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A dream theory

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posted on Oct, 10 2013 @ 02:25 PM

reply to post by LewsTherinThelamon


Besides the change in attitude towards dreams, have you been able to interpret any meaning out of yours? I'm sure any meaning extracted would only affect the individual and be subjective, but thought I'd ask.


I have a friend, we'll call him "Mike."

I had been living with him for about a year and six months. I noticed that we were beginning to grate on each others' nerves quite more often than we previously had. Basically, our irritation with one another boiled over into a fist fight one night.

After the fist fight I was anxious about being around him, let alone living with him.

I had a dream that I was sitting in my car--which was sitting in a junk yard. There was one of those cranes used in construction sitting outside of my car on the passenger side. Mike was sitting at the control booth of the crane, and had a giant magnet attached that he was using to move cars into a compactor.

He stopped the crane right next to my car, with the magnet dangling over my head. He saw me sitting inside, so he didn't try to pick my car up. I was watching him through my passenger-side window and realized that he wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing. He shifted in his seat in the control booth and knocked one of the controls with his knee as he turned. The control engaged the cabled that was holding the magnet, so the magnet comes down fast and basically smashes my car with me sitting inside it.

I woke up and wrote the dream down. I had been practicing the techniques in the book that I linked to, so as I was writing it down I already had the meaning nailed.

The setting of the junkyard was the perfect symbol for my feelings regarding my relationship with Mike at that time. I basically felt that, after the fight, our friendship had been "junked." It was interesting to me that, in the dream, Mike was at the controls of the crane--almost like he worked at the junkyard and I was at his mercy. Which, is exactly how I felt in reality because I was living at his house, so pretty much had to dance to his tune.

I was sitting in my car which was important because I had learned quickly from previous interpretations that a car was a personal symbol for me of freedom, or independence. So with Mike on control of the crane, and me sitting in my car, I felt as if my independence was at stake. He even saw me in my car and made the decision not to send me to the compactor as if it was his decision to make.

The really interesting part is the fact that Mike crushes me by mistake, simply because he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing.

Our aggravation with each other had started because I was in a period of learning and growing. I wanted to share new experiences that I was having with my friend, but he didn't want to have anything to do with it. He was basically in this state of "I don't want to learn or do/try anything new." Months after we got into the fight, He told me that his anger at me was actually misplaced. So he wasn't really "paying attention to what he was doing."

When you successfully interpret the language in a dream it is a very intense "light bulb" moment. After I realized all of this information, it laid bare everything that I was actually feeling...just not consciously aware of.

So the same day I had the dream, I packed my bags and moved out. Which turned out to be the best decision that I could have made at that time.

posted on Oct, 10 2013 @ 03:21 PM
Thanks, everyone, for the positive responses!!

Fomalhaut, that dream could be a past life experience or it could be still an experience from an alternate you.

Wildtimes, something that I've noticed about these "mundane" dreams is, for instance,I have a daughter in this reality and in my dreams sometimes I have a daughter also. But what I've come to realize is if a family member is in one of my dreams or I think about one of them in my dreams I don't actually see them. Like my daughter will be in my dream and I'll know that it's my daughter without seeing her face. So it may not even look like her but I know it's her. Other times I will see a family member like my mother and it'll look nothing like her but I'll still know it's my mother. Make sense? But I rarely think about them by name. It's not like, "Hey, that's my brother, Eric." It's, "Hey, that's my brother."

posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by AlienBuddha

I know what you mean about family members...
my dad died a bit over 3 years ago. It was the first time I've lost a beloved family member - and it was hell going through the grieving process.

He does visit me in my dreams now (never did before) - and when I awaken in the morning, I feel somehow "better" - I believe it is his spirit/essence, and it always makes me feel happy. Even if all we're doing is yard work or talking about finally fixing that one exterior wall of the house that never quite gets built, or whatever. "I got to see Dad last night!"

