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Dissonance Dissipation: UnReal Reality? The Psy-Ops of Sky/ Space Fakery.

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posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 01:25 PM

originally posted by: FlyInTheOintment
a reply to: fiverx313

i think all your videos of 'psy-op sky effects' are rubbish, tbh.

Firstly, they're not MY videos, let's get that straight. Secondly, where did I say they weren't "rubbish"..? Isn't the main point of the thread that they ARE rubbish? Was that too much for you to understand? I'm making the point that OVERALL the whole:

1 - flat earth
2 - weird sky sounds
3 - weird sky 'special effects'

situation currently exploding all over YouTube IS RUBBISH - and that it's basically a wide-ranging PSY-OP which has been spawned from the dissent & dissatisfaction/ mistrust generated by persistent NASA fakery?!

k, i think maybe you misunderstood me. let me be more clear. i think your theory that these videos are a technologically orchestrated psyop are rubbish. i think people are mistaking (or pretending to mistake) normal camera problems for MYSTERIOUS THINGS HAPPENING and trying to perpetrate a narrative because they don't have anything better to do.

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 01:59 PM
interesting thread. weirdness is in the ascendancy. good stuff

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 02:51 PM
blinking sun is an camera effect
red sun is fire smoke
sackcloth sun is the brightness overwhelming the camera ccd sensors
and moon hologram are normal air temperature distortions

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 04:01 PM
pft im out

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 04:04 PM
nothing really to do with nasa is it lol

(post by FlyInTheOintment removed for a manners violation)

posted on Jan, 19 2018 @ 11:56 PM


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posted on Jan, 21 2018 @ 09:10 AM


posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 06:24 PM
This thread was intended as a precursor thread - a little spinoff from the main hypothesis, which I planned to post as a separate future thread. The spinoff hypothesis, is that the whole flat earth/ sun simulator/ lunar hologram 'movement' spreading across the internet, is a disinformation wave directly generated as the result of wilful NASA fakery of Earth/Moon data, particularly photographic & video. This fakery has been going on for a long time, but has become most pointed in the offensively obvious BS of more recent years.

The present thread therefore concerned a speculative hypothesis stating that the movement referenced above has been bolstered & increasingly enabled in more times by the development & deployment in testing of mega-engineered psychological warfare technologies in space, likely maintained by the ISS staff & operated primarily from ground-based NASA command centres.

This mega-engineered psy-op technology has augmented the clever use of propaganda & information warfare deception operations to make the huge 'Flat Earth UnReality' movement sprout wings & flap across the starry vault of the Internet. In my humble opinion, 9/11 & the years following proved 'their' capabilities in the psy-op/ information warfare game, and this matter of space technology & existential narrative manipulation has naturally followed.

The perpetrators have doubled down on space deceptions & half-truths which were implemented decades ago - deceptions which, at the time, were likely established, in the main, for GENUINE & UNDERSTANDABLE REASONS (to be explored in the upcoming thread). In the intervening time, the malign influence within NASA & the US government has mounted a campaign of deception stacking which is painfully & ridiculously obvious. This is stated in light of what they SHOULD be able to achieve with modern photographic technology - but apparently can't achieve, at least not in our own exact corner of the solar system.. They CAN achieve great imagery elsewhere in the solar system. Classic case of feinting with Earth/Moon & jabbing with Saturn/ Jupiter..

