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Paranormal is the new Normal

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posted on Jul, 14 2014 @ 09:41 AM
Just was curious about those of you who have become more interested and open to the paranormal and how you have adjusted. Do you still get a rush of adrenaline when you see something with your own eyes you cannot fully explain? How was your first experience compare to one's you have now?

I remember hearing spirits call out to me ever since I was younger. Sure you could discount it as the mind playing tricks the first couple of times, but after awhile you just learn to tune it out. I also remember hearing the clunking boots go up the stairs as I wait to go to school as a teenager in a house with no one other than I in it. Yes initially I was scared crapless when rational thinking couldn't find an answer, but as the years have piled on I have found myself detached and unaffected by what happens around me now. Yes I am still interested in what's behind the veil, just don't get excited as much when it lifts up for a peek.

So how have you all changed over time in regards to unexplained and paranormal events? What are some of your early experiences and how would you handle it now?

posted on Jul, 14 2014 @ 10:32 AM
I was thinking about this same thing yesterday. My first strange experience was when I seen my first UFO, and since then a LOT of strange stuff has happened to me to the point that it no longer blows my mind, but adds to my passion for gaining knowledge about the subjects. I just add it to the list and go on searching, but I like it better this way, it is easier to process events as they happen when you are not in an excited stupor.

posted on Jul, 14 2014 @ 10:44 AM
Just accept it, but anything negative work to solve life problems, pray and rise above it. They're not all spirit, some are ET, some Angel-ET, some Spirit/Family. And there are negatives here around earth alot. But if you spend hours in nature, lets say at a park/beach, not only does the stress and negativity transmute, but often you're brimming with ideas, things that were blocked.

Now when I'm driving I've had miracles and help, overcoming fear of higher speed and mountain freeways, where I would lock into a craft and crew, but I can often lock into them and locate them. Then assured all was well. Then having one man project in and not possess, he was more half in my aura and half outside connected for 5-10 minutes, showing me how to drive, where to look in the corners so I wasn't always suddenly braking and freaking out.

Well, it seems right now, the hologram is slipping more. The full moon on a bank of clouds, when it should be behind the clouds. And also, it wasn't even a normal moon, you could see a smaller harder center orb, that was the moon. Then it was like interwoven sacred geometry and this large blue haze light around the real moon, making it huge.

Yesterday, was at the beach, for hours into the evening, never go early. Driving back on the windy small highway, and I started noticing clouds , and what looked like a human face, sculptured nose and lips, and as if a hat, a typical grey, with large eyes. And many shapes, but then started thinking of how I would love to have a fifth wheel and when I drove into the city to shop, would have a little home away from home for coffees, and relaxing and bathroom breaks, then wondered where you would park it.

Well it parted, this man suggested hyperspace or the shift plane. And you just park your mothership, it has waterfalls, nature, fauna, everything you could imagine from city, cafe's and home quarters, to parks and wilderness.

Then I was shown quite a bit. And you don't quite know what to think, is this a wild imagination trip. But everything is flawless, what you see and what you drive. And the invitation is to hurry up and come home, there is no need to live down there like that. Lightness of heart, goodness of heart, compassion, no wish for anyone to suffer, start to care and not buy into politics and economics and fundamental spiritual ideas like fundie religions and smiting murdering gods, or any form of control or isms. Bless others. Be a Spirit of Peace and Love and lighten your heart and come home.

Torn between not knowing why I was seeing this so clearly, and maybe imagination, greeted him, and them, with sa'l me't ja'ri'n, the light within me greets the light within you, and peace be with you. And then said, pardon me for I don't have a fast thinking brain, sorry. I must seem like a dimwit, kind of thing. And asked quickly how to help against NWO and the tyranny here, what to do to actual help. And he said, "pray" and that would be also, meditate and all things positive. Positive consciousness. But if we all were to pray, this would end.

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posted on Jul, 14 2014 @ 10:46 AM
When I was younger I read bunch of books about paranormal, read some interesting magazines (Like Atlantis Rising) and once I started testing all of those strange phenomena I discovered that there is no such a thing as paranormal.

Even tried here, asked question and conclusion was that there is no evidence for anything paranormal.

As for voice in your head, yes, in certain you can get them through your life, especially if you never looked for help or consulted specialist.

posted on Jul, 14 2014 @ 10:49 AM
a reply to: SuperFrog

We feel for you superfrog.
You are in the pot and it is boiling.

posted on Jul, 14 2014 @ 10:50 AM
'Paranormal' has always been normal for my family. Every house I've ever lived in has been haunted. It only becomes 'paranormal' when the spooks do something new.

