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Lacerta Files

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posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 07:24 PM
I dunno if any of you heard of this, but if you haven't, check it out. Part 1 Part 2

This was suprising to me, and I sorta kinda believed it. Read it, and tell me what you think of it.

posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 07:34 PM
I stopped reading at the point where she says she 'doesnt allow pictures' for some unknown reason. This is a loud, flashing alarm that it is a hoax. Not being able to take pictures, some parts edited out...etc just create drama that pulls the reader in to this elaborate labyrinth of fiction passed off as some skewed reality.

Unless someone can obtain a videotape or images of this 'Pale green woman' and authenticate it, I'm going to have to give it the unofficial sticker of BS.

posted on Nov, 11 2004 @ 10:43 PM
It's possible the Lacerta files are genuine. A lot of what is discussed makes sense. However, something is very inconsistent: Lacerta claims her race are sun-lovers, but if that is so, why are they underground? Who is stopping them from reclaiming their planet? Surely, not us primitive, senseless, deluded tree-swinging monkeys.

Further, it's possible copper may have some unknown properties useful to an advanced race, however, I find it unlikely that it would be so rare in the universe. Hydrogen, we know for a fact is common in the universe. I would also have thought water would be common, if not essential, on life-bearing planets.

Lacerta also says her mind control only works on humans, and not on video camera - tell me, has Lacerta never appeared on CCTV?

It is difficult for me as an intelligent person to believe this as it stands without any form of evidence whatsoever. You have to admit however, Lacerta physics is very sound and suggests advanced knowledge.

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posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 08:08 AM
The biggest red flags remain the common dodge used by hoaxers...

"you aren't ready for that info yet"
"you couldn't comprehend it"
"humans wouldn't understand"

Etc. etc.

Whenever a question is asked and appears too difficult to answer, this kind of response is the answer. I've read the files quite a few times before, and though well done, there's still the issue above.

Not to mention, the one wild card. I have a hard time believing, that with their number, and throughout history, not one of them has come to the surface to say "look at me, look at me!" publicly (not just to one interviewer). Surely at least ONE of all their number would have done so by now...just from pure statistics.

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 08:11 AM
Ive seen these before and I dont put much stock into it. Its a good read, and would probably make for an excellent scifi book.

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 08:48 AM
It would make a moderately okay sci-fi novel, but some of the less believable points would have to be changed or it'd be picked apart by every nerdy fan out there.


... copper is a very important material for some advanced species (even today) because it is - together with some unstable materials - able to produce new stable elements if you induce a high electromagnetic field in the right angle with a high nuclear radiation field to produce an over-crossing of fluctuating fields. The fusion of copper with other elements in such a magnetic/radiaton field-chamber can produce a force field of special nature that is very useful for various technological tasks (but the base for this is an extremly complex formula you are not able to discover because of the restrictions of your simple mind.)

...where the reptile's simple mind apparently failed to do the research on how elements are actually created and why it is that "new elements" are extremely radioactive and the nuclei anre't stable. Advanced species that don't understand the simpler parts of nuclear physics tend to be the hallmark of a hoax.

And more physics gobbledygook:

deadly radiaton, an over-production of fusion-oxygen, a fall-out of different elements and a "nuclear winter" for nearly 200 years were the result.

No such thing as "fusion oxygen" nor is there a scenario where this would actually be produced. Apparently reptiles don't know a thing about the mechanics of how atoms behave in a nuclear or fusion reactor (which models an explosion, of course. Now we boneheaded uber-anthropoids have figured this out and you'd think that a Far Advanced Reptile Race would have it down pat, too.

Gotta love this one:

abouth which we know not so much - was a reptilian species, but they have nothing to do with our own species, because we have evolved from local saurians without exterior influence (except the sucessful manipulation of our own genes by us. More about that later.)

After claiming dino ancestors, then they claim a sudden hop in evolution that isn't matched anywhere in the fossil record and civilizations (that mysteriously leave NO traces (including roads, waste deposits, artifacts, etc, etc.)

And here they swipe from a Discovery Channel production about "could evolution have produced sentient dinos"

This new reptile was walking on two legs and looked at little bit like your reconstruction of an Iguanodon (it originated in this family) but it was smaller (around 1,50 metres tall) with some humanoid features, a changed bone structure, a larger skull and brain, a hand with a thumb which was able to grab things, a different organism and disgestion, advanced eyes in the middle of the head like your eyes and...most important...with a new and better brain structure. This was our direct ancestor.

They missed a few of the componets that the Discovery Channel addressed. And they forgot that after the asteroid (which there is a LOT of evidence for), this particular species of dinosaur died off and most certainly did not evolve/develop from an ocean-living group.

And then there's this howler (from an archaeological standpoint):

These beings were intelligent enough not to die in the next millions of years, because they learned to change their behaviour, they lived in caves instead in the cold nature and they learned to use stones and branches as first tools and the use of fire as help to warm them - especially to warm their blood which is very important for our kind to survive.

