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It's Back; Strange Sound Phenomena Returns to East Tennessee!

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 05:44 AM
reply to post by peepsfromearth

I have read "communications" saying that certain not so good aliens are popping out of warp drive in our atmosphere, instead of doing it outside the atmosphere then coming in the rest of the way normally. This correlates with the light flashes, the booms, the mutilations, and the Apache attack helicopters looking for something afterwards.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:46 AM
Originally posted by miner49r
I am still plotting Helios. I am about half way around Seymour to a distance out to about 80-100 miles away from town.

You mentioned the news was picking up on the event. Is it possible you could post up a link to the story? I would like to read more

Just a half baked idea here. Is it possible that someone could have been running a heavy cat or other tracked monster in your area? By the description you gave I am reminded of my concrete days and working around heavy equipment. With the proper ground conditions a working cat or other tracked monster can vibrate the ground for a fair distance.


Experts leaning toward man made cause of quaking Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 11:35 am Scientists are meeting today to try to determine what has been shaking Hamblen County recently. “They know activity occurred, however, most of their indicators lean toward a man-made event over a natural event,” said Hamblen County Emergency Management Agency Director Chris Bell. “They know it was felt up into Lonesridge, Va. and they are pulling data from each of their incidents. There is a group meeting today to pull together information and, at this time, it appears to be man made but they can not rule out some type of seismic activity in the earth,” Bell said. The booms that rocked Morristown Tuesday afternoon and night returned again Thursday morning in the Crockett’s Ridge, Country Club Drive area. Hamblen County 911 Director Eric Carpenter said around 10 calls came in reporting shaking, rattling and booming. Bell spoke with Dr. Gary Patterson with the Center for Earthquake Research and Information in Memphis Thursday morning. Bell, said Patterson and his team have met, and as of Thursday morning they are still studying information from charts. “They are still studying information at this point and they can not make an official statement. Gary Patterson said they would give us their unofficial conclusion based on the evidence. Unofficially, they said the other occurrences appear to be man made, based on the evidence they have at this time and they do not appear to be indicative of earthquakes. They are still studying the 9:16 p.m. anomaly,” Bell said. Authorities have said that fracking, explosions, sewer repair work, area construction, the Tennessee Valley Authority, weather, the military and the mine in Jefferson City are likely not the cause either. Historically, “mysterious” booms and ground shaking are not all that uncommon. Between Dec. 4 and Dec. 5 of 2012, five states reported mysterious booms, similar to Morristown’s, within 24-hours. For centuries, booms have been heard in Moodus, Conn. Those booms could be attributed to post glacial rock slabs settling beneath the surface. Many “mysterious” booms reported throughout the country were later identified as earthquakes, sonic booms or meteors while others have gone unexplained. -By Aletheia Davidson, Tribune Staff Writer

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:10 AM
reply to post by sled735

Add to that I just read a report that said it's "mining" activity.

MORRISTOWN (WATE) - Officials now say they've confirmed that the source of mysterious booms in Hamblen County as mining or quarry-related activity.

The Center for Earthquake Research and Information told emergency management officials there's only a 5 to 10 percent chance the booms were seismic activity, and much more likely man-made.

Not sure how much I believe that after reading earlier reports. I'm not familiar with the mining in the area, but the only quarry in the area stated they were not doing any blasting.

Emergency Managment Agency Director Chris Bell says there was no licensed blasting in the Hamblen County area on Tuesday.

10News also confirmed with the area's only quarry, Vulcan Materials, that no blasting happened yesterday.

Patterson says the activity shows up over a large area with sensors reporting vibrations in Copper Ridge, Avondale Springs, Green Top, and Lonesome, VA.

OK, now look at the sensor locations posted in the ex-text and compare that to the mapped locations that miner49r put together:

Originally posted by miner49r
Here is the legend and final mapping.

A's - Morris Town node (mttn)

B's - Hickory node (brbc)

C's - Athens node (athn)

And the map -

Full post here

The "it's mining" activity just does not add up for me!!!

Oh and one other thing. There is THIS statement from a lady with the USGS:

Geophysicist Julie Dutton in Denver said the USGS received several phone calls regarding the tremors that were reported around 4 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tuesday in Central and East Hamblen County and Morristown.

"It wasn't big enough or we couldn't see it on wave forms to identify it as an earthquake," she said. "It doesn't mean you didn't have one, we just didn't find it on our system."

Dutton said seismographs record earthquakes and personnel use the instruments to look at records to see if an earthquake occurred.

"So far, we've been unable to identify one on our wave forms," she said.

