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Dissonance Dissipation: UnReal Reality? The Psy-Ops of Sky/ Space Fakery.

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posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 06:53 PM

Along a sort of theme in my most recent interests, I hereby present a little pet theory on 'weird # in the sky' phenomena, unfolding in recent years. The main theme of my recent interests has been space-woo, in particular the BS images NASA insists on putting out as 'genuine astrophotography' from ISS, satellites & probes. I am not a flat-earther, and indeed fully believe that the flat-earth 'movement' is a case of clever disinformation, catching a ride on the waves of low/so-so educated, politically disaffected folk who feel very, very let down by establishment science, but in particular, with deep unrest at the plainly BS images of our Earth/Moon system being pimped by NASA.

People look at the NASA frauds - the 'composites' & blatant animations-dressed-as-video, and they feel really, really pissed off, and really, really confused about WHY such blatant BS is being touted as genuine astrophotography. I mean, sometimes NASA imagery looks amazing, such as recent flybys of Saturn... But then there's that infamous 'lunar transit' animation (which is claimed as genuine video of the event, when plainly, a 12 yr old can see that it's a crappy animation).

My upcoming thread will deal with the exact reasons which I suspect are at the heart of these crappy NASA frauds, and that's a big thread. This one, is a little spinoff - much in the way that flat earth disinformation was a convenient spinoff from the fraudulent imagery of our Earth & Moon.

The premise of this thread is with regards to the use of high technology to generate effects in the sky, from the perspective of an earthbound observer. Why would 'they' (the technocratic elite) do such a thing? Well, they'd do it because it's one more way in which they can cause 'shock & awe' effects to placate or terrify an earthbound, low-tech, low-education public. My other thread today covered the possibility that the 'sky sounds' which have been heard in recent years may be the effect of a high-technology psy-op originating with the infamous 'Black Knight' satellite.

Black Knight - Sky Sounds?

I do believe that the Black Knight is real, and represents an ancient technology which was used for multiple purposes, including, potentially, psy-ops against the native human populace, to placate them re: contact with the 'gods'.

In the same vein, I feel fairly certain now that either 'we' (humans of the technocratic elite) or 'they' (the Watchers, or a legacy civilisation founded in their wake) are responsible for a modern wave of high technology sky effects which are even more insidious than the supposed 'Blue Beam' project ever was. I say this because these weird sun/moon/sky effects of mass stupefaction - which are really stacking up on YouTube now - are coming hot on the heels of not only the 'flat earth' disinformation, but in fact they're tapping into a modern undercurrent of severe existential doubt.

We've been faced with so much news in recent years regarding the possibility that our universe - the grand majesty which is 'out there' - is 'nothing more than a hologram', or perhaps, it is said that the material universe is in some other way, 'Maya', or illusory (thinking of that 'error-correcting computer code in quantum theory equations' story of a couple of years back..)

Combine existential uncertainty with:

- the frustration of NASA fakery
- the ominous 'sky sounds'
- the plain weirdness of the flat earth movement (which developed due to the NASA fakery, imho)

And then we find ourselves confronted with an utterly insane array of 'psy-op sky effects'.


This may seem like much ado about nothing to those who are secure in their beliefs - but let it be absolutely understood that there is a vast, crowd of humans who, in the face of such aberrant effects - whether only one or two, or several in tandem - will literally have their brains turned to mush, if the day should come when 'FLASHING SUN effect' steps away from a small Nigerian church conference, and steps into the view of wide areas of the continental United States. If the government were to declare martial law, the majority - particularly if the sun is turned to sackcloth, 'ala Revelations' - will line up & do as they've been told to do. FEMA (vs. National Guard)..?

Has anybody seen the (fairly new) movie called 'Bushwick'..?


It's a great film, exploring an apparently straightforward 'new US civil war' scenario, where a private mercenary force from the South invades Northern territory & begins slaying civilians seemingly without rhyme or reason. As the movie progresses, it all seems pretty standard, until the final scene. When you suddenly realise, that perhaps - just perhaps - there is no demilitarised zone where civilians can be evacuated. Instead, it was all a ruse to separate out those who would fight towards the objective of evacuation, and those who would cower quietly in their homes as the invading force carried out murderous sweeps in random fashion throughout the residential areas.

