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Secret Psychic Societies?

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posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 09:13 PM
reply to post by darkbake

I think everyone is psychic to a certain extent if that's what it's called, i've had coincidences happen in my life that i can't explain, mind reading, prophecy etc. Seems like psychic powers but it's probably not. If there's a way to develop this skill i'm all ears.

posted on Aug, 31 2013 @ 10:23 PM
1. You gotta run, dont walk, and register
Secret Psychic Societies as a domain IP
Did you do it?
Why not?
I'm serious...
That term alone conjures up all sorts of scenarios.
A modern day Egyptian like Priest class.
The title rocks.

And your abilities are indeed interesting.
You sound like an empathetic emotionally sensitive
being, with extra sensory gifts.
Keep working on them.
And as career you could be a title copywriter,
for movies and TV shows, I'm sure.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 05:57 AM
reply to post by darkbake

Be cautious, there is an ongoing war between the leprechauns, psychics, and unicorns.

Also, the pixies seem to be getting antsy and may join in.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by CIAGypsy

Kinda like how you must learn to love yourself, before you can love others?

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by darkbake

This thread is great. I have strong intuition and can usually tell what's on someones mind, or at work my boss will approach me and I already know what needs to be done before they say anything lol.

I'm not sure about any secret societies, after all they wouldn't be secret if we knew :p

Perhaps you could start one up? Or even better, try and locate society through deep meditation?

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 02:20 PM
Responding to a variety of early thread posts. None of which have anything to do with the thread title which doesn't seem to match the OP first post so I am ignoring it.

My experience is that anybody who truly, and I mean TRULY, believes you are psychic, comes to have serious issues with it -- cognitive dissonance -- eventually. Though some of it depends on 'how' psychic they think you are, and in what way. (The more ignorant the worse since they'll be thinking you've got remote video on them when they're in the bathroom or something, it's ridiculous.) I have yet to see this improve close relationships in my life with anybody except my best friend, which is probably part of why he is my best friend. I make efforts to keep the topic completely away from my working life, for obvious reasons.

In my time with helping people toward intentional psi the last 20 years (e.g. remote viewing, and here I am referring to the official science based doubleblind protocol, not the disinformation version mass-spawned as RV since 1995 on the internet and radio), what I've seen is that people whose jobs are extremely person-oriented and have danger/drama, not only tend to pick up on that kind of info in targets, but are especially vulnerable to pollution in protocol because they will pick up info from basically anybody. Doesn't matter if that someone is across the room silent with their back turned. The doubleblind becomes especially critical for viewers like that because when you're being intuitive there is really no way to sort out the different sources of information, since it's all eventually wending its way through your nervous system together, and physiologically-sourced information is valid intuitive data -- but it's not valid RV data, since that is a great deal of what the protocol exists to forcibly prevent. Law enforcement officers, E.R. nurses, recent combat soldiers, they are all prone to be hyper-sensitive to subtle body-data.

Those with threat in their jobs, like the cops and soldiers, also tend to be over sensitive to events following the session work (e.g. for the rest of the day/evening) and are likely to see whatever has the most "dynamic" in it, in their session (e.g. if going to dinner four different siren cars suddenly congregate nearby, or if they see a movie that has lots of people jumping out of airplanes, chances are that data's going to show up in their session), as if their subconscious has a big flag on physical-drama as some kind of pre-warning system for them, a survival skill I assume. So part of doing intentional psi work is knowing enough about your own nature to know what will likely affect you and try to work around that.

I am boring the OP with this because it sounds like he is both psi and intuitive and it may be useful to consider, when working out how to operate in the ordinary world with that kind of tendency, how people operating with those perceptions on purpose do it.

Most schizophrenics and reactive-attachment-disorder individuals I have met are also uncannily good at intuitive body data. (I've heard a couple of scary stories about rape/murder which leads me to wonder if lunatics who engage in such may also be worrisomely psi.)

