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Man housed in women's prison after raping mother and claiming he's actually female

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posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 11:16 PM
a reply to: BrokenCircles

The vast majority of women who are prison for violent crime are there for physically defending themselves from men who have serially domestically abused them. Upwards of 90% of women in prison have permanent brain trauma from being battered. 98% of all violent crime is committed by men. 99% of sex offenses are committed by men. 89% of male sex offenders have autogynephilia (the sexual fetish of 'transgenderism') among their top 3 paraphilias, with a full 60% IDing as 'trans'. It is nearly unheard of for a man with a paraphilia to only have one and there is an alarmingly high overlap of men who are both autogynephiles and pedophiles. Many women's prisons have accommodations for the minor children of the inmates. Everywhere that autogynephiles have been allowed to cell with women, they have raped those women. There is currently a pregnant inmate in California who was raped by an autogynephile. Over 70% of current HIV infections are in men who ID as 'trans'.

posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 12:13 AM

originally posted by: shaemac
Im not afraid to say it.
Born a male, you die a male....and with female.
People who decide to pretend to be the opposite sex/gender ARE mentally ill and should be treated as such.

This entire acceptance of it is bullcrap and part of the destruction of this country. Im over it. I have zero tolerance for it.

Biologically, ethically, and morally, life begins at conception, not at birth, as alleged by NOW, NARAL, and other abortion rights groups.

Gender is altered in utero in many cases at Planned Parenthood clinics by giving parents a "choice" whether to raise their as-yet-unborn infant as a male or female.

Anabolic steroids and/or testosterone blockers by amniocentesis.

Medieval notions of "mental illness" have no place in the practice of modern medicine in a civilized society.

As to the situation in prison, it's pretty clear the lawyers all bellied up to the bar, took a swig of beer, and said motherf*cker.

posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 12:13 AM
Double post.

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posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 04:38 AM
a reply to: Subrosabelow

ZZow. I did not look into his pathology any more than the superficial stuff in the OP. Really really off balance.

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 04:33 AM
Mercy kill

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 04:38 AM
Every single Democrat policy is to disrupt the policies of America and introduce them with this stuff.

By overwhelming things with dumb ideas the country loses progression by arguing over these retarded ideas.

For years Americas progress has stalled because they are wasting time arguing over stupid policies.

It's a tactic of the enemy. Get the country to argue over what was once common sense ideas.
The enemies are laughing that the people are actually falling for it.

Years ago you can say, housing men in a women jail is retarded and you moved on and progressed the following day.

Today they fight these completely non common sense ideas for years

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 11:44 AM
It's said he's autistic, but I think he might actually be schizophrenic.

Either way he is quite clearly not mentally there and a lot of people have actively encouraged his delusions and made them worse over the years from the looks of it.

If he hadn't @#$%'ed his mother I might of even felt sorry for the guy. But he crossed a line that no amount of mental retardation can excuse if he's guilty of doing so.

Let us not forget, so far it is only an accusation and as far as I am aware at this point it is only 'incest' that he's charged with. Sure it is still very very icky but it's a far cry from rape.

Let's wait until we have all the facts and a conviction before we start the lynching maybe?

Although I will say no biological male/female should be imprisoned with people of the opposite biological sex/gender/chromosomes or whatever the hell we're supposed to call it these days.

That just defies logic. And well, we have people like Brit 'Karen White' to show us exactly why that's a bad idea.

posted on Aug, 7 2021 @ 12:31 PM

originally posted by: Bloodworth
Years ago you can say, housing men in a women jail is retarded and you moved on and progressed the following day.

How long is 'years ago'? Co-ed jails/lockups have been a thing for decades, it's not like some social mixer, they're kept in separate areas.

posted on Aug, 21 2021 @ 09:20 PM
a reply to: BrokenCircles

If this is actually going to be accepted as a 3rd gender, then it needs to be treated like one.

That's an interesting point that reveals the hypocrisy of this world, and the contradiction in fema-fascist statements, like 'women don't need men' and 'gender is only a social construction' (even these two statements are immediately in contradiction).

If there are 561+ genders, then shouldn't we have 561+ different type of prisons, one for each gender?

If gender is just a social construction, why are there women's prisons and men's prisons? Why aren't there just prisons?