That's precisely how a totalitarian mercenary-enabled usurper state would filter out everyone who might organise an uprising.

Welcome to the NWO!

If we saw the full gamut of all these funky 'sky signs', combined with general loss of utilities, an invasion or domestic terror event of some sort, perhaps exotic military craft in the skies, banks shutting down money clearing services, etc, it would be quite easy to rick-roll a previously ordered society into submission, filtering out the potential 'troublemakers' (freedom fighters) in the process.

Particularly if a large chunk of those who might otherwise consider themselves 'informed' on conspiratorial matters were suffering dissonance, wondering if all the funky talk of flat earth & cosmic illusion was actually 'true'.

That's the theory!

Check out these videos doing the rounds. Yes, many of the 'suggested for you' links will be fakes. That's par for the course considering we're dealing in disinformation at scale. They're gaining traction, for good reason.. (Hint = NASA fakery of Earth/Moon!)

Flashing Sun, Nigeria:

Red Sun (natural event, to all but the 'unrealists', for whom it is one more piece of 'evidence'):

Compilation (incl. Black Sackcloth Sun; PS - narrator is nuts..):

Lunar Hologram (NB - I believe in 'holographic shielding' technology on the Moon; I do not see it as human tech):

Remember - it doesn't all have to be genuine - only enough to ensure that A CRITICAL MASS of self-identified 'awake' folk find validation & progress the movement - shouting across YouTube & elsewhere:



A self-sustaining, growing mass of people who are convinced that Reality is not what they thought it to be, unable to trust anything that anyone in authority says to them - confirmation bias builds, due to Earth/Moon system 'coincidences'/ OOP artefacts/ NASA fakery.

Easy to manipulate/ segregate/ eliminate?

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posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 06:57 PM
So only awake people believe in a flat earth?.

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 07:00 PM
Guide to deprogramming yourself from Flat Earth & associated disinformation campaigns:

1 - Don't panic.

2 - Step outside & spend some time in nature.

3 - Take pride in your work.

4 - Enjoy constructive time with family.

5 - Get involved with your local community in some way (church, volunteering, etc).

6 - Remember that disinformation is very effective, where modern communications technology is concerned.

7 - Remember that photography can be heavily manipulated, often with very little in the way of evidence that tampering is occurring.

8 - Stay off YouTube! Unless you're watching TED talks, or similar quality, informative/ entertaining stuff.

9 - By all means, be suspicious of NASA (they deserve it), and search diligently for good sources of data, photography etc which shows the Universe in all its true grandeur. NASA has some great imagery of the solar system, but all data concerning the Earth & Moon is suspect. Don't sweat the exact details, just be comfortable in the knowledge that yes, they are tampering with the evidence, and you know that to be true. Leave the sewer rats to run their stinking pathways.

10. Wash, rinse, repeat.

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 07:03 PM
a reply to: testingtesting

No, sorry - not at all what I meant, and you're right, it wasn't very clear. My intention was to say that flat-earthers & other 'UnRealists' are at the mercy of bogus information, but genuinely believe that otherwise, they are alive to the conspiratorial shenanigans of the elite, & so forth. Hence, they may self-identify as 'awake', but actually be seriously compromised in the UnReality aspects of their beliefs.

This warping of reality was an intentional action of the uber-high-technocratic elite. It was targeted, vast scale action to undermine & cripple the alternative research community, and to provide themselves with a weapon of warfare which would overwhelm the generally minimally-educated citizens of third world nations. These UnReality weapons are very efficient psy-ops. From shock & awe, to subtle existential dissonance, from wide areas, to extremely narrow focus, they've literally 'got it covered'. And if they 'own the night' - and day - then we're all at risk.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***


PS - Please go a bit easy on me here folks, I realise that the premise is entirely speculative. Also, please be aware that I'm offending just about everyone, but trying to be true to what I perceive as the larger patterns.. I'm offending:

1 - The flat earth movement & those who hold rigidly to other brands of UnRealism.
2 - Anyone who loves NASA & space science in general.
3 - Anyone who believes that Flat Earth theory is based on zero 'evidence', even those who distrust NASA, for example (I hold that the 'evidence' actually exists, but that it is forged)

So really my theory represents a perfect theoretical storm, in the centre of a triad of opposing or conflicting beliefs concerning Reality.

