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Daniel; Writing on the wall

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posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 11:32 PM

Originally posted by GBP/JPY
reply to post by Rex282

hey Rex my names's Rex, too......the 7 days for man to be around in the bodily realm....the 7th day is the 7th 1000 years....

YEH! Rex is a good name.

as for the 7th day being 1,000 year(or even the 1,00 year reign of Yahshua on Earth) that is an extrapolation.It doesn't say that any where in the scriptures .The connection is "a day is AS a thousand years to the Lord...again extrapolation.. doctrines of men..guesswork theory.. that make void the word of God.Unless it is clearly a historical "date and time ...year does not mean year of "time" is signified(as the whole book of Revelation is.

for example 1260 days is said to mean the same thing said two ways.
1260 days
42 months( lunar months for 1260 days)

then the doctrines of men extrapolated into 3 1/2 years the 1st half of the 7 year(again an extrapolation not in the scriptures) of the "great tribulation (again not in the scriptures).

These numbers mean(signified) something COMPLETELY different.These are ALL part of an equation(the Sum of Gods word.ALL scriptures are written in numbers of Hebrew and Greek) that denote quality.It is not a coincidence that the very significant number sequence that ALL living things from DNA to spiral Galaxies are made and GROW from The Fibonacci number (Fn) sequence (which sums Phi) is the basis for this signifying.

144 thousand is only signified in one book of the scriptures ..Revelation.It is a very unique number of the Fn sequence .It is is the only Fn besides Fn1 that is the square of Its Fn

this is not a coincidence.(nothing is).Math is the perfect language.The language God speaks(creates ) with.EVERYTHING is created by and through that to John 1 and it will open you eyes if you "see it'.

The Golden ratio is an irrational number(it is infinite) it is summed by the GROWS closer to its "prime....1.618(Phi or .618 (phi)....those are the perfect relationship )ratio to the number 1.Can you guess what(who) number one is..

here are the Fn numbers(Fn0 to Fn13)

the ratio at Fn3/Fn4 is the beast of man....not matured..yet
and at

that is not a coincidence.
at Fn9/Fn10 phi
then Fn11/Fn10

there are patterns within patterns (spirals that grown in and out like a SUNFLOWER which is FN)

notice 181 and 818 repeat over and over(which is also 18 over and over) in this pattern for infinity
at Fn12/ is not Phi


a very interesting number pattern in that
888=Iesous in Greek..Jesus.
977-617=360..degrees in a circle.

even reverse numbers spiral back


this goes on and on with "coincidences" that seemingly should not sum... but do.

on that note this was the dip "down under phi of Fn9 and Fn10 ratio.....

when Fn12 is the divisor it is back to Golden ratio and stays at phi/Phi(618) for infinity

That is the significance of Quality of 144..btw thousand is phi+Phi
Phi=500 in the Greek alphanumericbet

The numbers have REAL applicable meanings they aren't the one they are attached to "years" and heads etc...It is the sum of Gods word .and that is JUST the outsides numbers!The inside numbers(the value of the letters of Hebrew and Greek) are completely incomprehensible(no Kabbalist and numerology are off)..and PERFECT.The multitude of "miracles" of the perfection of these numbers are infinite..NONE of it can be an accident.God does not place dice with his creation.

for another non coincidence instance.

The DNA molecule is based on the golden ratio. It measures 34 angstroms long by 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of its double helix spiral.

it goes on and on like this..tangible undeniable connections to every aspect of the growth of life tied to the numbers signified in the scriptures.God truly is ONE as Yahshua said "I" and the Father ARE ONE....

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posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 11:56 PM
REX282, dude. You are totally trippin'. Enough with the crazy conspiracy theory on the numbers are the remez of a remez stuff. The truth is always the most simple of things. And the scripture clearly describes what has happened that was earlier prophesized, and what will happen. There is no code to it, except maybe the 666 crap.

Israel became a nation to the day as Ezekiel prophesied. And since I'm no bible scholar, it would take me considerable time to list the litany of prophecies that were literally fulfilled. I expect most if not all the scripture to be literally fulfilled as it is written. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Here's something strange. I thought of it because we're on the subject of the book of Daniel.

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posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 07:54 AM

Originally posted by DISRAELI

The Lord of heaven’s response comes in the writing on the wall;

Modern scholars have identified these words as the Aramaic names for coins, which is interesting, but doesn't seem to get us any further forward in the interpretation.
However, it does occur to me that there is a rough parallel between "A coin [TEKEL], two coins [MENE MENE] and half a coin [PERES]", on the one hand, and the "Time, two times, and half a time" found at the end of the book.

From wiki page for mina

The mina (also mina, Greek μνᾶ) is an ancient Near Eastern unit of weight equivalent to 60 (50) shekels. The mina, like the shekel, was also a unit of currency; in ancient Greece it was equal to 100 drachmae. In the first century AD, it amounted to about a fourth of the wages earned annually by an agricultural worker. The Greek word mna was borrowed from Semitic; compare Hebrew māneh, Aramaic mĕnē, Syriac manyā, Ugaritic mn, and Akkadian manū.

