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The Eastern Mediterranean Sea and WW3

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posted on Mar, 24 2016 @ 04:22 PM
Hello ATS,

it's been a while. The last thread i wrote was this one

It was an attempt to explain the situation of Ukraine and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. I wrote to this article that every war action which happened or will happen in the area will be because of the huge oil and gas reserves there are in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Few believed it, many mocked and laughed at it. The fact is that everyone now can see that WW3 will begin from this area which is now on fire. Correction: it had been on fire over the last 10 years. However, nobody from the Western world cared simply because it was far enough from their lands. Now that the terror has come to their doors, everyone is focusing more and more on the area.

What will happen from now on? There are 2 scenarios. One includes WW3, the other one does not include a War.

First Scenario:

Consider what Kissinger said

It was on the 24th of May 1975 when President Gerald Ford was meeting with his Secretary of State and National Security Adviser, Henry Kissinger, easily the two most powerful political officials in the world at the time. Kissinger told the President: “The trick in the world now is to use economics to build a world political structure.”

(found the website through google. i googled: kissinger plan against europe )

A new strategy for global domination had to be constructed. The West could not afford a direct political or ideological confrontation with the developing world, with many top American officials, including Henry Kissinger, acknowledging that if they were to pursue such a strategy they would be isolated and lost, with even the Europeans and Japanese abandoning them. Foreign ministers and heads of state could not appear to be attacking or seeking to dominate the developing world.
It was decided that the war would have to be waged largely in the world of economics and finance, where the conversation would change from that of colonialism and imperialism to the technical details of economic policy. The imperial interests and objectives of the powerful nations that had existed for centuries could no longer be articulated in a direct way. But those same interests and objectives would not vanish. Instead, they would be hidden behind bland, vague and technical rhetoric. The language of economics provides the appearance of impartiality, backed up by pseudo-scientific-sounding studies and ideologies, accessible only to those with the proper training, education and experience, otherwise inaccessible and incomprehensible to the general public. Empire was a thing of the past. In its place rose a new global economy, built by banks not bombs, expanding the reach of corporations not colonies, managing debt not dominions.

I couldn't write it better.

Through the economic control over the various regions of the world (see Europe, see Asia, see Middle East, see Africa, see S.America), the NWO tries to control the countries. Establishing governments under their control is the first part, the second is the control of the economy. Doing so they achieve faster, sneakily, cheaper and with greater stability the control of people. As soon as there is no war, no victims, no losses the citizens do not object to the decisions of their governments. Along with the assistance of the Media, they manage to create the political ideas they want.

For instance, look Europe. 20 years ago nobody would imagine that the right parties will become powerful again in less that 100 years from the end of WW2. Yet today, in most countries their percentages reach the 20% either due to the economic scandals the governments do or due to the numerous immigrants who are being established in the european countries.

From the feeling of security, we have passed to the feeling of uncertainty and fear. Uncertainty due to unemployment, uncertainty due to the lack of actions from the side of the governments, uncertainty due to the fast paced changes our lives have suffered the last decade. With the coverage of fear, the governments will suggest the solution of "Big Brother" and the people will accept it in the name of security and peace. We are already witnessing controls everywhere on the streets on anyone in many European countries. The laws allow the police and the government to film, watch and track anyone who is considered a threat. But who is to decide which citizen is a threat? Now, the threats are the terrorists. This is 100% correct and must be done! But how about tomorrow? When the islamic terror passes, what will happen? Will the governments take back these laws? Or will they stay?

Control is based upon a mixture of consent and coercion. The people must be either willing to let the rulers rule, to accept their position in society without question, or they must be made to fear the reach and wrath of the rulers, to be punished and persecuted, segregated and isolated, beaten, raped and murdered. The rulers must be vicious, but appear virtuous. If, however, a choice must be made between acting ruthless and appearing righteous, it is better for the rulers to be wretched and murderous, for the game of power politics is never won by virtue alone, but being vicious can get you far enough without assistance.

What happens next?

When we are successful, and we will be, we'll have a real chance in this New World Order, an Order in which incredible United Nations its peace keeping role to fulfil the promise invision of the UN's founders.

Notice what a president of the US (!!!) said:

United Nations: I personally doubt this is a reference to the UN. It is a reference to the countries who will be in change of the NWO's plan.

peace keeping role: What is the thing world needs the recent years? What is every NWO's pawn repeats? "World Peace".

