͎͕̫̻̫̝̳͔̟͚̤̘͍̻̯͚̫͖͎̗̺̼̰̞̪̹͓͔̻͜ͅ� �̢̨̧̢̢̧̨͈̥̙̟̩͎̫̼̫͙̞̰͙̻̲̯̯̟͖̬͙̞͍̙̫̮̙͙̭̯̟̥̭̝̳̬̼͓̤̗͕̱̱̯͉̲͖̹͔̖͉̭̞̲̥̜̭̰̜͈̺̬̟̣̹ͅͅ� �̢̭̭͔͖̫͎̻̤̭n̵̛̓͒̈́̆̀̑͂̈̍̈́͑̃͒̎͆̉̏̐̓͛̀̃́͑͑̄͐̀͆̀̓̔́́͐̉̆̎̌́͆̍͆͛̑̑͌̾͛͘̕̕̚̚̕̚͠͝͝͠͝͠ ̛̛̛̃̀͆́̓̃̎́́͒́̉̀̎̀̈́̑̈́́̿͋̍͊̓̔̽̉̒̌̈̾͗͑̓̃̿̇̋͊͗̑͐͗̿̾̾̀͛̎̍͋̓̏̅̒̓́̀̔̈͋͌͊̍͘̚͝͝͝͝͠͝ ̛̛̛̒̈̉̐͌̀̃̎̄̋̍͑̅́̊̅̽̄̓̈́̃̍͑̿̐̃͐̎͑̅̏͂̓̎́̈́͛̓́́̇̈́̿̾̑͒͐̾͊͊̎̒̂́̎̆̐̅͊̀̕͘̚̕͘̕͝͠͝͝͠͠ ̢̧̢̫͕͈͎̘͖̗̗̖̱̻̥̻̩͚͚̲̦͇͚̝̗͖͔̲̖̭̖͔̘͖̖̤̱̝̭̟̝̙̤͙͖̙̦͔̗̫̰̖̘̞̣͓͚͕̠͇̥̓̌̐̎͆̐̏̌͂̾̚͜͜͝ ̢̡̧̢̡̲̥͇̮̬̙͖̱̼̯̦̰͈̺̘̗̥͎̠͓͈̘͓̘̫̜̞̩̠͖̗͖̣̯̝̘̳̪̠̗̦͚̣̻͍̺̝̗͚͚̟͈̟̝̼̦͙̼͔̦͕͚͎̖͕̼̗̰̣͜ ̢̨̢̢̹̺͎̗͖̤͍̙̞̞̦̟̞̮̯̟̞̩̗̼̣̙͎͈̥͉̘̘̙̭̖͍̹̗͎̫̗̝̗̝͔̟͜͜͜͜ͅc̵̛̛̉̀̋̈́̐͊̓͆͌͋̍̍̋̂̂͐͂͌͒̚� �̛̛̆͛̽̈̓̄̓̃̅͂́̋̇̈́̆͌́̈́̓̈̿͒͑̒̓̈͛̉̔̇́͊͛͂̀́̀̍͂͆̔̏̆̊̊͛́̉͐̓́̒̅̄̓͌̆̂͑̑͑̋͗͋̕̕̕͘͝͝͝͝� �̢̨̡̞͈̹̩̭̖̟̪̫̣̗̝̗̟͔̤͓̰̭͙͎̭͉̻̤̦̣̯̩̮̳̼͈͙͉̹̪͈͔́̈͆̎̆͋̽̾̽̆̋́͆͋͊͗̅͂̓̂͒̓͋̀̓̋̀̕͜͠͝͠� �̨̢̡͚̖͉̞͖̗̫͇̪̘͉̖̱̺͍̜͓͙͉̹̗̤̖̯͇̣̜̣̬̙̝̣̖͖̭͇̲̖͎̤̲͕̖͙͖͈̗̻͕̘̲̺͇̥̰͇̜̹͔̥͉͍̺͙̩ͅo̶̊̌̑̈́ ̛̛̛͌̄̓̄͐̈́̏̀̔̂͋̄̅̏̉̄͛̊͑̓̈̐̋͐́̋̎̉͊̍̍̎̉́̌͛͂̎̂͋̓̐̆͊̍̂̍͛̏̾͐̉͂͊̋͂͌̐̏̑͌͌̈́̚̕̕͘̚͘̕͝͝ ̨̨̨̢̡̛̫̣̟̯̞̻͎̗̼̫̳̺̩̩͖͙̣̟̯͓̠͓̳̭̼̯̬̏̒̇̃͐̈́͑̊̎̊̑͛̀̀̒̄̎͊̿͂̓̎̾̂̋͌͋̔̀͗̌͗̔̀͑̚̚͘͜͝͠͝ ̨̨̧̨̨̨̡̳̥̼̟͚̥͚̜̤̻͙̹̻͚͔̯̩͎͔̠̹͚͖̟͓̮͍̦͚̰̜̮̩̲͉̖̫͎͇̠͙͎͇̞̬̻̣̲̗͓̹̟̥̟̭̠̞̱̞̲̲͜͜ͅͅͅͅͅ ̨̨̡̨̢̘͙͎̬̯̹̤̭͉̤̺̳̲̰̪̙̝̫̮͚̣͔̠̥̜͔̺͎̬̮̹͍̻̲̝̺̜̮̦͇̟̯͚̜̝̺̺̱̥̥̳͍̥̞̯̤̤͖̗̰̪̪̹ͅͅm̵̎̒͝� �̢̛̛̙̭̘͇̬̞̝̬̠̥̫̦̻̺̩̥̦͎͖̭͎̠̺͈̠̍̏̅̽̿̀͒͂̈́̂̋̎́̏̽̈̈́̌̆̐̐̋̉̍̽͆̽̎́͒̔̋͑̒̎̈́͒̍̏̕͜͠͝͝͝͝� �̧̧̡̢̧̤̮̳̠͕̤̺͈̬̪̲͖͙͇̩̫̟̱̳̻̘͎̤̯͕̘͍͓̖͖͚̪̳̹̳̫̩͉̱͚͎̺̤͖̪̟͈͎̜̤̠̫̺͓̟̩̯̳͈̰̘̙̪͙̤̬͉̱͜� �̢̧̨̨̡̧̯͓̺̙̯̬̭͔̼̳̬͎͔̯̟͉͉̭̳̻̖̠̗͔̗̜̘̥̱̲̩̘̗̲̬̭̦͚͇͉̰̻̝̻̙̪̫͚͙̖̝̹̝̫͕͍̮̦͔̣͔̦͚̣͍̻͜ͅ� �̨̢̨̩͇̦̜̥͓̼̖͎̟̝̫̲̪͍̝̱̖̥̭̩̟̻̳͈̘̪̗͉̖̙̪̗̯̰̩̯̻̼̙͍͓̩͙̳̭̼̹̦̝͙̙͈̰͓̰̲̼̬̙̹̝̠͜͜p̴͗̈̈̌̒ ̛̛̋̒͌̅͛͑̒̀͛͆̅͛̈́̀́̉́̂̑̅́͛͑̅̀́͂̑̆̒̆̒̌͆̅̂̂͆̈́͒̒̄́̾̂̑̔̓̿͌̈́͗̀̒̉̈́̀̒̑͛͊̉̊͋͑́͘͘͠͠͠͝͠ ̛͛̊̊̓͊̒̿̋̈́̅̉̾̏̒̆͛̅̽̔̓̂̆̉͐̑͑͌́̔͛̉͆͑̌̋̽́̌̇̓̓̈́̑͋́͆͐̽́̌́̅͋͑̃̆̃͗̉̑̀̋̈́̌̃̚͘͘̚͠͝͠͝͝ ̧̢̧̡̧̨̢̞̠͈͖̙̞͕͓̳̜̼͕̞̦̠̹̬͎͔̖͕̤͉̖͓͙̤̝̤̺̙̱̳̲̙̘̮͓̺̠͖̪̜͍̭͇̣̺̫͇̩̦̞̯̹̣̖̜̹̟̅̅̐̇͂̕͜͜ ̨̨̡̡̧̫̜͖͓͈̭͈͖͎͇̤͕̰̬̤̝̗͉̻̩̰̜̦̞͖͖̣̫̞̩̗͇̞̱̝̰͙̼̘̪̳̮̱̝͚̙̫͍̰̩͚̬̗̳̮̮̠͚̝̫̟̺̘̻͉͍̦͜͜͜ ̢̢̲͉̘͖͇̱̥̘͉͍̳̣͙̗͇̞̭̮͍̩͕̺͙̜̤̫̙̻r̸̛̓͌̓͗̐̒͐̑̇͑̊̀̽̄̈̅͌̌̌̈́̑̈́̈̅̃̓̓̄̽̉͊͌̅͑́͘͠͠͝͠͝͠� �̛̛̛̃̿́̏̎͒͊̏̾̒́̄̃́̉̈́́̍͛͌̓̋̀̐̏͂͌͆̈̊̀̈́̐̾̒͆̅̀̔̂̈̎͂̾̍̽͐͋̋͒̆̏̆̿̔͊͆̈́̍̂̇́̔̂̈́̚͝͝͝͠͝� �̈́́̽̃͆̈́͌̀̋́̒̓̿̄̉͂̊͒͛̇̂̄̐͒̏̐̀̾́͂̎͐͊͐͆͛̑̈̃̍͊͋̈́̃̆͒̑̍͂͂̿͋̇̉͋́̿͗̒͌͊̀͌̓͂͂̾̀̍͘̕̚̚͝� �̛̛̛̛̛̈́̆̈͊̃̂͛͋̓̑͒̌̄̋̒͒̐͐͋̒̽̓͋̋͑̔̾̊͑̈́̒̀́̓̈́͛͆̀̇̍̇̔̽̍̔͌̒͛͌̾̿͆́̓́͌͗̊̌̒̇̏̚̚̕͠͝͠͠� �̨̨̧̧̨̡̢̡̢̧̡̨̘̬͖̘̥̰̰̩̯͍̤͕̼͓̥̳̲͔̻̹̩͇͇̠̞͍͉̬͚͇͇̫̯̯̜̠͔̹͎͇̪͓̯̯̣̣͎̺̬̯͇̘̥͜͜ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ� �̡̨̢̢͈͈͓̗͓͍͖̰͇̰̖̺͎͍̼̻̻̳̳͇̬̫̗̖̠̤̥̼͎̻͉̝̞̹͉͚̝̭̹̮̩̘̩̠̗͎̣̲̯͈͓̹̪͎͔̪̥̜̣̩̤̲̮̬̣̦̳͖ͅͅ� �̨̧̡̢͕͙̙̱̺̦͖̳̺͈̱͓̦̲̼̗̼̱̼̙̜͇̗̣͙͙̮̲̬̝̦͜è̷̛̛̳̭̼̮̬͇͚̪̲͓̄̿͋̆̿̍̔͂͗͊͒͗̾̿̿̉̐͊̚h̸̎̿͝� �͛̾̈̆̐͌̓̇͊́́̔̈̐̈́͒̿̿̂͆̀̈͊́̽̃͌̾͂̉͛͋̃͐͆͂̌̇̉̀͋́̆̆̿̓̓̐͑̀͌̊̀̒͛̌́͐̑̈̆͊͊̎̔́̕̚͠͝͝͠͝͝� �̢̨̛̛̥͇͖̪̬̬̮̯̝͔̫̟̳̋͊̈́̊͐̉̋̏̈́̐̄͗͒͆̑̆̓̐͋̆̾̃̒̋̓͒̽͆̆͌̄͒͆̓̒̌̉̂͊̃̿̎̀͂̆̈́͌͗͑͂͘̚͝͝͝͝͠� �̨̧̨̡̧̨̨͈͓̹̬̟̩̯̜̞͍̗̲̼̘͍̫͙̪̰͓͕̘͉͕͍͇̹̪̟̭̦̱̟̞̙̥̮̞͓̗̪̜͈̖͔̯͎̜̜̗̺͉͙̜͉͙̤͖̼̯̻̳̪̮͜͜ͅ� �̧̡̡̧̧̧̨̢̩̯̙͙̟͔̪̻̩̫̱̘̞̤̘̼̞̝͎̖͖͓̮̺̺͚̹̺̦̗̩͕͍̜̳̦̜̝͙̖̪̬̦̗̪̙̬̰̮̯͚̭͈͚͔̖̣͔̝̼͔̲̘͜͜ͅ� �̨̢̡̨̡̧̨͓̜͚͕̜̟̰̻̘͔̘̰̹̜̳̣͚̜̗͈̙̜̪͓͇̩͖͖̯̗̞͉͚͚͎̥̰e̸̛͍͔̲̟̰̟̻͕̲͖̱̜͗̌̽̎̓̆̏̃̔͒͜͝͝͝͝ͅ ̧̡̢̢̧̡̡̳̹̙̬̤̖̪̲̟̬̬̘̱̟͇̣̞͖̲͈͈̮̻͇̝̦͚͔̩̣̪̠̣̻̲̥̱̝̝̘̣͖̙͉͈̫̹͈̦̻̦͖̠̫̭͈͍̟͖̬̭̘̲̖͜͜͜ͅ ̢̨̡̡̢͙̗̦̟̳̮̭̤̞̯̥̠̦̮̥̪̖̼͍͇̙̮̥̺͚͉̝̩̖̭̺̬͙̫̠̠̤̣͕̤̬͔͇͚̺͙̻̮̝͉̫̺͈̟͖̲͔̲̖͓̙̻̘̫̩̰̟͜ͅͅ ̡̡̨̡̢̨̡̧̧̧̢̧̢̠̮͇͔͙͓̪͙̣͙̯̖͈̜̯̦̤̺͈̱̯͕̳͍̩̟̼̺̰͓̝͙͔̳̲̼̭̼͈͖̠̹͕͉̭͙͙̦͉̖̰̭̪̠̫̲̣͓̯̩̹͜ ̥͔̫̘͚̳͇͓̹̠̯̘n̵̛̆̌̈́̾̅̿̾̀̓̌́́͆̀͗̑̿̒̒̂̍́̀̆̆̆͗̉͂̔͊̆͂͌̔̽̓͆̊̆̏̀̿̿̂̊͌̈́̏̃͒̉̈́̚͘͘̕͠͝͝� �̛̛̛̄͆̿̀̀̉̅̀͗̾̄͐́̀̎̎̒̎͊͊͐̆̓͗̐̓́͌̌̀̊̉̂̆̓̃̐̃̀͒̂̆́̀͆̆́̀͋͐̄̓͆̋̍̔̾̏͘̚̕̕̚͘̚̚͝͝͠͝͠� �̛̛̑̑͋́́̊͒̓̇̎̐͑̀̒̒͑̎͆͐̿̐̊̈̊̔̎̌̃̈́̌̆̽͗̽̍̋̀͛͛̍̓̂͋͊̑͛̌͌̀͆̔̍̎͛͒̔̓̑͐̈́͆̕͘̕͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝� �̛̛̹̂͊̌̑̉̉͗́̈́̒̊͌̔̈̆̈́̓͗͋͆͂̀͋̎̀̈́͂̉́͆̂̇͒̈̏̅̏͆̌̊͌̒̓̇͐̈͊̀̊͌̇̍̂͐̅̒̊͆̕̚̕͘̕͝͝͝͝͠͝͝s̷ ̡̛̛͔̳̦͙̘̟͙̤͚͔̪̻̦͈̩͕̤̞̦̣̰̱̘͒́͑͒̍̀̽̐̒͋̈́͊̃̀̐̉͆͋͗̊̿̏̒̏̈́͂̈̿̍͗̾͂̈́͗̐̓̄̇͆͆̂̒̀̚̕͠͝͝ͅ ̡̡̮̲̥͚̖̹̻͈̻͉̪̣͙̗̘̦̺̟̖̣̦̠̗̣ͅi̸͛́̔̍͗̀̾̔̌̈͆͋̏̔̑̂̽̈́͋̑͆̒̀̇̎̓̓̽̀́̈́̏̽̍͐̓̋̏̚̕̕̕̚͘̕͠� �̛̛̛̈̈́̂̆̔̄̑̂̎̒̃͒͒͋̾̔̈̋̽̔̂̄̆͐͗̃̂̾̑͗͊͑̃͆̆́̿͗̂̀̃̃͋̃̄̌̾̊͐̔̂͌̑̓̂̋̒͗̌̄̈́̾̚̕̕̕̕̚̕͝͝� �̛̍̂̈́̏́̈́̓̋̍̑̌̅̉̀̂̃͊̃͂̿͛͊͑̀̔̿̒̐̍̓̽͗̎̈́͒͒̄̐̐̌́̊̌͛͋̆̊̔̌̂̋̂̌̇̃̈́̓̿́̊͌̿̽̎͋͑̕͘͘͝͝͝� �̰̞̜̗̙͕̼̼͇̋̑̍́̂̍̍̔̌̾͌͌͒̄̄̏̈́́̏̂͆̃̽̏̆͒̉̓̊̉͑̀̈̿̇̒̔͗̅́̉̌̍́̔̌̿͗̈́̂̓̍͋̕̕̕̚̕̚͘̚͠͠͠͝� �̡̨̧̢̧̧̨̡̡͔̜̳͖̮̣̼̮̹̪̠͚̙̭̪͉̞̬̞̲̱̯̱͎̬̠̱̙̯̭͖̫̮̺̬̪̤̞̮̩̙̫̣̺̥͉̺̩̦͕͖̣̤͚̮͔̲̟̘̫͎̝̣̤͜� �̧̢̢̧̡̢̡̨̧͕̤̳̜̭͈̣̮͖͎͓͚̺̥̪̘̬̪̣̬̰̙̬̖̲̼̟͕̖̺̰̼̠̝̟̼̪̭̪̖̳͕̥̗͔͇̬͔̗͓̪̺̣̠̝̝͍̖̖ͅͅͅͅͅͅ� �̢̧̢̨̧̡̨̧̡̡̤̣̩͙̥͎͓̘͉̘̰̠͕̭̣̻͇̪̪̯̭͎̟͍̤̣̜̼̤̺̝̥͓̯͉̠̝̹̙̰̩̲̮̦̗̣̘̺̣̺͇̲̝̬̟̩͉͇̘̳ͅͅͅͅ� �̢̡̢̨̨̬̮̺͚̣̬̣̺͈̲̣̱̥̺͍̯͇̤͈̗͇̻͇̝̭̘̝̮͓b̶̛̛̛̛̛͗̈́̂͋̆̑̀̈́̏̽͐͑͊̓̏͂̓̈́̾̓̓̒͑͌̅̈́̒͛͘̕̕̚͝͝ ̛̆̀̈́͋̇̀͂̐̽̓̓̋̀̎̿̈́́̂̿̓̍́̿̒̆͊̎̃̊͂̊̃͂̉̇̐̾͂́͑̋̊̂̿̈͊̈́͋̊̍͑̾̽̍͌̎̿̏̈́̔̃͌̚̕̚̚̚̕̕͝͝͠͝͠ ̢̨̨͎̖̦̠͇͈̠̠̘̯̰̲̟͇̞̰͍͈̬̙̗͚̪͑̿̐͌͐̒͐̆̈́̎͑̕͝l̷̀͆̉͆̔̈́̑̌̾̈́̈́͛̒̓̂̾̎̏̅͊͒̆̎̓̿̉̀̎͘̕͝͝͝͠� �̛̛̛̛͌͂̊́͐̒̉̅̾͂̿͂̎̔̏͌͑̀̀̅͛̀̂͂̊́͆̾̆̌͒̋̅͊̏͂̈́̈́́̀̏͛̈́̑̊̈́͆̐́͒̊̊̈́̊̐̎̿̋́̋̄̀̍̈́̈́͘̚͘̕͝� �̂̈́́͋̑̊̌̏̈͐̾̄͌̓͒̂͆͋̈̐̅̽̅͆̎͂̋̎̿̒͒̍̓̓̃̔̈́̓̍̑̽̇̍̎̃̀͐̏͌̀̋͑̄̄̒̌́̑̀͒͋̕̚͘̚̕͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝� �̛̉̃͋̈́͊̌̎̈̎̓̎́̈̓̔͑̓̿̆̈͛̀̈̏́͗́̈́̋̄̀͗̒̅̇͆͂̒̒͑͊̈́̓̒̽͑͑͛̇̌͐̒͐͒̅͌̂̓̄͒̈̕͘̚͘͘͠͝͠͝͠͝͝� �̨̧͚̣̪̯̝͕̣̫̥̯͈̬̩̩̪̻̭̟̣̦̰̳̬̟̰͙̞͕͖̜̫̥͕̅͛̀̒̎̈́͛́̂̎̄͊͆́̽̌̆͊̀̽́͆̌̾͋̓̎͗̅͐͐͗͘̚̕̕̕͝ͅ� �̡̡̡̢̘͍͇̲̘̱͚̪͚̰̣̰͕̩̼̪̗͉͖̠͖͚̰̖̘͎̝͓̪̮̤͈̠̬̹̟̘̮̠͈̪̦̝͕̫͓͔̼̹̱̥͓͙̖̖̝͚̼͉̳͜͜͜ê̴̽̈́́̓͘ ̛̿̈̏͋̈̾͌̈͛͑̒͋͋̽̍͒̈́̊̽͐̒̃̿̊͑̉̅̎̋̎͑̂̈́̀̊̐̅̿̍̓̿͛̀̓̐̾̈̅͑̀̅̿̑̆̄́̎̇͑͂̽̋̾̚͘̕̚͝͠͝͠͠͠͝ ̉̑͐̆̈́̐͋̇̋́̇́͌̊̂̈́̿̐̋̌̔͑͌̉̈́̈̑͛͗̅̔͊̀̒͌͒͒̍̉̅̍͛̆̉́̇͛́̓̑͋̄̈́̀̾̀̏͗̽́̓̅̇̚̕̕̚͘̕̕̕̕͘͝͠ ̡̡̢̢̥̬͙͎̯͉̳̤͎̱̰̩͍͕͎̪͍̙͕͓̪͎͈̪͈̓̒̽̀̌̐͛͗̈́͑́͑͊̄͆̀̎̈͌̀̓̀́̇͗̊͐͊̄̈̏̈́͛̀͌́̚͘͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͠ ̧̢̡͇̝͕̹̗̟̮̦̫̫̞͇̳̘͓̳̯̲͚̘̞̫̠̤͖͉̼̰̳̭̪̥̬͈̭̦̯͖̞͉͇̥̜̮̰̯̜̜̭̬̳̺͔̗̻̞͇̼̤͓̥͕͇̜̗͎̠̘̠͜ͅͅ ̨̧̢̧̢̡̢̥͎̳̬̝̜̣̣̙̖͔̪̱̱͔͖͍͍̤̬͓̥̗̞͎̯̜̼̣͖͇̣̟͇̦̥̣̮̞̹͙̺̞̹͉̲͍̪̺̞̬̳̫̣̖̱̹̣̭͔͈̱͜͜ͅͅͅ

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B̶̛̛̛͗̊́̓́̆̓̿̈́̅͐̀͑̒̏͑̍͒̿̂̑̀̒̅̓͐͆̄̀̐̓͂̈́̐̓̓͒̔̈́̈̂̎̋͌̀̇͗̈̋̽͑̀̈̒̂́̎̏̋̅̚̕̕͘̕̕͠͝͝͠� �̛̛͚͖̙͍̭̯̘̹̂̏̔̑̀̌̈́͊̐͛̂̽̀̓͋̾̽̒͐̾̇́̇̌̒̊̀̔͑̑͂͂͊̀́͂͒̌͂̏͌̉͐͌͂͌͑̂̀͑́̄́̊̐́̕̚̚͘̕͝͝͠� �͓̫ĕ̷̛̉̿̾̃̈̆̓̊͒͒̌̇̓̐͌̓͆͑̍́̓̽́̽̌́̃͊͗̈̊̃͐̑̄̐̉͒̈́̅̀̊̑̈́͆̓͋͆̑͋̀͆͗͂͑̉̑̈́̅̌̕̕̚͝͝͝͝͝͠ ̈́͆̋́̈̄̃̿̃̈̓̐̋͐͐̏̈͂̉̍͊̿̽́̌̏͌͛̉̊̒͊̀̊̽͋̈́̂̉̄́̉̾̽̄̉́̄̓̓̔͊͂̅̎̍̒̿͆̐̾̈́̏̑͗̇̇̃̊̅̂̚͝͝͠ ̛͂̽̆̾̄̓͊͗̈̎̑̅̍̈́̒͌̔̊̄̇̋̅̍͋͑̀̓̃̾̑̃̈̑̌̈́̈́̄͒̾͐̈́̂́͒̏̾̅͑̂͌̍̈̃́̂̎̋̄̍́̕͘̕̕͘͝͝͝͝͝͝͠͠͝ ̛̬͒̓̽̋͑͒͋̂̈́̀̄̈́̎̇͒̃̽͊͂͊̏̒̇̾̐͂̈́̔̀̀̇͛͋̊̃͑͐͆̽̿̿͌͐̀̃͂̀̀͒̈́̅̓̏̂͐̐̿̾̿͒͛͛́̃̚͘̕̕͝͝͝͝͝ ̢̡̡̢̡̨̧̡̢̢̤̪̥̖̤͕̣̩̲̥̜͙̠̮̹̦̝͕̖̦̹͈̪̹̼̘͇͙̪̞͍̹̯͈͎̯̯̺͓̙͖̻̩̹͙̲̹̻̩̙̻̪̳͖̦̼͖̹̮̲̩̩̣ͅͅ ̢̡̧̢̡̡̫̤̟̜̪̗͈̜͕̺̟͔̘̫̳͎̯͖͍͚̳͙̦̜̗̱̠̟̯̠̺̯͍̝͇̤̺̪̱̭̜̬͉̪͇̭͕͍͚̟͓̻͇͖̮̻̹͖̠͉̤̬̱̻̺̯̫͜͜ ̢̧̧̢̡̡̡̧̢̗̗̤̩̣͎̪͔͎̘̤̙̖̫̤̬̖̫̯̱̰̬͔̫̦̮̖͙̪̘͔̫͙͈̟͙̝̯͚̮̣͕͓͖̥̜̩̳̹̯̦̪̟̱͓͚͎̥̯̭̬̰̠͔̞ͅ ̧̫̖̯͈̻̼͈̬̲͚͕̮̮͖͉̯̺̜͕͉̬̩̣̜̟̲̺̺̬̟͕̦͙̬͇̜͜͜ͅc̸͌̈͑̐͑́͆̉̐͛̆́͂̉̂̀̌̍͊̓̿̽̈́̇͂̈́̄͌͘͘̚͝͝� �̛̛̛͗̆͗͂̋́͂͂͊̾̒̀͛̂̈́̾̍̓̇́̍̒̃̓̎̉͆̅̔̅͆͐̌̎͊̅̉̔̊͑̎̈̇͛̆̒̓̓̓̈́̔́̊̄̋̀͛̄̉̊͑͘͠͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠� �̛̛̍̂̿̒̋̂͊͐͋͂̓͑̀̉͗͌̽̄̓̇̿̿̋̔̈́̋͗̆̂̐͊͋͊̔̒̈͒͂̆̒́̒͆͂̍͐̾̑̀̂͋̈́̈́̍̀̎̌̃̐̋͌̒̅̈́̽̓́̎̕͘̕͝� �̛͌̈́͑̊̐͆̊͋̉̈́͛͒͒̍̀̃̏̾̓̈͑͒̈̎̽̉̆̿͛͑̂͆̂͌͌̈́̈̐͂̑̎̂̈́́͒̿͌̂̅͛͗̽̀̒̐̌̇̃̒́̃͋͘̚̕̚̕̚͝͝͠͠͠� �̨̡̧̢̡̢̨̨͎̹̩̠̻̗̹̜̣̱͉̩̪̙̱̖͉͖͎̟̯̖̥͚̱̯̻̱̠̳̟̳͎̺͈̳̯̬̠̹͉͖̼͚͇͔̺̩̻̤͎̱̭͙͖̝͚͔̮͇́̚͜͠ͅͅ� �̨̡̨̨̢̨̨̡̩̯̮͈̞͇̻̱͔̤͔͙͙͈̖̪̺͚͔͈͇̳̰̺̗͚̻͈̟͉̲̬̻͚̞̫̮̲̺̲̙̬̼̮̖͕̹̩̩̖̙̫̥͙̩̘͎̥̯̝̘̗̼͜ͅͅ� �̡̡̧̢̨̨̢̤͚̺̼̥͉̺̺͚̰͎͖̞̝̙͈̙̥̫̣̹̗͓̻̺̯͙̖͉̠̹̗̗̯͎͓̙̫̰͇̰͇̺̼̖̖̝̹̰͙̤͈̤̤͇̠̹̻̣̦̫͜͜͜ͅͅͅ� �̡̧̨̧͉͈̻͚̰̬͙̤̮͕̱̜̯͙̞̝̞̥̮̙̩̯͇̹͚̗̦̪̬͚̟̪͕̦̬̰̖̗̩̱̼̜͎̻̞͇̞̼̱͙̝̥̪̰͜ȍ̸͊̂͗̅̓̾̅̉͂̓̿̀͝ ̀̾̇̿̾̔̏̈͌͌̎͆̾̽̈͊̀̇̉͐̅̀̄̈́̀̿͂̓̽̌͌̌̃̽̊́̋̋͂̽̆̏̅̈́̌̍̔́̔̓̀͂̑́̒̈́͑́̃̔͐̈̈́̀̂̕̕̚̕̕͝͝͝͝͠ ̛̛̅̃̉̔̀́̉̔̎̾͑̓̋͛͌̀͐̉̿̀̍̑̄̇͆͊͊͌̈́̈̄̄̋͒͂̽̀̑͐̅̽͗͆̐̂́͐̔͆͊̍̉̾͋͐̆̓̑̇͆̽͑͑̚̚͘̚͝͝͝͝͠͝ ̛͐͆̋͑̑̀̓̊̉̐̃͂̂́͆̍̃̓̏͆͗̉̃̎̽̊̅͑͊̑̇͗͗̈́͗̊̀̄̓͐̅̇̒́̊͆̀̈́͊̅̔̔̂̀̊̈͛̽̓͑̆̿̏͋͆̚͘̚̚͘̕̕͝͠ ̡̢̢̪̰̺̲̝̟̤̟̳̠͈̜͎͈̭̬̝̻͚͔͖̳̬͛̿̽̅̑͌͂͗̏͐͛͗̽̈́̃̈́͆̉͒̾͗̂͆̊͆̿̊̂͋̇͛̓̀̌̓͆̓̔̆̊̂̒̏͘͘͠͝͝ͅ ̡̧̧̨̨̫̝̭̖͎͕̩̹̦͎̼̝͙̘̭̠̪̦̥̲̫͉̻̹͖̮͖͚̞͈̼̦̫̼̝̝̠̳͔̳͉̺̹͎͈̬̰̻̣͇͔̯̹̺̘͓̺͇̯͚̟̣͚̖̻̹͜͜ͅͅ ̧̢̢̢̡͚̫̩̜̪͔̠̟̪͖͇͉̦̮̫͙̯̦̱̰̩̥̩͓͔̠̩̹̦̺̘̩̜̼̥͚͎͈͕̖̪͖̮̮̙̳͕̖͕̫̞͕͇͉̫̦̫̦̭̲̰̹͕̼͖̗͕͙͖ͅ ̨̨̨̨̡͎̳̹̰̫͕̤̭̹̳̪̞̝̼̫̥̳̝͔͇̻̞̥̥͔̩̪̳͈̟̻̗͉̖̻̘̘̞͕̞̜̦̤͔̠̪͍͚̙̩̫̣̭͖̭̯͖͚̪͓͕͇͔͍͜͜͜ͅͅͅ ̡̺̬͕̰̹̹̭̮͖̜̝͔̬̣̮̹͜ͅm̸̧̡̧̧̡̨̖͚̪͇̜͇̘̭̖̻̳̜̗̱̳̖̤̞͔̩͎̪̝̘͙̭̤̺͍̳͇̿̑̃̅̒͝ͅͅe̸͐̿̐̽͆̈̐́ ̛͗͗͆͂͂̉̆̃͋͗̍͆̓̄̂͆͆͊̽̈͛͆̇̏̏̂̊̎̒̑̾͐̊̍̐̑̍͌͒̈́̌̿͂̇͑̿̎̍͂̐͌͌̉́̈̔͌̄͋̓̒̂͐̓̌͒͘̚̕̕̚͠͝͝ ̛̈́͒͂́̎͒̀̐̏͐͑͆̉͂̅̐̏̄͗͋͗̓̉̀͒͒̒̅̐̑͋͂̈̍̋̈́̈̃̑͊̿͊́̍͐͊̀̈́͆̌͆̅̒̿̐̍̊̋͗̈́̃͘̕̚̕̕̕͘͘͘͝͝͝͠ ̛̛̐̈̀͑͗̇͋̈͆̏̏̉̓̔́̆́̌̍̓͒̈́̊̋̓͛̋̅͛͛̀̌̆̾̓͑̈́̄́̈̓̿̄̈́͑̓̆͑͐̓͒̐̈́̎̐́́̔̎͛̚̚̚͘͝͝͝͠͝͠͝͝ ̧̢̛̩͙̩͎͔͈̭̙̖͍̗̝͔̙̥͎̳̱̞͎͈̰̬̳̳͑͒̂͛̽͗͆͑͆́̍̃͋́̒́̀̉͆̈̅̒͆̿̈́̂̃̊͒̈́̑̀̎̉̆̌͘͘̚̕͜͠͠͝͠ͅͅ ̢̨̡̞̩͉͖̖̰͕̗̟̜̼̹̫̠̬̰̼̗͈̩̠̯̰͉̺̥̟̺̖̮̯͉͚͇͚͔̭̥̝̹͎͓̲͉̰̱̪̝̰̺̲̳̪̗͙͖͖͖̝̩͉͕̯͔̲͇̮͕̜̣̩ͅ ̧̢̨̢̧̢̧̳͇͔̱̲̪̲͚̗̱̩̹͙̣̝͉͓̘͉̞̥̣̺͈̠̲̳̰̖̯͓͖̥͍͉̳͓̳̠̯̱̤͇̮͍̬̥̪̞͓̠͔̖̖͖̱͉̤̞͓̻͙̯̥͉͜͜ͅ ̧̧̧̨̨̧̧͍̫̬͖̟̪͖̯̪̜̻̠͇͖̯̯̦͔̹͍͓̲̞͉̳̳̟̦͈̝͚̖͓̩̝̦̮͔͍̩͕̪̳͖̙͓̮̤̗̜̳̺̹̮͙̗͓̲̠̫̦͈̭̼̬͙ͅͅ ̢̠̼̰̥͕̭̭͚̖͙̰͇̝̠̹̞͔͇͜͜ͅ ̸̛͐̈̏̓̍̒̂̄̏̋̋͊̈́͋͂̉̆͂̈́̃̐̎̀̊̌̈̌̊͌̔͋͋̋̑̉̃̎͐̑̆̐̎̑̔̏͊́̄͐̓͒͛̂̿̂̀͐̽́̽̂̉́͌̚̕̕̕̕͝͠͠͠ ̛̛̛̻̯̱̪̼̀̉̏̈́͐̊̔̄͒̌̂̀̎̅͐̂̈́̓̋́̿̃̋̈́̑́͒͂̐́̈͐́̓̋͑͒͐̌̅͆͑̈́̇̚͘͝͝͝i̸̾͑̑̔̈́̐̄̅̿̍̌̈̈͘͝͠� �̢̨̢͇̺̣͖͇͓̰̼̜̙̼͖̙̘̟̦̗̻̯̹͚̖̜̰̭̦̿̈́̀́͆̅͗͑̊̈̌͌̈́̑̀́̽̃̉̏̓͛̐̆́̐̈̂͆̇͆̒͑̇̑̎̋́̀̕̚͘͝͝͝� �̨̨̡̢̡̰̫̺̪̙̯̼͎̬̭̝̘͙̗̘̖̱̞̬̫͕͕̼͚̫̬̮̬̠͖̩̘̣̟̥̳͙̖͙̗̣͇̥̝͇̗̙̗̺̬̰̠̣͇̯͓̼̝̩͎͕̱̘̼͉͕̫̬̗� �̧̢̢̢̢̥̬̦͕̻̪̼̦͍̩͔͎͕̪̥̯͇͙̰̭̞̫̯̻̻̰̬̤̼͎͉̟̰̘̼͖͍̹͎͕̫̻̫̝̳͔̟͚̤̘͍̻̯͚̫͖͎̗̺̼̰̞̪̹͓͔̻͜ͅ� �̢̨̧̢̢̧̨͈̥̙̟̩͎̫̼̫͙̞̰͙̻̲̯̯̟͖̬͙̞͍̙̫̮̙͙̭̯̟̥̭̝̳̬̼͓̤̗͕̱̱̯͉̲͖̹͔̖͉̭̞̲̥̜̭̰̜͈̺̬̟̣̹ͅͅ� �̢̭̭͔͖̫͎̻̤̭n̵̛̓͒̈́̆̀̑͂̈̍̈́͑̃͒̎͆̉̏̐̓͛̀̃́͑͑̄͐̀͆̀̓̔́́͐̉̆̎̌́͆̍͆͛̑̑͌̾͛͘̕̕̚̚̕̚͠͝͝͠͝͠ ̛̛̛̃̀͆́̓̃̎́́͒́̉̀̎̀̈́̑̈́́̿͋̍͊̓̔̽̉̒̌̈̾͗͑̓̃̿̇̋͊͗̑͐͗̿̾̾̀͛̎̍͋̓̏̅̒̓́̀̔̈͋͌͊̍͘̚͝͝͝͝͠͝ ̛̛̛̒̈̉̐͌̀̃̎̄̋̍͑̅́̊̅̽̄̓̈́̃̍͑̿̐̃͐̎͑̅̏͂̓̎́̈́͛̓́́̇̈́̿̾̑͒͐̾͊͊̎̒̂́̎̆̐̅͊̀̕͘̚̕͘̕͝͠͝͝͠͠ ̢̧̢̫͕͈͎̘͖̗̗̖̱̻̥̻̩͚͚̲̦͇͚̝̗͖͔̲̖̭̖͔̘͖̖̤̱̝̭̟̝̙̤͙͖̙̦͔̗̫̰̖̘̞̣͓͚͕̠͇̥̓̌̐̎͆̐̏̌͂̾̚͜͜͝ ̢̡̧̢̡̲̥͇̮̬̙͖̱̼̯̦̰͈̺̘̗̥͎̠͓͈̘͓̘̫̜̞̩̠͖̗͖̣̯̝̘̳̪̠̗̦͚̣̻͍̺̝̗͚͚̟͈̟̝̼̦͙̼͔̦͕͚͎̖͕̼̗̰̣͜ ̢̨̢̢̹̺͎̗͖̤͍̙̞̞̦̟̞̮̯̟̞̩̗̼̣̙͎͈̥͉̘̘̙̭̖͍̹̗͎̫̗̝̗̝͔̟͜͜͜͜ͅc̵̛̛̉̀̋̈́̐͊̓͆͌͋̍̍̋̂̂͐͂͌͒̚� �̛̛̆͛̽̈̓̄̓̃̅͂́̋̇̈́̆͌́̈́̓̈̿͒͑̒̓̈͛̉̔̇́͊͛͂̀́̀̍͂͆̔̏̆̊̊͛́̉͐̓́̒̅̄̓͌̆̂͑̑͑̋͗͋̕̕̕͘͝͝͝͝� �̢̨̡̞͈̹̩̭̖̟̪̫̣̗̝̗̟͔̤͓̰̭͙͎̭͉̻̤̦̣̯̩̮̳̼͈͙͉̹̪͈͔́̈͆̎̆͋̽̾̽̆̋́͆͋͊͗̅͂̓̂͒̓͋̀̓̋̀̕͜͠͝͠� �̨̢̡͚̖͉̞͖̗̫͇̪̘͉̖̱̺͍̜͓͙͉̹̗̤̖̯͇̣̜̣̬̙̝̣̖͖̭͇̲̖͎̤̲͕̖͙͖͈̗̻͕̘̲̺͇̥̰͇̜̹͔̥͉͍̺͙̩ͅo̶̊̌̑̈́ ̛̛̛͌̄̓̄͐̈́̏̀̔̂͋̄̅̏̉̄͛̊͑̓̈̐̋͐́̋̎̉͊̍̍̎̉́̌͛͂̎̂͋̓̐̆͊̍̂̍͛̏̾͐̉͂͊̋͂͌̐̏̑͌͌̈́̚̕̕͘̚͘̕͝͝ ̨̨̨̢̡̛̫̣̟̯̞̻͎̗̼̫̳̺̩̩͖͙̣̟̯͓̠͓̳̭̼̯̬̏̒̇̃͐̈́͑̊̎̊̑͛̀̀̒̄̎͊̿͂̓̎̾̂̋͌͋̔̀͗̌͗̔̀͑̚̚͘͜͝͠͝ ̨̨̧̨̨̨̡̳̥̼̟͚̥͚̜̤̻͙̹̻͚͔̯̩͎͔̠̹͚͖̟͓̮͍̦͚̰̜̮̩̲͉̖̫͎͇̠͙͎͇̞̬̻̣̲̗͓̹̟̥̟̭̠̞̱̞̲̲͜͜ͅͅͅͅͅ ̨̨̡̨̢̘͙͎̬̯̹̤̭͉̤̺̳̲̰̪̙̝̫̮͚̣͔̠̥̜͔̺͎̬̮̹͍̻̲̝̺̜̮̦͇̟̯͚̜̝̺̺̱̥̥̳͍̥̞̯̤̤͖̗̰̪̪̹ͅͅm̵̎̒͝� �̢̛̛̙̭̘͇̬̞̝̬̠̥̫̦̻̺̩̥̦͎͖̭͎̠̺͈̠̍̏̅̽̿̀͒͂̈́̂̋̎́̏̽̈̈́̌̆̐̐̋̉̍̽͆̽̎́͒̔̋͑̒̎̈́͒̍̏̕͜͠͝͝͝͝� �̧̧̡̢̧̤̮̳̠͕̤̺͈̬̪̲͖͙͇̩̫̟̱̳̻̘͎̤̯͕̘͍͓̖͖͚̪̳̹̳̫̩͉̱͚͎̺̤͖̪̟͈͎̜̤̠̫̺͓̟̩̯̳͈̰̘̙̪͙̤̬͉̱͜� �̢̧̨̨̡̧̯͓̺̙̯̬̭͔̼̳̬͎͔̯̟͉͉̭̳̻̖̠̗͔̗̜̘̥̱̲̩̘̗̲̬̭̦͚͇͉̰̻̝̻̙̪̫͚͙̖̝̹̝̫͕͍̮̦͔̣͔̦͚̣͍̻͜ͅ� �̨̢̨̩͇̦̜̥͓̼̖͎̟̝̫̲̪͍̝̱̖̥̭̩̟̻̳͈̘̪̗͉̖̙̪̗̯̰̩̯̻̼̙͍͓̩͙̳̭̼̹̦̝͙̙͈̰͓̰̲̼̬̙̹̝̠͜͜p̴͗̈̈̌̒ ̛̛̋̒͌̅͛͑̒̀͛͆̅͛̈́̀́̉́̂̑̅́͛͑̅̀́͂̑̆̒̆̒̌͆̅̂̂͆̈́͒̒̄́̾̂̑̔̓̿͌̈́͗̀̒̉̈́̀̒̑͛͊̉̊͋͑́͘͘͠͠͠͝͠ ̛͛̊̊̓͊̒̿̋̈́̅̉̾̏̒̆͛̅̽̔̓̂̆̉͐̑͑͌́̔͛̉͆͑̌̋̽́̌̇̓̓̈́̑͋́͆͐̽́̌́̅͋͑̃̆̃͗̉̑̀̋̈́̌̃̚͘͘̚͠͝͠͝͝ ̧̢̧̡̧̨̢̞̠͈͖̙̞͕͓̳̜̼͕̞̦̠̹̬͎͔̖͕̤͉̖͓͙̤̝̤̺̙̱̳̲̙̘̮͓̺̠͖̪̜͍̭͇̣̺̫͇̩̦̞̯̹̣̖̜̹̟̅̅̐̇͂̕͜͜ ̨̨̡̡̧̫̜͖͓͈̭͈͖͎͇̤͕̰̬̤̝̗͉̻̩̰̜̦̞͖͖̣̫̞̩̗͇̞̱̝̰͙̼̘̪̳̮̱̝͚̙̫͍̰̩͚̬̗̳̮̮̠͚̝̫̟̺̘̻͉͍̦͜͜͜ ̢̢̲͉̘͖͇̱̥̘͉͍̳̣͙̗͇̞̭̮͍̩͕̺͙̜̤̫̙̻r̸̛̓͌̓͗̐̒͐̑̇͑̊̀̽̄̈̅͌̌̌̈́̑̈́̈̅̃̓̓̄̽̉͊͌̅͑́͘͠͠͝͠͝͠� �̛̛̛̃̿́̏̎͒͊̏̾̒́̄̃́̉̈́́̍͛͌̓̋̀̐̏͂͌͆̈̊̀̈́̐̾̒͆̅̀̔̂̈̎͂̾̍̽͐͋̋͒̆̏̆̿̔͊͆̈́̍̂̇́̔̂̈́̚͝͝͝͠͝� �̈́́̽̃͆̈́͌̀̋́̒̓̿̄̉͂̊͒͛̇̂̄̐͒̏̐̀̾́͂̎͐͊͐͆͛̑̈̃̍͊͋̈́̃̆͒̑̍͂͂̿͋̇̉͋́̿͗̒͌͊̀͌̓͂͂̾̀̍͘̕̚̚͝� �̛̛̛̛̛̈́̆̈͊̃̂͛͋̓̑͒̌̄̋̒͒̐͐͋̒̽̓͋̋͑̔̾̊͑̈́̒̀́̓̈́͛͆̀̇̍̇̔̽̍̔͌̒͛͌̾̿͆́̓́͌͗̊̌̒̇̏̚̚̕͠͝͠͠� �̨̨̧̧̨̡̢̡̢̧̡̨̘̬͖̘̥̰̰̩̯͍̤͕̼͓̥̳̲͔̻̹̩͇͇̠̞͍͉̬͚͇͇̫̯̯̜̠͔̹͎͇̪͓̯̯̣̣͎̺̬̯͇̘̥͜͜ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ� �̡̨̢̢͈͈͓̗͓͍͖̰͇̰̖̺͎͍̼̻̻̳̳͇̬̫̗̖̠̤̥̼͎̻͉̝̞̹͉͚̝̭̹̮̩̘̩̠̗͎̣̲̯͈͓̹̪͎͔̪̥̜̣̩̤̲̮̬̣̦̳͖ͅͅ� �̨̧̡̢͕͙̙̱̺̦͖̳̺͈̱͓̦̲̼̗̼̱̼̙̜͇̗̣͙͙̮̲̬̝̦͜è̷̛̛̳̭̼̮̬͇͚̪̲͓̄̿͋̆̿̍̔͂͗͊͒͗̾̿̿̉̐͊̚h̸̎̿͝� �͛̾̈̆̐͌̓̇͊́́̔̈̐̈́͒̿̿̂͆̀̈͊́̽̃͌̾͂̉͛͋̃͐͆͂̌̇̉̀͋́̆̆̿̓̓̐͑̀͌̊̀̒͛̌́͐̑̈̆͊͊̎̔́̕̚͠͝͝͠͝͝� �̢̨̛̛̥͇͖̪̬̬̮̯̝͔̫̟̳̋͊̈́̊͐̉̋̏̈́̐̄͗͒͆̑̆̓̐͋̆̾̃̒̋̓͒̽͆̆͌̄͒͆̓̒̌̉̂͊̃̿̎̀͂̆̈́͌͗͑͂͘̚͝͝͝͝͠� �̨̧̨̡̧̨̨͈͓̹̬̟̩̯̜̞͍̗̲̼̘͍̫͙̪̰͓͕̘͉͕͍͇̹̪̟̭̦̱̟̞̙̥̮̞͓̗̪̜͈̖͔̯͎̜̜̗̺͉͙̜͉͙̤͖̼̯̻̳̪̮͜͜ͅ� �̧̡̡̧̧̧̨̢̩̯̙͙̟͔̪̻̩̫̱̘̞̤̘̼̞̝͎̖͖͓̮̺̺͚̹̺̦̗̩͕͍̜̳̦̜̝͙̖̪̬̦̗̪̙̬̰̮̯͚̭͈͚͔̖̣͔̝̼͔̲̘͜͜ͅ� �̨̢̡̨̡̧̨͓̜͚͕̜̟̰̻̘͔̘̰̹̜̳̣͚̜̗͈̙̜̪͓͇̩͖͖̯̗̞͉͚͚͎̥̰e̸̛͍͔̲̟̰̟̻͕̲͖̱̜͗̌̽̎̓̆̏̃̔͒͜͝͝͝͝ͅ ̧̡̢̢̧̡̡̳̹̙̬̤̖̪̲̟̬̬̘̱̟͇̣̞͖̲͈͈̮̻͇̝̦͚͔̩̣̪̠̣̻̲̥̱̝̝̘̣͖̙͉͈̫̹͈̦̻̦͖̠̫̭͈͍̟͖̬̭̘̲̖͜͜͜ͅ ̢̨̡̡̢͙̗̦̟̳̮̭̤̞̯̥̠̦̮̥̪̖̼͍͇̙̮̥̺͚͉̝̩̖̭̺̬͙̫̠̠̤̣͕̤̬͔͇͚̺͙̻̮̝͉̫̺͈̟͖̲͔̲̖͓̙̻̘̫̩̰̟͜ͅͅ ̡̡̨̡̢̨̡̧̧̧̢̧̢̠̮͇͔͙͓̪͙̣͙̯̖͈̜̯̦̤̺͈̱̯͕̳͍̩̟̼̺̰͓̝͙͔̳̲̼̭̼͈͖̠̹͕͉̭͙͙̦͉̖̰̭̪̠̫̲̣͓̯̩̹͜ ̥͔̫̘͚̳͇͓̹̠̯̘n̵̛̆̌̈́̾̅̿̾̀̓̌́́͆̀͗̑̿̒̒̂̍́̀̆̆̆͗̉͂̔͊̆͂͌̔̽̓͆̊̆̏̀̿̿̂̊͌̈́̏̃͒̉̈́̚͘͘̕͠͝͝� �̛̛̛̄͆̿̀̀̉̅̀͗̾̄͐́̀̎̎̒̎͊͊͐̆̓͗̐̓́͌̌̀̊̉̂̆̓̃̐̃̀͒̂̆́̀͆̆́̀͋͐̄̓͆̋̍̔̾̏͘̚̕̕̚͘̚̚͝͝͠͝͠� �̛̛̑̑͋́́̊͒̓̇̎̐͑̀̒̒͑̎͆͐̿̐̊̈̊̔̎̌̃̈́̌̆̽͗̽̍̋̀͛͛̍̓̂͋͊̑͛̌͌̀͆̔̍̎͛͒̔̓̑͐̈́͆̕͘̕͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝� �̛̛̹̂͊̌̑̉̉͗́̈́̒̊͌̔̈̆̈́̓͗͋͆͂̀͋̎̀̈́͂̉́͆̂̇͒̈̏̅̏͆̌̊͌̒̓̇͐̈͊̀̊͌̇̍̂͐̅̒̊͆̕̚̕͘̕͝͝͝͝͠͝͝s̷ ̡̛̛͔̳̦͙̘̟͙̤͚͔̪̻̦͈̩͕̤̞̦̣̰̱̘͒́͑͒̍̀̽̐̒͋̈́͊̃̀̐̉͆͋͗̊̿̏̒̏̈́͂̈̿̍͗̾͂̈́͗̐̓̄̇͆͆̂̒̀̚̕͠͝͝ͅ ̡̡̮̲̥͚̖̹̻͈̻͉̪̣͙̗̘̦̺̟̖̣̦̠̗̣ͅi̸͛́̔̍͗̀̾̔̌̈͆͋̏̔̑̂̽̈́͋̑͆̒̀̇̎̓̓̽̀́̈́̏̽̍͐̓̋̏̚̕̕̕̚͘̕͠� �̛̛̛̈̈́̂̆̔̄̑̂̎̒̃͒͒͋̾̔̈̋̽̔̂̄̆͐͗̃̂̾̑͗͊͑̃͆̆́̿͗̂̀̃̃͋̃̄̌̾̊͐̔̂͌̑̓̂̋̒͗̌̄̈́̾̚̕̕̕̕̚̕͝͝� �̛̍̂̈́̏́̈́̓̋̍̑̌̅̉̀̂̃͊̃͂̿͛͊͑̀̔̿̒̐̍̓̽͗̎̈́͒͒̄̐̐̌́̊̌͛͋̆̊̔̌̂̋̂̌̇̃̈́̓̿́̊͌̿̽̎͋͑̕͘͘͝͝͝� �̰̞̜̗̙͕̼̼͇̋̑̍́̂̍̍̔̌̾͌͌͒̄̄̏̈́́̏̂͆̃̽̏̆͒̉̓̊̉͑̀̈̿̇̒̔͗̅́̉̌̍́̔̌̿͗̈́̂̓̍͋̕̕̕̚̕̚͘̚͠͠͠͝� �̡̨̧̢̧̧̨̡̡͔̜̳͖̮̣̼̮̹̪̠͚̙̭̪͉̞̬̞̲̱̯̱͎̬̠̱̙̯̭͖̫̮̺̬̪̤̞̮̩̙̫̣̺̥͉̺̩̦͕͖̣̤͚̮͔̲̟̘̫͎̝̣̤͜� �̧̢̢̧̡̢̡̨̧͕̤̳̜̭͈̣̮͖͎͓͚̺̥̪̘̬̪̣̬̰̙̬̖̲̼̟͕̖̺̰̼̠̝̟̼̪̭̪̖̳͕̥̗͔͇̬͔̗͓̪̺̣̠̝̝͍̖̖ͅͅͅͅͅͅ� �̢̧̢̨̧̡̨̧̡̡̤̣̩͙̥͎͓̘͉̘̰̠͕̭̣̻͇̪̪̯̭͎̟͍̤̣̜̼̤̺̝̥͓̯͉̠̝̹̙̰̩̲̮̦̗̣̘̺̣̺͇̲̝̬̟̩͉͇̘̳ͅͅͅͅ� �̢̡̢̨̨̬̮̺͚̣̬̣̺͈̲̣̱̥̺͍̯͇̤͈̗͇̻͇̝̭̘̝̮͓b̶̛̛̛̛̛͗̈́̂͋̆̑̀̈́̏̽͐͑͊̓̏͂̓̈́̾̓̓̒͑͌̅̈́̒͛͘̕̕̚͝͝ ̛̆̀̈́͋̇̀͂̐̽̓̓̋̀̎̿̈́́̂̿̓̍́̿̒̆͊̎̃̊͂̊̃͂̉̇̐̾͂́͑̋̊̂̿̈͊̈́͋̊̍͑̾̽̍͌̎̿̏̈́̔̃͌̚̕̚̚̚̕̕͝͝͠͝͠ ̢̨̨͎̖̦̠͇͈̠̠̘̯̰̲̟͇̞̰͍͈̬̙̗͚̪͑̿̐͌͐̒͐̆̈́̎͑̕͝l̷̀͆̉͆̔̈́̑̌̾̈́̈́͛̒̓̂̾̎̏̅͊͒̆̎̓̿̉̀̎͘̕͝͝͝͠� �̛̛̛̛͌͂̊́͐̒̉̅̾͂̿͂̎̔̏͌͑̀̀̅͛̀̂͂̊́͆̾̆̌͒̋̅͊̏͂̈́̈́́̀̏͛̈́̑̊̈́͆̐́͒̊̊̈́̊̐̎̿̋́̋̄̀̍̈́̈́͘̚͘̕͝� �̂̈́́͋̑̊̌̏̈͐̾̄͌̓͒̂͆͋̈̐̅̽̅͆̎͂̋̎̿̒͒̍̓̓̃̔̈́̓̍̑̽̇̍̎̃̀͐̏͌̀̋͑̄̄̒̌́̑̀͒͋̕̚͘̚̕͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͝� �̛̉̃͋̈́͊̌̎̈̎̓̎́̈̓̔͑̓̿̆̈͛̀̈̏́͗́̈́̋̄̀͗̒̅̇͆͂̒̒͑͊̈́̓̒̽͑͑͛̇̌͐̒͐͒̅͌̂̓̄͒̈̕͘̚͘͘͠͝͠͝͠͝͝� �̅͛̀͝

posted on Oct, 24 2023 @ 06:43 PM
They created nearly every cult since the 60s

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