She didn't state they saw nothing in the waveform, just it wasn't an EQ. That bit bothers me as statements from CERI stated there was vibrations. Why not clarify that? Or this is just another example of bad reporting on Knox News' part.
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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:18 AM
Mayan Calendar didnt calculate for leap its only a rough estimate.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:43 AM

Originally posted by superluminal11
Mayan Calendar didnt calculate for leap its only a rough estimate.

Oh come on!!!

The Mayan doom porn has been played out. Besides leaps years would have only hastened the date, not pospone it.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 08:55 AM
Because the vibration caused the walls to rattle it must be the ground vibrating, so something aboveground stiring the ground or something underground digging, tunneling, exploding etc.

If it were a the air vibrating the cause would be something very powerful and it would have been felt by everyone that came in contact with the air. Remember air molecules are poorer sound conductors over loud distances because of their lack of density, while solid things like the earth can send sound to farther places as less intense vibrations but its there.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 09:09 AM
It lasted 1hr 15min and you weren`t able to make a recording?

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 10:27 AM
Op you are doing a fabulous job not just reporting but also
keeping up with all the posts...
Didn't find any current news on booms in VA...

severdsoul that was an interesting video regarding the stalagmites...
here's something re earthquake sounds...


posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 01:49 PM
Ah Ha! We have a clue and what I think could be a possible explanation!

I have read the current post and other related news and may have found an answer that both fits what the Officials are claiming to be mining or quarry related activity,

I am going to attempt to tie together two threads here in ATS. Strange Booms in Morristown, Tennessee and this one.

The first clue comes in and is confirmed that readings from Copper Ridge, Avondale Springs, Green Top and Lonesome Ridge sensors did report activity. This is important because we can narrow the event down to this "area" while other recorders picked up little to nothing.

We can rule out the Vulcan Quarry as a possible suspect. But, that is not the only "mining" operation that is or was in East Tennessee. This area of Tennessee has a long and rich history of deep underground mining.

I refer you to here to this Page where a few short paragraphs sum up a short history of mining in the area. Pay particular attention to the following in keywords Jefferson, Hawkins, Hancock Counties. Here is the quoted text below

Tennessee has a long, rich, and varied mining history. Historically, Tennessee's most important mining products have been iron, bituminous coal, copper, lead, zinc, and phosphate. Iron ore was the most significant during early settlement years. Interest in the iron ore of the Western Highland Rim dates back to the 1790s and even earlier in the eastern Tennessee mountains.

Historically, Tennessee's most important mining products have been iron, bituminous coal, copper, lead, zinc, and phosphate. Iron ore was the most significant during early settlement years. Interest in the iron ore of the Western Highland Rim dates back to the 1790s and even earlier in the eastern mountains. The commercially valuable iron ores were located in the valleys and mountains of East Tennessee and in Middle Tennessee and were processed in facilities that supplied mostly local and regional markets.

By 1860 the state ranked third nationally in iron bloomery production, with Western Highland Rim properties in Stewart, Houston, Hickman, Montgomery, and Lewis Counties being particularly important. Early national census reports did not separate iron ore mining from iron production, but most early manufactories were associated with mines.By 1840 the U.S. Census reported iron production from eighty-two furnaces, bloomeries, forges, and rolling mills in East Tennessee; forty-seven in Middle Tennessee; and four in West Tennessee. In 1870, however, the census reported only six producers of iron ore in the state producing just over 34,600 tons of ore

By 1840 the U.S. Census reported iron production from eighty-two furnaces, bloomeries, forges, and rolling mills in East Tennessee; forty-seven in Middle Tennessee; and four in West Tennessee. In 1870, however, the census reported only six producers of iron ore in the state producing just over 34,600 tons of ore By 1910 the state reported forty-six producing iron mines. Pit mining along surface outcrops had almost disappeared, largely replaced by underground mining in the Euchee, Rockwood-Cardiff, and Chamberlain areas of central East Tennessee and the La Follette area of northeast Tennessee. In the early twentieth century iron mining became less and less important in Tennessee as the number of producing mines and the volume of ore production both dropped by roughly half from 1909 to 1919.

Iron's close companion in early industry was coal. Tennesseans began to mine coal in small quantities during the 1840s. Blacksmiths who used the coal in their shops undertook much of this activity. Unlike iron, however, coal production in the state has remained significant ever since. Tennessee coal is of the bituminous, or soft, variety and is found in extensive deposits along a northeast-southwest belt a little east of the center of the state.

Let us not overlook the fact that since Hamblin County is not mentioned, it does not mean there are not potential abandoned mines in the area as well.