Who shall provide World Peace? A world government. This is why Kissinger is still active in the political scene. Why else would Kissinger fly to Moscow to meet Putin when he entered Crimea? Have you seen many at the age of 85+ to care so much about politics? How many times a non politician from the US has flown to Russia to meet their president? Just once is the answer. Only Kissinger did so.

The first scenario will end without a war. This is why the US suddenly decided to approach Cuba and Iran. The second scenario though, stops NWO's plan with a war.

Second scenario:

As i already mentioned, the Eastern Mediterranean Sea is literally on fire because of Syria, Turkey, Russia, Greece and possibly Egypt in the near future.

Erdogan, Turkey's president, wanted to recreate the Ottoman Empire. His first priority was the destruction of Syria, the defeat of the constant Kurdish threat and then the acquisition of many lands from Syria and Iraq. He reestablished many troops from Eastern Thrake to the borders of Syria, he supported and funded the Islamic State and he attacked everyone in his country who was opposed to him. If it weren't for Russia and the US, he would have succeeded his goals.
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posted on Mar, 24 2016 @ 04:22 PM
However, once Asad, the president of Syria, called Putin, the president of Russia, for assistance in exchange a larger naval base in Latakkia and a second military base, the war changed. The Russians accepted the offer willingly as they would had only gains from that arrangement. They would manage to power up their establishment in the Eastern Mediterranean, which had always been their goal and one of the first priorities, they would go to Syria invited which is allowed by the laws of the UN and they would have the opportunity to try their new weaponry.

Nato wanted the defeat of Asad as he had always been an obstacle to NWO's plans for Middle East. NWO wanted the establishment of Islamic governments all over the area (check Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan as examples) as they are easier to control rather than the dictators. This is why Nato never actually hit the ISIS. You can understand that Nato never bombarded ISIS from the territorial gains ISIS had over the years. Once Russia began to bombard them, they began to lose. Now the Syrian army is one step from recapturing the city of Palmyra. A year ago, that city was under the control of ISIS.

Now that ISIS is losing (i believe that it will be history in a year from now), Nato found another "ally"/victim to support in the area. The Kurds. Both Nato and Russia are providing weaponry to the Kurds on a monthly basis, each one for his own reasons (i say Nato but it is majorly the US who is acting behind the cloak of Nato). Nato wants the creation of a Kurdish state on the NE of Syria, the SE of Turkey and NW of Iraq. It had always been an alternative and now it has become the only option. The creation of a Kurdish State will add another ally in the area, will act against Asad, will provide control over the oils which exist on the lands i mentioned above but will affect Turkey too. This is where the plan goes wrong. Russia from its side did not want to allow the creation of a Kurdish State. This is why they bombarded Kurdish positions when they first reached Syria. I believe that they have reconsidered it as now not only they support it but they are also helping it, probably in an effort to gain some influence over the Kurds and against the US.

Erdogan will not allow the loss of Turkish territories. That is certain. Instead, he will do everything in his power to stop it. The bad part for him is that he is surrounded by enemies. On the east he has Armenia, Iraq and Iran. On the North he has Russia. On the West he has Greece. On the South he Syria and Israel.
(Now, don’t be fooled to say that Turkey and Greece are both Nato members. Instead, try to search the web and see that they had always been enemies. Turkey has a constant casus belli on Greece if they expand the naval coastline borders from 6 to 12 miles. In addition, Turkey there is a genocide from Turkey on Greece in 1923 and thousands of infringements of the aerial space of Greece by the Turkish air force over the course of a year.)
This is a struggle for Erdogan but he will not hesitate to take actions if he considers that his plans is not going to be fulfilled.
What might happen? Turkey will eventually invade either Syria or Crimea. Why Crimea?

Check what the Turkish press writes

If Turkey takes any of these actions, Russia will reply with an invasion. If Russia invades Turkey, Nato will get into a war and soon it will be again a World War. If a World War happens, it will stop NWO’s plans but it will also destroy the lives of people worldwide.

