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They are crashing our economies

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posted on Oct, 7 2020 @ 06:20 PM

originally posted by: MerkabaMeditation

originally posted by: LogicalGraphitti

originally posted by: MerkabaMeditation
I´ve been following the trend of the last year of buying gold and selling dollars.

I'm curious, what if there's a global economic collapse, how long would it take to get your hands on your gold? I'm being serious because I wouldn't mind buying some but having a certificate or some piece of paper isn't going to get me far.

You should probably register yourself now at a gold ETF dealer because KYC requirements take weeks, and if "everyone" starts registering it will take even longer. If you buy gold bullions from a dealer with a physical shop then you can probably do that in a day, never tried though.

I have been purchasing a little silver for cash every month at a antique dealer/pawn shop. The manager has come to know me & she gives me a good deal because of my consistent buying. I can probably get a little better deal if I bought physical silver online but the way I am doing it I support a local business and there is no record, something to consider if possessing precious metals is outlawed. The Comex moved enough “silver in a day that is mined in a year; I wouldn’t trust silver certificates. I recently worked a ton of O.T. Think I,ll ramp up my buying a bit.

posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 07:37 AM
Agenda 21 is still the goal. Implementing in the world takes time.

now i love Trump and it appears he is on the opposition side to the NWO . the truth is we do not know and this would shakeup for a fakedemic has only solidified their plans inca lot pf the world. now who are "they" i donno.

but i do know all indications point to its the same group that killed gaddafi to allow the hordes to invade europe with the blessing of the leaders there. it is the same people willing to use chemical weapons in syria to start a war.
it is the same people pushing stupidity, social justice ideaolgy, socialism, leninism and victim mindsets into world school systems.
are they stoppable? Yes, but the question remains do we have the fortitude to do so.

Furthermore, currency i.e dollars, coins, digital etc of any type is an illusion and will always be controled opposition case in point. bit coin is worthless.
if you live in a controlled society they just either buy it out or ban it and arrest you for owning it.
Gold only has a value to those willling to buy it same with silver
only a few things have actual value
1. knowledge = the ability and understanding to create, manage, and logistally distribute a good or service.
2. labor = the ability to phyicially produce a good or service

labor/human ingenuity, and availibility of physical resourses etc that is the only true currency existing

everything else is an illusion for a goal. the goal is to use a good or service or produce a good or service

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posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 10:39 AM
a reply to: LafingWithTears

Any idea why central banks stopped buying gold just now? I´m thinking crude oil is a better alternative, since the price is low whilst gold is at its highest ever.


posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 12:47 PM

originally posted by: TerryMcGuire

Why would anyone want the economy to fail.

The Chicago School of economists.

They believe that economies have to be disrupted to allow a new, more efficient global economy to emerge. Societies, like the people who constitute them, are irrational and can be considered collateral damage. Like Marxists, their kissing cousins in dogmatism, they are working towards the withering away of the state, which distorts markets.

And they've been at the heart of western governments for forty years...

posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 12:49 PM

originally posted by: rickymouse
The rich people who own big businesses here should probably cash out and take their money to a neutral country somewhere that has no chaos going on. I wonder what country would be the best to move to. Maybe with my measly retirement savings I could move there and pump gas to survive.

They make their money from chaos. Like hedge funds, they thrive on volatility. Look at the economic history of south America since 1970.

posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 01:49 PM
a reply to: Whodathunkdatcheese
Ah yes. Isn't that the Leo Strauss gang? Basically the ''papa-san'' of the ''neo-cons''? Poisonous stuff that.
I remember twenty five years ago studying how the tendrils of that octopus wended though the power centers of economic decisions and had quite forgotten them what with the advance of pure greed and careless power grabbing present in the White House now.

posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 01:57 PM

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posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 09:22 PM
a reply to: MerkabaMeditation

I do not know, your assertion is as good as any. Maybe they have obtained enough good for whatever reason they were accumulating it. Gold & oil & the $, the U.S.D. used to be backed by gold then the US went off the gold standard. Now we put a gun to M.E. Countries & say “buy our natl. debt & buy the way you can only accept US $ for your oil” this makes our dollar kinda backed by oil thus the petroleum dollar. Don’t know what’s going to happen to the US $ when/if oil goes away, it probably won’t be around by then anyway.

posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 09:36 PM
a reply to: RsaWarhawk

Yeah, so when I was a kid I asked my dad why gold had value, he explained that it was representative of labor; it takes a certain amount of labor to extract gold from the environment, cool but it still has to have a socially agreed upon value to be a medium of exchange, you can’t eat it. Paper money runs on faith it is illusory, It is not entirely controlled though if I give you some cash for goods/service only you & I need to know, credit cards & transactions like that leave a record. Commies had labor backed currency, not a bad idea though I don’t know how it would have worked.

posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 09:44 PM

originally posted by: elysiumfire

a reply to: elysiumfire. "So what happened, between now, and when you posted this : ATS : David Icke Brings A Little Clarity - But you already know it?"

I posted the video because of parts of what he has always stated regarding globalism which resonated with my own thinking. Globalists causing chaos to bring about their own particular vision of how societies and the world in general ought to be. A lot of what Icke has also stated I cannot reconcile with, and I don't attempt to do so. In the video, I think he explains the intent of the globalists quite succinctly, but it doesn't take an Icke for us to see it.

This 'great reset' is not for the benefit of humanity.

Actually, it is. Just not for all humanity. It is for the benefit of a small section of it in each country, the rest will be culled, and the reasons why I have already outlined in my earlier post. In simple, logical utility, we have to reduce our population numbers, because our planet does not have the extractable resources for us to continue to live in the way we do. One way or another, either nature herself, or we ourselves will force us to 'reset' our mindsets towards the level of lifestyle we enjoy. We have to return to a more commonsense agrarian mode of living, highly managed, and highly controlled, that is if you want our species to survive. We are at the point, or fast approaching it, where our species has to pay the piper. The reset isn't just in financial terms, that is just one aspect, it is more about our societies, the size of them, their diversity, and how the people will be allowed to live.

They are the problem...not us...

No. We must include all of ourselves as part of the problem. We want the same as 'they' have, a quality of life that probably exceeds our grasp. We all have a carbon footprint, just as much as they do. We share in the spoils of our technological victories, and as long as all the pollution and toxins we create for our lifestyles are not seen, we go along with the whole charade. No. We are to blame just as much as they are, after all, it is we who buy their products, which took a lot of resources to create, and on our resource finite planet, it is obvious we are going to hit a point where the resources will no longer meet our needs...that is, without taking extreme and very radical action. The globalists believe we are close to that point, and intend on saving themselves and those who can prop them up with their knowledge and skill sets.

I was born in 1960. At that time there were approximately 3 billion people alive on the planet. Today, just 60 years later, our human population has grown to 7.8 billion, all clamouring for a higher level of life style and quality of life, which our planet cannot provide for. Globalists have taken it upon themselves to do something about it, through nicely titled programs with noble intentions.

Sustainable and harmonious ways of living with the planet. What they don't tell you is that it can only be achieved by reducing population in vast numbers. Reducing down to 500 million globally might be an arbitrary number, but it is being used as a working idea, give or take a few million.

Already picked your side, eh ?

What is the role you are playing : supporting these supposedly 'noble' globalists ?

Are you hoping for a piece of the pie, when the rest of humanity is struggling ?

What if they don't want you, any more than the rest of us useless consumers ?

posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 09:47 PM
a reply to: Nothin

So I checked out that video on the elites great reset; one of the things that is supposed to happen is the end of cash. The main reason that, I suspect, this has not happened already is that there are still a lot of the rich & powerful that rely on shady revenue streams, corruption, whatever for a significant part of their wealth. Perhaps if they do away with cash & go all digital they will allow bitcoin to stay around to somehow fulfill that role.

posted on Oct, 8 2020 @ 10:32 PM
a reply to: LafingWithTears

Don't know anything.

Seems like, maybe, money : is a nothing term, to TPTB.

They see incomes, expenditures, credits, and debits, and other such descriptors.

Any dirty-money headed their way, has long since been whitewashed, by complicit partners, shell-companies, intermediaries, and great institutions such as HSBC.