Like two nights ago ... At 10:00 pm my husband was in the living room and thought he heard me call him by name from upstairs. I hadn't. Then at 4:00 am, I was woken up by spook voices in the living room (which is normal), but this time I heard them say the name 'George' in their conversation. That's the name of my father who died three years ago.

So the names were 'paranormal' ... new event out of the usual normal 'paranormal'. If that makes sense.

posted on Jul, 14 2014 @ 11:11 AM
a reply to: FlyersFan

I hear you there. The first time I ever saw sprites totally took my breath away. I was painting the living room of my parents soon to be new house and as I am applying another roll a see about 8 or so oval to circular balls of white lights that started to buzz then just dissipated in all directions. Took about 10 seconds or so.
Since then I have seen them about 4 times over the years. Often they are in 3's and have varied slightly in color from whitish to light blue. They are bright and you can sense a shift in energy when they are present.

posted on Jul, 14 2014 @ 11:36 AM
I've seen and heard a lot of paranormal in my lifetime, but I still get a rush from it just like the first time. I don't do as many investigations as I used to, though. Mainly because it became a fad and so many idiots were out doing it. Some places won't even allow paranormal investigations anymore because of how the trenders behaved. To them, it's about tee-shirts and filming themselves investigating. For me, it's about getting solid evidence of life after death, or another dimension or whatever it is.

posted on Jul, 14 2014 @ 01:13 PM
a reply to: kodasaufa

Hi Koda

Like others I had numerous experiences when I was young, in my late teens. I am now in my late 60s.
My experiences then were remarkable. UFO sightings, sounds of a haunted house, Ouija board shenanigans, physical manifestations. You can look them up through my profile if you want. One good one I called NUTS and BOLTS.

Anyway, during that period, I sought them out. Then while using the Ouija board over a couple of weeks, the information flowing from it began telling us that there was a separation between this world and that world. Well not so much worlds but levels of perception. That this veil ( our INability to perceptive beyond our physical senses) is in place for a reason. This reason is to insure our experiences here in this limited form.
It may be that some of us do not need paranormal experiences, that the life experience for these people can continue on well enough of its own course. For others of us though, a little goose may be needed to help us along. This is how I have come to relate to it.

In the last 50 years I have seen no more UFOs, and that's ok with me. I still cannot tell you exactly what they were. My interpretation fluctuates. What I am left with is "something beyond"

Likewise my paranormal experiences dwindled in my early 20's and though, at the time I thought I had it all figured out, I now don't think I did. What I am left with is "something beyond".

But every now and then I will be going along with my everyday life when I will notice something small, a turn of events, a synchronicity happenings that make me smile back at "something beyond" and then I go along my merry way.

I think I prefer living THIS life rather than searching for another.

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 02:25 AM
a reply to: kodasaufa

Not at all. I use my critical thinking skills to rationalise whatever " Paranormal event "
I think I may have witnessed.

Thus far in my life. I have witnessed no paranormal events.

A bit boring really. It must be far more interesting letting the unfettered mind run riot to create whatever takes your fancy...ghosts, alien abductions, haunted houses, objects moving on their own, et al...

Must be my lack of imagination holding me back ?

Damn !

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 02:36 AM
Its still all a bit new to me, my events/happenings only started in March. Things wax and wane, sometimes when its intense I still get scared, some Im kinda use to now.

I've already posted on ATS about some of it so I wont repeat myself in this thread.

Its taken its toll on me, thats for sure. I'm constantly exhausted and have shut a lot of people out, when you dont understand yourself whats going on its hard to relate to people that are not experiencing it.