I am more with the second scenario, both from what I see and both from my religious perspective (prophecies about a Russian-Turkish war from the 18th century and some more recent which will eventually result to a big World War). Either way, I am writing this thread to raise your awareness. Do not be fooled by what the Media say. For example, the terrorists do not wish to spread the terror. This is a lie the Media produce. They wish to kill people because they and their religion are mad! That’s the truth! As long as this favors NWO’s plan, the secret services will allow it. This makes sense because as you might have read, the secret services of Belgium knew about the attack but did nothing to stop it! So did the secret services in France, so did the secret services in Turkey. So did the US secret services with Boston’s Marathon!

I honestly hope I am wrong but have in the back of your minds that the Eastern Mediterranean Sea is like a forest of dry woods with a fire burning slowly in the middle. The forest is ok for now, but once a single wood gets on fire, the rest will also burn down in no time.

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posted on Mar, 24 2016 @ 05:36 PM
The Mediterranean Sea is controlled by NATO. Russia's naval presence is outclassed, outnumbered and outgunned in the area. In fact, Russia's navy is not very big. Russia's transit through the Bosporus can be compromised. All parts of the Mediterranean are accessible by ground-based fast jets.

posted on Mar, 24 2016 @ 06:57 PM
a reply to: JesusChristwins

If it weren't for Russia and the US, he would have succeeded his goals.

If Europe folds on this Immigrant Crisis and lets Turkey in the Union, Erdogan might succeed is fomenting a Neo-Ottoman revolution in Europe. So many angry immigrants and ISIS sympatgizers looking for leadership.

posted on Mar, 24 2016 @ 07:07 PM
Just watches Syrian Girls latest piece that fits into this thread ....
This plan for Iraq and Syria has been in the works for many years .

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 06:25 AM
a reply to: paraphi

This is why Russia wanted to engage in Syria. It wasn't just the oils of Syria. It was the enhancement of their naval presence in the area. Since the 19th century they have been trying to gain a free and uncut access to the Mediterranean Sea for trading reasons. They realized (so did Europe and the US) that Erdogan is getting dangerous and sneaky due to his Kurdish problems so they had to increase their presence around Turkey. As i read in websites with military subjects, a Russian ship passes through Bosporos every a couple of days.

Nato reacted by moving 20k men to the Eastern Europe's bases but that's just all they can do. Any further actions like for instance the closure of Bosporos to military ships will result to a war with Turkey.

a reply to: BELIEVERpriest

Exactly. Thankfully the whole Europe understands that Turkey is not to be trusted. Even though there is supposed to be a deal atm through which Turkey will stop more immigrants coming and will also take back all the immigrants who came to Greece since the 20th of March, the immigration waves are still plenty. Taking that into consideration, you can tell clearly that Turkey will keep up on their plans.

a reply to: the2ofusr1

It's the very first time i see a video of hers. Everything she says though is correct, it's basically what i have been reading over the last 4 years about Syria. I couldn't agree more.

Thank you for sharing it!

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 08:05 AM
a reply to: JesusChristwins

This boiling frogs latest, documents some very powerful elements and how they are working beneath with cover at the top . Its becoming clearer every day that using the term false flag operation is where we need to fix out starting point before going forward . Its my opinion that the long term plan is a greater Israel proper ...
eta to post latest south front which deals with the same

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posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 08:33 AM
a reply to: JesusChristwins

They realized (so did Europe and the US) that Erdogan is getting dangerous and sneaky due to his Kurdish problems so they had to increase their presence around Turkey.

The timeline of events was opposite. Russia went to save Assad regime mainly because they worried about their military base in Latakia. Only after Turkey shot down Russian aircraft the relations between Russia and Turkey deteriorated.
Since then, Russia started exposing on RT Turkish brutality against Kurds, Russia opened Kurdish YPG pseudo embassy in Moscow. Imho, all this steps probably wouldn't be done if Turkey didn't shot the aircraft.

“There have been calls in Russia to actively use the Kurdish question as a pressure point and even revenge against Turkey,” said Titov. “However, this would lead to a considerable escalation of the conflict with Turkey without any apparent gain. It will likely fan anti-Russian feelings instead of promoting a rapprochement, which Moscow and Ankara will ultimately want in the long term.”

Mr. Titov says that Russian actions are not an act of revenge, but for me it is smoke and mirrors. Though it is hard to say what is going on in the head of Putin. Russia is a one man autocracy and almost everything there is done according to Putin capricious mood.

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posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 08:44 AM
a reply to: paraphi
You dont know military armies very well.

