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Incredible `Time Machine` - link to the 1600s!

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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 07:25 PM
reply to post by mlifeoutthere

If Jesus died during Pilate's rule during the pass-over and 2 hr dark sky, on the 9th hour that would be 3PM April 3rd, 33AD

So, it's only 1980 years ago .

In 1720 it would have been 1687 years ago.

Cool to think about

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 07:33 PM
And this is just one example. . .just think of the connections that can be made the world over.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 08:12 PM
I often think about a farmer in a field 200 years ago been asked to talk about an elephant, he probably never saw or heard of it. He probably never met anyone in his whole life that had either seen or heard of one. Maybe if a circus came to town and he went he may have seen one, but that is it.

When I was born in the 60's, if my teacher had asked me to do an essay on elephants, it would have taken me days, going to the library, sourcing books, using encyclopedias, drawing or tracing pictures, and writing the full thing into the few pages.

Now just to today, if you asked me to do research on an elephant, even if i knew nothing at all, within 2 hours I would have a 6 page document, with every nameable element of the elephant.

The amount of information we are now processing on a daily basis is HUGE compared to the past.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 08:48 PM
I love this topic and will add a few thoughts.

I was born in 1974. As a child, I remember hearing about the Vietnam War and thinking of that as ancient history. I was kind of stunned when I realized that I was actually alive during the end of the war.

The Kennedy assassination seemed even more ancient, but that only happened eleven years before I was born!

If I live to be 50, I will have been alive roughly 20% of the time that the United States has been a country. Live to be hundred, and my life will have spanned a third of this country's existence.

My great-great grandfather on my father's side fought in the Civil War.

On my mother's side, my grandfather was once relating a story to me about a famous Civil War raider. My grandfather said that they camped on his farm during the Civil War. I asked him how he knew, and he said that his grandmother told him. I asked him how she knew, and he exclaimed, "She saw them!"

Really wish I had had more conversations like that before it was too late. History is closer than we think.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 08:59 PM
I believe time was created when man/woman realized that they were going to die. So there for time is a count down to death. What's weird about our perspective of time is that it counts up! But it's really a count down!

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 09:56 PM
reply to post by Char-Lee

My grandmother was born on a covered wagon, just outside of Ruidodo, NM, in 1900. My grandfather was born in 1893, in Texas. Both lived into their late '90s.

I remember the stories my grandfather told me about life before cars, planes, phones, radios, televisions, and electricity. He rode in a boxcar to California, "broke" horses for $1, fought with brass knuckles... A regular "Texas Tornado," standing 5'3" with his boots on. He also made his own moonshine, injesting an ounce in the morning, and evening, for his "health."

My kids were born in the 1990s.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 10:02 PM
That's amazing! What a fierce face. I run a volunteer program at a hospital, and I work closely with a 95-year old volunteer who still comes in three days a week, and has twice the energy of people less than half his age. He's alert, sharp, funny, compassionate, and has seen more in his life than anyone I know. Opinionated, obstinate, and bossy, too--and beloved by all. However, I have learned the hard way not to sentimentalize him. Living through the Great Depression, World War 2, and everything that has gone on since has created a man burnished in fire. He think's we're pretty much screwed. So much for trying to get him soothe me with any notions that humanity is going to ever going to evolve, although God knows, I've tried! It's not his job as an old person to blow smoke up my you-know-what about what we face. Damn him! I want him to tell it's all going to be okay, but he refuses to.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by mlifeoutthere

I'm gonna steal your post (Joke)



posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 10:18 PM
When I was a child, telephones were a novelty possessed only by the privileged. When my family finally got there's, there was no dial on the phone. You gave an operator your person to call and they connected you, no numbers yet. And always had to wonder which of your neighbors were on the line too, listening.... called "party lines." No computers, television was a 6 inch screen in the top of a huge cabinet. 1 or 2 channels on a good day. First color TV show I ever saw was Bonanza. We watched it in my dad's boss's furniture store. Gasoline was 10 cents a gallon, Truman was president when I was born, and yet, WWll was a distant memory and not one of mine. Air conditioning was only in the biggest and best department stores, "air cooled' with water over straw pads, no Freon yet.

And yet, it all seems like just yesterday, to me anyway. Nice thread. Thanks. No, I'm not 100.... yet.
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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 10:40 PM
Yes, I've been thinking a lot about time lately. I've often thought exactly the OP, 100, 200, 300 years ago is actually a ridiculously short period of time. When I was 38, 8 years old, 30 years before, seemed ages and ages ago. But now that I'm 48, I realize 40 years ago was really such a short time ago.

History wise, I think we've come a LONG way as a species, or a people, quite contrary to those who say we're screwed and beyond saving. Just 50 years ago, interracial marriage was a huge deal. Now...almost nothing. And that's a very short period of time. Who knows what moral advances we'll have made in another 50 short years? I view all the current # hitting the fan as the simple stirring up of the contents of humanity as it evolves. And it's ALWAYS been happening.

Then you think of dinosaurs, who ruled THE FRIGGING EARTH FOR 150 MILLION YEARS! Now THAT figure is truly out of this world. It's hard to conceive of a million years, let alone 150, some estimates are 180 MILLION YEARS of dinosaurs!
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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 10:44 PM


Then you think of dinosaurs, who ruled THE FRIGGING EARTH FOR 150 MILLION YEARS! Now THAT figure is truly out of this world. It's hard to conceive of a million years, let alone 150, some estimates are 180 MILLION YEARS of dinosaurs!
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The dinosaur thing is insane to think about, because if not for `metorite/ flood/ aliens (take your pick) as to why they are now gone, these dinosaurs would still be roaming around, and i doubt humanity would have ever evolved physically.