If there are zillion genders, why are there only two types of prisons and toilets?

If you are anything you define yourself as, what's the point of segregating anything, why isn't everything just 'for people', then? Start with sports, prisons, toilets - everything should be just one big soup. Then we'll see how happy the fema-fascists and the 'pansexuals' (funnily enough, 'pan' means 'bread' in japanese) are, and how loudly the vaj owners still scream that gender is just a social construction.

There's no excuse to hit a woman, but gender is just a social construction.. men can't be raped, but there is no gender. What if a man identifies as a woman, can he then be raped?

The deeper you go into this rathole, the more insane you become.. maybe it's their purpose, to make everyone insane, so they're easier to control?

posted on Aug, 21 2021 @ 09:54 PM
a reply to: justinacolmena

Born a male, you die a male....

You may not be afraid to say it, but maybe you should also not be afraid to research what a human being actually is..

No one is born a male or die a male.


Let me explain.

'Woman' and 'Man' are just similar convenient words as 'darkness'. It's a practical everyday word, you can point to something and use the word, and everyone will know what you mean.

But when you get to down to it and arrive at truth, you will realize there's no such thing as 'darkness'. There's only light, no matter how minuscule. Also, even if there WAS such a thing as darkness (remember that the interdimensional existence of the Universe dictates astral world exists simultaneously with etheric and physical, so even when it looks completely dark on the physical side, there's going to be 'astral light' at that spot, you just can't see it because of frequency differences), it STILL wouldn't be a truthful word, because even if we agree that 'darkness exists', it still doesn't exist as something -real-.

I mean, darkness can't be created, you can't open a dark cabin's door and let the darkness pour out - light will pour in. You can't open a bright cabin's door and let darkness in - light will pour out.

All that what we call 'darkness' really is, is 'absence of light' at best - a shadow. This is why you can't create it, you can't make a 'darkness bulb', because darkness is just 'lack of something', not anything substancial in itself, like light is. This is why you can't measure 'speed of darkness', but you can measure speed of light, because light IS something, it consists of something - maybe particles that act as wave because nothing exists on the physical side completely separately, but is always connected to higher realms, hence the 'wave function' that comes, not out of nowhere, but from the Creative Spirit of the Universe, that is the most basic and fundamental form of 'matter and energy' (if you want to call it that).

If Quantum Physics became spiritual, it could easily explain so many phenomenon that mystify so-called 'scientists' nowadays.

This planet's stubbornly nihilistic, physical-world 'science' is like an ant that crawls up a tree. It climbs upwards bravely, trying to solve the secrets of life and existence. Since its viewpoint is so narrow, however, it will sooner or later crawl to a branch without realizing it has left the trunk. Nevertheless, for awhile, everything goes well - it can get new insights and enjoy the fruits of its labor and discoveries.

posted on Aug, 21 2021 @ 09:54 PM
Soon it will encounter a split in the branch. All the laws that were so solid and unchanged for a long time, start suddenly splitting up and forming really weird things, like 'leaves', being completely mystified by all this, having soon no choice but to come to the conclusion that everything fundamental is basically just 'probability', and so on.

However, if the ant were to back up, go back to the trunk, then continue to actually climb upwards again, soon it could look down and see the branch as 'branch', nothing mystifying or weird about it at all - everything would become clear.

(I am paraphrasing something I once read, so don't nitpick me too hard - I just find it fitting)

The same way, the 'Male' and 'Female' exist as temporary bodily and etheric realities, but they are like features or shape of a car. You are not your car, you get it, drive it around, use it - but eventually, it will rust down and you have to abandon it. Perhaps you will get another car some day, and so on. You aren't 'born a Lamborghini' or 'die a Ferrari'. It's just a car, it's not you.

The same can be said about 'Men' and 'Women'. No one is born 'as man' any more than they're born 'as Porsche'. A 'man' doesn't really exist, except as a pointer to your being when you're operating a vehicle that has male genitalia.

When you, the same, exact soul, are in some other incarnation, operating a vehicle that has female genitalia, people use a pointer to refer to you, that's called a 'woman'.