I think some individuals are very good at picking up information from other people when they are exposed to them -- and if the individual is what I call psi (vs. intuitive), meaning they could even pick it up when there's zero physiological connection, then they have quite a job when they walk into any situation: there's everything their body/brain gives them literally or directly; then everything which is 'inferred;' then everything they're picking up from any others present (what I call intuitive body data); then anything they're picking up via psi (e.g. about the environment, the past/future in that environ, etc.); and then there are 'inferred' streams of data based on the latter two as well, and then based on the combination of various sources as well; and all that streams together through the nervous system, and it's pretty well impossible to have any clear idea of what comes from what source except the "literal" info.

Some genuine psychics tend to become very quiet socially as a result, since they've learned over time that a great deal of what they are likely to perceive or respond to may not be literal and hence clear to others.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by RedCairo


Well said. I'm glad someone else understands this on these forums. Now if I may talk about the actual title of the thread (which is strangely irrelevant) there exists "secret societies" which either you find them or they find you. I won't talk about what I was involved in, but I will say that improving yourself and perhaps finding friends that are also into this will help you (and them) greatly.

Just be careful about advertising yourself as there are those that don't like our kind due to religious reasons and want us dead. I've lost a friend this way and don't want others to die because of this. If you really want to take part of a "secret society" relating to this field, then you'll have to go on an adventure and find out for yourself. Now, I don't mean packing your gear and traveling the country like a hobbit, but what I am saying is that there's a rule that we attract each other very easily and with only the will of wanting to learn more about something, you'll end up talking to people about it and perhaps get to where you want to be.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 05:43 PM

Originally posted by digital01anarchy
are you a negative or positive blood type? Some people say negatives blood types have the ability to sense things? In large groups do you feel overwhelmed because of racing thoughts "antenna problem" ? Do you get feelings about people or have you met people in a dream that you later meet in real life. Do you get mad or happy for no reason around people who you haven't even had a conversation with. Do you go against your own thought process with girlfriends or friends because you don't want to believe what you think you know?

just some questions to see where you are at

Thanks! I am not sure of my blood type.
In large groups, I do feel overwhelmed because of the antenna problem you mentioned.
I do get mad or happy around people for no reason I haven't even talked to.

In fact, I get that feeling just from entering a different city or place of residence - I immediately can tell a difference.

With friends and girlfriends, that gets complicated, because I have had trouble in the past differentiating whose thoughts are whose.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 05:47 PM

Originally posted by EA006
reply to post by darkbake

I think everyone is psychic to a certain extent if that's what it's called, i've had coincidences happen in my life that i can't explain, mind reading, prophecy etc. Seems like psychic powers but it's probably not. If there's a way to develop this skill i'm all ears.

I think the best way to develop this skill set is through detachment, although it is rather hard in modern society, if not downright dangerous to do in some cases.

I think that this natural awareness is impeded by routines and biases that we learn in order to fit in with the gears of normal society.
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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by RedCairo

Thanks, RedCairo, that was incredibly informative. And yes, it does cause me trouble in social situations, it is like what you said, a great deal of what I respond to is not literal. It would definitely be helpful to know how people who do it on purpose are able to achieve some amount of control on their intuition / psi.

Also, if I walk into a room I can sense the aura without any physiological contact - this is why I have often been fascinated by the idea of sealing up a Pharaohs tomb with his belongings and relics of cultural significance. If I entered a sealed tomb like that, it would be very similar to time travel.

Lately, I've been able to start tracing back a room or object or house or situation to its cultural origin in time and space, for example, Germany, Victorian England, or Dutch.

Although a lot of how I interact is opposite most people - it is like I started out with 100% psi and am trying to wane it back, rather than learning it.

Very recently, realizing what I was doing in relationships made me immediately withdraw out of concern for not having the proper amount of ethical or procedural knowledge to deal with this.
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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 06:28 PM

Originally posted by Em2013
Now if I may talk about the actual title of the thread (which is strangely irrelevant) there exists "secret societies" which either you find them or they find you.