Apparently after they evolved, they ran around to all those sites that had the stone tools and traces of other activities (hearths, digging sticks, buildings, etc) and wiped out EVERY SINGLE TRACE of them. Completely. Left no artifact unturned.

Definate hoax.

posted on Nov, 12 2004 @ 08:51 AM
Oh yeah... and then there's THIS gem:

When I talk about our subterranean home, I talk about large cave systems. The caves you have discovered near to the surface are tiny in comparison to real caves and huge caverns deeper in the earth (in a depth of 2,000 to 8,000 of your metres, but connected with many hidden tunnels to the surface or to surface-near caves) and we live in large and advanced cities and colonies inside such caves. Major sites of us are beyond the Arctic, the Antarctic, Inner Asia, North America and Australia. If I talk about artificial sunlight in our cities I dont mean a real sun but various technological sources of light (including gravitational sources) which illuminates the caverns and tunnels. There are special cave areas and tunnels with a strong UV light in every city and we use that places to heat our blood. Furthermore, we have also some surface sunplaces in remote areas, especially in America and Australia.

Notice that they need to "heat" the caves? Lizzie Lizardo is apparently unfamiliar with the fact that as you go down into the earth's crust, you don't need no steenking heaters because it gets warmer and warmer and warmer. At a mile below earth, the temperature is considerably hotter than it is here on the surface (closer to the hot core.)

And gravity isn't a light source.

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 10:28 AM
someone comented that there is no video footage of retilians

heres link

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 11:30 AM
Ah this is good. I remember this from my lurker days while i was in school. Yes it has been on ATS before but has probably gotten archived now. Im not going to even go into why this could not be real. All i can say is if you believe this kind of stuff you will listen to my warning


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posted on May, 7 2010 @ 11:17 PM
The Lacerta files contain as much specious and apparent HOAX material as they do contain keys in the language to the occult background of the author. In the book Etidorpha or 'Aphrodite' spelled backwards is the inner earth storey as told in the 19th century cannon of Freemason literature. The Lacerta files mirror this dubius earlier work of serpant-race fiction in the physics and explanations of how a hollow earth could exist. The science seems wrong on one hand, but the metaphical constructs discussed in the Lacerta files do have reference again to inner masonic & Kabbalistic understandings of nature from the Bael perspective of the strong dominate the weak..Lacerta or Lucerta references Einstein's words in relation to multiple universes as 'bubbles within the foam' and this again comes from earlier theosophy texts of the post HP Blavatsky era to which I perceive the author to be associated.
The Terra Papers by Robert Morning Sky if taken to be true would likewise deny this Saurian Lucerta the claims she has made to be evolved from Dinosaurs. In context to the Terra Papers Lucerta is a reptillian of the Orion SYSTEM and her species is perhaps farming our Human brothers and siters as we speak through both material and astral mechanisms.
To me in summary to numerous other references the Lucerta Files represent a clever telling of truths as lies in the usual Freemason-Jesuit and Bael tradition. The essence of ALL LUCIFERIAN MAGIC is that it must be IN THE FACE of the victim. Thus the Lucerta files represent the hubris and arrogance of the reptillian blueblood faction of our planet. This entity if existent reveals her contempt for us as mere interractive pets, food and slaves to the system.
The markings of the cigar-shaped ships described by Lucerta as well as the cavern entrance symbols describing a white or gold dragon and stars is a direct reference again to the Orion-Draco-Ssirian hybridization of three galactic empires into a species here called Annunaki. Lucerta Further exposes the actual context of the 'Lucerta Files' as true but not-true by the Nicola Tesla explanation she stumbles to deliver of a merceury-vapor 'nazi ufo' engine. this reflects a human rather than an actual engineering understanding of this technology for moving disc-shaped vehicles.
Lucerta does describe the 'other' uses of copper, gold and certain elements desired by these Saurians in the same context that a person who understands or practices the Goetia and Necronomicon would want to make a COPPER and lead box; to trap a soul. this is a very serious discipline to have a 'wizard of Old' or low astral entity take over the body of a willing Satanist or BLOOD CULT member. This item of information leads me again to note how fluent the SAURIAN seems to be in what we Humans consider to be the lowest of the lowest forms of black magic.
..My conclusions after searching for corrobrating evidence or a follow-up to the Lucerta Files is that the authors are likely part of a Scandanavian wing of the global cult of the Lightbriger that, sadly, rules our world from the minset of a reptilian. Research the S.A.A.L.M. organization if you can. Follow the money to the EYE OF THE PRYAMID; and perhaps you shall know.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 10:48 PM
personally I think this "lacerta interview" is just a prank by some sci-fi author
heres the full interview in audio format for those that don´t have the patience to read it
link: lacerta interview (audio)

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