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The reason Jesus was angry with the Sanhedron Daniel had the math

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posted on Aug, 10 2018 @ 06:36 AM
a reply to: mysterioustranger

Amazing you posted that! I watch the Doobies Live at Wolftrap a couple times a month..especially "Dangerous", "Another park...", "Take me in your arms"...and of course "Jesus is just alright"!!! Best, MS

Nice, i've always been telepathic so .. cool!

posted on Aug, 10 2018 @ 08:02 PM
a reply to: LightSpeedDriver

Jesus never existed, the story is unoriginal (virgin birth, died for 3 days and rose again, etc, etc, ad nauseam) and the story was delivered to a bunch of illiterate desert-dwellers because...?

Where are you from? You say the The people were illiterate desert dwellers? Is that meant to say that the worlds greatest powerful nation is literate and much better educated than those of Jesus' day? I would suggest that you google facts instead of saying things that you know nothing about.

More than 30 million adults in the United States cannot read, write, or do basic math above a third grade level. —

Children whose parents have low literacy levels have a 72 percent chance of being at the lowest reading levels themselves. These children are more likely to get poor grades, display behavioral problems, have high absentee rates, repeat school years, or drop out. — National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

75 percent of state prison inmates did not complete high school or can be classified as low literate. — Rand Report: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Correctional Education

Low literacy is said to be connected to over $230 billion a year in health care costs because almost half of Americans cannot read well enough to comprehend health information, incurring higher costs. —
source -

Josephus tells us the the highest population rate in the 1st century Jerusalem was about 1,100,000 people. So lets compare the United States of today with the so called desert dwellers of Jesus' day. Not counting the 12.5 million illegals in this country alone, there are another 30,000,000 legals who can' read or write above the 4th grade level. Hummmm- Quite embarrassing isn't it?

Think about that when you blow your own horn and then do a google on the international test scores and cover your face in shame. Our entire system is broke and over half of America doesn't know it.

posted on Aug, 12 2018 @ 11:30 PM
Jesus was Saturn and Sol is the antichrist.

I dont believe this but its exactly what Christmasanity teaches

posted on Aug, 13 2018 @ 10:26 AM
a reply to: GBP/JPY

...Jesus had to give em hail for knowing the weather by the sky...

Jesus said that the greatest of all the Prophets was John the Baptist. Well, we should take a look at what The Baptist was saying and what about it ended up coming to pass. Something about taking an ax to the tree.
"The ax lies ready at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire."
Jesus would have understood that the destruction of Jerusalem was coming so he knew ahead of time that the prophecy of John would come true, which would have made him a great prophet.
So for a great calamity coming, it necessitates a great warning, and so why Jesus was being so harsh, to get their attention and to make clear the negative consequences of their ignoring it.

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