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Russian scientists discover unidentified bacteria in sub-glacial Lake Vostok

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posted on Mar, 10 2013 @ 09:53 AM
reply to post by forall2see

True they were viruses but the premise of the post is that "mistakes" were made, regardless of what was released. Could have been anything they let out. Just happened to be a virus *that* time.

We are none of us perfect and mistakes will always be on the table. Accidents happen. Just the nature of the way things work I believe. Hopefully this is harmless (in all likelihood it will be). But we can't just assume that "they are really careful and know what they are doing so they will MAKE SURE it is all safe during transport".

I am excited in seeing their findings. I am getting a renewed interest in science & history lately and this is exciting to me as it will give us a glimpse of the past. =)

posted on Mar, 10 2013 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by Hijinx

Assuming their hypothesis about it being able to metabolize kerosene is correct, this isn't even remotely the first bacteria that has been found in nature that can use hydrocarbons as a food source.

posted on Mar, 12 2013 @ 09:58 PM

News Update: Head of Russia's Antarctic Genetics Lab Denies "Unclassified Microbial Life Discovered in Lake Vostok"

Contradicting Sergei Bulat of the genetics laboratory at the Saint Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics who had said Thursday that samples obtained from the underground Lake Vostok in May 2012 contained a bacteria bearing no resemblance to existing types, the AFP reports that the head of the genetics laboratory at the same institute said on Saturday that the strange life forms were actually lab-induced contaminants. "We found certain specimen, although not many. All of them were contaminants" that were brought there by the lab during research, Vladimir Korolyov told the Interfax news agency. "That is why we cannot say that previously-unknown life was found," he said.


posted on Mar, 12 2013 @ 10:55 PM

Originally posted by NoJoker13
reply to post by okyouwin

Clearly you don't fully grasp scientific reasoning or understand expressions. I suggest you goggle "crawl into a ball" to educate yourself. Then maybe look into the universe and realize on the span of time we've been here for just an instant and the fact that we've survived this long is baffling. Clearly the unknown does not interest you so just stay safe inside your ball.

Well crawl into a ball don't show up much when i Google it. the best I could figure was, Suicide?

Really I don't care. But what's unknown is your logic or thinking process. Let's examine this sentence. " ... look on the span of time we've been here for just an instant and the fact that we've survived this long is baffling." First off I think we would look at the span of time not on the span. either way but then you marvel at the lengthy nature of this instant. Humans have had a very short existence on this planet. this is true, I can agree but why are you baffled? And what's that got to do with the unknown? It's just not very clear.

Dude I was just making a joke about frozen entities and the movie "The Thing".

I think my main point is that more and more unknowns are going to be popping up due to human reckless behavior. And as stated in many of the posts in your thread, this may not be a good thing. Sorry I stepped on your toes.

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