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School girls become demon-possessed after encounter with "alien being"

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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 06:40 PM
Notice something happening as the lady all the way to the right enters one of her involuntary episodes - strange markings appear, surrounding her head and face. Its quite possible that if this is a case of possession that the entity is seen manifesting itself at frame 6:35 and possibly at other points in the video.

For all you insensitive types - this is no joking matter. What has happened to these women is quite real.

BTW - I examined the video in my own software and its NOT artifact !!!

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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by ValdoVonz

Wow, interesting find...

I don't much believe the "professionals" diagnosis ether.. Psychology is a joke and doomed to failure..

People are like TV sets.. You can tear a tv down and still can't find the colors,sound etc.. Same with the mind and conscience.. You can point to lobes and what not and say this does this and that.. Its the same with the tv, point to a speaker and say this is the sound, tube, picture , whatever.. Our minds connect to a dimension we can't see or touch.. If you damage a portion of the mind that connects to memory, it's the same as smashing a piece of a tv.. It doesn't function properly..

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 01:29 AM

what makes americans so great ?

Lots of things.

But I'm too busy being arrogant and slaughtering inferior peoples to list any.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 02:06 AM

Well, maybe but we just take meds or drink to rid ourselves of the demons.

I wouldn't recommend allowing a substance called "spirits" inside your body.

It tends to make people "not themselves"...

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 04:07 AM


BTW - I examined the video in my own software and its NOT artifact !!!

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I'm afraid you are wrong, its a 240p video which is very low res and its been heavily compacted as there are artifacts all over the video, the image you picked happens for a few frames and then stops, the reason it happens is because she is moving a lot and the video compaction cannot deal with it at a low res, when she stops moving so much the video returns to normal.

Sorry, this IS artifacting, the res and the compaction prove this as does the fact it happens at many points over the video, the only reason it does not stand out more is that at times the video is far away from the peoples faces so not evident easily, when you get the close up most almost all of the peoples faces (the bit you focus on) is very still bar the mouth, not so in that girl.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 04:56 AM
That's because aliens are demons.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 04:59 AM
reply to post by Mclaneinc

Ohhhh OK......I think I was probably looking for something that wasn't really there. Sorry bout that.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by Jaellma

What about vaccines? Aren't some allegedly responsible for neurological disorders?

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 05:56 AM

reply to post by justreleased
LOL! Well, there was a case in Le Roy, NY, involving 12 teenage girls. Not necessarily paranormal but coined "conversion disorder". Go figure! The parents don't agree with the experts!

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Problem with this is that we are told that there are 12 girls, but we see one who has real symptoms, and other that appears to be faking or having mild "sympathy pains," and the other ten are not to be found.

Could it be that 1 girl has genuinely developed Tourets or something similar, and 11 friends have some degree of, as the doctor said, "psychosomatic" illness, possibly brought on by sympathy, or even jealousy at the attention that the first girl is getting?

Might drugs be involved? Same batch of bad acid, or whatever?

I see no one claiming demonic possession here, and no evidence of it. though it is a bit weird, even by teenage girl standards.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 07:52 AM
I'm glad someone else went there first. I was thinking the same thing. That doesn't make us bad does it?

shes got a really nice butt

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 10:20 AM
Don’t let your preconceptions blind you to reality.

One does not become demon-possessed after an encounter with an "alien being"

One becomes demon-possessed after an encounter with a demon.

If "aliens" really cared about us so much like they SAY they do, why are they kidnapping, paralyzing, probing, mutilating, and raping us?

Simple: because they are NOT who they say they are.

Many of them claim to be here to “save” us from looming disaster. And they speak “good” things to us. Others appear to be non-friendly. Don’t be fooled. Things are not always what they appear to be. There is evidence that these are simply two “fronts” to a clever game orchestrated by the same group. They are intelligent and able to communicate with us. But they are liars and con artists. You could never trust them.