Also, dinosaurs were around for many many many millions of times longer than the modern human has been around, its just insane to comprehend. So many missing links

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by mlifeoutthere

its a very good article, just a misleading heading

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 11:25 PM
My kids laugh when I tell them I can remember when microwaves were invented and that we didn't use plastic garbage liners for our trash; we used leftover brown bag grocery sacks which we could bring home from the store full of choice meat cuts for $50.00. A gallon of gas and a gallon of milk were both .25 cents each. They think I'm making it up.

My grandmother was born DURING the land run of Oklahoma (the trauma of jostling at break-neck speed in a covered wagon causing the death of her mother).

Our Indian heritage was hidden due to unfriendly societal norms and fear of actual physical violence if the truth were known. Amazing! Inconceivable now and hard to imagine such a time ever existed.

How much of our history has been lost (or edited by the victors) and with so many noteworthy things happening on a near daily basis these days, a mere 50 years ago can seem like ancient, long-forgotten history.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 11:44 PM
Somewhere on the www, I once saw a photo of Mozart's wife, but she was elderly when the photo was taken. I'd do a search, but my skills at posting photos here are limited.

Edit: here's a link at least
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posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 12:07 AM
Wooowww nic3 read sir! Keep it burn!
SnF from far asia!

posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 01:13 AM
reply to post by mlifeoutthere

This brings to my mind an idea that I wanted to make a thread on at one time but didn't get around to it.

This Internet Medium, ATS, is like a word palace in cyberspace.

Is there any plan in place for an ATS legacy and "time machine", which, no matter what happens to the owners of the site, and God willing you'll live very long and prosperous lives, will be protected and preserved, in perpetuity. A legacy stewardship in other words, of this creation, at this time in time and space and history, here now late November, 2013, or whenever it could be instituted, from then on.

It would be very very cool if the things we've been writing and talking about in here, might be combed through and read 100 years from now, and even two or three hundred years hence or 500. It would given future generations a great laugh maybe?! ..

It would be easy enough to do, if you were really serious about it, and the storage mediums are now available to make this possible, on those small disks... saw something about this, how you can take a snapshot of info and store it for 100's of years.

Now wouldn't that be a super-cool project?

It would also change the whole perspective and framework of our own place in history, both looking back, and forward.

Just a thought that has occurred to me - for a future resurrection of an ATS time machine... eh?

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posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 01:53 AM
reply to post by Q33323

I remember when the Internet was entirely in green text, and the display had to be plugged into the wall, rather than into a pocket.

posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 02:04 AM
reply to post by Tallone

The Man From Earth (2007). That is one truly cool movie about time travel. Time traveller's own body is the vehicle. And that is giving away too much right there.

One of the finest SF movies I have ever seen, and with the slimmest of budgets. A little mind blowing gem.

posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 02:52 AM
I think we are coming to a time in our history as a species where the links between future and past, are becoming both stronger in some respects, and weaker in others.

They get stronger when ever someone immortalises their art, thoughts, opinions, dreams, and hopes, on the internet. Once it is in here, it's there for ever, in one format or another. But on the other hand, the way the new generation, the Information Age kids think, the way they tend to poo poo anything that lacks a wifi source, and interrupts their constant (and often puerile) communication amongst themselves, means that they have abandoned their ancestors habits.

The people I am talking about do not take it into their heads to go out into nature, to stand outside in a thunderstorm, to go on real little adventures, to probe the depths of that fascinating gap in a thicket that could contain anything from a nest of fairies, to a magical access way to a fantasy realm. Everything is buttoned down, codified, weighed and measured.

I may have grown up familiar with the idea of computing to a fairly limited degree, but every now and again the child in me demands that I jump into a puddle, that I still stare in wonder at rainbows, that when I am out at night, my eyes pierce the veil of the sky, darting, questing for sources of light, planets, stars, and the void between, imagining the mind rotting size of it all. I fear that this mode of thinking may disappear within my lifetime. This stuff is intrinsic to human life as it was lived in times of yore. Wonder and awe accounted for a great many hours of a persons life, as so little was understood, compared to what we understand now, and I fear our understanding has tempered our amazement, or will over the course of the coming decades, and that is profoundly sad in my opinion.

posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 02:53 AM

Ow, i thought more people would like this

You think a lot like I do, this should be of GREAT interest to all people!, time passes so quickly that I find it unbelievable that stuff I grew up with like famous rock groups that EVERYONE knew when I was a kid are strangers to the newer generation, I was talking at work the other day about the Hollies and some of their music and a co-worker (who is into rock) never heard of them, I put on Long cool woman and he said he never heard it before!
I was watching a You Tube video yesterday, the man was a son of a Union soldier from the Civil War, this stuff blows me away! My Grt, grt grt grandfather was a German Hessian soldier that defected and fought with General George Washintons Army and after the war he was given 200 acres of Pennsylvania farm land for his service, that is how my family got to the USA, it seems like a short time ago as his sons (still with my last name) was killed at Gettysburg!

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