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The theory that explains it all? Say hello to the the Time Police!

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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 04:35 PM

If time travellers from our future are constantly coming back to the past then exactly how do they also traverse the vast distances of space?

The type of time travel they use is only partially physical/mechanical as we understand it. What it involves is an intertwining of the systems of the physical ship and the perception or imagination of the pilot(s). We determine our time and place in the universe by our perceptions and observations. We place ourselves in that structure. The time travelers have their perceptions and observations somehow amplified by the ship they're in, and essentially "think" themselves to the time and place they want to be. Put themselves in a different structure. As if you could step into a dream and actually exist there and make it your reality.

Imagine yourself on the surface of Titan and the ship you're hooked into amplifies that image and more or less instantly reconstructs the universe around you to put you there. There is no travel. Only not being there, then being there.

We're really not intelligent enough to do that yet or really understand it, and without intervention we may never be. Until then, we're kind of at the mercy of timeline incursions, and have to keep adjusting our limited perceptions so it makes sense to us. Maybe it's a blessing that we recall only tiny fragments of previous timelines and only interact with the "aliens" or time travelers on a very limited basis. Any more of it and it might really drive us nuts.
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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 08:32 PM
reply to post by Blue Shift

dang, that was a very concise way of summing of the true nature of space-time travel and I like that wording! This is where I feel that the true limitation of our current technology is actually its complexity and our progress has been in spite of that tendency to not "reduce our fractions" and simplify any given system and making it optimally rational (and of course the conspiracy pushes the idea that our technology "just isn't complex ENOUGH" :@@

the more complex the system is, the more that needs to be maintained in equilibrium.. and I think any urban area is a demonstration of the slow erosion of pseudo-order that our cities are "supposed" to be, but are anything but..

I believe it was Alan Watts who said something to the extent that "since our bodies and surroundings are the product of everything that has come before us, one could say that we are dealing with the oldest, most highly-developed technology available, but we've come to take it for granted" and I'm pretty sure this is absolutely true..!

In fact, I think the process you described with rendering surroundings in accordance with Will (imagination and focus) is happening continuously in our everyday lives and it is just because we have learned to see a mundane world that we find ourselves IN one..

at least until we don't.

and that's where you hear of many different people, ranging from astronauts to farmers, having experiences of an unexplainable unknown realm of awareness that defies explanation.. this is because words are the shackles that have kept us from experiencing these realms until we are accidentally open to this access to the "open-source code" aspect of the universe and for a short moment (or perhaps occasionally there are those who prolong this state at will..) and travel when/where they please

in theory that is..
still workin' on doing this reliably in practice

posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 09:02 PM

Considering some of the strangeness I've experienced, I would not be surprised at all. If anything I would be relieved to find that this was the actuality.

If you want to know if time travel is possible in your lifetime its simple pick a time and a date. Swear you will return to that spot at that time and day if you dont show up you know youll never see time travel. See time travel isnt impossible but i will say unlikely. Time is relative to an observer there now could be our past or our future. So time is all ready laid out before us in fact one theory states we our living in our own past and all the events we see as now all ready occurred to us. Think of it like we interact but do not process it until later all most like a dream after you go to sleep. In effect you have two different lives and dont realize you all ready done this except for that occasional de ja vu .

posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 03:36 AM


You are The Doctor and I claim my wibbly wobbly fivey wivey pound note.

All I have is this piece of psychic paper.

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