All of these counties are within the Heliocorder region I plotted earlier, and all of them have the potential for lost, or forgotten mines. Also These Counties are within the Copper Ridge, Avondale Springs, Green Top and Lonesome Ridge heliocorder area.

What I am suggesting is, .... an old mine some where nearby went kaboom due to gas seepage. The continuous vibrations may well be attributed to the settling of mine shafts or chambers deep beneath the ground after a a few massive explosions deep with in the earth.

I believe this is may well be the most plausible answer which fits the facts.

1. Region and area vs. Helio--corders

2. History of mining

3. Most likely was not an earthquake

4. Appears to be man made as in not tectonic movement

5. Has signature traits of mining or quarry activity

6. Booms were seemingly localized to Morristown area and outlaying regions.

As I mentioned previously, while Hamblin County is mentioned in article given, ... does not mean there were not old mining operations from the late 1800's or early 1900's that may have taken place. The surrounding counties are named. Minerals and old style mining have a funny way of not following lines on a map.
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Edit to add:

I think I have found more information that may be able to locate the source of these Booms to a 5 mile location. I need to back track and find all the references for the information though. More to possibly follow.
edit on 15-2-2013 by miner49r because: Added possibly new information.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 06:10 PM
reply to post by superluminal11

OMG This is the funniest thing I've seen in months. Did anyone take those hacked EBS
transmissions seriously? Oh let me guess, many Christians probably might because,
after all according to the Gospel of Luke (If I remember my Sunday School right) said
the dead came out of their graves during the crucifixion. I thought it interesting that the
bible book never mentioned them ever returning to their graves... hummm, maybe they've
been here all along, and they look just like us!

On the topic though-- I have been hearing numerous reports of strange booms that are
not earthquakes on Coast to Coast.

Rebel 5
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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:33 PM
Ok, here is the rest of what I found out.

First of all, I reject the Official notion of "mining or quarry activity". The only way I will hand my head and eat crow is if a mining company comes forward and says "yup, we did it, ...our bad".

I will loosely embrace the "earthquake" explanation...but only loosely.

Here is why.

If the house in question that sustained cracks during the "Boom" event done so from say an open pit explosion, then the over pressure (blast wave) should have broken windows as well. To date there are no reports of property damage other than this Mr. Strange's home. Let's play devils advocate here and say the blast was underground. A blast of that size would utterly destroy the mine shaft it was placed in.

For all purposes, without being able to readily speak with Mr. Strange as of yet; I think the cause of the damage is from ground motion, sinking (sink hole), or settling.

Here is why.

January 23, 2013 the Citizen Tribune reported (Story) small booms sounding as if they were hand grenades going off underground. These small booms were enough to felt and heard but not damaging. They were reported in the Meadows Subdivision area and attributed to Karst or the erosion of underground limestone into cavities or voids.

Read about Karst

Febuary 12th & 13th the Citizen Tribune (Story) reports the booms returned again Thursday morning in the Crockett’s Ridge, Country Club Drive area. Looking at the map below of the locations from January and February we can see that these two events were localized within 2 - 2 1/2 miles of each other and from 2 - 4 miles from the shoreline of Lake Cherokee.

Map of the January and February events

I will present you with two possible conclusions both of which result is underground voids.

Conclusion - Possible Karsts, being within 2 - 4 miles of Lake Cherokee and located between Douglas Lake. Underground aquifers eroding the limestone below resulting in "voids" or chambers collapsing. This would account for the the damage to Mr. Strange's home if it were situated upon the event area and ground settlement occurred.

Conclusion - Possible mining activity from the late 1800's and early 1900's may have left deep caverns. If you haven't followed my post then you here is the post on mining activity in the surrounding counties.

Either conclusion would result in what could be considered a minor earthquake being registered on nearby seismometers but would be felt much more locally and intensely. Thus, resulting in an earthquake or ground vibration or movement.

We will just have to wait and see what the final "Official" conclusion is.

Thoughts, comments, reactions?

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:45 PM
reply to post by OneisOne

I've heard a couple people mention the mining explanation. TNT capping could be responsible for the Morristown noises, they were reported to be 'booming' sounds. It just seems odd that it took so long for anyone to figure this out, or for one of the workers report the connection. I would think that any earth moving efforts would be reported to local officials, especially where TNT is involved.

The two guys I heard talking about it were saying there was no way it could've been sub-terranian explosions. I wasn't in the conversation, so I didn't jump in and ask them why they felt it wasn't explosives. Maybe they truly believe it was not explosives and maybe they have experience with explosives, I don't know. They could just be in denial and want to hold onto the mystery a while longer - or maybe they are in denial, hoping they will be able to prove the explanation wrong.

