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Social programming + the collapse of religion and values.

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posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 09:40 AM
reply to post by spirited75

Read the comment I responded to and you will remember what you wrote.

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 10:35 AM
Interesting tangent this thread went down, but still intriguing non the less.

Ethics = societies definition of right and wrong determined by civilization around you over time.
Morals = individual mind's personal definition of right and wrong determined by what seems right to the individual.

Neither ethics nor morals come from any book, information comes from a book and that information can be used to forge the individual morality of a mind or ethics of a civilization.

According to the ethics in America today (definition of right and wrong as agreed upon by a society), there is absolutely nothing wrong with same sex couples. This is the truth of what the American people agreed upon as ethical behavior.

The individual mind of the individual American determines the morals of that individual. Morals are determined by information exposure and life experience based on choices within that determination. An individual can read a book which gives them information (whether religious, scientific, historical, philosophy etc.) and they can choose to agree or disagree with that information regardless of what society around them determines as ethical behavior. Over time the individual determines there own personal definition of right and wrong and by doing so establishes his/her morality (with or without religion).

If someone chooses to agree with the information presented in the Bible, where sodomy (sexual acts, performed in the manner mankind was not designed for) is defined as "sin" (breaking of God's law) then morally, they would oppose same sex acts (the act of sodomy, not the attraction to the same sex, is sin) and find that action "immoral". Even though society around them would find no concern with those same sexual acts.

As one who chooses to agree with the information presented in the Bible in the personal establishment of my morals, I find it helpful to remember that this same information source instructs me to judge my own thoughts, and place my own thoughts into subjection to the laws of God (God's established morality), never that of another mind. Understand that society has ethics for a reason, and to hurt another human being (emotionally, psychologically, or physically) by forcing my personally chosen morality upon their mind is placing myself in the position of judge over another human being, a position which can only be occupied by God according to His own Word.

In this present age, mankind is meant to design their own civilizations (ethics) and live according to what seems right to the individual (morals). Each society having unique ethics, one from another; and each individual mind having unique morals, one from another... it is the purpose of the present age.

To the christian, judge your thoughts only, subject them to the Law of God in obedience; never hurt another by judging their thoughts; there is a time for all things to be known... this is NOT that time.

Love your neighbor (those with a different personal morality) as yourself (your personal morality). That is true spiritual (mind/thoughts) sacrifice (agape).

God Bless,

posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 01:08 PM
The punch line to the joke that I told
child primate is depth perception.

The fault dear Brutus is not
in our stars, or lack there of
but in ourselves. Shakespeare.

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