NB - The actual NASA fakery is not evidenced in this thread, because it will be demonstrated in the upcoming primary thread.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I count this present thread as a misjudgment on my part, in that clearly the main hypothesis* was needed in order to properly set the scene for the spinoff hypothesis. I stand by my overall hypothesis, but my strategy for presenting the various component parts as separate threads was flawed. The whole matter will thus require an accounting for the following complex of interwoven matters, all of which are related to the strange admixture of genuine & fake NASA imagery I have posited. A rough breakdown is as follows:

* That which actually counts as NASA fakery of the Earth/Moon system;
* The way I can demonstrate the fakery to be the case in certain instances, and to infer obfuscation in others;
* How the real solar system imagery can itself be used to prove the fake nature of the NASA fakery;
* How the very fact of using a combination of real & fake data concerning Deep Space & the NASA missions actually sets up a rich & fertile field of cognitive dissonance, in preparation for a mixed bag of future disinformation.
* An exposition of what the NASA fakery entails, with regards to the actual nature of our Earth & Moon;
* What that fakery has been used to achieve already, ON MULTIPLE LEVELS of disinformation; such as -
* Generally disruptive dissonance caused by existential fear;
* Identification of unstable & deluded persons based on their browsing history connected to these topics of 'haute-disinformation, par excellence' - persons who can subsequently be groomed as Manchurian Candidates for use in targeted psychological warfare applications.
* Narrative development regarding 'crazy conspiracy nuts' in general;
* By a combination of the two former points, further opportunities to further curtail 'gun freedoms' in the USA;
* Specific 'divide & rule' strategy with regards the alternative research community;

Special points:

(i) Several possible avenues regarding the unconventional, 'wild card' moves, towards the apparently imminent 'ET/ UFO Disclosure Event/s';

(ii) Development & preparations for potential future use of actual weapons of mass psychological destruction (which we might interpret as being 'false miracles' for shock & awe purposes, to support any given power grab which the morally challenged overlords may be pushing in the final stages of their road-map to doomsday-level control & population reduction).

The use of weapons developed per (ii), can be 'blamed on ET' per (i) - but only when the time is right for 'the dark ones' to unleash their coup de grace, a plot to overthrow Western civilisation from within (underway for the past seventy plus years). This is what I perceive to be the only 'legitimate' reason for 'someone' suddenly demonstrating an interest in allowing some of the truth to surface, with authorisation given for the Air Force to go on the record with a handful of the crazy UFOlogical shenanigans of the 20th & 21st century. Because heck, 'they' haven't been interested in tipping that particular hat for something like - well, seventy plus years.

Cynical & diabolical, yes. Strategic genius? Certainly.


All of the above creates conditions ripe for harvesting the wealth & power of the globe, with a sudden & likely very violent induction into a ruthlessly efficient, soulless, master-slave NWO system, led by fascist dictats. Someone is using NASA as a major foundation stone, aimed at helping to usher in a new 'Pseudo-Western System of Fascist Global Hegemony'. Not all of those on the team at NASA, by any stretch - but some very powerful people, it seems.

My overall hypothesis regarding the situation of NASA fakery & the disinformation referenced, indicates we should be concerned with certain aspects & implications of the heritage of the space program; our ongoing 'reality narratives' & the multifaceted sociological/anthropological requirements for our future wellbeing, our capacity to resist the darker creatures found swimming in the swamp, and their dark designs concerning philosophical matters of great importance.

All concerned citizens with an interest in Truth over Falsehood must ideally recognise & expose the roots of this deception, and the grand extent of its tendrils - we must try to dig out a 'more proper interpretation' of the Reality we share (NOT a dogma; just a reliable paradigm to utilise as an interpretive baseline). This is now an absolute passion of mine, for various reasons which I intend to explain clearly in the re-vamped thread. It is necessary specifically to protect those who are at risk of falling prey to this diabolical 'great deception'. In this information age of populism, fake news & hyperbole on YouTube which literally 'dumbs down' our youth, this must happen, if we are to guard against collectively sleep-walking into a waking nightmare.


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posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 03:50 AM

And so today, in an uncanny episode of 'synchronicity', literally hours after posting the conclusion to this thread, detailing the aims for a renewed effort to present the hypothesis posited, this story appears in the UK news:

Massive 'golden orb' UFO seen orbiting the Earth before NASA ISS feed is abruptly cut

With the following thread regarding this news story having been posted here on ATS this morning:

Massive object HUNDREDS of miles long’ spotted on NASA live feed before being CUT

This is interesting food for thought indeed... I'm now looking to the future with significant optimism!

