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The Dark matters [nov 2013]

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posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 04:41 PM
I’m everything you could ever imagine, and my being here on earth was pure accidental in action.
The forces of nature shouldn’t allow me being here, but for some reason they did and I have to figure out why ?

Beings here cannot see me ,hear me smell me or feel me . But they have to fear me because when they do see me , feel or smell me it’s too late and their time is up as soon I make contact with al atomically structured biological life.

I can appear like everything you know or don’t know but I’m not allowed to make contact with any biological electromagnetic or atom like structured creature or object on this planet.

See through everything from stone to flesh or any biological being in motion or motionless, I do understand your language because I’ve learned over six hundred billion languages that I combine to understand and create other languages with.
So you know I’ve been around and traveled from great distanced and have seen many worlds unseen through your eyes because your senses don’t reach beyond the three dimensional realm of space and time.

There’s eighty five percent of us out there and we keep everything in harmony with each other and keep the distances between stars and planet bodies that surrounding them.

Some call me death although I’ve seen death and it’s nothing like me , even death looked at me with fear.
My paranormal psychics are even greater I constantly are in motion with the source that informs me whether I cross boundaries to not cross the laws of nature. There are many sources and every spiral galaxy has one, and all sources are connected to one thing!

My name is Baryon and I’m lonely as always but since I came to Earth something changed I felt this sensational feeling although I’m conscience in full and more aware of anything than any other being that wandered this biological breeding nest of primordial slime.. Something strange flows here energy that I couldn’t get my grasp on ? Something magical, coming from the mouth of someone who’s practical godlike in appearance.I shouldn’t be distracted by it and concentrate myself on the task of importance.

It always takes time to adapt to another world and to connect to the source again.
I never have to experience the feeling of not understanding or rivalry nor rebellion or what beings on planets have to endure because my place in the universe is static and always there . I never questioning the source and the intend of making me do what they ask me to do.
But this time it was different I never could imagine what this feeling was, and I was completely stunned by it and it made me almost human, a concept far from where I came from.

After three months being here the first aberration came to me and the source explained that the importance of this travel depended on the stability of the galaxy itself if this object not retrieved to Serra rignicus on the NCG sixty-four class nebula it would all be in vain and fall apart.

So Fifty billion years ago something penetrated this atmosphere of Earth and it wouldn’t have been found if technology here on earth didn't evolved like it did in this time period.
So the trackers, as I call them with their axion tracking devices found this piece of rock that from the inside was completely hollow and dark but had a mass of a small Island, the size of this rock was not more
than ten inches in diameter.

They knew that what they found was something very important and scientists all over the world wanted to study this rock that contained the WIMP or weakly interacting massive particles
They brought it over to CERN to study this highly classified object and they knew that if this interactive particle could be controlled they literally could control the universe and steer the planets out of orbit or worse collapse or destabilize the whole universe itself.

So that’s why I came in and that’s where my story begins.

To be continued ...

[Note: I never thought I would enter a writing contest..It's the first time I'd something like this and maybe shouldn't have done it I'm going to close my eyes when I press post

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posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by 0bserver1

Not bad, I enjoyed reading and hope there is more to come.

The Rat.

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by TucoTheRat

Thanks I appreciate that, Next chapter in the making..

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:44 PM
Back at the CERN research station

Dr kristlowe who was the leading scientist that had the first glimpse of the object , that had to be moved to a save location somewhere near the research station to be monitored from save distance.

The gravity source that surrounded the object was so dense that when you would be standing five miles from the object it pulled you right to it . and you would be crushed by its force.

The place where they found the object had a direct black hole whirlpool on top of the object that somehow gave away its location. But using the new axion tracking device gave us the final confirmation the object was near so we could find a way to salvage this immense task.

The salvage of the object needed the brightest minds on the planet to build this anti-gravity container to minimize the gravity well to then safely transport it with the brand new quad copter with its quad turbo trans hoover plasma engines builded for heavy lifting transports, over to the research station.

The container was state of the art equipment with sensory build in to measure the content that was linked to the observatory of the research facility.
Somehow I feel we are going to pull at the balance of nature Dr krislowe said . To have such power in our hands the weaponization will be as to never before and we don’t know what we are dealing with here she said.
Dr kristlowe’s feeling of responsibility of the planet begun to surface something she never would have felt in the first place not under this circumstance.
No in this moment you should feel joy for finding the biggest discovery that science ever found in human history. But she didn’t worried she asked David cordon to be sure that every safety measure was taken before they connected the container to the terminal.

Meanwhile in the following three months Baryon was nothing more than this entity that entered the Earth’s atmosphere he , as that’s what his preference was because the source gave him that ability to choose gender or caste for the planet.

Hiding in the caves of longmen in china gave him the ability to strengthen himself unseen on broad daylight and from thereon travel to the place where he could sense the gravitational pull.
When the night fell , Baryon floated to the cave entrance and started to look at the horizon just as the sunset came in, he could see the distortion in the distance it reflected a bright color from bright

greenish sphere to a purple halo on top, If a human would stand in front of him , you could see this huge seven feet deep black figure in human form, eyes shined like bright blue marbles that only happened when he interacted with the surrounding matter on atomic level , that was the only way to show himself to human eyes.
But now had to take this form to interact with the atmosphere for tracking the gravity field from the object that he was ordered to retrieve.
But if humans came within close vicinity their structure would break down and started to position around him like the dust rings on Saturn.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 06:21 PM
Interesting story! It had me riveted, and I was glad to see a Part II. Dark matter with a consciousness, very cool. I'm glad I didn't read the stories before I crafted my own -- yours and mine have certain similarities, cosmologically.