Russia's navy is not very big

You haven't seen their Navy only flicks by the news media.

Russia's naval presence is outclassed, outnumbered and outgunned


posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 08:44 AM
a reply to: paraphi

Erdogan is a dictator.

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 08:46 AM
a reply to: the2ofusr1

Pardon me if i didn't get it correctly. So you mean that the whole terrorism subject is about getting a greater Israel? Hmm, what makes you think that? I am aware that Israel's government wanted the destruction of Syria but i am not aware of their willingness to expand. They wanted Syria to become unstable in order to become the key "player" on the underground resources' market of the area.

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 08:56 AM
a reply to: TaleDawn

Well, according to this source Russia has a smaller navy than the US alone, not to mention the other Nato countries.

You can, however, notice that for the amount of money they spend on defense they are in a really good standing. If they reach the budget of the US they will definitely outnumber Nato. This cannot be done though as their economy can not support a huge raise in defense spending.
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a reply to: kitzik

The Kurdish problem was there for decades now. As i said, Erdogan wanted to capture the Northern part of Syria. The arrival of the Russians there was the fact which ruined his plans. This is why he shot down an aircraft. As it was proven later, the Russian aircraft never entered the air territory of Turkey. With that action Erdogan wanted to blend Nato into his problems and this is why once he shot down the aircraft he immediately turned to Nato for assistance (:cough: coward :cough: ). Nato thankfully isn't stupid enough to go on a full scale disagreement with Russia so they basically told Erdogan "leave us out of this".

Turkey, and this is the way they act through-out history, never honors an alliance. They had always been looking their own business. When they were thinking that an alliance did not serve their interests anymore, they were immediately breaking even if this was supposed to mean a war with the previous Allies. This is what happened in WW1, this is what happened later with Iran, this is what happened just recently with Russia.
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posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 09:57 AM
a reply to: JesusChristwins

As i said, Erdogan wanted to capture the Northern part of Syria. The arrival of the Russians there was the fact which ruined his plans. This is why he shot down an aircraft.

I doubt that Erdogan really wanted to capture Northern Syria. A year ago Turkey relocated the tomb of Suleiman Shah from Syria. If your intentions is to capture the whole area why would you retreat first ?

As I see it. Erdogan was pissed off that Russia was consistently violating Turkish airspace. They said numerous times before the accident, that Turkey is not going to allow this. Russians continued with their pride, arrogant behavior. Until Turkey finally shot down Russian aircraft. As a result two imperios autocrats Putin and Erdogan almost started nuclear ww3 .

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 10:59 AM
a reply to: JesusChristwins

One of the bigger questions in my mind in that area over there is why there is even a Gaza strip .Why does Israel seem to get a free pass .Why does these big terrorist groups leave them alone .Rocket bottles and stone throwing compared to these crazy arms the terrorist groups have over there and they are targeting Joe Public .....Oh and of course these ancient sites .Why would ISIS destroy historical sites ...Why are the ethnic cleansing ...Our world is run by some really big actors behind the scenes .They are the ones that are corporations and control Govt's . or at least try to .If the Map become a problem to them then they change it .Why are these ME countries coming apart . The saying that all roads lead to Rome needs to be changed to all roads lead to Mystery Babylon . That would be Jerusalem .The place that becomes a cup of trembling to the Nations .

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 11:57 AM
a reply to: TaleDawn

Um. The Russian Black Sea fleet comprises seven warships and a clutch of submarines, all of which could be contained in the Black Sea if the Bosphorous was closed.

The cruiser (Slava) is over 40 years old.
The destroyer (Smettivvy) is over 50 years old.

I would not give the Russian warships and subs very long when faced with the European navies that can sail freely around the Mediterranean. As I said, outclassed, outnumbered and outgunned.

I am not wanting to get into a contest about size and girth, but facts are facts.

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 01:09 PM
The problem for nations like Russia and Turkey is even if they have some grand design they do not have the ability to do much. Turkey is no more capable of invading Crimea alone than Russia is Turkey. And while both side will pic at each other neither has any intention of a real conflict. The Russian have made it clear the want to restore tie with the Turks they just want something to save face to do so. The Turks to say they should not have shot down the fighter seems to be what they are asking. The Turks on the other hand are likely to make the Russians wait. Since the spat with Russian began the Turks have regained a strong footing with Arab League, are restoring ties with Israel, and have China showing up for trade deals. Even with that backing plus NATO, the Turks have no wish for a conflict with Russia. And Russia desperately needs a restoration of ties with the Turks and the West to save its economy. No world war is coming out of this region.

