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Nikola Tesla - The Wireless Transmission of Electricity To Power Saucer-Shaped Aircraft

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posted on May, 8 2013 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by Toxicsurf

Well that why we are living under Illuminati rule.
There are no aliens but we talk about them.
I think Aliens Decoded is Tesla.
Thus all is fine when Alien talk is going on but the alarm is set off
at anti Tesla headquarters to stop any Tesla talk with Alien talk.

I think I am right on.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 04:46 PM

Originally posted by fuzzy0087
reply to post by corsair00

The main problem Tesla ran into with his world energy technology was the person who initially funded him. J.P. Morgan was funding the whole thing. Once Morgan found out that his wireless grid would supply wireless electricity funds were pulled and Morgan would offer no further assistance.

It is rumored that Tesla told people that he received his inventions and ideas from voices in his head. Whether that is true or not doesn't really matter as the man was probably the largest contributor to mankind since Leonardo De Vinci.

It's true, he did hear voices and see things other's did not. I don't remember the name of the condition but when he was young he had very sensitive senses (hearing, seeing) ect ect... One day he learned how to control those senses and started to draw out designs he saw everywhere (there is a doc on this, you people find it).

And to the few posts above, the one saying that cars would explode and what not using this technology, just think of this, energy is everywhere (Tesla's words), so that means, Cars, airplanes, cellphones, household appliances would all work without the need of oil, or coal, or even wires running all over the city's delivering energy. that's why it was shut down, a lot of people had investments in the oil, lumber, and copper industries.
If Tesla were to succeed all those people would have lost everything.

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 02:42 AM
Yeah, the chances are very likely that a private transnational group has usurped Tesla's technology and have been using it for various false flag agendas ever since. From random psychological operations to gauge the response of the locals where the sightings occurred, to legitimate fake alien sightings to stir the geopolitical pot and gain funding for certain aspects of the military due to a "threat".

Stan Deyo has referenced Agnew H. Bahnson, Jr. in the documentary I shared in the OP, The Eye of the Storm. Bahnson was involved with T. Townsend Brown and developing anti-gravity technologies. He wanted to use it for world peace. He wrote a book called "The Stars Are Too High" about how a German nazi scientist and a few other people created a working flying saucer and tried to use it to trick the world into abiding in peace. Later on, the German became increasingly tempted to use the sightings to scare the crap out of people and to gain power and control, and the other men involved were left with a dilemma as what to do. Keep in mind this book was written in the early 1950s. The characters had a secret base in the remote desert of New Mexico where they hid after doing their planned fly-by's. At one point, the Air Force was called out to find them, and one of the plans that the good guy in the story had was to eventually give the blueprints of the technology over to the Air Force anyhow. So in the end it was alluded to that that is what actually happened. It's surprising, actually, that this book is not talked about more in UFOlogical circles. Why? Because Bahnson actually networked with real scientists like Dr. Jonathan Gray who were part of elite groups involved with UFO technology. So, the story was based on a true story - or "science-faction". I could try to scan it and make it available, it is very old and very obscure. I found a copy for 2 bucks...

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by corsair00

Excerpts from Stan Deyo's book "The Cosmic Conspiracy"

The Great Gray Deception

With all the foregoing problems confronting mankind at the moment it is not surprising
that we see so many groups and writers calling for harmony (peace) and, hence, "security" in
the world both between each other and between mankind and the environment. They and those
who agree with them would welcome just about anyone or any group they thought capable of
giving them these desires.


It is easy to see that the next "unification" war could destroy the Earth. If the Earth is to
ever be unified under one 'tribal' law, it would seem the only chance we have is to find a way
to convince these remaining, 'tribal groups' into trying a new, global governmental structure
for long enough to give it a fair chance of success. Any alternate is too terrible to consider.
I find myself asking the same old questions over and over on behalf those of you who don't
know what's really been happening around us. Is mankind ready to accept any order or group
or power which can solve its planet and "guarantee" it peace and security? What sort of power
or group would all mankind - regardless of race, education, creed or color - accept and follow?
Common sense dictates it could not be from an existing nation, culture or religion - as this would
eventually breed instability in any emerging world order.

It is a matter of public record that just prior to the planned "Bay of Pigs" invasion in Cuba,
a high-level group inside the CIA had considered the use of a religious hoax to make Cuban
civilians cooperate with the invading American troops. The plan was to use the cover of night
to drop pamphlets written in Spanish amongst the people of the region of Cuba where the
troops were to land. These pamphlets were to give quick and simple announcements to the
Cubans. They were to be told that the "Virgin Mary" would appear in the clouds and that she
would be as a sign to them that their "deliverers" were coming to free them from the oppression
of the communist government. The believers were to help the troops sent by the "Virgin". To
augment this, it was planned to project a large image of the traditional catholic concept of the
"Virgin Mary" on the night clouds just long enough ahead of the landing forces to be of
psychological assistance to the American forces. Obviously, this never eventuated; but it was
seriously considered as a valid means of getting the people to assist invading troops in the
name of a divine being in their religion.