In my opinion, I do not think it was explosives in the Morristown reports. Based on what I posted in the opening paragraph of this comment and the event here, in Seymour, I am still very suspiscious.

There have been several very uncommon and strange events happen since I heard this just a couple mornings ago. I do not know if any of them are related, but it good to speculat - if only to rule things out.

From the N. Korea tests and the Russian Meteor, it has been a peculiar week indeed. Again, I have no way of knowing whether any of these events could be directly related to one another, but I am left with a very suspiscious feeling.

Maybe it has simply been a coincidentally strange week and maybe I only paid attention to the other events this week, because of the strange noise I heard again. I am pretty sure all these events are not normal for such a small window of time.

Thinking about it and not knowing if any of this is related, I have to say it is perplexing. Each time I have heard the noise here, or have noticed strange wild-life behavior, something substantial follows;

A small Earthquake after hearing the mysterious sound

A large bird die-off after witnessing peculiar bird behavior

A strong ice-storm the very next day after the most recent strange bird behavior

Now the events of the past couple days, such as the Russian Meteor, following the strange sound....


Knox News Sentinel is the largest local newspaper here and I believe they are owned by Ganett Multimedia - which owns many many news outlets. The News Sentinel has been known to have shoddy/spotty reporting, with little to no effort in retracting false information. I guess that could go for all news agencies though.

reply to post by AlexIR

Yes, it could have been sourced from the ground, but I have also known spl's (Sound Pressure Level) travelling through the air to rattle a home. An example of this would be to get one of those cars with the subwoofers everywhere and crank up the stereo. The treble will be hard to hear at a distance, as it's directional, but the bass can rattle things at a much further distance.

I'm not saying it is air or ground based, just noting that I couldn't rule out the potential for SPLs moving through the atmosphere to be responsible. Sub-terranian pressure fluctuations in caverns may also produce a similar effect - maybe without even registering on the rictor scale.?.

reply to post by br0ker

If you are truly interested in this, maybe you could have reviewed the links provided in the Opening Post. Had you done so, you would have found the reason why I do not have a recording of this...

If you aren't the type who just takes someone's word for it, you could help with an experiment. Take your recording device and go find a teenager with a booming stereo. Now, have the teenager park 1/2mi away with the stereo blasting. Now turn on your recording device and tell me exactly how much of the noise you picked up... that is assuming you aren't trolling... otherwise, if you want to call me a liar, you can do it in a more direct way - no need to be so passive with your opinion.

reply to post by miner49r

Nice work putting that together. It has potential, for sure. If you need any information that requires physical presence, let me know an I may be able to drive to complete the task...

It could be the answer since none have been proven yet.

It may have been someone's Meth-Lab going 'BOOM'

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 07:50 PM
reply to post by miner49r

I think your hypothesis is "right on".

I remember when I was a teenager my cousin, who lived in west Morristown, talking about all the caverns in that end of town. She said they get sinkholes in the area a lot.
Someone else told me most of Morristown sits on top of nothing but caverns, and the whole place could "fall through" if we ever have a big quake.

Great research! I appreciate the time you have spent on this incident. I don't put much faith in the media. They only say what they are told to say, be it right or wrong.
Their motto is: "Just get an answer of some kind out to the public so we don't look dumb."

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 08:02 PM
I am still trying to figure out Esteay's vibrations. That is truly perplexing in that it does not show on the seismographs and is a fair 30 miles away. I don't know if it could be possibly related to this theory or not. Given the distance I wouldn't think so... but one never knows what is going on geologically underground.

Esteay, did anyone else feel it? Are there anymore clues or anything else you recall that might add a clue or two to the puzzle?

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 08:02 PM
Passed through this area on I-40 this morning on the way to Fayetteville, NC. Did not see, hear, or feel, anything unusual. I did just hear two loud explosions within the last two hours near Maxton, NC.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by sled735

I agree with you, they have done a nice job putting the info together and posting it here for us. In fact, 99% of the members active in this thread have done a wonderful job. Hopefully we can continue an effort to confirm or deny the latest proposed explanation.

Side Note:

Just for trivial purposes, there is a group of people who believe the Earth is Hollow .

There are claims that the entry/exit points lie at either of Earth's polar regions. They also say there are entry points in other locations around the world. These entry points are as caves and extend deep into Earth, all the way to the Hollow Earth area - where you can find Agartha =-)

I mention this because of the stories about this region being very cavernous and the fact that one of the 'Hollow Earth' entry points is just a couple hours north of Knoxville/Seymour area, in Kentucky. I believe it is one of two cave systems; The Mammoth Cave System and the Bat Cave.