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 01:32 PM
a reply to: JesusChristwins

They've thrown into the eastern Mediterranean two essentials that mix so well to create big business. These being Oil products and Russian people.The eastern Mediterranean has always been a fault line mixing it with religions,continents cultures people's nationalisms empires. wha we have now that is new in the mad mix out there is

Russians + Oil

eastern Mediterranean is teeming with oil and gas literally loads of it about to come on line, some people are going to make absolute fortunes probably to be pumped into safe havens. over the past 20 years Russia has been colonising the eastern Mediterranean by exporting millions of migrants out there. lots living in Syria, they've built up their military base out there too so as to secure the oil and gas. loads in Cyprus, they are an important political force out there. they've even played off all sides by sending million and a half new arrivals to Israel. some of these people were genuinely going to Zipn on a religious basis and most win fact going as a refuge as the USSR exploded and fell apart economically, they saw Isarael as a chance to better their futures.

A small minority of those who went to Israel went there for criminal reasons. they were gangsters in Odessa and Kiev and Moscow. they wanted a safe haven to operate their mafia businesses from and in Israel they found that. many of the oil bosses became Israeli passport holders and coils operate from there with freedom. When you see Israel v Syria or Lebanon it's all an illusion,a behind the scenes the businesses all trade with each other n a bid to control the energy and these people are Askenaz Jews mostly from the former SU and the have trade links all throughout Eastern Europe and into the eastern mediterannen world and into even Egypts energy system. the mafia groups are very dangerous and will go to any extent to control the oil in the med. These same businessmen sell Soviet arms to the ME groups to stir up wars then they can control more of the eastern Mediterranean and long term they are going to attempt to control all this wealth.

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 03:15 PM
a reply to: the2ofusr1

As i see it, the NWO is consisted of Zionists. Not Jews, but Zionists. There is a big difference and this is why i point it out. There are 2 ways to explain it. The first is through facts, the second is through the religious texts. I personally choose the second as more trustworthy.

The first explanation: These Zionists like Rothschild and Rockefeller have Jews ancestors. Because of their origin, they wish to make Israel the center of their empire. This is why the US are funding every year the Israel. They do not fund any other country around the world, just Israel. Of course, the Jews will be used as pawns and this is the sad part.

Off Topic Reply Below

The second explanation: This explanation is based on the Apocalypse of John and the prophecies we have (reading you signature i assume that you have read the Apocalypse. If not, do so!). Note: I need to say at this point that this is not my personal explanation but the Orthodox's Church explanation. All of our recent Saints come to this explanation. I have been writing this since 2007 into this forum.

The Zionists (or the pawns of devil) want to bring the NWO to our world and to enthrone the Messiah who will be the antichrist. The Jews are expecting their king from the heaven and this is what the Zionists want to exploit. The Pope is also into this trick. His recent statements that "all religions like the Christians, the Muslims, the Jews, the Buddists and so on believe into the same God" is not a coincidence. Hilary Clinton's statements that she will "reveal the truth about the Aliens if she gets elected" is not a coincidence either. The "Aliens", as our church believes, are nothing else but demonic tricks. It's more than clear in the Old Testament that God created only the Humans and that life exists only on Earth. The NWO is cultivating the story about the Aliens in order to use it if they need it. Either through them or without them, the NWO will create a bank run worldwide. The plan is to create a horrific economic situation worldwide. When this happens and when the world will search for a savior, the NWO will present the antichrist as the savior. They will also present him to the Jews as their Messiah and from that point and on everything is written inside the Apocalypse.

One thing is certain: we are living in or very close to the years of the Apocalypse (as many Saints have stated). I won't get into further details as i will be getting way off topic. PM me if you want to discuss it.

End of off topic reply

No matter what happens tho, i am writing this thread, as i said, to raise your awareness and show you that the area will stay in the center of the worlds attention for many years. Said that a couple of years ago, say it again now.

a reply to: [post]kitzik[/post]

Allow me to disagree again. Here is a British resource which also states the same, written last summer. Northern Syria has Kurds and oil. Erdogan wants to exploit them both.