A heretic among heretics..?

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posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 07:51 PM
That covered a lot of territory and I'm sure I'm just dense but I'm not sure exactly what your main point is...but I love that you used the term "Rick-rolled." I'd like to see that one come back!

posted on Jan, 18 2018 @ 10:59 PM
i think all your videos of 'psy-op sky effects' are rubbish, tbh. flashing sun? not so much, looks more like the camera is getting overloaded by the light. nobody in the crowd seems particularly alarmed or like they're even paying attention.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 12:37 AM
Anyone else notice 200+ spacewalks outside ISs and other SS and they all have quarter earth in the backdrop
And never the opposite backdrop
EVEN goPro spacewalks look grainy comp to ironically more realistic angles like in the movie GRAVITY
Unless space is just a grainy 2D stationary bkgrnd like Hayden planetarium or the scriptures FIRMAMENT.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 12:45 AM
Mmm,will read later,cheers for the post

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 03:21 AM
a reply to: fiverx313

i think all your videos of 'psy-op sky effects' are rubbish, tbh.

Firstly, they're not MY videos, let's get that straight. Secondly, where did I say they weren't "rubbish"..? Isn't the main point of the thread that they ARE rubbish? Was that too much for you to understand? I'm making the point that OVERALL the whole:

1 - flat earth
2 - weird sky sounds
3 - weird sky 'special effects'

situation currently exploding all over YouTube IS RUBBISH - and that it's basically a wide-ranging PSY-OP which has been spawned from the dissent & dissatisfaction/ mistrust generated by persistent NASA fakery?!

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posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 03:28 AM
a reply to: KansasGirl

Thank you for the polite reply - my post above this one* nails down the main thrust of what I was attempting to get across. As you say, I was trying to cover a lot of ground, and sometimes I can get carried away with the details & forget to summarise properly.

*..a post which is a bit unforgiving, admittedly. Please don't think that I'm having a go at people for not understanding in a general sense - my irksome response has more to do with that previous poster's attitude of stubborn unwillingness to try to understand. People who berate what they don't understand, out of spite, are very different from those who ask for clarification, as you have done.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 03:31 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

the problem with your " hypothesis " is that you dont actually present any evidence of this alledged " NASA fakery "

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 03:43 AM
a reply to: Goyish

I think you're right to be suspicious of anything NASA releases as genuine footage of the Earth from space - particularly ISS footage, with the exception of certain NON-LIVE videos which have been carefully 'scripted' (in terms of the orbital trajectory & where/ when precisely over the turning of the globe the video is shot).

My wider theory on WHY the Earth/Moon system footage is suspect is the topic of a far-larger thread which is upcoming soon, but that thread will expose the PRIMARY REASON for the abominable NASA fakery of the Earth/Moon system - fakery which has DIRECTLY CAUSED the flat earth 'movement', the 'fake space' theory, the 'sun simulator' & 'Moon hologram' theories. Of which, taken all together - in tandem with recent viral science stories/theories concerning the nature of the universe as a 'hologram', or a 'simulation' (complete with 'error-correcting binary code' in quantum mechanical equations) - all in all, the overall goal is to foster a neurosis in the collective unconscious - that NOTHING IS REAL.

The Ultimate Psy-Op..!!

If you can cause even a modicum of reasonable doubt as to the validity of a person's concept & experience of Reality, then the direct application of large scale 'shock & awe' technological trickery will be FAR EASIER TO IMPLEMENT.

As for a populace which is confused & uncertain about what they're seeing, about the very facts of Reality; a theory which is couched in NASA fakery over the past decade - 'evidence' that all is not as it seems - well, that populace is far easier to manipulate & control (& conquer). It's about further consolidation of power, ever-increasing accumulation of resources, and laying the groundwork for all manner of future deception operations.