Reminds me of the dreams I used to have. One I recall, was an initiation into the 2nd and 8th degree simultaneously in a ritual and everyone wore dark red robes. Sadly, I was in the OTO at the time (a brief exposure), and these are *not* the degrees associated together, so I had no idea where the heck it came from. Those dreams were usually followed by massive reality-synchronicity though, suggesting there was something to them, like for example in that dream's case, I sat at an airport at terminal 2 wondering why the flight wasn't coming in ( was at terminal 8), then walking out realized I had parked in the 8th slot in section 2 designated by red or something like that, you get the idea. I joked at the time, "In my search for enlightenment, I've found dyslexia!"

I have internal guidance now, to a degree I would not have believed possible until a couple years ago, which makes me disinterested in external sources of teaching, since they generally come with a uniform all their own. I admit the concept of human 'congregation' -- people you can bond with -- is attractive (although sitting in nowhere oklahoma, which is kind of like being stranded on an island, in terms of metaphysics, probably relates) but at least so far I have rarely if ever encountered groups of people focused enough to match up with my personal interests.

there's a rule that we attract each other very easily

This is probably so.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 07:03 PM

Originally posted by darkbake
Although a lot of how I interact is opposite most people - it is like I started out with 100% psi and am trying to wane it back, rather than learning it.

Because like major creativity, when it really comes it's like a rushing river. It doesn't just come between 5-7pm on weeknights when it's convenient alas, and doesn't come in much "moderation."

Most people very high psi end up at least minor lunatics unless they are also very critical thinkers and able to be objective when they force it, in which case they spend their life fighting to "walk the border" as I think of it -- the path of the shaman. Which is actually a lot of work, because it involves being 'aware' of -- paying attention to, and being brutally honest with yourself about -- your thoughts, daydreams, personal biases, and so on, because the less aware you are of the contents of your head and what is you versus other, the bigger a mess it is.

Fortunately I am not in that state of mind anymore, but I had it for awhile in cycles. I found it very helpful when I intentionally set "my logical mind" to act like an older internal sibling, and look out for me. One of the things that part of me was designed to do, was to keep me grounded in the positive, in prayer or at least good natured thoughts, to avoid allowing myself to be "drawn into the fascination" of things which were negative.

When one is highly psi, they don't have the luxury of lazy junk food for the brain. Negative focus, whether it's just cynicism or darkside TV shows, has repercussions sooner or later. And being psi messes with one's "boundaries of identity" in a massive way, which has ego-mind effects as that part of self tries frantically to adapt to the sense-of-self which is hugely stretched beyond the norm -- predictably, results are messianic and paranoic (this is so common it might as well be considered the norm), and it's not so much something that only happens to some, as something that happens to everyone but some are capable of recognizing it, not allowing themselves to go there, emphasizing in themselves the logical, practical, critical thinking elements for 'balance,' and so on.

One of the most truly useful things for 'handling' high psi is a practice such as remote viewing, but please bear in mind I am not referring to 99.9% of what you'll find on the internet/media about the topic. That was instigated by former US Intelligence Officers, who were not so accidentally helping the CIA with the public, tying it to the topic with the highest existing disinformation damage (UFOlogy), removing the primary components of its protocol (the doubleblind, and hard feedback, the two primary points which are the only reason it was legit in the first place), which also just happen to be the ones most responsible for the development of skill and the assistance with stable psychology, so it's really a bummer they were so effectively successful since it totally ruined the entire topic and a whole lot of people. Mostly those with the most potential, so I guess organizations won't have to worry about them divining any state secrets anytime soon lol. They also made it a doctrine like a religion, so now the word 'protocol' that used to mean a collective (variable) set of science rules that might include 'however one goes about being psi', that word got redefined, so now the word means 'a specific method' which for most (not all) people, especially naturally very psi people, is often far more harm than help for several reasons, although if clueless with belief system issues it does sometimes provide a starting point. OK now that I got that required caveat out of the way (it is really bummer to want to refer to something which has so much dis/mis-info on it in public that a paragraph of disclaimer is required first).