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: JesusChristwins

Spot on . I should have said Zionist as well .I think if you could boil it down it would have to be a Zionist/NATO operation .

posted on Apr, 6 2016 @ 02:08 AM

I just read yesterday a new fiction novel with amazing scenarion for WWIII. Sadly it is only available on kindle ( )
Just to quote some interesting sections:
Russian-led troops also invade Hungary, Romania and all the former Yugoslav states. On the Balkan front, Russian units march from the East into the Serbia were they are welcomed by the local population. Wars in the Balkans worsen. There will be big naval battles in Eastern Mediterranean and Adriatic involving nuclear weapons. Russian submarines enter the conflict, using nuclear weapons against NATO or European navies, creating massive tidal waves that destroy aircraft carriers and other large warships. For years NATO officers consider Russia navy as old and not a treat but that was wrong. Nuclear explosions in the Adriatic sea can be seen from Austria. The Russians will conquer the Balkans, after fierce fighting in Bosnia and Croatia. They will conquer the Middle East together with Iran. After Balkan, at the highpoint of the economic chaos in Italy, the Russians would then march through Carinthia into Italy.

Global war will start in the Middle East and soon after in the Balkans. As you know, we are building a military presence in Syria. Iran is a reliable ally for us in the Middle East. We can say that #e population is with us. I mean Syria and Iran and all of their proxies. The United States from their bases in Saudi Arabia and the rest of Middle East will attack our forces. At that point, Russia started full war operation. Our troops must strengthen their flanks. The southern side of the global front is comprised by Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Greece, and former Yugoslavia countries. The northern side is composed of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Baltic states. The United States participation will take place first in Saudi Arabia when the Americans become involved in a great Middle East conflict.

Sergej took a sip of vodka and started a reply.

„Yes, we try to minimize our involvement in air, tactical and logistical support, but ground forces are the problems. Syrians and Iraqis are not so keen to fight. Countries are too long in the war. People are leaving for Europe in many numbers and governments of Syria, Iraq and Iran are lacking manpower for fighting. Our priority, for involvement in Syria, is to beat down Islamic State because they are metastasizing in other countries. Another reason was about a base in the Mediterranean. We have a definite plan for resurrecting the Mediterranean squadron. For a long time, we were pulling out of Syria. We even reduced staff at the Tartus naval station and at the same time desperately looking for anyone willing to host a naval base or station for our ships. The best we could get was a victualing agreement with Cyprus. Then we turned around and first threw serious resources into supporting Syria, then direct intervention. Of course, that get us in trouble with Turkey. Turkey and Russia had excellent relations before the Syrian mess. Turkey even sent a trade delegation to Crimea "unofficially", after the Russian annexation. Turkey also maintains trade relations with the unrecognized republic of Abkhazia, a Russian protectorate, though Turkey doesn't officially recognize Abkhazian independence. Rusia considers re-routing the South Stream pipeline to go through Turkey before Syria intervention. Turkey still has a twenty billion USD deal for building nuclear power plants in Turkey with our companies, and before this Turkish company had a huge presence in the Russian construction market. All involved parties in this mess have their interest. Opposing Russia is not the only or the primary geopolitical interest of parties involved in Syria mess. The Kurds primarily want independence from Turkey and Syria, as well as Iraq, but in Iraq and Syria, they already have extensive autonomy. Kurds are enemies to Turkey and will remain so. Turkey would rather side with Islamic State than with the Kurds. Granted, given Erdogan's policies, this isn't too surprising. If you look at the battles in deep, you can see that the best infantry force on the ground is Islamic State. You can say that I'm crazy but look at the facts. They took towns with thousand to two thousand fighters. They are fighting the whole Middle East supported with best air forces in the world and still Islamic State is alive. Beaten and in bad shape but still alive. Someone said Kurds are best fighters. They kept Kobani because of the United States air support and retook Sinjar with 7500 fighters against 600 Islamic State fighters defending the town. This 7500 soldiers also needed air support. Islamic State knows time is on their side. I have no doubt that they have spies in Assad regime also. As long as we all provide Islamic State with outside enemy they will get stronger and stronger. The problem is that the United States and NATO look at us first and Islamic State as a minor issue. So we have to look at NATO first also.“

I read it yesterday and start to wonder if all of this is possible?
The fact is that world is in scary times and the smell of war or wars are around the planet.

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