I RARELY dream about people who are in my life now - mostly those who were at one time, or the 'dream peeps' that I've known for

posted on Oct, 11 2013 @ 08:04 PM
I agree that it is possible, although I am not sure about it. Certainly not a stupid or bad idea by any means. I have had people tell me, and have experienced myself, that in dreams there seem to be people we have never seen before in our lives. At least that we can remember. The truth seems to be however that the brain takes in a whole lot more information than we consciously process. So those people in your dreams, they are probably people you just happened to see one day on the street, or on television, or wherever. This is likely true as well since I'm sure other people have had dreams with people they don't know, but they KNOW they've seen them on television, or know them because they are famous or whatever.

Personally I believe that dreams are probably just taking place within the mind. But I do believe in a spiritual world as well, and am a somewhat religious person. But I just don't think that dreams occur in this other world. But I have heard people state that they can lucid dream and interact with other people, who are also lucid dreaming. This would imply that the dreams are NOT just within the dreamer's mind. Well, some could be, and some might not be. But I think I have heard more people claim that lucid dreaming is simply dreaming, within the mind, where the dreamer can control the dream to a large extent. That makes more sense, and from what I've read, I will go with that.

I also put a lot of faith in personal testimony, when there are many corroborating testimonies available. And since I have seen a whole lot more people state that their lucid dreams are within the mind, as opposed to those who say they exist in a spiritual realm, that I lean towards the former. However, if there is someone on these forums who is 100% sane, and who is positive that dreams can exist in a spiritual realm, and who has experienced this multiple times for themselves and corroborated it with another person who was dreaming, please send me a message and let me know. I will not tell you that I don't believe you or anything. I simply wish to know more about life and spirituality in general, and if someone can teach me something, I am all ears. So please message me about it, or anything else that is related. Or anything that is unrelated, lol. I don't care. I just want somebody to message with. No, jk. But seriously, I do.

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 12:52 AM
reply to post by AlienBuddha

I watched an episode of Dead Files where the couple were having dreams of people and scenes matching the sketch artists renderings based on the psychics visions. Actually has been a few shows that talk about this.

So I think your part right. I think if your empathic enough to a spirit or even request it from god or an ancestor you can view scenes of the past.

They had a lucid dreamer on Stan Lee's Super Humans and he claimed he could see and affect the future.

The last Ghost Hunters were at some house where they made it sound like someone living there could be sleeping but be somewhere in house. They didn't know to attribute it to some doppelgänger demon or out of body dream. However it reminds me of a recent Paranormal Witness where the cops worked with a psychic to hunt for a murderer and toward the end she got a coven and he apparently got stabbed by her out of body. So to dream in the present real life, real time and even go out of body and affect it seems totally plausible. Moral? I don't know.

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by AlienBuddha

What if some of our dreams - surely not all of them - aren't really "dreams"? What if they are memories or even current happenings of alternate versions of ourselves in alternate dimensions? Like, what if when we dream, our minds are actually fusing with alternate versions of ourselves and we're experiencing something that happened to some other "us."

Anyone else think this or have this experience?

I would tend to agree, even so far as to say that all of our dreams are just as real as the "reality" we are experiencing at this very moment. That is to say, they aren't; they are illusions that we create for ourselves to experience. I'll share with you a rather long quote that may be useful to your understanding.

This is information from Joshiah, a channeled entity that may be studied more in depth here-


The following quote is from this particular session-

July, 2005 Q & A Session

Questioner: You’ve said that you create your own reality, and what if the reality you want to create involves the decisions of other people that you don’t even know?

Joshiah: At some level within your subconsciousness there is not one individual that you would deal with in your so-called day-to-day activities that you do not know. Now that becomes difficult to comprehend in your conscious state, and we’ve suggested many times that if you attempted to hold in your conscious state all of the particular interactions that you put in place and all of the agreements and the contracts that you put in place in your so-called altered state of consciousness, in your dream state, that it would be impossible for you to do it. You would be what you would refer to as insane.