Good read!

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by argentus

Oh I have to read that at once ... thanks for let me know I'm curious now..

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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 05:09 PM
But I ask the advanced writers to criticize and give a constructive and up working opinion to improve my writing style..."I know that I wont always like it but I ask for it...

posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 05:19 PM
Still at the CERN research station

My task was not to kill this biological life and its planet , no I had to find that piece of dark matter that belongs to the source and take that rock because it was so important for the survival of the milky way.

As the information from the source poured into my conscience I directly started to disintegrate , because I was hard to measure and could move myself by beyond the speed of light, I directly came within the vicinity of the rock that was practically unmanned and sealed into this weird metal box.

I multiplied myself into eight black spheres that were now visible to the human eye , I centered myself around the weird box ten feet high , what I then did no human could ever comprehend, I started to merge with the surrounding matter.

As all of my parts started to vibrate, I gave command to shift into elongated black diamonds and positioning them around the contained dark matter. My parts starting to rotate and all of the elongated diamonds were ready for separating the ground from the container ,but something happened that disturbed my mission ,from a distance my sensory picked up this sense and saw this biological entity standing on the rim of the building watching me do what I was ordered to do..

I could see sparks flying around her body that became active as soon as I started my procedure and streaked right into my black diamond cones, My first thought was “she’s not human she’s a source !” I was shocked a feeling I never felt before?

“Baryon , Baaaryon “ she whispered , I answered “Who whaa I don’t understand?” She whispered “Don’t worry Baryon do not be feared “

I was so confused that I immediately answered “Fear I don’t have fear I don’t ever known fear who’s fear ,why am I feeling this way what’s wrong with me ? “

She answered “ How long are you here on Earth ?”
I said “ four earthly months now why ? “
She answered “how many times did you interact with earths matter?” I said “I don’t know many times, I had to build myself a shelter “
She answered “ You know the rules of entering a planetary biosphere do you?” I said “ the source told me that earth wasn’t materially bounded to electrons?”
She answered “ she lied to you and I will tell you why”
She told me everything the source hadn’t told me I never knew I could be transforming into matter that the state and the force of nature could pave this power to manipulate my state of being? But since I came to earth after two weeks I noticed that something magical came over me something I didn’t expected at all .

For the first time in my ten mega parsecs I existed I was part of nature within the biospheres that I always observed from the distance in space and time and it felt great!
After a while I merged myself back into my first cave appearance and floated to her at the building she was standing from.
She was bigger than all the beings around her and when I looked into her eyes they brightened up and I could see this seventh spiral galaxy in there..

Her skin seemed to be kind of transparent and looking through it I could see underneath her skin very tiny sparkles of light , like stars, most of them were bluish and She also smelled as silversword volcano flowers ,

“what a pleasant smell “that were the first thoughts I became buried with.

Her long straight long blond hair gave me the feeling when I was gliding through the rings of Saturn and Biavarus another large ringed gas planet in the Acturius starsystem , only Biavarus was ten times bigger than Saturn and had a ringspann of seven million miles in diameter.

The variations of color due to different minerals within the rings gave this amazing glans as the Acturian star shined upon the rings, gave me the same feeling I had when I was witnessing the horshoe nebula getting formed..

She saw my blue bright eyes shining so bright that her whole face was bathing in bluish light centered with yellow … She smiled for the first time she said “ I feel it too”
My light suddenly dimmed, embarrassed and a bit annoyed I answered “WHAT did you feel? “
She chuckled and said “ I too haven’t felt this way ever in my state of being”
I answered ” what is it ? “
she said “ I think they call it love?”

I answered “ love? “

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 06:38 AM
reply to post by 0bserver1

All in all its a good read, i still need to finish the entire post sequence though, but here's a comment on the first post, there are a few things that need to be improved in terms of making sense, for example:

"My paranormal psychics are even greater I constantly are in motion with the source"

Greater than what? also the second part of this sentence doesn't really make sense.

What's the source? it doesn't really make sense, are you implying a being older than the current "source" does that makes sense to the current reality? that would make it a similar being like the Bible's Leviathan, older than God, a being named Leviathan which is portrayed as a mindless beast, probably because of ignorance of its true nature, but whatever, we don't know anything about this, at all. Just randomly thinking you know? good read though, i'll keep reading through it.

Also, you should know that your title means two different things, depending on how you read it..

"The 'dark matters'" or how are we discussing everything about "dark matters" (dark matters can be interpreted as anything we want, from drugs to psychological experiments to war stuff and everything else)


The dark "matters", where we care about the hidden stuff and the hidden human knowledge that has been around since centuries ago, or the gothic scene or theater or whatever related to the dark scene.

Just saying you know?

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posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by Kaifan

The dark "matters", where we care about the hidden stuff and the hidden human knowledge that has been around since centuries ago, or the gothic scene or theater or whatever related to the dark scene. Just saying you know?

No thanks for critiquing my writing because I only learn something if someone points it out for me. So that the next time I'll take that in mind .. At some point I realized that I made it difficult for myself to choose this topic.

And yes it had to be presented sort of ambiguous but the character got soft way to soon , that had to happen I think some hundred fifty pages further lol , but I just wanted to try out my writing skills to see if my imagination could bring me that far.. And it surprisingly did because I had many more in my head when I started this.. well maybe next contest I'll try to do better

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