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Safety In A Real World

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posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 06:29 AM

Safety In A Real World

When it comes to survival I believe that sometimes we concentrate and spend far too much time on the “what might happen” scenarios, such as SHTF, Zombie Attacks and Martial Law and far too little time on the many different scenarios unfolding around us each and every day.

Murders, Rapes, Robberies, Child Abductions, Bullying and Intimidations; the list is endless as to the horrible things we put up with each and every day here on planet earth. Most of you reading this will experience some type of violent encounter in your lifetime. FACT

Now how do we manage to survive all the bad things going on around us each day? SHEAR LUCK.. If that is good enough for you, you may stop reading now. If you want to improve your chances to survive, I would encourage you to keep on reading.

For some of you that have been in combat or a street cop for some time, this will be something you already know. For others this may well be something that is not only new, but it may save your life one day.

The Human Condition of Readiness

Day after day we get up, wash ourselves, eat something and head out to work never thinking of the terrible things that could happen to us and indeed does happen to a significant portion of society each and every day. VIOLENCE. Oh we may watch the news and see the violence in another country or state and think, “WOW that’s a shame”, but we never really consider that it may happen to us on this very day. That kind of thinking makes you a victim waiting to happen. I personally am not going to be satisfied with that, satisfied with leaving my safety, my life up to luck and neither should you; especially not when it is easy and sometimes even fun to live each day preparing for the worst and enjoying the best.


Let’s look at a list of the human conditions of readiness
(I use colors for illustration; you may use whatever fits you best)

[color=0EED0E]Condition Green

This is the condition you should be in when you are home, behind your locked doors, your alarm system set and a weapon near at hand. You are as safe as you can be, as safe as you can make yourself.

[color=EDD60E]Condition Yellow

This is the condition you should be in all day, every day, at work, in public and anytime you are not in a place you can relax to “Condition Green”. Condition Yellow is the condition I was talking about that can be fun and entertaining. (Well at least for someone with a warped sense of fun like me)
In Condition Yellow you are not relaxed and yet neither are you poised for violence. You are in a state of heightened awareness.
As you go through your day in Condition Yellow, some of the thing you should be paying attention to are.

1. When I walk out of my house I need to look left and right to ensure no one is in my immediate vicinity that may be hostile. I make sure I lock my doors and set my alarm.

2. I check my car inside and out before even unlocking the doors. Especially under the car and in the back seat.

3. On my trip to work, what lane is the safest in case I am attacked on the road? If I am attacked where can I safely, or as safely as possible, ditch my car and escape? If my car is wrecked, intentionally or otherwise, am I prepared to cut my seatbelt in case they malfunction? What is close at hand or simply in my car that I can use as a weapon? Tire Iron, Jack, Knife, Ink Pen, magazine, Pepper Spray ETC.

4. Once at work I make sure and park in a place as safe as possible. Somewhere that will be lit when I leave work with escape routes and options for defense.

5. At work I pay attention to all of my co-workers, even those I know very well, for signs of potential meltdown. I make sure I am very familiar with my office and my surroundings, whatever they may be, so I know the location of possible weapons, escape routes, defensive positions and friend/foe locations.

Okay you get the idea, or at least I hope you do. You can, and should, of course expand on this and alter any and all of it to fit your particular circumstances considering things like children, the elderly etc. The main point is that “Condition Yellow” is almost all a mental exercise that once you start doing it, will take very little of your time and become second nature. You will begin doing it without conscious thought. Once that happens you are getting on the road to a more safe you.

[color=ED790E]Condition Orange

Condition Orange is of course, one step up from Yellow and while important, this step may be skipped entirely on the way to “Condition Red”. (Well all steps may be actually)
Condition Orange occurs when

1. You leave your home and see someone walking on your street, in your vicinity; you do not recognize and/or consider a “friendly” or safe person.

2. On your way to work you notice someone may be following you.

3. At work someone you know is having relationship problems and has come to work sullen and remote.

Again, I hope you get the idea and remember that Condition Orange is an important step but one that can easily be skipped on the way to “Condition Red”.
Expand on these as you wish. Make your own list of things that will take you into Condition Orange and constantly update that list. During Condition Orange you should be actively seeking a weapon, escape route, safe place or assistance, not simply noting where they are.

[color=ED0E19]Condition Red

Condition Red is Eminent Violence

There is no need for a list for Condition Red as you will most certainly know it when it comes. The things to remember about Condition Red are.