Now. However, in your conscious state what you experience in your day-to-day activities is an illusion. And there’s absolutely no interaction with another individual that you have not at some level of your subconsciousness put in place the agreements to do so. And you believe in time and space. You believe that if it occurs today, “Well, perhaps I put that agreement in place in my dream state.” Well, perhaps you did. But perhaps the dream state is occurring simultaneously to the particular interaction. Because that’s how it truly is. Time and space are illusions. And that becomes a difficult concept to give any type of an explanation for because we attempt to give you an explanation based upon your understanding of your creation process and based upon your understanding of this reality in your conscious state, which indeed dictates that there must be time and there must be space, because that’s what makes it real. And if it’s real, then how can you change it? And that’s a choice that you make in your subconsciousness to perpetuate in your conscious state to validate this reality.

And so, that interaction with the so-called stranger is an interaction with an individual that you’ve put in place the agreement to participate in that creation for the purposes of experiencing the particular emotions and feelings that arise out of that interaction. It’s never a chance. It may seem to be a chance but it’s never a chance.

Now. There are individuals existing who understand in their conscious state the capacity to interact and to deal with others at a so-called subconscious level, and they do that on a regular basis and they recognize that interaction. If you can recognize that interaction in your conscious state then it should validate that it would be much, much easier to recognize much more complex interactions in your so-called subconscious state or in your altered state of consciousness.

And so, you put in place the contracts and the agreements and, once again, we use your belief in time and space in order to give you some type of explanation that you can get a grasp of, and so we say you put in place those contracts and those agreements in your altered states of consciousness, in your dream states, or for many in your meditative state, indeed even in your between incarnational states, you put in place the agreements and the contracts to have the experience in your conscious state. And then you conveniently blank any possible connection between your subconsciousness and your conscious state so that the conscious state seems real.

But it’s never an accident. You create it all. Absolutely. Even those situations that you feel are less than desirable, they are reflections of the beliefs and belief systems. And we suggest belief systems because, you see, to simplify it is to say that you create your reality based upon a belief. And you do, absolutely. But it’s like saying that every object that you experience in your so-called conscious state, in your reality, is comprised of an atom and the atoms are all the same. There’s very subtle differences in terms of the protons and neutrons and electrons. But basically they are all the same. And yet, it’s difficult to grasp that your air that you breathe has components that are made up of atoms that are very similar to the couch that you sit on that seems to be so solid. And yet they are all made up of atoms.

And so it is that the reality that you experience is all made up of beliefs, and the beliefs are in belief systems where there are a multitude of beliefs that interact with others that reflect in the reality that you experience. And they are beliefs that you choose—that you choose—at some level of your consciousness and your subconsciousness and what you might refer to as your higher self, to put in place in order to experience that particular activity or element or event in your conscious state for the purpose of, once again, of experiencing the very broad range of emotions and feelings that arise from that interaction.

And it’s never an accident. Your so-called higher self, that spark of consciousness that you are, creates it all, and it creates it all joyously. And many times interacting with others to create as well. You see, when we suggest that you create every atom that you experience in your conscious state, in this entire universe, we suggest that you create it, and you create it, and you create it, and you create it—and so everyone creates it and yet each creates it.

That becomes, again, a very difficult concept to grasp, for you see, you believe in your conscious state, once again, in that time and space belief system that there must be space, and it is an illusion, absolutely. And each individual, each entity existing within your vibrational level exists within each and every atom of your entire vibrational level, of your entire universe. And you all participate in that creation. You all agree. You all put in place what we refer to, once again, as the human conscious type belief systems and the societal belief systems and the individual belief systems, and you create it all. And you agree to participate in that creation in your altered states of consciousness. Including the interactions with the individuals that you believe are strangers in your conscious state. There are no strangers.

Individuals who are what some might refer to as metaphysical or telepathic or some might even refer to as advanced, although we do not like to use that term, “advanced,” for you see, the individual who has absolutely no concept of the creation process may be the most advanced in terms of creating. And so “advanced” is very limiting type of phrase to use, but nonetheless, there are those who believe that if you have that capacity to telepathically interact with others that you are somehow more advanced. And yet you all hold that capacity. And when you meet someone that’s an absolute stranger, they’re not a stranger. And those individuals who have that capacity to telepathically interact many times can tell you many things about that stranger without the stranger ever opening their mouth, could tell you many things about the emotions that they’re experiencing, many things about the beliefs that they hold.