The reason it is helpful, well in part:

1. It is a constant forcing of the logical mind to get hard feedback and 'accept' psi. It helps deal with a lot of the natural cognitive dissonance which can cause a lot of distortion in results otherwise.

2. As part of #1 it is constantly showing you what you get wrong, misinterpret, assume, forget to mention, and so on. It's good for the ego, which is to say, it's horribly bad for the ego, which is good.

3. It forces you to learn something about how 'intent' affects targets and results. The hard way, naturally.

4. It forces you to practice, sometimes, 'scaling down' to 'intent' and not just 'any data any where any time' - forces more critical thinking, more focus.

Despite my surreal sudden obsession with ATS (rare for me, likely to pass before long) I'm not normally online here a lot, but while I am if you have questions I'm happy to provide some direction. This is not because I am expert, merely because I've spent 20 years wading through it so someone may as well benefit from the effort.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by RedCairo

Obsessed with ATS eh? So long as you don't take it seriously, I don't see how it is a problem. Certainly, it isn't as bad as watching TV all day.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 07:49 PM

Originally posted by teachtaire
Obsessed with ATS eh? So long as you don't take it seriously, I don't see how it is a problem. Certainly, it isn't as bad as watching TV all day.

I unplugged my TV in 1993. I do sometimes watch hulu or netflix. Not so much. I am usually too busy for 'play' like in forums. I'm having some kind of irresponsibility wave and ignoring all kinds of stuff while I sit in ATS. It will pass before long I'm sure. It always does. Most of my posts in 7 years are clustered tightly together in just several small but intense periods.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by RedCairo

1) Do you know any information about remote viewing and underground bases?
2) Are there any materials that shield remote viewing
3) Can your remote viewing be detected
4) What is a double-blind, hard feedback, and
5) Any other information on gaining control of excess psi input would be awesome

posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 12:16 AM

Originally posted by darkbake
1) Do you know any information about remote viewing and underground bases?

Boring disclaimer: Remote Viewing is a combined science protocol and psychic art, which by its nature means -- for the science part -- it must have hard validated feedback to compare with the session. So RV proper is never going to have information about non-verifiable targets. If you hear anyone talking about RV and specifically calling their viewing of something like that 'remote viewing,' it is a sign that you should probably not take their understanding (or their intent for your wallet/fandom of their cosmic omniscience) seriously.

Of course, the 'psychic art' part of RV can focus on anything one wants, and most viewers do plenty of psi work outside official RV because that is most fun.
It's not RV then, although most 'viewers' (slang) call it 'viewing' (slang). Usually they will say this if you are reading their details on stuff.

To see a good overview on Remote Viewing protocol, try this link:

Now to answer your question though. I do not know of any viewing by persons I would take seriously which has been made public regarding underground bases.

Viewer Pat Price was said to be very interested in that subject before his untimely death.

2) Are there any materials that shield remote viewing


If a viewer is not particularly skilled they can sometimes be distracted by high-entropy and/or similar elements nearby, however. That won't work on someone highly talented or well experienced.

The best thing one could do to prevent ViewerX (let's say someone you know) from serious data acquisition on them would be to interfere with ViewerX's protocol. Polluting that would be the most possible damage to the process. Failing your ability to influence ViewerX toward viewing in a lousy protocol, your only hope is that ViewerX is either not very good or not particularly interested in you.

I might add that the data one acquires with RV is extremely unpredictable, has a ton of mitigating factors and variables, generally sucks for replicability (RV overall is replicable in the science lab, but the data by the same viewer on the same target at different times is sometimes not). Depending on the viewer most is more piece-meal and conceptual than contextual and visual.

3) Can remote viewing be detected


An unusually intuitive/aware individual who is the focus of a viewer may however pick up a degree of rapport with the inquiry. Some of this is going to depend on both individuals and the moment.