But there is good reason to believe that it goes much deeper. The entities can be identified as the Legion of Lucifer, who are filled with insane hatred for the human race. Their aim is our eventual destruction. In fact, the current wars, crime and corruption in our communities point straight at this sinister and deadly organization exerting their control in the highest echelons of government, business, science, religion and medicine, worldwide. If you didn’t know, a master plan is in place to bring down America, China… the whole world, very soon. Don’t let your preconceptions blind you to this reality. Forbidden Secret

The 3 causes of the abduction experience

by Joe Jordan and the CE4 Research Group

What causes someone to have an abduction experience?
This is a question that secular researchers do not have an answer for to this day.
But we at CE4 Research Group have found through our research that people can have this experience because of one of three reasons or a combination of these reasons:

1. You asked for it. Some people actually ask to have the experience to know what is like or about. Be careful what you ask for.

2. You unknowingly open a door to the realm of this experience. Some people unknowingly opened a door for the experience, by being involved in New Age or Occult activities. When you engage in the unknown things outside of GOD the Creator and His WORD you make yourself vulnerable to these entities. We have found this reason to be the most often found root cause.

3. You are part of a generational cycle or generational curse. When asked about the experiencer's parents or early family life, we found that the opening had come from one or more of the parents. It IS important how you raise your children. When there is a GODLY covering over the family by the head of the household, the family is protected. But if there is No GODLY covering, the family is open to these types of unnatural experiences.

The 3 causes of the abduction experience
Unholy Communion Video Series

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 10:27 AM

reply to post by Jaellma


No offense op but I saw the title and literally started laughing.

Why do these stories always seem to come from S. America, Africa or some other remote bassackwards location?

I guess they'll just have to visit the local witch doctor for a cure.

You sound very forward thinking when you describe two entire continents as "bassackwards".

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 10:44 AM
Since it's considered to happen in a fairly short timespan, I'd suspect those New York girls probably got bath salts, 'tussin, or some "club drugs" from a friend of a friend somewhere. (Cue the Mr. Mackey voice saying "Drugs are bad m'kay?") Unlike alcohol or some other more natural substances, that stuff will fry your brain. (Kicks metabolism into overdrive, and upsets various neurotransmitter mechanisms, etc.)

Of course their parents think they're too good to get involved in stuff like that and the girls apparently don't want to narc on anyone. So now they live with the consequences of their ill-informed youthful experimenting. A medical doctor or neurologist could probably figure it out (but might not be able to fix it - the damage has been done), but it's certainly not anything paranormal.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 11:50 AM

reply to post by justreleased

I guess they didn't know that all teenagers are demon possessed.

I use to live with one. lol

Most definite.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 12:00 PM
reply to post by pauljs75

You are likely correct about the N.Y. women and some designer drug, as that is a far likelier possibility ... however I have had personal experiences that made me know (or at least seriously entertain the possibility) that intelligences can exist without a visible body and influence matter... and that some of them are "mean" and eerily manipulative.

As for the OP and other accounts (like Toad's, etc.), people assert all sorts of things and religious dogmatists may only have a portion of a complex universe figured out, and frankly, their dogmas strike me as puerile... but those religions might exist because they try to explain something that does exist at some level... called 'spirits' for want of a better term... I just think it's likely a shadow of a larger, more complex reality most of us are clueless about.

Writing about this stuff is embarrassing and makes me feel less intelligent by an exponential factor, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't wondered about most everything I thought I knew since those odd experiences I (and countless others) have had.

Two sides, one 'good' and one 'bad,' is too simplistic, imo. However, at some level, that's how it presents itself. I just think that labels, like demon, angel, etc., hold too much baggage and limit discussion about what's really going on.

It could be as simple as there being life forms that are w/out material bodies... i.e. souls, and some are nice and some are horrid, without some war or agenda playing out. Or it could be like different religions say, though I bet the truth is in the middle ground between the man made rules arbitrarily applied into dogmas.