Remember the Georgia Guidestones & the assumed depopulation agenda. Large-scale technological trickery is just another tool in the arsenal; a psy-op technology par excellence.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 03:48 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

You've confused me by saying you offend:
The flat earth movement,
Anyone who believes the flat earth theory is based on zero evidence.

How can you offend both with a single assertion?

Are you just sitting on the fence?

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 04:03 AM
a reply to: ignorant_ape

That's not necessary in this thread - this particular thread simply espouses the theory, that the whole situation of flat earth/ sun simulator/ lunar hologram (et al - 'unreality effects') is a psychological operation to foster a neurosis in the collective unconscious..

Yes, I claim that the whole shebang is rooted in NASA fakery, and I stand by that assertion - but the primary thread I'm writing concerning that fakery is still in the works, though almost completed now. The data which I consider to be evidence of that SELECTIVE fakery by NASA, will be laid out at length in that thread. When it's completed, I will link to it with a prominent post in this thread.

The upcoming thread, which details what I see as the backbone of the [Military-Industrial-Political] 'UnReality Neurosis Psychological Warfare Operation', describes how selective NASA fakery is combined with online disinformation, with the entirety of the operation having multiple objectives (efficiency is the name of the game in modern psychological warfare), which overall make it well worth the time, effort & cash outlay by the technocratic elite [which controls the big money, gov/mil power structures & (media) information control systems..]

Derailing the alternative media is just one sub-category of intention behind the overall UnReality Neurosis Psy-Op. Surety of control over uneducated populatiosn in less-developed nations is another.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 04:11 AM
a reply to: CornishCeltGuy

Good question - no, I'm not sitting on the fence. I'm making an assertion which is well-developed in & of itself, yet one which 'offends' the flat earth movement by saying that their theory is incorrect, that they are deceived. Which is in agreement with NASA & science in general. However, I also offend NASA/science supporters because I claim that NASA is to blame for the flat earth movement by virtue of persistent, willful, & deceptive fakery of images, video & 'composites' of our Earth/Moon system.

In addition, there's a chance that I offend those who disbelieve in flat earth & sun simulator/ lunar hologram hypotheses, but who also distrust NASA - because I claim that there IS evidence of the 'flat earth/ sun simulator/ lunar hologram' hypotheses - it's just that the 'evidence' is fake, based on the use of high technology to deceive.

I confound the matter further by claiming that much NASA imagery is genuine, to a point - the wider reaches of the solar system are catalogued quite well, generally speaking (though there's a lot of 'airbrushing' - or its modern equivalent) - it's only the Earth/Moon system which is subject to heavy manipulations/deception.

Hope that clarifies the matter..?

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 04:18 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Yep I get ya

Interesting thoughts. I keep an open mind with everything so I look forward to seeing whatever it is that convinces you about NASA's alleged fakery.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 06:43 AM
Interesting premise and some nice out- of- box thinking.

I'm reading the 3 Body Problem sci-fi series (excellent hard sci-fi) and it touches on an alien invasion where they manipulate us to disregard science and distrust a logical view of the universe via high tech illusions/manipulations to leave us vulnerable and separate. In my mind, this thread had some parallels.

I'm of the opinion there is probably a struggle between factions with secret high tech and these odd happenings (if valid) might be part of it... tied to a possible "disclosure" of the situation.

I hope it is something along the lines of secret space guys and secret govt personal playing power games, because some intrusion by hostile, advanced alien life would be bad... but such aliens would also be unlikely to have to resort to such complex maneuvers. Same with spiritual powers.

If any of these things are really happening, like sun illusions, Moon image distortions, sky honking, light phenomena ... even perhaps a certain few "Mandela Effects" (as in artificial memories implanted into a test population) and the like, it's likely advanced human tech, rather than a chaotic universe or good and bad god factions, imo.

Anyway, speculative fun... so thanks.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 07:04 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

such as recent flybys of Saturn.

What recent flybys of Saturn?

What are you talking about? Cassini probe is no longer producing any images since it took a dive into Saturn.