Understand that a remote viewing target is a complex collection of intent, and you can include the intent for the recipient to be most, or least, receptive to such rapport. But the elements most likely to affect this have more to do with the individuals than the art.

4) What is a double-blind, hard feedback

Single-blind: the psychic has no knowledge of the context, nature or detail of the target. However, others in the room or at the table might.

Double-blind: the psychic is uninformed as above but also, may have no physiological contact with anybody who might have such information, including virtual contact such as telephone, webcam, line of sight behind a window, etc.

Solo-blind: a double-blind by nature of the viewer being entirely alone.

Precog: at least some data forced double-blind by nature of time

Wildcard: tasking-precog. Data collected prior to target even being selected. Maximum blinding here.

If you read the link above on Remote Viewing protocol, it goes through the somewhat hairy elements of different degrees of 'informed' related to the target.

This is relevant because while on one hand, full double-blind is ideal, on the other hand, the brain often needs some kind of structure to 'hang' the data received on so to speak, and having no context whatever can make it very difficult for the psychic to put the bits together for context and concept.

Also, there are limited 'forms and dynamics' in our reality, and the same basic data set can sometimes apply to several radically different things, creating analytical interference for the viewer; known context prevents that.

But it also provides data, assumptions, etc. which can interfere/pollute the process, so it's a careful compromise based on the reason for the session (e.g. media demo? science proof? personal focused practice?).

Many choose to have the viewer work fully doubleblind and then once they have established basic contact (described the general nature of the target), then give them only the context point/s which they accurately described already, and let them continue from there.

Joseph McMoneagle's book MIND TREK is probably available in libraries or supercheap by now and it's a nice little book with a good section on how to set up, or have a friend help set up, some basic RV practice. He is the only former intelligence operative who walks the talk and does RV good, not harm.
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posted on Sep, 2 2013 @ 12:36 AM

The important thing to understand about RV is that the science protocol was gradually developed to ensure that whatever was happening with the psychic session, IF the data was accurate (if it's not, it wasn't technically "a remote viewing" but merely an attempt at one), then aside from 'lucky guess' (statistics) it had to be psi (a warehouse word at this point used merely to cover 'everything we don't yet have a science explanation for but assumedly will at some point').

The protocol exists to mercilessly exclude all possible forms of physiological or any other transfer of information. Think of RV protocol as the ultimate environmental-skeptic. It is there as a favor to the viewer because all other forms of information, from frontloading (information known in advance) to others present (body-intuitive data sources) pollutes the process; not only do you then have no idea of the source of info, but there's all kinds of subtle stuff going on in the viewer in reaction to each bit of it.

Many prefer to pollute it as much as possible because it helps them get more accurate and detailed answers... of course then the source of it mostly probably isn't psi. Much of what is called RV on the internet has someone who knows the answer in the room or even at the table -- asking questions. This is cold reading, not RV. It may include bits of psi, but we will never know, since that much body-data and/or frontloading supplies a truckload of subtle and overt assumptions to the viewer as well.

Research suggests that psi data is subtle for most people, and memory is stronger, and body data is stronger, and imagination is stronger, so one goal in research was to minimize the interference from all those things. So to minimize body data, the viewer either works alone, or if they have a partner working with them, they are also doubleblind (note that all RV protocols vary depending on reason for the session, and I'm using a basic/simple model for this example).

To minimize memory, if there is a limited set of 'possible' targets, the pool is as large as possible (at least a few hundred). To minimize imagination, though, the possible genres of targets is limited, because what I said about forms/dynamics holds and psi data often lacks size/scale, especially initially. So you don't want the viewer compounding the forms/dynamics overlap issue by thinking the target could be microscopic or cosmic as well as something we have a picture of or could visit for example. The target pool bandwidth (range) is hence kept small enough to keep the imagination from soaring too much. The war is between memory vs. imagination with any potential-preselected-targets (this applies even when the targets are nearby locations such as a friend might choose for you ongoing, when patterns of habit/choice/repeat might come into play).

