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OK high school administrator shames female students with dress code, calls them ‘skanks’

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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:08 PM

The school superintendent of Oklahoma high school is under fire from parents who feel she humiliated their daughters at the start of the school year over their revealing clothing, according to KFOR.

Noble High School superintendent Ronda Bass, who calls herself “Mama Bear Bass” after the school’s mascot, sat down with some of her female students at the end of the first day of school to discuss their attire.

Check out Ronda's pic in the article. Apparently she knows what she's talking about.

Personally, Iv'e always had a lot of respect for "skanks" in that they are not afraid to express their sexuality and their pride in being female.
I like that erotic style of fashion. If you got it....flaunt it!!

I wonder if Ronda finds the young men with their pants hanging off their butt and exposing their boxers, as equally distasteful??
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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:13 PM
a reply to: olaru12

I'm with you....Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, so whats the matter with that?

Weren't they created from a rib?

I like ribs...Makes me hungry.

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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:16 PM
I applaud the lady, why do kids need to dress in adult clothes going out on the town, i dont have an issue with this story, i have daughters and theres no way in hell they will ever dress like skanks before there old to make there own decisions.
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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:18 PM
Just another article to force women to "cover up" and have to watch their movements and be limited in where and how they travel, and what they wear because this society is too lazy to teach men and hardcore butch lesbians not to cross into people's personal space. NO mean NO, penis or vagina people. What a woman wears should have no bearing on their intelligence.

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:23 PM
a reply to: dukeofjive696969

Well, Im sure the body sheets that some Muslim women wear would be suitable...I watched my mom try and dress my sisters as a kid, and they just hated what my mom made them wear. But nothing is wrong with showing some legs, belly, or anything for all that matter.s As long as its not something from a stripper store, it looks good on a women.. My girlfriend has two degrees, and is in law school. she is the smartest women I know. But she can sure rock some sexy outfits that break necks. And I take pride knowing my girlfriend is attractive in the clothes she chooses to wear. Plus I get mad free drinks when we go out...Its nice lol
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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:26 PM


posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:27 PM


posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:29 PM


posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:31 PM


posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:46 PM
I agree that women should be able to wear whatever the hell they want, and I agree with the poster who mentioned educating men about not taking provocative dress as invitation to cross into personal space. But when it comes to dressing appropriately for school, I think there should be a little thought put into it. Regardless, that lady in the story should rethink her approach.

When I was in high school, we had a mild dress code. Some of the stuff was ridiculous, like tank tops with shoulder straps no less than two-fingers wide, no bare mid drifts, a few regulations about jewelry...but for the most part is was pretty relaxed because it was in Florida and covering up is just not the greatest idea. Things like no see-through clothing, no derogatory phrases on shirts, not having your boobies flopping out of your top...those weren't too much to ask, in my opinion. Although my visual cortex was disappointed with some of the dress codes...

The one thing that I will agree with was that my school had the dress code to minimize distractions in class (which is almost a result of the idea that males take provocative dress as an invitation to act a certain way). Do you want little Johnny checking out Jenny's buttcrack as she's sitting in the chair in front of him, or do you want his attention focused on the function of the quadratic equation? Sure it's human nature to be attracted to each other, and it's also human nature to do things to garner attention. I'm not saying that girls only dress nice to get attention, because that's not my opinion at all. I agree with the if you got it flaunt it ideology, and I agree that a beautiful women showing a little skin is no reason to treat her any differently whether it be for better or worse. But it's a hard call to make when it comes to school, because us males are very easily distracted (and some are even mislead) just by the physical appearance of the female form.

Now I do have a problem with how this woman handled the situation, especially the part where she made the girls bend over to assess the length of the dress. Females know that there is a different way of doing certain things when you wear a dress, and bending down is one of them. What's wrong with the 'fingertip length' base rule? People used to argue that was unfair because some girls may have short or long arms...whatever. Maybe this lady is just jealous that time has clearly not been kind to her

There definitely needs to be better education for the males as to how to treat a woman, and how the way she is dressed does not indicate that normal manners and decorum do not apply.

I'm ok with some sort of dress code in school, but there has to be a limit to the rules that can be made.

And to the guys who walk around with their boxers hanging out, PULL UP YOUR DAMN PANTS!


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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:52 PM


posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:54 PM

originally posted by: dukeofjive696969
I applaud the lady, why do kids need to dress in adult clothes going out on the town, i dont have an issue with this story, i have daughters and theres no way in hell they will ever dress like skanks before there old to make there own decisions.

Agreed. Schools need to crack down on what kids are wearing. I'm not saying there needs to be a uniform but school is a place for education, not wearing barely there clothing for attention.

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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:59 PM
Man, very few girls back in my day dressed like corner whores, let alone tried to at school. Now it's practically acceptable to do so, in an environment where it's not necessary at all.

Bite my backside, femanists. Freedom of attire ends at the door to school.

