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A man's conundrum

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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:34 PM
The candle stands stoic on the plate of sorrow on a man's table within a chamber of his soul,

where sits all the shadows of faces and voices that had once echoed,

the wick Illuminates with the twist of this man's wrist,

his eyes once just filled with the gray marble of decay,

now reflect to a dancing flame of light,

the air is thin, still with a scent of musk or is that the old scent of lust?

Upon the stone walls hang tapestries capturing the pictures of the death and sorrow of lost souls,

the wretched with outstretched arms clawing at the storm lit skies,

the panes hold the blood stained glass in place as the man looks up to see another portrait of pain etched

with the dried blood of stained glass,

he see's in it his face misplaced,

he closes his eyes to dream for a better place.


The man opens his eyes and awakens,

to feel the shallow beat of his heart, the breeze on his face from Gail's gales coming ashore,

she lies asleep a silhouette, he see's her in his mind's eye,

far away on a bed where the bitterness of the cold, or the scorn of the heat have never met,

her pearl essence is what men seek, at the bottom of the depth and leagues of the sea,

he has only met her once in a dream.


In the distance to the east he hear's a distinct scream,

a wild beast with an alarming scream,

louder and louder it gets,

until it becomes so loud and so close the man can only close his eyes in fear only to reopen

them to awaken realizing it was all but a dream...

Or was it
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posted on Feb, 13 2013 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by Bicent76

OK now we have yet another member demonstrating their talents for and gift with words...

S & F

I got a very Edgar Allen Poe feeling from it.

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 08:07 PM
I am going to work off of this thread in 2013, seems my old one is dirty and long..

Sorry if I embarrassed anyone..

As brothers we will stand, in the sand,
and find either no wind, or just the stale heat, that beats on our life,
tormenting our breathe,
leaving the great choices to fate,
but you are not alone in this,
we are brothers standing together, even when felt alone, and the old breath of Father frost turns your cheek from the night,
you will not lose my site,
and together we can move the mountains and call them passes...

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 08:13 PM
Clarity clouds my mind, I am alone in the wind and the disease of men's dreams,
I hear the waves crash like chimes clasping together as I kneel on my knee's I can feel the weeds grow in between my dreams, as I look up at the dark sky above me,
it is raining down upon me..

It is not the rainbow that gives hope...

It is but the will of a sight,
that gives us something to hold on...

It is no naked dream,
it is no jewel on the finger of beauty for the dead will come for there spades, to fill there holes we have made...

I hear the thunder crash and feel the rain come down on me,
in a corner in the barn as I kneel bending my hands on my heart,
feeling the wind and mist of rain on my brow....

How I cannot turn my soul away...

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 08:22 PM
I saw my pain wash out in the rain,
he laid on broken glass as the blood ran from my veins,
I saw no cracks in my heart,
as you knelt beside my hope that was torn apart,
the ghost looking at me was you,
as your blood cleansed my brow,
I continue to hold your dying hand each night,
and look into your dim dying eyes,
you haunt me in the dark,
when the lights are all turned south of this place,
and I close my eyes,
I see the land, you left in my hands,
when you left me to this place,
I can still hear our children play,
in a day we left in yesterday's twilight,
I can and will hold you for eternity,
and continue to watch your eyes dim of life,
as Man dances around on the cape of ours that burries the death of our heart...

I still stare looking still,
next to your heart...

I can still see in the darkness,
and I still stare in your eyes,
as they fade with all of my might,
I still remember your life of hues...

Just some raw emotion...

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 08:37 PM
Came the day,
never meaning any harm,
yet your tears cut my soul like diamonds ripping away the fingers of the greedy man, as he reaches for the splendors of Gilgamesh...

As they try to drain,
and make the man feel ashamed,
he found himself once again opening his eyes,
no longer asking why,
no longer looking for why,
no longer asking how,
no longer looking for the what,
oh no he could see the heart and soul of this lost and wasted space,
as the tree's grew around the graves, of those before asking for the answers,
only dying unsatisfied,
this man opened his eyes,
seeing the sights of light,
hearing the music of life,
touching the tranquility of love,
breathing in the scents of life,
the pollen of life,
the spice of life!!!

I am awake....

I see life and its shapes....

Hate me if you wish,
argue of the right templates of man,
drown in the the delight of ignorance if you like all your life...

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 08:49 PM
So came the cold winter,
it lacked the warmth of wind,
it was still and dark, and deep with echoes,
we stood huddled in the hollows of worry,
and drank from the nectar on the vine that had the broken spine of the lord,
broken and torn from the Crucifixion and scorn..

The touch of sin was all that could warm the ice to liquid once again,
to give life to the life of man once again,
that time was cold and dark,
and Mankind does not wish to visit this once again..

I can see in the dark...


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