I can see that most of them wanted to establish a global order which could give everyone
equal rights and resources - regardless of race, religion or political position. But, I can also see
others with personal agendas for obtaining absolute power over their fellow man. Sadly, I can
see the dominating avarice of the latter group consuming those of the former group - those of
the altruistic paradigm.

I condemn the actions of these power barons of the fifties who initiated the original form of
the modern deception which I shall be explaining. However, I do have a healthy respect for
the cleverness, bravery and fortitude of these men. I could not help but feel affinity to many of
them after reading some of their correspondence files. Many of them really meant to do a
good thing but could not reach consensus between their sub-groups nor totally remove their
subjectivity. So, while you read the following expose, know that I report it in respectful
sadness for these men who, for the most part, no longer even draw breath on Earth.
In 1958 a well-known, American industrialist, Agnew H. Bahnson, wrote a fictional novel
entitled, "The Skies Are Too High".

In this book (the only one he ever wrote), he outlined a
plan for establishing a powerful 'advisory' group which he initially called 'The Council of 8'.
In his proposal, this group was, firstly, 'to provide a new atmosphere of communication
between nations and was to influence the policies and the outlook of these nations;' and,
secondly, 'to bring the influence of a broader point of view [than was] presently available
from other sources to [bear upon] the President and his administrative assistants on a
continuing basis.'

posted on May, 9 2013 @ 03:12 AM
reply to post by corsair00

Strangely, in the notes of a speech he made just after the release of this book, I noticed he
had crossed-out the number '8' and had replaced it with the number '12' making the 'Council
of 8' read as the 'Council of 12' (somewhat similar to Majority 12 or Majestic 12?).

He wanted this council to continue from one administration to the next to ensure the
continuity of influence on each succeeding leader in every participating country. It was to
advise on education, economics, ideologies and international relations (much as the G7
functions today). To start things moving on both sides of the iron curtain, Bahnson even sent a
copy of his book and a letter of explanation to Nikita Kruschev in 1959. Bahnson's attempts to
establish an advisory 'Council of 12' in each country for the purposes of maintaining peace and
encouraging joint development between the nations of Earth appeared quite sincere. However, there
is strong evidence to say that he, inadvertently, jeopardized the secrecy of a similar group which
had already been formed by the U.S. and agreed to by other nations prior to the publishing of his own

In Bahnson's personal correspondence files (which his heirs allowed me to peruse) were
letters to the White House (answered by Eleanor Roosevelt), to Einstein and to many leading
physicists like John Wheeler and Bryce and Cecile deWitt. Bahnson was truly an altruistic man,
a man of peace and long-term vision. He wrote only this one book and it was to popularize an
idea which he had formulated in many private discussions with friends and associates of like
minds. His book was a rather linear concept of a way to fool the people of Earth into peace
and security using advanced, hidden technology - much like that which he and the late, Dr
Thomas Townsend Brown researched at the Bahnson Company's high-voltage, propulsion
laboratory in Salem, North Carolina in 1958-1960.

What is unknown to many is that the whole premise of Bahnson's book was a close parallel
to a large-scale plan held by his friend, Dr Gordon Gray, then serving in the White House for
Eisenhower. I am not sure whether Bahnson knew what his friend, Dr Gray was doing at the
time; but Bahnson and his idea for a new global order were so similar to those of Dr Gray's
special "discussion and study" group at the National Security Council, that it is possible
Bahnson became a liability to a much greater version of his own proposal.

Just six years after Bahnson's book was released, he was killed in the accidental crash of his
own private plane while landing at his local airfield - one which he knew like the back of his
hand. I often wonder if Bahnson's plane crash was really an 'accident.' Perhaps, when you have
finished reading the data I have compiled on the mysterious Dr Gordon Gray's 'project', you,
too, will view our world with less naivete and more caution.


posted on May, 9 2013 @ 11:51 PM
debunk tesla

Here is something disturbing:

Debunking the Tesla Myth:
False facts about Tesla giving him more credit than he deserves.

All true.
Tesla's life can be rolled up into to parts.
1)Setting up a 60 cycles power system with models and patents and getting one million dollars.
2)Getting investors and developing his flying machine.

The grand Tesla ideas were all the Illuminati mass internet media of late holding up a Tesla
candle and then they blow it out because they can not say what Tesla did.

Not a business man but a man developing the greatest flying machine that does not defy
anything natural because Tesla discovered natural forces and no one else did.

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