1. If you have prepared as stated previously, you WILL know what to do.

2. Keep your head. Stay calm and try and stay as detached and logical as possible.

3. When in doubt ACT. The time to consider any consequences is either past or something you will have to address at a later date.

4. Never and I mean NEVER go anywhere with an attacker. EVER. Remember they want to take you somewhere because for some reason they are not prepared to do what they want to you in your current location. Use this to your advantage.


This is a short compilation and many things can be and should be added to this by you to fit your set of particular circumstances. No list can ever be perfect or complete except that list you yourself compile. Use this as a guideline to create your own set of safety rules to live by and you will find it fun and entertaining all while preparing you for the violent world we live in.

This “Action Plan”, for lack of a better thing to call it, is something I have compiled over a career of 5 years in the Marines and over 25 years in Law Enforcement. I have taught this to police officers all over the country and thought I would bring it to you now in the hopes it may help someone. No list is complete, this is important for you to remember and all of the above is simply suggestions by me and NOT to be taken as actual legal advice.

If you have any (Serious) questions please do not hesitate to post them here or if you prefer send me a private message.

Thanks for reading


posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 06:46 AM
A lovely reinterpitation of Mr. Coopers color codes, and well worth the read. My understanding of red is a bit diffrent as its tailored to my situation. Red means you should be clearing leather. ( or kydex, I suppose for the young'uns.)
Happy to see you didn't include "condition black" as so many trainers are wont to do. It adds nothing to the presentation, and runs contrary to the intent of the excersize.

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 06:51 AM
colour-coding threat levels is fun and all, but what happens if you are the victim of an attack that can not be protected by condition green? for example, extreme depression leading to you unloading that weapon you keep within easy reach into your own skull?

you are trying to prepare for the unknown, but the fact that it is unknown makes it impossible to prepare for..

why not open our arms to the unknown and see what happens? more people have died trying to defend themselves against imaginary "evils", than those who have died trusting and experimenting with the forces that made them..

trying to prolong your life, as if you actually had a choice in the matter at the end of it, might give a sense of false security, but why make the effort when tomorrow is as uncertain as yesterday is imaginary?

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by tachyonmind

You did read that this is the SURVIVAL Forum did you not?

The "Give Up Forum" is on another page

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 06:59 AM

Originally posted by semperfortis
reply to post by tachyonmind

You did read that this is the SURVIVAL Forum did you not?

The "Give Up Forum" is on another page

of course, but how does one survive the process of giving up? that is what i am asking..

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by tachyonmind

I have no idea as I have never given up, never even considered the concept

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 07:13 AM

Originally posted by semperfortis
reply to post by tachyonmind

I have no idea as I have never given up, never even considered the concept

it is most wise, if you want to be prepared, to consider all concepts..

have you not given up on the inherent goodness and decency of humankind? why else would you advocate such "survival" measures? what if all of humankind except you embraced universal trust? would you, the distrustful "enemy" of such a civilisation, barrier yourself inside your home, in order to protect yourself form the "wicked ones" who do not fear death, and instead accept it when it comes? what's the point of staying alive in a world where everything is out to get you, even yourself?

if you want to reduce your personal threat level, just be a good person, and you might die with some dignity, instead of holed up in some building, waiting for the psychopaths or demons or zombies to break in and eat your brain..
edit on 26-8-2013 by tachyonmind because: (no reason given)

posted on Aug, 27 2013 @ 04:15 AM
reply to post by tachyonmind

I intend to die with honor

Not cowering in some delusion of all my fellow men are really good people

I live in the real world, not some fantasy game

posted on Sep, 6 2013 @ 05:01 PM
A lot of my preps are done with CURRENT safety in mind. In rural areas, meth heads abound sometimes, so I make sure our place is FAR too much trouble to mess with.

There are some simple things you can do too.

Some of my cheap, but good solutions:

1. Reinforcing the front door. Kit doesn't cost much, but prevents kick-ins.
2. Top and Bottom bolt locks on exterior doors (again, solidifies the door against trying to force it).
3. Deadbolts on all exterior doors (just common sense).
4. Bedrooms have exterior keyed door locks (not the flimsy normal ones you can open with a steak knife. So, at night, we can lock ourselves in our rooms, meaning a crook has to get through two locked doors to reach us personally).
5. Battery operated alarm sensors (can't cut power to them, and loud enough to get the job done. Just switch them on as part of the nightly ritual).

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