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Long applause for Pope Benedict

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posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 02:28 AM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

There's a certain playful humor, however grave, in what he's done by resigning. It also puts a Christlike double-bind on everything that's wrong with the church, but in a loving and merciful way.

I applaud his action.

Although many among his own prior flock don't know it, by doing this, and in the way he's timed it, he's cunningly launched a type of conspiracy of Christ right into the midst of the RCC, by "razing the bastions", but the spirit of Christ isn't the one being persecuted this time (he already triumphed), it's the corruption, of any and all kinds, so (provided he's repentant) he's indeed placed a Christ-like double bind on the evil and corruption, even that which was embodied in himself, personally.

Impressive, only problem is that one wonders if he knew it all along (unto the very day), and thus represented the last bastion, not to contain Christ and receive him, but to hold Christ at bay while making room for a permissive framework of evil and corruption. The last Bastion.. hmmmm...

But can corruption stand the test of the scrutiny of the spirit of Christ in the midst, working his double bind of love's reason throughout the hierarchy.... because the Church cannot be or ever hope to remain as an enemy of Christ, at any level, and who can hold off the love of God - is it any wonder that he described the job as requiring a great deal of "suffering"..

So it's a sword that cuts both ways..

I understand and recognize what he's done, and that's why I definitely applaud his action, or did he know it all along, to the very day..? I don't think so, I think he worked it out, a way to leave a lasting and positive legacy while he still could, thus making his last stand (as his health begins to fail) a stand (apparently) for Christ.

However, when it comes to such double binds as those which the Lord dealt in and deals in, you really can't find yourself on the wrong side of the deal, so once it's launched, there's no retrieving it and it applies equally to one and all.

What I really LIKE about it is that many if not most of them won't even know what hit them until it (double bind) unravels on them - may they too laugh while the joke is still on the way..

Good stuff Joseph (still applauding), but of course it's Christ's applause that he must now crave, which is a matter of the inner sanctum of the human heart and soul.

posted on Feb, 20 2013 @ 01:30 PM
It all really boils down to a simple matter of devotion, and who is truly devoted to the Lord of Love and Life, and who is not (or who doesn't really give a damn).

An interesting predicament to unleash upon the hierarchy of the church and to hold one's self accountable to.

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