In neither case are YOU a man or a woman, but because your body has either male or female genitalia (and etheric body, brain, bone structure, muscle structure, skeletal structure, hormones, chakra directions, and so on), people like to use a pointer like 'Man' or 'Woman' to refer to the whole you (either for practical matters (it's like social quickhand) or because they're spiritually primitive and thoroughly unenlightened).

Furthermore, no soul or 'self' is really ever born. Death also doesn't exist for the eternal, like a 'bunch of energy', which is what you are, what I am, what we all are. Energy can't be destroyed, therefore death and birth only exist for the body.

Interestingly, 'life' has no opposite. People of primitive planets often think 'death' is the opposite of life, because it supposedly 'ends life' (it doesn't). But it isn't. Death ALREADY has an opposite, and it's 'Birth'.

(I am capitalizing for emphasis)

Death - Life - Birth

See how it works? Life has no opposite, because it can't stop existing. Life is eternal, because life is energy.

I hope I have now sufficiently informed you as to why your sentiment about 'born and dying as male' is wrong.

If you refer to a physical body, then you're correct. If you refer to a soul or human being, this statement is completely wrong.

Now, I do agree about the central premise or at least the implication of this, that you can't change horses mid-river. You can't be born to a male body and 'become female' (not that you ever WERE a male, as I mentioned, as soul has no gender - you are incarnated as human being, and you deincarnate as human being, this would be factual version of your statement in any case).

You can't incarnate into a male body and change its gender, because gender is so heavily locked in so many ways and layers simultaneously, and it's your 'karmic destiny' or 'astrological fate' for lack of better term.

Why people fight against the cards they've been dealt with, is a mystery to me. They should be grateful to experience whatever situation they're born in, as it IS temporary, and some day they will experience something else. This is why suicide also makes no sense, you're gonna have to deal with things anyway in another incarnation - murder is also just as nonsensical. Why not just wait for someone to die of old age or something?

It's not only stupid and useless to try to 'change your gender' (it's like trying to transform a pig into a horse by gluing peacock feathers to its back, no one can take it seriously, it's never believable, it's not real, it can't happen) - especially since it's going to be a bodily change -anyway-, and regardless of the packaging, you will still be the same, exact you. You won't change. So what's the point? Why not focus on something better than trying to put lipstick in a walrus and think that makes it a dolphin?

No matter how much you mutilate a body, it won't change gender. Let's say a man mutilates his genitals so perfectly that it could even fool someone into thinking the man is a woman. Wow, what an achievement of modern 'science' (can't these doctors do something more worthwhile than mutilate insane people's bodies?).

That man is still going to have:

- Male bone structure
- Male brain
- Male chakra rotations
- Male acupoint network
- Male etheric body
- Male thoughts
- Male voice
- Male emotions
- Male view to sexuality (finding someone attractive based on looks instead of status)
- Male skin
- Male muscle (density, structure)
- Male body type (height, etc.)
- Male center of gravity (women's is lower)
- Male hip-to-waist-ratio
- Male shoulders
- Male feet (size, structure)
- Male strength
- Male reaction to chocolate (women's is WAY stronger)
- Male menstruation cycle (women's is more powerful and more 'real', bloody, etc.)
- Male womb (= no womb, but women have these)
- Male 'radiation' (can't attract straight men automatically, like women can)

When it comes to attaction and sexuality, a 'male-trying-to-be-female' would have to
fake SO much, from heavy, heavy make-up to clumsily wearing 'women's clothes',
high heels, painted (probably fake) nails, and so on, it would just come off as desperate attempt at trying to mask the masculinity, like putting perfume on a hippo.

In the end, all you can see is the 'mask', and the actual entity, whether living in male or female body, becomes invisible - this man would then have to get used to the world interacting with his MASK instead of himself (because of trying to become 'herself').

It never works. Give it up. It can't be done. Just deal with it and live in the gender's body you are incarnated in, and learn whatever spiritual and karmic lessons you need to, and maybe you can even learn to like it. Then when the time comes to
be incarnated into a female body, enjoy it, but don't think it's the only form for
you, because as human beings, we need to get used to both forms.

It's just unfortunate that due to so much karma, we often need to incarnate into the same gender's body multiple incarnations in a row, so then it's a shock to us when we suddenly 'switch teams'.

Live the shock, don't try to change the body.

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