And each of you has that capacity, absolutely. You just don’t recognize it. You hide from it. And many times those that hide from it the best are the most advanced. It’s not necessarily the other way around. To say that someone is advanced in terms of their capacity to have telepathic interactions does not in any way suggest that they are more advanced in terms of understanding their capacity to create their reality. Absolutely not. You create your reality. You do it through the beliefs that you hold, choices and decisions that you make. And indeed you put in place in your altered states of consciousness, and we refer to, once again, this concept of time and space, the altered states of consciousness when you are in your altered state, which you refer to as a dream state, which may be in your last evening, or it may have been a week ago, or it may have been a year ago, or it may have been when you were a very small child, or it may have even been when you were in your between incarnation state of consciousness, you put in place the agreement that at such and such a day, in this illusion, “We’ll have this [real] experience. And then we’ll experience the range of emotions and feelings and then we’ll forget all about it in our conscious state. In fact, we will not only just forget about it, we will even deny that we had anything to do with it. We’ll deny it to the point where we absolutely refuse to believe that we participated in it. And then we can blame somebody else, and then it just gets so much stronger and better, and the feelings get so much more and we can really get into it then.”

And that’s what you do. Each and every individual existing within your vibrational level does that by choice. It’s not an accident, absolutely not. And when you really (inaudible) of consciousness, when you are in a meditative state or indeed in your dream state, when you practice taking what we refer to as part of your consciousness into that state, then you can indeed manipulate, if you wish, many of the activities that you participate in [in] your altered state of consciousness and you can bring back into your conscious state glimpses of what it’s like to create your reality. Glimpses of what it’s like to exist where you have an understanding that time and space are illusions.

Each of you has the capacity to do that, you have but to believe. You have but to desire, to imagine, and to expect it. You have but to believe. You have but to choose and it can be yours.

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by AlienBuddha

The practice is referred to as lucid dreaming. I have had similar experiences, though I am only 18 and it has been awhile since Ive had a lucid dream I agree with this theory. I believe through lucid dreaming one can achieve a higher perspective, I recommend you read the Teachings of Don Won by Carlos Castaneda, and The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda. He has several books, I believe you will find them interesting.

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 10:46 PM
reply to post by AlienBuddha

I have recurring dreams of being a hunter/gatherer with a purple sky. But it doesn't seem strange in the dream, it seems normal. i never see myself in the dream, but my hands and feet aren't mine. Again that isnt strange in the dream. It's only after I wake up that I'm like "wtf?". I've been having a variation of that dream my whole life.

As a scientist I write it off as some connection to something that I may have seen as a toddler or something. Or it could be some kind of coping mechanism I created due to some drama as the one thing that stands out is how peaceful I feel (Or at least my avatar anyway) like I don't have a care in the world.

posted on Oct, 12 2013 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by AlienBuddha

In my experience I occasionally have 'regular jumbled dreams'. But not so often.

Now sometimes I can tell that a 'data packet' is accumulating in my unconscious
mind, and if I rest for an extended period of time, or sleep, I will generally
have either a 'vision' or a particularly rich and symbolic dream.

I would submit, that if your unconscious mind knows you want to listen to
what it has to say, it will be much more likely you will get messages.

I'd say that many/most people don't 'believes in themselves' as integrated
beings (I don't care if one is materialist or religious --- integrated is still
integrated). As a result they don't learn to symbolically communicate
with disparate pars of themselves.

Now I must twist your noodle; many meditative masters of yesteryear
came to believe that even our normal waking consciousness & world
itself is in fact the 'dream'.

I guess that I'd recommend you be ready to symbolically communicate
within yourself, whether you think that you are 'awake' or 'asleep'.


posted on Oct, 13 2013 @ 01:00 PM
I think we dream because of several reasons like sorting and repairing the memory.
We leave our bodies when we sleep and experience a different frequency-plane during sleep, also unconscious cosmic distortions and multidimensional interpretation into the process.

I presume the mind is multilayered connected to "other selfs" and the cosmic language in the universe interpreted by our subconsciousness.

The universal language is possible to experience with vision if you apply frequencies to different mediums.

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