Thanks NASA/ SIGINT insiders!

posted on Jan, 24 2018 @ 09:32 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Curious afterword:

What of this strange recent uptick in classified government satellite launches USING THE PRIVATE SECTOR?

Now I perfectly understand the idea of opening up space missions to the free market, but I'm a bit baffled regarding the equally sudden uptick in strange sky events* which correlate almost blow for blow with the launch of these satellites - several of which were confirmed as lost almost immediately after launch. We have the Michigan, Idaho & Mexico confirmations of weirdly synchronous/ anomalous 'meteor' events, with burning 'imapct craters' lacking any trace of meteor debris; strange red 'Thundercats-esque' beams of light reaching to the heavens from the apparent impact site; a slick pastiche of green luminescence carrying three oddly-parallel 'meteor tails' - and of course the many additional events of mysterious flashes & booms rattling the skies - which have been evidenced across the globe, even out to Russia.. And this on the back of a wave of disinformation & apparent psychological warfare tests of weapons which create 'false miracles' in the skies, along with the older disinformation thread of faked Earth/Moon system data.

Could it be that a bona fide weapons platform under the control of an enigmatic enemy has been unveiled? A non-state actor, an extra-territorial 'secret society' with high power US & European business & governmental connections? Such a group - the 'Nazi International' as it has been called, apparently has deep, deep roots within NASA. *

I suspect that the Nazi contingent within NASA & the military-industrial complex may have launched a literal 'doomsday device' to leverage a surreptitious takeover from within the halls of Western nations, blackmailing the leadership by the use of weaponry in ways that have largely gone 'under the radar' of the world's population - but which have been sufficient to trigger 5 step failsafe protocol engagement in Hawaii, curiously when an NBC news crew 'just happened' to be in the missile response control bunker mere hours before the incident, with the 'wrong button' explanation reeking of BS in light of the 5-step failsafes requiring action at multiple terminals in sequence. Similar event and likely similar failsafe-protected missile warning system 'error' in Japan too, in a matter of days... With a claim that a boat hire company in Hawaii, who happened to be 100 miles offshore at around 8am on the day of the 'error' witnessed something which looked like a meteor being 'blown out of the sky'... SOMETHING is going on. Is North Korea perhaps a convenient patsy, a 'useful idiot' which can be blamed for non-state actor aggression?

The heightened use of private contractors to launch classified satellites is perhaps an urgent response to the need to assess what is really going on up there, to facilitate a take-down of the fascist infiltrators/ usurpers who apparently seeking to use the USA's own space-based assets & long-running (unfortunate but necessary) disinformation campaigns regarding the Earth/Moon system, against its own interests, and against the interests of the majority of the citizens of the Western world..?

It seems that the military & political patriots of the continental United States (real patriots, not the corrupted & co-opted treasonous villains who pretend to be patriots) are using carefully vetted, confirmed non-infiltrated private sector companies in the scrambling dash to gain a proper foothold in this rapidly developing situation. It looks like the 'patriot contingent' not only have to gain ground in the information war concerning space, but need urgent re-appraisals of the actual hardware associated with programs such as the Star Wars Defence Initiative & a possible network of previously concealed assets which are now being rolled out by 'them'.

*The ex-pat legacy community of the Nazi party (which never formally surrendered to the Allies at the end of WW2 - only the armed forces of Germany, the Wehrmacht, surrendered. Representatives of the government &/or the Nazi party? Didn't show up for the signing ceremonies, and expressly never conceded defeat at the hands of the Allies - they just went underground. Fast forward seventy years, and a program they unveiled in 1953 (the Madrid Circular) seems to have been realised almost cut & paste from the original long-term strategy outlined in that document; Germany is now leading a new bloc of nations, the European Union, and there appear to be multiplicitous operations of proxy warfare, the use of agents provocateur to ramp up tensions just about everywhere that the US interests happen to be.

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