I really don't know, but since my personal weirdness, which wasn't just experienced by me, btw, so illness and wrong perceptions are likely not the cause, I can't dismiss these admittedly ludicrous, ignorant seeming claims out-of-hand.

And frankly, I wish I could.

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posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 12:03 PM

A medical doctor or neurologist could probably figure it out (but might not be able to fix it...

MD's aren't allowed to "FIX" things.

Those that do, usually lose their license.

"The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people,it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them. At one point in my career, I had a long conversation with a man who occupied a high government position in an African nation. He told me that he was well aware of this. He told me that WHO is a front for these depopulation interests."--Jon Rappoport The Medical Mafia

"The medical industry is no longer to be trusted. We have a Medical Inquisition. The Rockefellers took it over way back and warped a lot of it. Our doctors are brainwashed. The Rockefellers are dedicated to population reduction and are using the medical industry to do it."

Confessions of a Medical Heretic

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 12:03 PM
Laugh all you like, but it has become my belief, after many years of research on the "extraterrestrials" that they truly ARE demonic entities, masquerading as E.T.s They designed, by trial and error, these bodies for themselves, and MANY of them look completely evil.

I do believe that these Nephilim, children of angels and women, are the offspring of this union and that they are extremely wicked and powerful, possessing the powers of the 200 angels that fell, according to the Book of Enoch.

I also believe that our President is one of these Nephilim, or has been possessed by an evil spiritual entity himself.

Lord help us!

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by maceov

100% Correct...

There's GOT to be a pony in here somewhere!

You can remain in denial and ignore the smell of all that manure if you choose to.

Deductive reasoning can be a pretty reasonable tool.

Therefore, just because something "looks" like a duck (or demon), quacks like a duck and walks like a duck... it may not be a duck after all, but a "decoy" ...disguised to look like the real thing.

Of course there is a small chance it really is an alien from Mars in a duck costume, but the wise man believes what he sees and knows...

"But why do they behave so much like Demons in a Christian context if they aren't the same beings? They are, because everything they do resembles the Demons of Christianity." Source

"So, what exactly is happening here? The answer to that depends upon the time that you live in. Most people today would readily acknowledge this as a typical “alien abduction” story but what if you asked someone who lived one or two or even ten centuries ago. How would they define this? The answer may surprise you. “Alien abduction” experiences have been occurring for centuries; the only difference is that those who experienced them in the past usually recognized them as being something evil from a demonic force. It is only in modern times that large numbers of people in Christian countries have began to refer to the atypical “alien abduction” as something that is not demonic. "
Twelve similarities between Demonic Encounters and “Alien Encounters

  • Abduction
  • Periods Of Unconsciousness
  • Appearing In The Form Of Humans
  • Communicating Mentally
  • Levitation
  • Going Into Trances
  • Endowing With Special Powers
  • Becoming A Channel Or Mouth-Piece For The Entity
  • Physical Suffering
  • Raping/Sexually Molesting
  • Accompanied By The Smell Of Sulfur
  • Appearing At Night In Their Bedroom

    "I think that the experiences are so similar that one can conclude that they are in reality one and the same."

    Similarities Between UFO Encounters And Demonic Encounters

  • posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 01:27 PM
    Ive heard something similar that several people who claim theyve been abducted by aliens had the same symptoms as of those who are demon possessed.

    I remember that from this documentary.

    If the video doesnt work this is the direct link.

    posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 02:22 PM
    I live in Panama and this is the first I have heard of this. Although after watching the video there is no doubt it is in Darien, a remote jungle province.

    The girl in the video is describing having seen an entity with a female body, male head, one "frog arm" and one human arm, "bird-like" feet with a snake dangling around its neck.

    Apparently the females that saw the thing are now convulsing constantly uttering weird groans. They are also claimed to be writing weird satanic messages on the walls (although the messages on the wall that were shown were basically "he is a dog" (in the promiscuous context) and "he is gay".

    The report claims around 10 female students are affected all in the 13-15 year old range. Apparently the behavior started last week with faint spells and eventually convulsions and spasms.

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