I should add that different individuals have different talents for pure-psi (no body-data) viewing. Some people can pick up an obscure, abstract subtlety, and totally miss a volcano. Some people can describe some mass death event and not blink, and then freak out over something minor. Some people will pick up emotion in a target and be traumatized when others aren't. Some will be more easily distracted by a lot of noise (e.g. something that was in the media, had a lot of minds on it, has a lot of cultural associations). Many viewers "blue-screen" certain data for some time (e.g. humans are 'erased' from the data. Literally erased; if a person were carrying something, the data might include the something, and even that the something "is in the air," but not that someone is holding it up. I know, funny) but that tends to resolve with ongoing practice/fluency. So there is no real predictability in viewing, because every element -- tasker, target, viewer, feedback -- is going to be part of the overall result.

The best advice I can give for -- I can't say controlling (dream on, right), but let's say "best encouraging" perception to behave itself might be things like:

1. Write it down as it's coming in. This forces some slowdown and also shifts you toward left brain (sic) for communication.

2. Refuse to give yourself any credit or attention for the kind of info you don't want to know. Tell yourself internally, firmly, "Thanks, but I do not want to know things like that. It's private." This is an important element in RV since your mind, to escape the change=death psychological shifts that come with hard feedback, will try all kinds of crap, like giving you data about the next target, or dinner tonight (all forms of "displacement"). You can't allow yourself emotional validation of that or you encourage it.

3. Insist your mind give you what you focus on, and make an effort to narrow your focus. Psychics tend to collect 'any/all data about any/all things related in any way.' Viewers want a descriptive answer to a specific question. For you, focus on a single piece of furniture for example. 'Narrow' it down.

posted on Sep, 4 2013 @ 01:34 AM
It is a symptom of a group of individuals who wanted to astral travel for a long period but either died or their bodies are somewhere being taken care of by their supporters and are awaiting their return.

They may be either organized and knew what they were doing and still are and are trying to get back to their bodies or (horror coming up) they have already passed on, but the way they did makes them unsure if they are dead or not, much like the movie where the child saw dead people who didn't realize they were dead and couldn't be told, they had to find out themselves.

In the first I'll patiently await for this group to open a topic on this board. In the second I'll tell how it's going to be. The souls who wanted to materialize by going to the astral and the hereafter can never return as their bodies have died years ago. Nobody can convince them because they didn't make it a public act. All these reasons they gave when many souls tried to explain to them they were dead forever and can never return are all void and null, declared by many caretakers of soul realms, even many from outside this planet, who may not answer because of many reasons.

To the threadstarter I would advise not to do anything with the paranormal for a while, rest assured it's not his fault he is only describing symptoms which will sooner or later affect others, if these spirits will give up returning to Earth, the living, as it is not possible. Unless ofcourse the former is true and their bodies are in a comateuse state, which I cannot verify myself unless it is reported by mainstream news, as in for example a station like CNN would cover a story about a cult or group of individuals much like Heaven's Gate or Jim Jones.

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 01:21 PM
a reply to: darkbake

Well, I'm not a "psychic" so I'll ask the question, if there was a society of psychics what would members be looking for in having membership in that society. I'm thinking about writing a book that deals with a secret society of people with anomalous cognition (a fictional work). So lets suspend our disbelief for a moment, if you wanted in that society what would the society look like, how would you like it to function, and what would your dream society be like?

Rituals? Monetization? Men only? Goals of the organization? Grand scheme? etc. Please let me hear your thoughts. Thanks!

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 09:20 PM
for a good 4 or 5 years i knew i wasn't crazy. i hear it. sometimes louder and more clear than other times... sometimes directly at me, sometimes indirectly, sometimes purposely, sometimes different entities...... can't tell if its an actual person thinking about me, talking about me, a spirit or the goddess trying to tell me something.... often times i feel like i listen too hard and can't understand anything. other times its loud and clear like someone standing next to me speaking.....
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