Mina is 50 shekels (tekel is derived from shekel or vice versa), so it would be 50, 50, 1, 25 = 126, referring to 1260.

posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 07:56 AM
reply to post by jcrash

Thank you for that information.

posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by Rex282

I think you need to appreciate that there is a large expanse of territory between the excessively literal interpretation, which I would criticise as much as you do, and the complete abandonment of what the text actually says.
We do not need to go to one extreme in order to avoid the other extreme.
We have to look for the meaning under the symbols, as it was intended by the author, rather than trying to impose our own.
The "fire" may be a symbol.
But "some will not find inclusion" is meant to be taken seriously.

posted on Mar, 28 2013 @ 05:08 PM
For information;
The next thread in this series will be about Daniel in the lions' den.

posted on Mar, 31 2013 @ 02:24 PM

I think you need to appreciate that there is a large expanse of territory between the excessively literal interpretation, which I would criticize as much as you do, and the complete abandonment of what the text actually says.

I am not abandoning what it says at all.When interpreting from a false premise all interpretations will be false.I don't perceive malice as the intent in your writings however if they premise is false(that Revelation is about physical prophetic events) they are incorrect it doesn't matter your intent they are still incorrect.

We do not need to go to one extreme in order to avoid the other extreme.

I'm not trying to avoid either.I am not interpreting what Revelation says but simply pointing out what it "IS" (as is all scriptures even more so with Revelation) is an equation ..the Sum of Gods word..the Truth.Revelation and ALL of scripture are a part of a whole infinite equation which is infinitely bigger than the scriptures alone..... it is not a doctrine. is Truth.To approach it as physical realm prophecy when it is spiritual is to miss it by a billion miles.

We have to look for the meaning under the symbols, as it was intended by the author, rather than trying to impose our own.

When you look for "the"meaning under the symbols that is exactly what you'll find ... what YOU want the symbols to mean..the doctrines of men instead of what MEANING they have..John didn't know the meanings of these symbols(which he constantly re-iterated) he was GIVEN a VISION by Yahshua.What he clearly understood was it was the UNVEILING of Yahshua Gods salvation.It is the plan (equation) of salvation.EVERYTHING in this physical realm is about that equation

The "fire" may be a symbol.But "some will not find inclusion" is meant to be taken seriously.

What does "inclusion (rhetorical question) have to do with these symbols.My whole point is.Man and their "theology" has been trying to decipher the book of Revelation(and the scriptures) for multiple centuries and every "theory they have supposed has been wrong because their APPROACH is 100% wrong..It is a book of prophecies that are "signified" numbers.

It's.... Was,Is and What will be....The Alpha ("1") and Omega(800)...OF THE SPIRIT...Yahshua clearly stated "my words are SPIRIT and TRUTH the FLESH avails NOTHING.Words (language) is the Law...the letter KILLS the SPIRIT is Life.The double edged sword is both ... one side kills (words) the other sides is Life (numbers).The testimony of Yahshua is the SPIRIT of Prophecy. ALL prophecy is about GODS SALVATION.

This is ALL about the salvation of God who came to SAVE not destroy.Mans doctrines has turned The book of Revelation into a very, very poor summer blockbuster disaster flick script with the evil villain "the Antichrist" and the impending doom until the hero saves "the day" and just a few "special ones"..I'm sure millions would enjoy such shallow entertainment but sadly....billions BELIEVE IT and think it is is even bad fiction!!The implausibility let alone is sickening but the absolute blasphemy against the creator God of ALL things is salacious beyond comparison.

The perverted minds of the religious to believe the God of salvation is going to ruthlessly DESTROY and THEN punish for eternally his creations is the greatest perversion ever committed.It is all in the pit of the reprobate mind to concoct such filth and proclaim it as Truth.Everyone who has taught these vicious lies will be held accountable.Lucky for them God Truly is merciful and will NOT punish them with the atrocities that proceed from their perverted heart.

Consider the alternative.I am not offering up any conspiracies theory as some foolishly claim.I am not proposing a cataclysmic doom upon mankind by the angry and vengeful God.I am simply stating the creator God of all existence is meticulously and perfectly organized.Nothing has been left to chance.All will be done according to Gods will not mans.The proof is right in front of us in the perfection of math that signifies EVERYTHING that is seen and unseen therefore there is no excuse for not knowing this.EVERYTHING is part of the PERFECT equation that has already been summed.As was said ....It is DONE.

posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 10:53 AM
I like the way you think. It is great to see someone who I can finally agree with more than 50% of the time. I am not limiting my level of material that I agree with so far but I am always cautious at first. I will be reading more of your posts here at ATS. Thanks for the enlightening comments.

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