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Patient awoke to doctors "mistakenly" preparing to remove her organs

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posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 07:22 AM
I heard about this story, she got a second chance at life, only to commit suicide 2 years later. talk about a waste.

posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 08:05 AM
A sedative before harvesting on a drug overdosed body? What true dead person needs a sedative?

Rip that doctor's heart out! I doubt he has one; he sold it to pay off his medical school debts, along with his soul. How many organ harvests has he done in that fashion? Just walking in for a minute to do cuts not looking at things for himself.

Another serial killer doctor in a hospital, cutting corners. It's no mistake that there are psychos doctors out there. Kick him out, take him away from those tools. Those who can't, teach.

posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 10:09 AM

Originally posted by KrzYma
isn't it the point that you can not transplant organs from dead body, that the donor has to be alive... in best case brain dead... otherwise we could take organs from anybody who actually died ??

think and don't let doctors tell you who is dead or not... to be a donor.

You need to be "brain dead" for them to take your organs, so technically you are still alive when they harvest your organs, that's why it is normal to use sedatives in such operations. To be considered "brain dead" several tests are needed, which themselves of course don't help with the possible recovery of your injured brain at all. It's a bit like letting a patient with a heart attack do a 5km run or so. Also, what is now called "brain dead" was called "deep coma" a few years back. They changed it so they had more organs to harvest.

posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by Sandalphon

You must also consider that they were certain the drug's were out of her system or they would not have considered taking her organs, I believe that whomever ticked the box for the harvest knew she was a viable patient and may well be responsible for many others.

posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 11:44 AM
This has been going on for many years.
they will rate if you are worth saving ! ! !

Never have a doner card.
it gives you a Lower chance of living.

they need the bodies alive and fresh.
so if you are NOT dead.
it is better for the organs.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 12:47 AM
It would be interesting to know what the mortality rate is after the transplant. I'm not talking so much as cornea or maybe a kidney, but the large transplant procedures such as heart and lungs, or liver and bowel etc. My cousin refused transplant as he saw the chances of survival as far too low and he was more likely to live if he didn't have a transplant and he did live another 10 years.

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