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Pregnant nurse FIRED for refusing risky flu vaccine

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posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by signalfire

Again we will go with the statistics they speak for themselves

2 things you missed in thread

1- studies have shown a 50% decrease in influenza cases where inoculations are done. That is 50% which also equates to HALF.

2- You must have completely missed where it has been stated masks were more effective in protecting the wearer than those around them. They lose their effectiveness in an hour.

Also, the facilities are there for a reason and don't assume you know me or my family by assuming it is my grandmother. Influenza is carried in to those facilities it does not magically appear. If you are going to take a job such as that you better damn well know already inoculations are mandatory which brings us back to my first post. She should have read her employment contract. Their are plenty of people more than willing to take her place in this economy.

The truth of the matter is if a person isn't willing to abide by the rules of their employment then they have no business applying for those jobs. If a person CHOOSES a career in the medical field it takes a certain kind of special to intentionally endanger those you are paid to care for.

BTW still waiting on the statistics for just how many miscarriages are caused by flu shots each year. Don't give me the BS that people don't know where or how to report such things if it was a real issue anti vaccers would be all over it. If there are no statistics on it then there isn't an issue. End of story.
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posted on Jan, 1 2014 @ 01:21 PM
I've said it before on this thread, and I'll say it again.

I think there is more to this story than we're seeing. If she were a truly valued employee, they would be willing to work with her over this if there were a true risk and concern. Most employers want to keep a really good employee.

Also, one of the few areas in this economy where you can readily find work these days is in nursing, so once she gets past this, it's not like there are no nursing jobs. That's one of the few places in the paper where I am guaranteed to see job postings when I open it up.

posted on Jan, 2 2014 @ 08:29 AM

reply to post by Pardon?

Except that the vast majority of untoward effects are not reported because the people experiencing them don't know where to report them or even what they are, and the doctors who see them don't bother, or have no way of tracing the effects back to the instigator of them.

'Long term trials' is a joke meant to protect the vaccine and drug manufacturers and amounts to utterly no oversight whatsoever.

And to the poster who thinks that unvaccinated nurses will kill their elderly relatives off, each party wearing a mask and washing their hands will do far more to avoid a host of germs, not just the ones supposedly kept at bay by vaccination. It's the grouping of sick, elderly and at-risk populations in one place, being taken care of by younger people with kids with colds back home that causes the germ exposure, not the lack of a flu shot (what nurse is going to come to work when they're sick? Flu knocks you on your ass. And if they were just exposed and are therefore 'carriers', whether or not they had a flu shot for that or some other bug doesn't negate the dangers. Their clothes are not sterile, nor is their skin.)

The truth of the matter is that elderly people are at risk simply because they're elderly. Is gramma getting the flu shot? Then gramma shouldn't get that flu, right? End of story, if it works as planned.

What you want is only perfect people caring for gramma; what you're really advocating is long term short staffing of gramma's nursing home, which will kill far more people and mean gramma won't get her diapers changed nearly so often, and will lay there in dirty bedsheets far longer on a given day; is that what you want? Perhaps you'd like to go into the nursing field yourself, if you think it's an easy job consisting only of taking flu shots regularly... you have no idea of the status of the nursing field now and how marginal it is; look up your local hospital's help wanted listings and count the number of open nursing positions. It's staggering. Now ask yourself why, with the extent of unemployment everywhere, those positions aren't getting filled, especially for a job that pays very well after just two years training.

You said there was "overwhelming evidence" that vaccines cause auto-immune disease yet you still haven't posted any links.
That's because there isn't any evidence is there?
You made that part up didn't you?

And the rest of your rhetoric just reinforces my point that you understand pretty much nothing about how vaccines prevent disease.
Stop trying to pretend that you do.

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posted on Jan, 2 2014 @ 10:19 AM

Nurses have more power than they realize. I've seen it exercised before with spectacular results. TEN MINUTES after instituting a hospital-wide policy (not regarding vaccines), the nurses rebelled on one floor only and the new policy was overturned.

Nurses have to be willing to walk away from their jobs. They have to be willing to say , "I am not public property!"

The whole concept of expecting people to physically endanger themselves and the lives of their unborn children in order to satisfy someone else's expectations is an endorsement for slavery. Nurses are not consumable commodities for people in need to use up. They need to look at the contracts they're expected to sign and say "No thank you" to being disposable resources.

Forced vaccination despite questionable "results" is just a symptom. Another poster suggested that because nurses "get paid" to take care of people in institutions (and that is also all MDs and other people too), they owe it to the patients to be vaccinated.

This belief is behind the idea that one "must" follow the policy no matter what the individual risk because it's our "job". It is deeply embedded to "sacrifice" one's own personal rights to be "caring". Most nurses agree to the system despite personal reservations.

Then there is the "payment". Nurses make "good money" so should be quiet. Same said for others in "sick care" which is actually about profits and not people, nor invested in health. If health were the real issue, there would be many innovations.

The whole system is based on lies concerning human health, human needs, human rights. Nurses COULD be leaders in a truth movement but are mostly obedient worker ants carrying bedpans, giving pharmaceuticals and trying to keep the system going as they avert disasters every day. Nurses mostly suck it up until they cannot any longer. In the weird world of the "caregiver", intelligence, compassion and a huge measure of obedience PLUS constant doses of cognitive dissonance makes for burnout.

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