Are you talking about the Juno probe that is in orbit around Jupiter, taking fantastic images of it?

Sorry. Hard to take your OP seriously if you can't even tell the difference between Saturn and Jupiter.

Remember that old saying: "Get your facts straight first. Then you can twist them as you please."

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 07:37 AM
a reply to: Baddogma

Thanks for the great post!

The '3 Body' sci-fi series sounds like the playbook from which these high-tech illusionists are drawing their inspiration! I am now entirely hooked with curiosity & will most definitely be reading the books.

Funnily enough, following a couple of years of trying to figure this whole thing out, I actually decided to get a tattoo which represents the Sun-Earth-Moon system, primarily because I think that to understand the complexities & fascinating details of that primary triad in our solar system, is to gain a solid cosmic sense of our place & situation as humans, in the wider context of a system which has all the hallmarks of very ancient interplanetary warfare waged by a high-tech civilisation - a 'pre-Adamic' race perhaps.. Whether Mankind/ some other variant of Homo Sapiens, or perhaps even those 'Watchers'/ 'Nephilim'/ 'Annunaki' we've heard so much about over the years.

My absolute solid conclusion is that NASA has deceived us on a grand scale regarding the Earth-Moon system for sure, with plenty of tinkering with our perceptions concerning the Sun too. But in more recent times, some faction or other (a 'dark alliance') has begun experimenting with these ultra high tech illusions having to do with our earthbound (& online) perceptions of the Earth-Moon-Sun system. A huge psy-op disinformation campaign has been wrought in the wake of these experiments in cosmic illusion, 'launching' (pun not intended!) off the back of the widespread dissatisfaction with NASA's blatant fakery re: Earth & moon in particular.

It is my strong belief that the Earth shows evidence of ancient 'mega-engineering', and that this is why, at the outset of the space program, as the various parallel factions were springing up & vying for supremacy, they all seem to have felt they had no choice but to hide the truth from us in this regard. Because back then, in the fifties, it WOULD have fractured the mind of the average Westerner, to discover the true appearance & structure of our Earth. In a more limited but no less profound sense, the Moon also shows evidence of this ancient engineering, as well as structures such as domes & towers, etc.

In fact, I now hold that the Lunar Mares - some of them - actually are, in a sense, 'ONE WAY MIRRORS', which are not mirrors per se, but rather demonstrate an opacity to the earthbound observer; however, with a crystal clear view from WITHIN the Moon, looking down. 'Portholes', so to speak. Transient lunar phenomena may represent activity to clear surface debris, or to re-spread it, as part of an ongoing rotation of whichever 'portholes' are in use at any one time.

1 Corinthians 13:12
King James Version (KJV)

"For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.."

(Saul of Tarsus/ St Paul the Apostle)

My upcoming thread explains my (admittedly complex) views on this in much more detail, and with a ton of photographic data which imho, actually PROVES the disinformation of NASA, and strongly lends itself to the suggestion that my theory (Earth mega-engineering, plus the presence of an 'Other' on the Moon, which is equally mega-engineered - though in a less obvious way) - is sufficient to explain the initial deceptions of the early space program, and the present day evolution of that deception. I believe that NASA & associated military-industrial powers are now quietly headed up by fascists - or at least, by the legacy beneficiaries of the Operation Paperclip group, with additional unshakeable factions at the highest level (Western Occultists a la Jack Parsons, & Freemasons, per many of the astronauts themselves - all of whom are playing a long game, deeply interconnected with factions of similar nature in the US government & military, having various reasons for either maintaining the cover-up (guarding the status quo), increasing the deception (high tech psy-ops as per this thread), or seeking to disclose the truth..(recent DOD & government admissions concerning UFOs, etc..)

The Owls, the Roosters, and the Ostriches!


posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 07:48 AM
a reply to: TerminalVelocity

What recent flybys of Saturn?

What are you talking about? Cassini probe is no longer producing any images since it took a dive into Saturn.

Are you talking about the Juno probe that is in orbit around Jupiter, taking fantastic images of it?