Yeah, paranormal is still not quite normal for me

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 09:04 AM
I've only had one UFO experience but it was intense. It was in November of 2011 and a Co-worker and I were closing up the restaurant right at 10pm on a clear Saturday night. As we are facing away from the door and looking in the southwest direction to head towards our vehicles we both see a bright orange ball in the night sky. It was much brighter and larger than Venus and the Moon was not out that night. I ask her to film it with her IPhone as my phone didn't have a camera.
We watched it for about 5 minutes and we could tell it was moving fast, much faster than the airplanes going by as we are sorta under the flight path of aome planes leaving San Fran International. We are about 2 blocks from the pacific ocean. We watch it com from the south hugging the coast and it's altitude was about that of an airplane in between take off and cruising altitude. About 2 or so minutes in it heads directly west out towards Hawaii's direction over the ocean. We both watch it as it disappears on the night time horizon. The craft made no noise and it didn't have any blinking or indicator lights like other aircraft do. It moved fast but not out of this world fast. The thing that got us most intrigued was it's shape and glow. It appeared round and had a bright orange glow, as if it were a tennis ball of fire moving in the sky. It didn't however leave a trail of any sort.
The thing that irks me though was this girl later dropped her phone the next day and the video was lost.. go figure.

So if I see another one I will surely be excited, but will have the prior experience to go along with it and to observe all the circumstances around it.

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 09:12 AM
a reply to: kodasaufa

I still get surprised/excited almost every time it happens.

However, now I get a funny feeling more along the lines of HA!

The luster wore off long ago, with some hard experiences, but to this day when something does happen, I still get the wow factor, only now it is mixed with thank yous.
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posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 01:22 PM
a reply to: kodasaufa

Can honestly say I'm now jaded. Have had paranormal experiences most of my life and at this point consider them just a huge "energy suck". It diverts you from just too many more important things.

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 01:25 PM
a reply to: Caver78

I have had periods of that over the years. I think it is normal.
When you really get into it, it starts to become a draggggggggggggg......

So you end up stopping for a while or blocking, until something else happens that gets you thinking again in a different way. At least that is how it has been for me over the years.

It is almost like a long term cycle, and I believe it is part of how we learn.
You kind of go off into a reflective state for a while before starting up again.
Things get rethought as you get better at it.

I see it as a cycle, at least in my own life it is.
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posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 02:14 PM
a reply to: Darkblade71

Thanks Darkblade! Naw.....I don't get especially reflective, I just go back to everyday life and notice how much I missed, or almost missed by frittering away time in the para-arena. Personally I'm quite fine with it all stopping and bugging someone else! I think a few of us unfortunate ones are accidentally wired different, or maybe vibrate at a different frequency?

I figured to myself long ago these things discovered I can hear or see them, and it's been a free-for-all ever since.

Regardless, it's still a PITA and distracting.

It's sort of like the can only get out in a casket.....LMAO!!

posted on Jul, 15 2014 @ 02:38 PM
a reply to: Caver78

My life must be boring then cause I don't miss

But then, I also don't spend a lot of time on it (the paranormal) either.
Seems I don't really need to, it happens on its own.

I come here, share a little, and then dive back into life.

This last few years has been a lot of learning, for myself, and I don't have to even do much,
just let the experiences come when they do, and then figure them out if there is a need.
Right now it seems to be symbolism, that is what I am learning personally,
without trying very hard.

Next week, who knows?

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posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 06:02 AM
a reply to: kodasaufa
I was just a young child, six years old, when I had my first experiences. They have never stopped to this day.

To describe it in a nutshell, I was terrified beyond words when anything happened! Apparently, my fear kept it fed pretty well, because it (the ghost) stayed with me until I was around sixteen.

It has only been in the past three or four years that I have become unaffected by seeing a ghost. I still get excited about seeing something, but I don't get scared at all, if it's just a ghost. I'm just like... "Wow! It's a ghost," then go on about my business.

A demon is a different story altogether. But, I'm protected from demons, so... no worries there.

Just recently as I sat watching t.v. with my kitty cat in my lap, we both saw an orb appear from the back of the lamp on the entertainment center, then it floated through the living room and into the kitchen. My cat followed it with her head, so I know she saw it too.
I just thought, Gee, I wonder who that is?Then I went back to watching t.v.

posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 09:52 AM
a reply to: sled735

Yeah that is basically how it is for me now. I often walk into a room or house and I can sense the presence of a spirit or entity. You can read my posts on opening yourself up to them, mainly spiritual work on the chakras, aura and psychic center...

But as of now I often just ignore or brush off the attention. It's sorta like when you visit somewhere and you homeless people ask you for money. It's not that you don't care, more like you will be run dry if you answer to every call in your direction.

So now I won't even exchange with spirits and etc because often or not they will want more out of me. Often in communication and passing on a message.

posted on Aug, 2 2014 @ 06:26 PM
Paranormal is the new normal hmph. I wish it was were I'm at.

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