Somehow emerging from swamps of #e, and appearing cleaner than good old Mr. Clean himself !!

posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 06:23 AM
a reply to: booyakasha

it will be easy to get people to follow the antichrist as well like an occult fan.
Look at the Trump Cult. There is nothing the Trump Cult wouldnt do for Trump and his team.

posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 07:55 AM
a reply to: RsaWarhawk

Very well said brother.

posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 11:56 AM
a reply to: 19Bones79

Here's another method of 'them' causing havoc & chaos in the USA economy...... US Minted silver coins to see 25% price increase next Tuesday (13 Oct ;20)

see link/article : silver-eagle-coin-in-just-five-days/

bullion dealers are currently purchasing 'Silver Eagles' for around $20 each and adding between 6$-to-10$ Premium to the purchaser for a Retail Price of over $30.35 per 1 oz silver coin

i don't have any sources to verify the USA MINT proposed price increases... but the inflated price of silver eagles does not necessarily increase the Cost or Value of mined silver in ingots or bars... just the coin-collectors cost of nuismatic coins that they purchase ----- FOR THE PRESENT TIME

hint---- i am not rushing to buy silver eagles or any other US Mint products... i will just adjust to any inflated price in my own way

let-the-buyer-Beware !

posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 02:06 PM
Theses post the so called plan Make No sense at all ?
They ( who ever they is want To destroy the world to make it better ?
Kill billions in order to gain what exactly a new currency or world wide economy is a Doom wanna be thread .
Just how does CHINA America Russia all agree on the same plan ( Hitler Lost because he would not even work with his own alys .

as for Killing 3 or 8 billion people off all that would de is make earth such a mess it would take 50,000 years to recover and the VERY people they need to Buy the JUNK they makes wont be Buying anything thing they will be dead .

Pipe dreams
Ps they may very well crash the economy because of there GREED but no one world government will rise from the chaos .
A 1000 years of heck on earth will .
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posted on Oct, 9 2020 @ 10:44 PM
a reply to: 19Bones79

We are not far away from AI taking 50 percent of the jobs that now exist, probably once that takes hold most of the other jobs will disappear at an exponential rate. Suddenly the OWNERS of everything are no longer going to need the vast pool of human labor the formerly did to operate. Human resources are about to become obsolete. I think the plan is to cull the population down slowly at first and probably faster towards the end. Imagine everything completely automated, agriculture, manufacturing, services, etc, even automated to the point where its self sustaining. The elites will live in a utopia with slaves they will never have to pay that will never rebel or complain. They turn the world into their own private nature preserve, also keeping all the resources for themselves. All they have to do is get rid of 99 percent of us. Scary, yes, and I am posting this half in jest, but I hope its NOT what's happening, because if you plug this theory in everything going on makes sense.
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posted on Oct, 10 2020 @ 10:17 AM
a reply to: St Udio

the question is why make the price/cost of USA Silver Eagles so much higher than the melt value of the Troy ounce of silver the coin contains ??

the result would be to eliminate those silver coins being bought for trade-&-barter in a future underground economy (i guess)


reply to midnightstar post:
Them/ They the elite, highminded globalists desire to create their own vision of a Utopia, without guns or poverty or bums or freeloaders to be a burden on a well structured & sustainable society
no pollution, no 'sins', no drunk drivers, a trained population with a tiny carbon footprint... where the Elites are demigods to the commoner riff-raff/serfs

plutocrats on top of pyramid founded upon technology & DNA enhanced humanity/trans-humanism

posted on Oct, 10 2020 @ 01:12 PM
a reply to: 19Bones79

I have wondered the same thing. I guess one motive for it would be to reduce consumptoin on a massive scale by implanting social change. Some could argue this is a good thing since we are now in the middle of what appears to be an unstoppable ecocide.

posted on Oct, 10 2020 @ 02:07 PM
a reply to: openminded2011

Like Ancient Rome anyone that was rich enough to need something done had slaves to do it, not much of a middle class only now it will be machines. That is why there has been some talk of a universal wage there would be very little in the way gainful employment for the average person

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