Sorry. Hard to take your OP seriously if you can't even tell the difference between Saturn and Jupiter.

...By recent, I mean the past decade or so. I haven't dug out all the dates & mission details for all the evidence as yet, because that's going to be reserved for the main thread which is upcoming, as noted several times here.

ETA #2 - I was absolutely correct in using the phrase 'recent flyby of Saturn' in terms of providing contextual generalisation evidence to support my hypothesis. The Cassini orbiter was snapping photos of Saturn & its moons throughout the past decade - which is RECENT (source: - the images I had in mind (Saturn's north pole) when I composed the original statements in the OP which were intended to demonstrate the discrepancy between the high level of photographic quality observed in Cassini images of Saturn, as compared to the generally 'not good' (&/or BLATANTLY FAKED/DEGRADED QUALITY) images of the Earth & Moon - and in fact those images I had in mind do demonstrate that discrepancy, though I reserve their actual presentation for use in an upcoming related thread, which will be a 'parent thread' for this & another recent thread I composed.

This discrepancy between the low quality of Earth/Moon photographic evidence, and the high quality of wider solar system photographic evidence - such as that which I referenced in the OP & throughout the thread - in fact represents the central theme of my argument (which is why user 'Terminal Velocity' tried to undermine me on this point):

The otherwise inexplicable low quality/ fakery of Earth Moon photographic material supplied to the pubic by NASA & partners, of recent years, proves that something is amiss with the appearance of the Earth, and aspects of the Moon, as viewed from the orbit of either body, respectively. The huge 'problem' with the Earth's appearance is what led to the initial NASA cover-up, which evolved into a complex deception probably rooted in the love of secret money reserves; which evolved (my premise) into a 'fake narrative/ cover story' with attendant online disinformation campaign, enabling the development & use of exotic, high-tech psychological warfare-capable orbital platforms, able to generate terrifying effects for those looking up from the surface of the Earth. I posit we have only seen tentative trial runs of the technology at this time - but that more are likely to follow.

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

Now I can add 'atheists' to my list of people who are likely offended by my hypothesis.

(Original post continued):

...I love the way you've utterly deflected from the main thrust of the thread, which in actual fact has nothing to do with Saturn, or Jupiter - other than the perfectly admissible generalisation for the purpose of establishing the context. Namely, that NASA has been giving us great images of Saturn, and yes, Jupiter, and many, many other planetary bodies, moons & asteroids, etc, in the wider solar system - but that the Earth/Moon aspects of our solar system are heavily doctored, with various BS 'composites' and 'videos' **cough, cough - 'animations'** of lunar transits, and the like, flooding the internet, and generating a cultural backlash against the obvious deception. Which prepared the ground very nicely for the Flat Earth shenanigans.

So steady on there, and swing your high horse round to face the actual subject of the thread: Earth/Moon fakery, high-tech illusions being wrought upon ground-based observers, with disinformation campaign to generate a collective neurosis in the alternative research community, and existential uncertainty in the wider community of non-scientific curious searchers, getting swept up in flat earth & sun simulator nonsense on YouTube.

It's an engineered mistrust of science, building on a very unsettling & genuinely weird reason for the original cover-up at the dawn of the space age, with a careful crafting of super-powered psy-op technology in very recent times, in tandem with clever online disinformation campaigns, as weapons of warfare which have the potential to cause pant-wetting terror for the unsuspecting target population, if the illusionists ever roll out all the tricks in one go.

Nothing to do with flybys of Saturn & Jupiter.


ETA #1 - I will happily rephrase any inaccuracy concerning the Saturn/Jupiter flyby photographs which I had in mind when using the concept as a means of providing general context - the backdrop of true solar system imagery vs. fakery concerning the Earth/Moon elements f our solar system. I'm happy to post a correction in the event that I was erroneously thinking of an image of Jupiter's north pole, when I actually had in mind an image of Saturn's north pole, or so I thought. I will double check now & post a second ETA with confirmation/ correction of the initial contextual statement.

*** See ETA #2 above - FlyInTheOintment's contextual use of a Saturnian reference was absolutely valid in regards to the premise being posited...***

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