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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 08:29 PM
reply to post by miner49r

Oh yes, there are several people who have mentioned it. 2 of my workers said something about it at work. One mentioned the vibration and noise waking him, the other said she only heard the noise. Her husband also heard it. He is who woke her to listen (apparently he drives a low-boy and builds roads, usually leaving for work @ 4a)

This town isn't huge, you could find almost any resident and ask them about it. They would say they heard or felt it themselves, or that someone had told them about it. So there are a decent number of people who know about it.
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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by miner49r

Please don't forget that someone earlier posted that the tremors & possibly
sounds were felt 100 miles away...The Tri-Cities has had on going Booms & Tremors
for many years & including Dec 2012 to mum in Kingsport TN had trembling
at ~ 7 pm on 13 Feb ... she did not hear anything...

Thanks for all your work & contributions to the post!!!


Sorry me brother never got back to me....I sent text after speaking with me mum on 13th Feb...
he works in Colonial Heights...
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posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 09:41 PM
Esteay you said something that gave me a kick in the brain.

Sub-terranian pressure fluctuations in caverns may also produce a similar effect - maybe without even registering on the rictor scale.?

Yes! ... Water moving through a cavern could possibly produce a harmonic tremor similar to that magma does moving through the ground and is precursor to eruption. I went back and looked at the seismogram and I may possibly see a very faint harmonic tremor for a short period. I don't know if it is truly there or I am looking for it to be there... it is so faint. Where could I find Puterman again? I remember reading about Him and few of His posts as well. I would like Him to take a look and see if He is seeing the same thing I am.

Hollow Earth Theory? While learning more about your Geology in that area... I am thinking you guys do have a hollow earth there!

@ Ektar - Thank you for reminding me. Every clue may be relevant and/or help to solve a piece of the puzzle.

posted on Feb, 15 2013 @ 10:05 PM
reply to post by totallackey

Well, if the sound behaves as it has, I may not hear it again for many months, if ever.

It's frustrating, really, knowing what you've experienced, but being unable to identify it's source. Maybe it can be compared to having a lottery ticket and learning someone in your area hit it, but you aren't allowed to see the numbers and no one else can tell you,
In that case, I think I'd be a little more determined to get the answer...

I guess it takes something that can severly alter my life, in a good or bad way, to light a fire under me. Thinking of that, I do hope altering things in a bad way is something that never comes from this.

Looking through my thread history, I noticed an old thread that reminded me of something. I know these sounds are very low frequency waves. I wonder if they could be matching the resonance of something else. Maybe they are the sound of Earth's vibration/resonant frequency.

People have speculated that vibrations may have been used to move massive megalithic stones from the quarry to their resting place in the new construction. Many regions where the massive blocks of stone can be found boast perfectly machined blocks that way many tons.

I'm sure we all know about the mystery of the pyramid's construction. There have also been many theories about how the massive blocks were cut, extracted, relocated, and positioned in the structure they are meant for. There is a guy in the midwest who has some videos that show how the stones can be moved. He makes a compelling presentation, but there are still some questions he doesn't answer.

Many people have speculated that resonance frequencies were used to manipulate the object's weight and move them into the desired position. I've also seen a report that explains how a group of monks would surround the stone and chant until the stone lifted from the ground, then moving it to a new location.

I really can't say for sure that this is a resonant frequency, an artificial resonant frequency, or even Earth's own resonant frequency. Since I am trying to keep an open mind and explore all potential answers, I thought I could throw this out there and see if anyone has any interesting thoughts about the idea.

Some of the more interesting things I have witnessed have to do with frequency, specifically 'Cymatics'

Click here to review my thread, 'Cymatics and Acoustic Levitation'

I can't disprove or prove it, but do you think there is any possibility this could be experimental research into building a device capable of manipulating large masses of matter, using only a resonant frequency? Now that would be very hard to prove without seeming to be a nutty wack-o!

I have a few other ideas about how matching an object's resonance could make it lighter, maybe even float, giving the appearance of anti-gravity tech being used.

I have wondered if matching an object's resonance would change how it reacts to other stimuli. As an object is resonating with the vibration from an outside source, would applying a secondary frequency to the object make it move around? Maybe different tonal frequencies could cause the object to move in a certain direction.

As the initial resonating frequency remains constant, an additional frequency could be applied to send the object in a specific direction. Each direction can be achieved by increasing or decreasing the tone of the frequency, but only 1 additional frequency can be used in tandem with the initial resonant frequency...

I know that is way out in FantasyLand
, but thought I'd put it out there. Maybe it could be some sort of experiment or research for development purposes?

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