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 04:01 PM
hee hee Olaru, some 40+ years ago, when I was in high school we wore mini-skirts and "hot pants", and I have yet since then seen anything as short as what we wore. Trust me, we girls quickly learned how to pick something up off the floor w/o bending over from the waist...very ladylike I might add. Anyway, the principal missed a teachable moment, but she herself probably doesn't know how to pick something up off the floor w/o bending over or why else would she tell the girls to bend over?

To tell you the truth, one local high school in my town does keep a fair dress code, to which both males and females comply. It takes current fashion into consideration, but also wants them to not wear what I would call "Saturday clothes".

There is a true story, however, to illustrate how school officials can cross the line into foolishness and privacy invasion. One female administrator decided that females should not wear thongs at a dance and had the girls hike up their dresses. Yikes!

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 04:01 PM


posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 04:08 PM
a reply to: olaru12

The use of words by The school superintendent of Oklahoma high school shows its lack of education, even when she holds a very prestige position that will put her on the top of molding her state youth, she shows her lack of education, I guess her years of college went down the drain.

One thing is to enforce proper school codes when it comes to what students can and not wear to school and another is to lower herself to the status of ghetto with her offending way of talking.

That is why here in my neck of the woods uniforms are used, like that is not complain of students been ‘skanks’

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 04:34 PM
If ATS is any indication...
The christian right wing is on the doorstep of taking power back in America. And with it will come all types of censorship and roll back of freedoms. Dress codes for everyone and even putting clothes on animals so the children won't have to see their naughty bits. It's simply shameful the way dogs are able to flaunt their junk. Think of the trauma our kids must be going thru being exposed to that obscenity!!!

It will be wonderful to have morality determined for us once again!!

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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 04:54 PM
Young girls these days dress like pigs. I applaud anyone who is trying to reverse the trend towards slutty behavior in young women.

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 05:00 PM
I don't have a bias due to what is conventional, rather try to think this one through logically.

What's wrong with dressing like "skanks" ? The potential problem is it invites sexual thoughts in others. Sure, you can have jealousy, and some ugly girls will act as if it's really about something else, when they're just insecure and jealous, but I don't care about that. The problem has been that teenagers are usually not ready to be a decent parent, so parents/authority try to shield them from guys being in their pants/dresses.

It makes sense, but does it still hold in the 21st century? Contraceptives are too common. Intelligent young women who are not ready to have children will make sure contraceptives of some sort are involved, and also has the option of abortion now.

What trips me out, is that there seems to be a correlation between dressing over the top skanky, and low conscientiousness. That means the ones who are most likely to flaut it, are also the most likely to forego a contraceptive. They may also feel they're ready, and/or in need of a baby at such a young age.

So what am I left to conclude? It would be nice if we could not think too deeply about this, and feel it's all about... oh i dunno, women's liberation/pride vs. outdated christian morals. At the end of the day, I think there's some practical wisdom for teenagers to cover up a bit until they're truly ready for what it attracts.

I got one last thing to say. Anyone who makes a big deal over "shaming" as if it's something that never has a place, is not mature. Shaming can be done with wisdom. To appeal to emotions over reason and basic moral sense, is not something I'm okay with in the least. I'm a pretty level headed guy, and don't consider myself conservative or traditional. I just see the wisdom in properly shaming those who are in need of learning by a negative reinforcement.
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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 05:05 PM
I'm going to get real, and slammed from you guys I can tell.

People judge others by the way they look and especially by the first glance and first impression.

I taught Psychology for a lot of years in college and this is a truth, if you don't like it, fine, but it is still true.
Don't think that is how it should be, ok, but that won't change reality.

Dress like a whore who will lay it out for anyone, expect for people to take you at your word.

90% of communication is non-verbal. And the way one dresses is a large part of non-verbal communication with strangers.

Doesn't matter how nice or intelligent you really are. Give the first glance impression of whoredom, that's what people will think of you. Doesn't matter if you think they are wrong for judging, it will happen nonetheless. Doesn't matter what you think of them in return for judging you, they will still judge you. Don't care, fine, do what you want, but they will still view you as a whore.

Guys who dress like scary criminals, expect for people to take you at your word too. Have a but crack showing, a belt that hangs below your crotch, tattoos running up and down your neck and face, that is the impression you are giving that is what you are saying to the world, rather you want it to or not, rather it is fair or not, even if you don't give a sh.... That is what people will think.

Parents who think their little darlings look cute when they look like whores and criminals, well expect people to treat them as if they were. Doesn't matter how mad you get at others for judging your little angel, they will, that's reality, the way it is.

Also, Psychology has found that the way people treat you greatly affects your outcome in life.

If a child looks like a whore or criminal, people (right or wrong, no matter what you think) will treat them like whores and criminals, greatly increasing their chances of entering into a self-fulfilling prophecy - "If people think I'm a whore or criminal, then I'll da... well act like one or become one."

I don't care what you wear or have your kids wear. Just be aware, even if you don't care, of the cause and effect that can and often does result.

So I know a bunch of you are going to slam me a good one. I don't care. Because what I have said is the truth, even if you refuse to accept it, that will not change the truth and reality.

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